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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Re-unions, Swamp creatures and Angels

Yesterday was a lovely day. Had a good chat with Rose, both on Pal and on the phone. It's good when you can just chat about anything and everything and not worry. We even hit upon a money making idea! Diapers for Chinchilla's, but we love animals too much and decided against it.

My G mail has so far proved very fruitful. I managed to get back in touch with a friend I met in the hospital. No, not a paitent, but one of the kindest nurses ever. We are now back in touch via email, and are planning to meet up soon and swap writing tips :)

I also got an e mail from one of my friends from college, which is ermmmmm about 14 years ago now. (Blimey I feel old). We are planning to meet up too. I don't think she realised I was still poorly. We always send each other Christmas and Birthday cards and say we really must meet up. But it just hasn't happened. I have sent her directions to the house, and hopefully she is coming a week on Friday. Once again another person where the friendship has lasted for years. No matter whether its six months or six years between us seing each other it's always good. Those are the best sort of friends, like my Navy wifie friend, the bride and groom to be, Pingu, Archie, Adam, Jo, my Nurse friend and my college friend. Hard to come by, but a treasure to know.

Dinner was good last night, home made spaghetti bolognese. Hubby and me once again did out stereo lap top thing. Him doing stuff for work, and me in chat rooms. I managed to catch up with a relation of Shrek ;) and we had a good laff in the room. Another room with good music, good people and a laff.

I still say we all have a guardian angel, just maybe mine isn't watching over me so well at the moment. If she/he is reading this, let them be with me tomorrow at my hospital visit. I think I need lots of luck and healing sent my way :(

Love to all



Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bargains, DIY and Tom Cruise lookalikes

I finally awoke from my slumber, came downstairs and was greeted by tons of bargains that hubby had got from the local Tesco. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cream, bread and for some strange reason rechargable batteries.

I'm looking to make a smoothie, but just don't know where to start, do you just throw it all in the blender and hope for the best?

Anyway, hubby, having bought a peice of copper pipe that was on offer, decided he would move the radiator in the spare bedroom. It all went well....until I tried to run some hot water to do the washing up. (Yes I do wash up occasionally). Off he trundled upstairs, had a short break to eat his dinner, and then re appeared at about 10pm. But bless him, he had fixed it :)

I spent a lot of the day on here as usual. Added some links and please take a look at them, they may be of interest.

Had a good chat with my Navywifie friend, and Rose rang me as well. I even managed to get hold of a G mail account...which are quite hard to come by apparently. That's what happens when you randomly read other peoples blogs...you get even more bargains.

Settled down to watch Mission Impossible 2 while hubby was fighting with the airing cupboard, and had a text from the bride to be "are you still awake-just wanted to say hi" I replied, I was drooling over TOm Cruise, and the next thing I know, the groom to be has hi jacked her phone and sent me a text saying he is now a Tom lookalikie as he has had all of his hair cut off! Oh my! I can't imagine him with short hair.

Anyway, I'm off to see what other bargains I can get from Blogging, you ought to try it sometime...just hit next blog and see what comes up.

Oh yes....the batteries are for the phone before anyone thinks otherwise!

Love n hugs



Monday, August 29, 2005

Hard Drives, Lamb Cops and a Heatwave

At last I saw the groom to be on line yesterday, unfortunately his hard drive has flown to the big hard drive graveyard in the sky so he can't get online. He managed to log in on a friends pc to tell me. I have a plan though...just need to kick butt and get things copied, and work out how to get it to his home town ;)

I was online for a while yesterday, looking at blogs, chatting, listening to music...but there's only so many things you can google arent there.

Hubby made a lovely Lamb Chop dinner, with yorky's, roast tatoes, and mint sauce...dinner heaven!

I slept ok.....just worried about Thursday, got a feeling it might not go to well.

Got up today, and it's like a sauna....mini heatwave hits the uk or what! I just hope pingu is ok in the states....the warning's for the hurricane looked really bad. I so hope her and her family stay safe!!

Joined another forum for HS today, and got a personal message asking if I was a member of the Ghost Investigators forum? Would you believe that there is someone else as well as Snail who suffers with a skin condition, has an interest in ghosts, and chats on Pal. Yes you've guessed it, it's the lady I mentioned in the earlier posts from the same town as me.....Like I said to her...the world is getting smaller!!!

Anyway enuff of my ramblings....

