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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Laptop Free Evening

Friday was fun!! I made sure I got up early-ish, read the paper, had a bath and waited for my visitor.

CCF (Clever Crafting Friend) came, and this time tried a different drink....I forgot to ask which was your favourite! and I really enjoyed it. Not that I don't always enjoy your visits...the time went so quick, we talked for ages, and it made for a lovely afternoon. I hope that Friday goes well, please let me know how you get on. Yay! City won 6-1. Maybe they're lucky mascot was there ?

So, chinese for tea, tv, sleep and the weekend came and went too quickly.

Hubby has got some amazing bargains over the last week. At the most recent count I was up to £214.00 worth of clothes for approx £14.00. Tesco were having a massive clear out, and I was thoroughly spoilt by hubby. About 5 skirts, 3 tops, and a few jackets. All in lovely colours.....all I need now is the good health to let me wear them and go out!

We popped round to Mum and Dad's on Monday evening, to drop his card and pressy off ready for his Birthday on Tuesday. He had forgotten it was so late in the month, but loved his pressy!

Hubby was worn out, a busy day at work after waking up early, a trip to the dentist, Mum and Dads, dinner and then straight on the laptop for two or three hours working.

I left him a note, hinting that we needed more snuggles and less pc thinking I'd probably get a telling off......but no, last night he came home laptopless!

We had a lovely night, talking whille I cooked dinner, watching tv together, slamming George Galloway and the Celebrity Big Brother contestants whilst snuggling as close as we could with me being on the sofa and him on the chair. I do keep dropping hints that we need a sofa big enough for two. Hehehehehe!

I was good too, I was in bed for 12.15 as I knew Mum was coming round today instead of Thursday. SO I have a lie in tomorrow......and then up really early on Friday for the dreaded biopsy :(

Fingers crossed it's not too sore, although that really isn't feasible.

Sis In Law.....I'll be ringing you soon to check you and the girls are surviving.

Love and hugs for all



Friday, January 20, 2006

Whisky's new cocktail.

Try this at home folks. tia maria baileys and cointreau and add a dash of blue caracao. turnp the drink a lovely shade of green but is scrummy. i have called it kermit juice.. enjoy love whisky xxx

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Professor Lovely and Spam E Mails Ggggrrrrrr!!!

The visit to see the Professor in Birmingham went well. We arrived fifteen minutes before my appointment time, I had just got back to my seat from powdering my nose, when they called me through to be weighed, then straight in to see him.

On the journey there, hubby and I talked about it. I was scared that I would end up seing some stuffed shirt doctor, probably wearing a bow tie and glasses, who looked down at me, listened to nothing I said, told me it was all in my head, or due to smoking and sent me packing.

We walked in the door, and I heard a booming deep jovial voice say, My you've travelled quite a way to see me, what was the traffic like?. Then I saw a tall, slim mid 50 year old man with white hair and a lovely smile, and felt my worries fade away.

The letter sent to him by my gastroenterologist was obviously quite detailed, and he knew that I had been fighting this illness, and losing, for nearly 12 years. He was sympathetic, and listened to my version of my history. Although he didn't say it, I think he is one of the few people who realise that no one knows there own body better than themself.

We covered, the history of the abscess, including the "stray stitch" that was left in so many years ago, right through to my reaction to the Infliximab and my current state.

He had a good look at the lumps and bumps and scars. Hubby pointed out the history of each scar and then we reconvened for a chat.

The Professor Lovely, is going to send off for my MRI scan images for him and his team to look at, they may have a different view of them as they all specialise in nothing but the Crohn's. He is going to wait for the biopsy results from next week, see how I continue to react to the cream, which at the moment is still working well, check my blood results and then give me a call.

It could be that the cream continues to work (which I thnk is doubtful). It could be that they take me into hospital in Birmingham and barage me with a load of tests. But like I said before, his team, including surgeons and radiologists, all specialise in Crohn's. Or it could be that the MRI scan shows that the root of the problem is my (excuse me) rectal stump, which was left in after my ileostomy was made permanent. If that is the case, then it will be a hospital stay to have it surgically removed. He was adamant that this would need to be almost a certainty from the scan results, and it would be something we would all need to discuss to make sure it was the right move. But he gave me hope!