Miss u guys if ever you get chance to read this

Love n hugs



Sunday, August 28, 2005

Surfing, snoring,scary dreams and avatars

Yesterday afternoon was really productive. I found a lovely blog which had the most amazing song attached. I worked up the courage to message the person it belonged to, expecting to be told to go away and stop trying to plaguerise her site, but no....she sent me the link to attach it to mine too. So as you can see the blog is developing nicely, and will no doubt change as my moods do. Photobucket is invaluable, I now have loads of photo's and avatars stored there for future use. If anyone needs a good avatar site go to- http://gifs.counterstation.de/Avatars.htm ok so the site is in a foreign language, but if you take the time to look through you'll find anything you need. I had a ball, from dancing penguins, to frogs anything you want is there.

I downloaded a fair few songs for the quiz on Thursday, thought I had better get a head start so I don't forget. Hopefully Rose will be popping in. Both at the quiz and to see me at home tomorrow :). It will be good to put a face to the voice, and mett her hubby and pet chin. (makes mental note to look for a picture of a chin for the site).

I spent the rest of the evening eating a lovely steak dinner cooked by hubby, and copying and pasting avatars and pictures into photobucket and here. I eventually logged off and went to turn in. I was just dozing off, wrapped up in my cocoon of a duvet and hubby started to fight an imaginary person in his dream! After a bit he rolled over and dozed off, but that had set my imagination running.

I was off, nightmares galore......I couldn't blame it on the cheese cos I didn't have any, and can I remember one of them now? No, but they were scarey as anything.

So here I am, yet again, blogging, copying and pasting.....is that all that's in my life right now?

Sweet dreams.....mwahahahahahahahahah!



Saturday, August 27, 2005

Moths, electric fans, and knitting needles

I was going to have an early night last night. After a lovely take away for dinner, and an hour or so on the net with hubby, I took my sleeper, had my last ciggy and resigned myself to a cuddle before sleep.

But no, the night had other plans for me. About 3 days ago, hubby, in his own clever way, instead of catching a moth to release it outside, had made it squeeze itself inside the electric fan. Through the grill it had gone, and perched itself in a place that it couldn't get back out of. I had told my mum about it on Thursday, and she had said it was "brown bread" (dead). But then last night it moved. That was it. I sat there for at least 3/4 of an hour. I had to help me on my venture, a small torch. Now when I say small I mean about 3 inches long. It had been my pressy out of a Christmas cracker about 5 years ago LOL. Also to hand I had a knitting needle. Plastic of course seing as electrics were involved!

I placed a cushion on the floor to kneel on, put the torch in my mouth, placed one hand on the outside of the fan to catch the moth if ever it escaped, whilst ever so gently prodding it with the knitting needle to try and get it out.

It took me 20 minutes to work out that whenever I tapped the moth it flapped it's wings, and therefore made itself too large to fit through the holes in the grill. A bit like the old fashioned way of catching monkeys, but we won't go there cos I don't want to be told off for animal cruelty.

So, after much persuasion, and gently holding the moths wings flat and pushing it forward it came out!.

I gently held it in my hands, walked down into the garden and placed it on the conifer bush.

I was that worried about it, that I even flicked three spiders away in case they tried to gang up on the poor thing while it recovered from its ordeal.

Feeling relieved, although still a little worried in case I had hurt it. I lit my final ciggy, and stood watching the conifer. Sure enuff, after two or three minutes, the moth took flight. As it headed off into the distance, I remembered that butterflies and moths only live for three or four days. That poor moth had been trapped in the fan for at least three days! But at least I played a part in making sure it tasted freedom once more before it's time came.

So, tonight......it's definately going to be an early night for me.........

Luv n butterfly kisses for all



Friday, August 26, 2005

If you were?

If you were a bubble where would you float to?

If you were a feather who's nose would you tickle?

If you were a herb which herb would you be?

If you could be a valuable stone which one would you be?

Have a think about these and please leave me a comment with your answers. (Pwetty Pwease).

Love n healing hugs



If you were a bubble, where would you float to? Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Cleaning day

Yup, you've guessed it. Thursday is up early and clean day :). Got up at 7.30 read the papers and then started the ironing before mum got here. We had a good time.....chatting about the up coming holiday . Already decided to keep our pennies and two pence pieces for the night time card games.

Had some toast for lunch, and downloaded a load of cool pictures for on here. The only problem now is which one to choose!

Ok time for another one of my poems LOL :-

True Friends

True friends are hard to come by
Some come, some soon go
But the ones that remain here
They are true, and you know
If ever you need them
They'll be at your side
In a "chat" way to hold you
To comfort, to guide

Like Flower Girl, Dr Pepper and little Pingu
They are my friends, my comfort
The ones who will willingly do
anything to cheer me, to bring me a smile
and how do I know this?
Cos they've been there for a while

Like Adam and Archie
All are honest and kind
But deep down inside me
I know I'll get by
Cos my friends mean the world to me
You guys know it's true
I would be nothing
without my friends.....YOU!!

This isn't just for the people mentioned above, it's for anyone who has made me smile :)

I hope you enjoyed it.....I know it's not brilliant but it's from the heart.

Anyway.....I think the TInkerbell picture today....to blow you all a wish.

Love n hugs



Is it Wednesday already??

Well, on Sunday night, hubby said "Let's go to the Zoo tomorrow". SO that's just what we did.

We had a good look round, took a few pictures, had lunch, wandered round some more and eventually, tired, wet and worn out we came home.

It was a brilliant day....the animals were on best behaviour, unlike me who managed to get covered in mud LOL.

Tuesday, was up early and went for my chest X ray, then popped into town, came home and zonked. Still seem to lose a couple of hours every few days! Watched loads of telly while hubby was working away on his pc.

I slept well but got up late today. Watche Most Haunted and Lost that I had recorded, then uploaded my piccies on here.

So just a short blog with lots of piccies today :)

Love ya's especially my Zoo man!



Monday, August 22, 2005

Loads of work done!

It's Sunday, but lets start with Saturday......had a good chat with Pingu, today's piccy is just for her :) it went too quick though.

Went for dinner at the In Law's and had a really good night. I had spaghetti bolognese ma in law style and boy was it scrummy......went tomato and strawberyy picking as well in their back garden. I hope they didn't mind!

Had a reasonably early night for me and slept well...makes all the difference having a man in the house ;)

Got up late (tutt tutt) had brekky and read the papers, watched the X factor repeat on cable, and then tackled hubby's internet connection.

With the heat, and my lack of patience I gave up in half an hour....but he persisted and got it sorted!!! Woohooooo hubby on line....watch out folks there's a mad man about LOL.

Sat here listening to mobile phone ring tunes *yawn* , but at least he has ordered my all time scariest film for me! Guess what I'll be doing next weekend. Lying in bed, hiding behind hubby and a multitude of pillows watching the Fog. What will hubby be doing? Lying in bed ignoring me and drooling over Jamie Lee Curtis Heheheheheh.

Oh well enuff for today.

Love ya, and miss ya



Saturday, August 20, 2005

Got my cuddle!

Yayyyy! Hubby is home, came home with a big cuddle and a bag full of kentucky :) He knows how to treat a girl ;)

Off to the In Laws for dinner so may not be online tonight, and tomorrow I have promised to set hubby up online....so if you don't see me for a few days you know I have done it wrong.

Here's one of my lines of inspiration from the other night :-

Next time you're asked if you want anything from the shop, remember that all the money in the world can't buy you a hug!

Love and hugss



Soon to get a cuddle!!

It's Friday, but I know you didn't come here to read that. It's Friday, and hubby will be home at anytime (hopefully). I have to admit I was going to do this earlier, but I crashed out on the sofa. It's these tablets I think.....I keep losing 3 or 4 hours at a time LOL.

Well.....the quiz last night.....started off soundless.....but after room closures and reconvening it took off with great gusto!. In fact let me enlighten you on last night's events in the form of a poem I wrote last night, (at round about 2.30am). Slightly strong language in this one.

The quiz was in swing,
The room was a rockin’
Then Pal kicked in
And gave us a shockin’
“Oh no here we go”
Said one sad contender
But sure as apples are apples
Pal’s gone on a bender
Ten minutes to go
And so hard we tried
To stay in the room
But poor Pal was fried
Invisible text
People fell out the door
And somebody said
“Pal sucked” that’s for sure
We battled so hard
Be fought but in vain
Oh Pal talk last night
It was such a pain
We fell out the room
One by one all were sucked
And yes you’ve guesed it
Last night Pal was fucked!!

That's basically how it went. We all ended up either on the phone to each other, or on MSN. I came off about 11.30pm hoping for an early night, but the storm really got going. I was, to put it politely, bricking myself. I started thinking about hubby being away, and ended up writing a load of poetry.