Bless him, he even complimented Hubby and I for working as a team together, and battling through this darned illness. I nearly said to him, you are forgetting two very important people, my parents....but I'm sure he knows that with a case like mine, it takes more than two to tango.

He wished us a safe traffic free journey, and said I would hear from him soon.

I came out, happy, and pleased that things are still moving forward.

I spoke to Sis In Law and told her my news, she is adamant that at some point she is going to video one of my operations. I don't know where she gets it from, apparently she used to dissect animals in her biology classes. She views me as an interesting specimen, so I'll have to make sure I don't appear on You'vee Been Framed in the near future!! Oh and Sis In Law.....feel better soon ok!!!

Anyway, after a marathon sleep last night, I came onto my pc to check my e mails and found a spoof e mail from Barclays Bank. Asking me to confirm my account details or my account would be suspended. What made tha alarm bells ring, why did I think this was suspicious?

I haven't got an account with Barclays.

So.....a note to any spam/spoof e mailers out there. At least check the person you are sending the e mail to uses the facilities you are trying your best to fraudulise. Oh and by the way, watch out for the blue flashing lights.....you have been reported!!!

So for now I bid you farewell.

Lots of love and hugs



Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Tomorrow's The Day (Wednesday)

Well it's arrived all too quickly. Tomorrow's the day I see the Professor in Birmingham, and as you can tell, sleep isn't coming easily tonight. It's 1.33am and the nerves are setting in.

I have written out a list of my medication, and hubby is taking me and he remembers more of my history than I do at times.

I'm hoping it will be as positive a visit as last week with the dermatologist, and that at last I can start leading a normal life.

The weekend was lovely. Saturday was a chill out day, hubby on his pc, and me watching tv and relaxing next to him. The occasional pat on the head is his way of letting me know he is still there and thinking about me even though he is working, bless him.

Sunday was good too. I was up early, and was bathed and dressed all ready to leave for ma in laws for dinner when crisis struck!! Hubby had put his laptop down to read the paper's. When he picked it up again,it had lost all of the information he had input and the programme had closed down.

He managed to rescue some of it, and the rest when we got home from dinner so he was transformed from a grumpy bear to a happy bunny once more.

Dinner was lovely, the kids enjoyed it too, most of them asking for seconds of ma in laws famoust sticky toffy pudding!.

Poor Sis In Law was suffering from a really nasty cold, eyes streaming, sneezing the works. But she stuck it out, tormenting me about ghosts, which I deserved ;)

She rang the next day to check I was cold free, which I was, and sounded and said she felt much better.

I know with these immunoseupressant tablets that I have to be careful, but I'm not going to let it restrict my life more than it already is. If I get a cold, I get a cold....I'm sensible enough to contact the doctors if it gets worse and it will be dealt with then. I've enough on my plate without wrapping myself up in cotton wool!

Besides.....I wouldn'y miss out on ma in laws sticky toffy pudding and a cuddle of my neices for anything!!!

Hubby seemed ok tonight after the funeral. He told me all about how it went, and I helped him a little with some difficult emails he had to write. He had a good reception of people, and a good send off I'm sure he would have been proud of.

Anyway...my eyes are drooping, next time I post I will hopefully have some positive news to share, and you never know, my dreams of a dog may yet come true!!!

for now love and hugs for everyone



Saturday, January 14, 2006

This Crazy World We Live In

I have thought long and hard before I posted. That's why I haven't blogged for a few days. I couldn't ignore the happenings of the last week or so, and wouldn't want to, but I also didn't want to upset or offend anyone.....so here goes.

Hubby lost a very dear friend and working colleague last week. Many people have been affected by his loss, and all have commented on how much they admired him as a person. So if you can, please spare a thought for a lovely man on Tuesday as he is laid to rest. My thoughts are with his family, and his friends, he will be truly missed.

My news was good from the dermatologist on Tuesday. Lotions and potions have been prescribed, and I am due to have a biopsy a week on Friday. This should pin down exactly what is going on, and the Doc said there are a number of tablets, yet more immunosupressants, that he can try me on. He said his main task right now was to try and reduce my pain as much as possible. Touch wood the cream is working. I wouldn't say it's a miracle cure, but it is certainly taking the edge off the pain when I'm moving around.