I'll save them and post one a day until they are all on here. That might give you something to look forward to.

I can't believe there have been 50 views on here......and I got some comments too! I have to admit, I enjoy sitting and hitting "next blog" and flicking through other people's. The advertising ones are rubbish though, but I have found some really good ones.

So, today I set my alarm, got up, no paper cos u know who isnt here, went for my blood test, had a play with MSN Plus, then crashed.

So now I'm sat here, waiting for the phone to ring to let me know hubby is on his way home.....then I can have a great big cuddle and a sloppy kiss :)

I'll sleep well tonight, as long as he doesnt say he has to be away next week as well. He is off work on Monday and Tuesday so he'd better not be!

Oh well, enuff of me....don't forget to give me a hug further down the blog underneath the flapping angel!>

Was good to get the gang back together last night.....who won the quiz?

Love n hugs



Friday, August 19, 2005

Sleepy day!

Hardly slept a wink last night...cos hubby's away.

Got up early and Ma came round. Tackled the housework, and she even planted up some plants in the front garden for me :)

Watched Nip Tuck, can't believe they left it as such a cliff hanger....got to find out when the next series is on Sky 1. Had lunch, and zonked. Why do I always zonk on a Thursday afternoon?

Came online, and had just started doing a well needed reply to an e mail and hubby rang. It was really good to hear his voice...just jealous as hell that he's by the sea side :(

Decided we need to have a chat over the weekend. A friend has offered me some invaluable advice and I need to see if he will help me change things.

Oh well, had better go get ready for the quiz, have set the dvd for House, can't believe I forgot Lost was on last night though d'oh.

Was good to see the bride to be on last night..........we must do it more often soon!!!

Love ya's




Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hubbyless :(

Hardly slept last night...next door's baby was crying, and I was nervy cos I knew hubby was gonna be away too. I set the alarm and surprised him. I got up and sat with him for an hour before he left, I waved from the front window....then had a sobbing session. I know things are picking up at work for him, and that might mean he has to have some more nights away....but Booohoooo!!!!

I was going to go back to bed, but I watched my 2 ep's of Most Haunted, had a bath, had some lunch, then off I went with my camera. I only took 26 pictures, but one of them has something "unusual" on it. So I will try again soon. I posted it on the GI site too...I just hope I get some good responses.

I signed on yesterday to a couple more boards. Both for Crohn's. One seems really cool, and I got some nice replies.

Received a lovely e mail of someone today. Full of really interesting and useful information. Maybe it's time I took the bull by the horns, and rethought my lifestyle?

Oooh I forgot to mention my horoscope in the paper today!

"Not all of your ideas are brilliant. Not all of your plans succeed. Every so often, though, you hit the jackpot. You come up with a great solution or you see a truly inspired way to proceed. Your current course of action is a good one. Don't start doubting it just because it has so far failed to produce the desired result. Jupiter's harmonious link to Neptune suggests a long-cherished dream is about to become a very pleasing reality. The choices you make over the next few days, will yet turn out to have positive ramifications for the rest of your life!"

Long time since I had such a good horoscope LOL.

So Snail......maybe now is the time?

Love n hugs to all



Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Weird but Wow!!

They say it's a small world...well it sure is in this case. On the GI forum about a week ago, I came accross two new members, I thought it was strange enough that one of them came from the same town as me! Well, since then I have found out that the other member suffers from HS too....can you believe it!

When I was diagnosed with the HS, I was too scared to look it up on the internet for fear that I may find some disturbing facts. I didn't realise just how many people suffer with it, and have learned a lot more about the condition. They say that opening your eyes is the key to learning....well that's so true.

Had a really bad day yesterday :( felt like crap, sore, headache and severe period pains (sorry to any guys reading this LOL). But today thankfully I feel a bit better.

It cheered me up no end reading the e mail from Snail about the HS. It cheers me up to be on the forum of GI, and it cheers me up being in the room too. Maybe it's cos of the experiences I had when I was young, maybe it's just the frame of mind I am in at the moment. Maybe I want to and need to believe there is something else. Maybe I'll get some ghosty pics when I go out this week (as long as my lump holds up). But maybe it will help me remember that not all stuff in life is bad :)

I hope all of you are well.....miss you guys loads, and you know who you are

Love and healing hugs



Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday a day of rest

Fancied a change of font LOL.

Had a bad night last night.....I think my lump is getting to me, sore and I mean really sore. It's still 3 weeks till I can see my surgeon so finger's crossed that it goes down. I tried to sneak in with hubby, but that didnt work cos he kept snoring :( So i went in the spare room, then next door's baby started crying. By this time it was 4am and I knew it wasn't going to get any better. I think I eventually got to sleep about 6am, and got up at 10.30. I think things are playing on my mind, lump, and the amount of police visits nearby, cars being broken into, and hubby being away for a few nights doesn't help. Need to get into a better frame of mind!

I re read yesterday's post....and I didnt edit it...it's about time I spoke my mind a bit more....he did reply something along the lines of "who tweaked your trigger" PMSL. I nearly replied, some annoying twerp, but didn't.

So far today, have read the papers, and been in the ghost room, surfed a bit and had a bit of a chat with Archie. I even posted a link to my blog on the ghost site. So if anyone reading this is from there HELLOOOOOOO!!!.

I am determined to try and get to the church next week. I must remember to delete all the piccies I have on the camera, and get some spare batteries so I am well equipped. So. Watch this space, well not this one but GG's site lol. I hope GG doesnt mind me using the bats as my piccy today as well. If it works.

Can't wait for dinner....looking forward to my roast beef and yorkies! Dermot is on at 9pm as well, then Aliens 3 so it's a good tv night.

Oh well.....enuff for today.

Hope to catch u all soon....keep reading!!

Love n hugs



The bickering continues!

Geez! some people are like a dog with a bone FFS.

I recently joined an msn group specifically for HS. (Hidradenitis Supportiva). I posted that I was unfortunate enough to have HS due to my Crohn's. Well....I've never been jumped on so quickly!. I have tried to copy and paste the emails in various ways to share them with you but cant!. Basically some guy (Blinkered Ray) has so far, lectured me on the differences between HS and Crohn's. Which I already fully aware of. He has indicated that because I suffer from 2 conditions I shouldn't post on the site, and even queried my diagnosis.

Hmmmm! Angry.....me angry! I'm feckin Livid. I just sent him a reply, and well It may have been a little harsh but boy did it feel good to get it off my chest.... here goes :-

AS previously posted, I did reply to your message yesterday, but seing as it hasn't posted on the board I will re write it for you, seing as you are so eager to continue the discussion.
Firstly, let me thank you for sharing your wealth of information with me. As I beleive I have already said, I am eager to absorb more about our condition.
In no way am I trying to sweep HS "under the table" as you put it. I agree it is a condition that needs more research in the hope of finding a cure, and easing everyone's symptoms.
Yes, I agree, my Red light has been flashing now for nye on 12 months...so much so that my batteries are running low and I wonder where I will get the strength from to continue....I was hoping it may be from here. A group where people share advise and information that they have or have experienced relating to the illness.
I didn't quite understand what you meant by "I am sure you were not quized about were you 've been with Crohn's and other stuff that they think is similiar to HS". Unless of course you mean that I am imaigining my symptoms, or maybe that the doctor's have diagnosed my HS incorrectly. Maybe they don't have as much information as you? Maybe I should point them in your direction?
I also agree that a "band aid" will not suffice. Besides, I haven't come accross a band aid yet that is big enough to "heal" the physical and mental wounds created by HS.
Yes, apples are apples and oranges are oranges.....but surely if we were to dip our hands into the fruit bowl of life, we may assist "the powers that be" in creating a new fruit, and a possible rememdy to our problems.
Do we say tom-a-to or tom-arto? Does it really matter? Unless of course you mean that as I am unfortunate enough to suffer from more than one condition I should take my leave.
I was also grateful to read your detailed copies and pastes relating to the defenition of HS and Crohn's....I too am capable of such multi skills and found this link on my travels :- http://www.emedicine.com/emerg/topic259.htm if you scroll down it shows a list of conditions that can lead to HS. (This includes Crohn's and not just "irritable bowel sindrome".
We are, after all, unfortunately in the same boat.....so let's grab the oars, row together and help each other as much as we can. Share information, hints and tips. Maybe make someone smile along the way instead of making them feel patronised, and guilty of something they are not.
Isn't it better to view the world with open eyes and appreciate the view, rather than appear "blinkered" and have only one opinion?
Healing smiles

Do you think I got my point accross? used enough big words? was patronising enough? I sure hope so cos that man really got my goat.......Hey, it suits me to bite back hehehehehehehe.

Oh well....Hope you enjoy my reverting back to playground games LOL..

Love ya's




Wow! Anthony won.........I'm well chuffed, at least it means that the prize money was shared :)

Chinese was scrummy. and it was good to see hubby home......but bad news is he is gonna be away for two nights next week not one :( boooooohooooooo!

Still thinking of going down to the local church/graveyard with the camera and seing if i can catch anything on cam. Wouldn't it be good to get a ghosty pic! wooooohooo

Today has gone so quick. Mum and dad turned up just as I got up...had brekky and read the paper....sat watching a magic programme then came on here.

Had a good chin wag with Pingu, and Emz, and Archie is back from his hols!!

Looked up some stuff for snail on the web, but I don't think I was much help, at least I tried

Oh well....enuff from the whitterer for today..

Thankyou again to those who have visited and sent me hugs....I hope you continue to read my daily rambles.

Love to all

Big hugs too



Saturday, August 13, 2005


Wicked quiz again last night! Pete n Chelle wiped the floor with the rest of us lol.

Jo did really well....Pal wasn't in the most aggreable of moods (again), so we took it on the chin. TY again Jo for opening up and doing the quiz :)

Yayyyyy Pingu was on Inspeak! We had a really good chat....weird to think it was like, how many thousands of miles apart yet it sounded really clear.

Had a good chin wag with Ads as well...set Big brother to rights hehehehehe.

Didn't sleep too well...but he'll be back soon :)

Chinese for tea and Big Brother all night long.

Had a visitor today, and a phone call from another friend so Its been a good day.

Have to go order the take away

Love to all



Friday, August 12, 2005

Quiz Night tonight

Firstly, thanks to everyone who took the time to have a look at my blog :) Nice to get some more hugs!

What a day....awake at 6am and just missed hubby leaving, he's away tonight and I'm gonna miss him loads.

Had brekky, read the paper and then did some of the irnoning before Mum got here. We did the housework and had a good chat, and she brought me a lovely shirt in my fave colour....purple!

Had cheese on toast while I watched the 2 ep's of Nip Tuck I had recorded and then zonked for 3 hours. Felt like crap when I woke up, but a milky coffee soon perked me up again.

Hubby rang and told me how his day had gone.....he wouldn't normally be home yet from work but I miss him already....maybe it's cos I know he won't be here tonight.

Came online and caught up on e mails etc etc and just gonna surf now till the quiz :)

It was good to see Adam's blogging again....but he'll be on holiday after the weekend and so will Rose....so I guess I'm just gonna have to sit and blog all day. I hope the bride and groom to be can get online soon....it's not the same :(

Just realised I have a really bad habit of doing ....... a lot. Makes mental note to stop hitting the full stop key!

Oh well, hope to be blogging tomorrow that I won the quiz, but I doubt that will happen.

See you soon fellow bloggers.....(see I did it again grrrrrr)

Love n hugs



Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Feeling blue...down.....sad....however you want to put it and I don't know why.

Regret a lot of things from yesterday, including the blog...might even go back and edit it.

Wonder if anyone reads these darn things anyway.

Am I too sceptical, and I too "full on", am I too lonely?

I'll have to let you know if ever I get the answers.

Love n hugs


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ggggggggrrrr I'll give u apples are apples!!!

So apples are apples, and oranges are oranges......but do we say tom-a-to or tom-ar-to?

After all just by putting the two fruits together we may be able to come up with a new fruit which may benfit a lot of people.

Well that's my groan for the day done and dusted...but it makes me wonder.....when trying to meet new friends is it better to be blinkered, like Blinkered-Ray from the HS MSN site, who seems to be of the opinion that only his opinion matters, or have eyes wide open to learn and assist as much as we can?

Love and hugs as always



Above post has been edited after a change of heart

What did I tell you!

I knew it...mention the W word and another bloomin lump pops up, and geez is it painful :(

Got up and did loads of washing.....hung it out, had a bath, went to Tesco (in the car), and then came online.

Had a good chat with Pingu, and Rose.........hovered in the Ghost room for a bit, and then the phone range......was on the phone for half an hour, but was a really interesting chat :)

It's so weird when you meet someone online that you think you know.....only happened to me once before. Just as if there's a link or something that seems familiar. Still can't get over it LOL.

Numbers are seriously dwindling on PAL. Ads is going on holiday soon but mainly comes on MSN now....the bride and groom to be are still haveing pc probs I think, hopefully Archie will be back soon. Whenever Yin is on we have a natter, but it's not the same as the Coast room :(

Unless it's me and I've managed to upset a whole bunch of people without knowing it.......maybe it's cos I'm too much of an attention seeker ;) even Matrix is in on it now too grrrrr.....Must change my personality one of these days.

Oooh forgot to mention, blogging was in the paper at the weekend! The new "in" thing to do apparently.....at least I';m on the ball with something. PMSL

Enuff for today....catch up tomorrow

Love n hugs



Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blog 8....What did I tell you!

Yup, I was right....took him 24 hours to mention the W word :(

Put me on a right downer.......I cant really blog much today cos he's sat right next to me.

Dont forget my hugs.......cos I need them

Love n cuddless
Whisky xx

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Blog 7.....The Saturday after the night before

What a funny night!. I was determined not to be online, and to sit and watch BB......But I saw someone and we had a wicked chat. Evenu hubby joined in! I went to go and put my Jim Jam's on, and next thing I knew, there he was sat with the pc infront of him typing away. Good job she understand's he's a nutter :)

Chatted some more to Rose, and had a talk on Skype as well..... It's strange when u meet someone (online) and you think you have met them before, almost like de ja vú. We have the ghosty stuff in common, but can chat away for ages lol.

Emz was online as well....so we had a good chat too. She is going to Spain, lucky thing, but she deserves a break bless her.

Got up late this morning, had brekky, and then Mum and Dad popped round with some more wool for my blankey....gonna be lovely!!

Just had lunch and now hubby is sat watching the cricket.....borrrrring!

Hardly anyone one pal :( so I'll have a surf and see what i can come up with.

Don't forget to send me a hug...see the post below.

Love n hugs



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Friday, August 05, 2005

Blog 7....Finally turned the corner??

Firstly, thank you Jo for opening the room for the quiz, thank you Ads for hosting it, and well done Jo and Ally for winning :). I really enjoyed it last night..we had a laugh, even hubby joined in. When it came to me asking for someone to play a song while I added the scores up, he said "tell them to come back tomorrow cos u know you can't add up!" Ickle devil he is PMSL.

Met a lovely lady on Pal as well....Irish Rose, met her in the Most Haunted chat room and she seems really nice.

What a day today.....got up at 11, had brekky and read the paper. Had a bath, smoked about 20 ciggies....and worked up the courage to do it!. I got in my car and drove for the 1st time in 12 months woooooooohoooooooo!!!

I went for my blood test, and even popped to Ball Hill and got my lunch and some things for my hair. It's actually long enuff to put up now YAY!!!

The car journey went well...I even got a bit of road rage so I must have been feeling ok. But I know what will happen now, hubby will mention the W word lol. It's one thing to be able to sit in a car for 10 minutes with your feet taking the weight off your behind, and another to have to sit on an office chair....so nurr nur ne nurr nurr. (But it won't be long)

Oh well, I'm off to do some chatting.......love you all.....and miss certain people like crazy :(


Love n hugs



Blog Number ? ermmmm Thursday!

LOL, stoopid me has forgotten which number I'm on, so I'm gonna call it day's now. See I am clever!

What a day....up at 7.30am, yes AM! Mum came round and we tackled the housework and had a good chat. She bought me a new top as well which is lovely, but makes my boobies look rather large....Hubby doesn't seem to mind though PMSL.

Watched one ep of Nip Tuck that I had recorded, and set the dvd for House tonight. Tried to have a doze at lunchtime but the police heliwopter decided to try and land on our roof so I gave up. Did another square of the knitted blanket, (so far the colours are white, lilac and pink), and waited for Ma in Law who was due at 4pm. She arrived at 5 with a lovely bunch of flowers for me :)

We had a chin wag, then hubby rang to say he was on his way home, and mum rang to say my sis is on holiday....nice of her to let us know!

Had a scrummy tea of spag bol....and just logged on to do this and get ready for the quiz. Read Adam's blog and looks as if he has a good one lined up :)

Oh well, I'm off to go disconnet Jo and Ally's internet connection (joke) well it is the only way I'm gonna win :)

Blog ya soon.....

Love ya



Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blog Five....Sunny day


What a strange one yesterday was. Had a good chat with the HS people. So far there appears to be about 5 of us. Just logged on to Pal now but the room isnt open :(

Had a chat with Ads and he seems happier...yayyyy!

Missed BBLB though, muppet.

Still no sign of the bride and groom to be...I hope they manage to get on for the quiz. Had a nose for some piccies for on here as well, and as you can see I am sticking to the pink and purple's. Nice and cheery.

Came offline to watch BB last night and ended up doing some typing for hubby at 11.30pm. It would have taken him a while so I volunteered as I'm super speedy. hehehehehehe.

He told me as well he has 2 nights away in the next fortnight :( Next Thursday and the Wednesday after as well. I hardly see him, and when I do he's on his pc. I told him yesterday that he had worked 16 hours altogether. He wasn't amused!

Oh well....let's see how the rest of today goes.

If ya read this...love ya loads and miss ya!!

Love n hugs



Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Blog 4 Some people are so strange!

Don't you agree? You meet someone, and they try and compete with you....and all over an illness! Room's opening here there and every where without a thought for the people trying to find them and have a genuine chat ffs! There's no need for it. Then the creating a new nickname thing, as if I'm that silly.

Oh well enuff of my moaning.

Had a cool day yesterday...chatted with the bride to be and caught up on everything, was so good to see her online at last....I did hang around after dinner but I think maybe they had been thrown off again :(

Chatted to Ads as well, although he seemed a little distracted.....I hope he's ok. Ads if u read this big hugs from me hunny!!

Briefly went into rocket's room, then rache's room and caught up with Jo. Waited patiently for a party to happen, but decided to copy a load of hubby's cd's onto the pc instead LOL.

I'm just gonna look see if i have a picture that sums up yesterday's mood....brb

Well it's up there.....didn't want to dampen the mood so I went for confetti instead!

Share the love people......cos I luvs ya loads


Monday, August 01, 2005

3rd Blog (Involves men in uniform)

Well......what an eventful weekend!

Had a good chat with Ads on Friday, and he has even started his own blog too!!

Got in touch with Shaz from the HS site, and opened a room. Unfortunately I had to cut it short as Andy came home from work. We had our 5p (yes 5p) Tesco finest Thai curry for 2 and it was yummy.....a bit spicy but nice for 5p.

Ads got his wish on BB when Kamal got the boot. Booohooooo :((

Saturday morning when I walked downstairs, what greeted me? A bloomin bike that's what. Andy has decided to go on a keep fit session and spent most of the day getting a sore backside from his saddle. LOL

Sunday was pretty laid back. Had a lovely roast dinner and had a kip, managed to get loads of knitted squares done.

Well......here's where it get's exciting.

2.30am after watching live streaming off BB and knitting until my eyes had gone squiffy I went upstairs to bed. Did the usual and opened the bedroom curtains to look out for the fox while I drank my tot of whisky........and 2 lads wandered down the road.

Nothing unusual in that.....but when they moped up to a neighbours car about 5 doors down and shone a blue light in the back, then in the front I panicked. Picked up the phone on my way downstairs dialling 999 and decided not to go outside cos I hadn't got my jim jam bottoms on. (Didnt want to frighten them off at the site of me bottomless...literally).

I got throught to the police and reported 2 lads trying to break into a neghbours car, while hiding behind the dining room curtain and watching them.....the very nice police lady asked me what they were wearing, and I told her......then they moved away from the neighbours car.....I thought they were going to carry on down the road away from me......nah! they walked towards me. At this point I moved away from the window and tried to hied behind the small 2 seater sofa.....blubbing away to the woman on the other end of the phone. They then walked onto the drive and started shining the light into the back of my car! They were literally 4 feet away from me FFS!. There I am telling this woman that they are on my drive looking at my husbands car, when it's not it's mine and saying what do I do if they see me? She said don't worry you're inside and they're outside. I'm like but what if they nick my hubby's car!!

I crouch lower, peepinf over the arm of the sofa phone in hand as they move to the front of my car.....now about 2 feet away from me. The blue light thingy looked like a mobile phone but I'm not sure. I'm shaking crying and well......good job I can't shit myself really.

After what felt like an eternity they move away and walk down the road. The woman said there were police car's in the area and that they had a good description and would probably get them.

I hung up and just stood in the hallway blubbing. Then when the phone rang. It was the local police station thanking me for letting them know....they hadn't caught them yet but were checking I was ok.

Andy must have heard the phone ring, then heard me blubbing and talking to someone and came downstairs. SLeep through an earthquake that man!

So after another shot of whisky and lying in bed with the curtains open and looking every few minutes I managed to get a couple of hours sleep.

Car's still there today so that's good :)

Anyway enuff rambling....I'm off to knit and surf some more.

Take care

love n hugss