We even managed to go to our cousins wedding reception last night (Friday). The whole clan were there, and as usual backs were turned in certain directions. I'll admit it annoys me, and it was noticed by other people, but it's their loss. They are the ones missing out on the fun and laughter, the cuddles and dances, and I'm just proud to be accepted for what and who I am by the others.

The bride looked radiant, the groom looked handsome, the food was lovely, and the fireworks display was brilliant. I even had my own personal hot water bottle! I am normally a wuss when it comes to fireworks, but that's normally when hubby is involved and he usually ends up diving for cover, and presents me with a blistered thumb at the end of the evening. It was nice for it to be done by someone else and for us to just relax and enjoy the show.

The hit of the evening had to be the chocolate fountain! Marshmallows, strawberries, fudge, pineapple, profiteroles, kiwi fruit and turkish delight. Skewered and dipped in the most gorgeous flowing milk chocolate........my idea of heaven.

Oh, and someone said three little words to me that reduced me to tears. Sis In Law managed to take the mick and make me smile.....but the true reason is that I've never heard that from the nephew and neice on my side.....so it made my year to hear that little voice in my ear.

It looks as if there is a family get together on Sunday as well for one of the brother in laws birthday's. So I'll make sure I wear my full body armour, thermals and hard hat to protect me from the chill in the air and the icy stares. Mwaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaa!!

As for today I got up early, hoping to spend a bit of time with hubby.....and what does he do but go and watch the football! tutt tutt typical male.

Oh well......dinner, tv, wine and snuggles later. What more could a girl ask for.....apart froma chocolate fountain!!!

Nearly forgot to mention the Links have been updated, so if you feel like reading some more, feel free to visit Willow's page, or Stephaine's blog for some more views on this crazy world we live in.

Lots of hugs



Friday, January 06, 2006

Welcome To The World

I am an Auntie for the 9th time over. We received a phone call from ma in law telling us of the birth, and then by the miracles of technology the phone rang at gone midnight, scaring me into "who the hell can this be", and "oh no what's happened" mode, only to be greeted by an automated voice giving the full details of the birth.

So welcome to the world O G S. I won't post his full name as I haven't asked permission from his parents.

For those of you who don't know we have rather a large family. I have one sister and brother in law, one neice and one nephew on my side, and hubby has three brothers, three sis in laws and seven nephews and neices on his side. I have to point out at this juncture that Sis in Law, Mr Bleach, Purple Princess and as yet un "blog" named neice, are the ones most mentioned on here. Whether it's down to sense of humour, understanding or just plain old friendship, from the moment Sis In law stood up from the sofa, all 6ft (nearly) of her and said "hello" in a deep German tinged voice, I just knew we were going to hit it off.

Even now, after fourteen years, she still says she wondered what she had let herself into, moving to a country where brides start blubbing at the entry to the church, and continue all the way down the aisle, all the way throught the ceremony, only stopping to have a quick smoke before the photographer was strangled. But I reckon deep down she knew it would be fun! We are so pleased that A married K and that K married A.......on tape for eternity mwaaaahahahahaha!

Anyway........Lord of the Dance was breathtaking! We were seated dead central to the stage, the music was fantastic, the dancers were exceptional. The only bit I didn't like was the pyrotechnics. At one point I thought hubby was going to have to scrape me off the lap of the man behind. Boy did they make me jump! Good triumphed over evil, the Lord of the Dance fixed the Elf's flute, and she in return rescued him from the evil dancers, and gave him back his bejewelled belt, therefore once again proclaiming him as the one and only Lord of the Dance. Ooops sorry, if anyone didn't know the story I've just spoilt the ending!

I have to mention two Happy Birthday's, both a little belated. Firstly Happy Birthday N N, and shouldn't it have been me sending in chocolates for you? But thank you, they were lovely. Only in order of dates, secondly.....Baby Faith! Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest girl ever to grace Times Square!

I am soon going to have a re shuffle of links on the site, some are no longer, and there are some new blogs that need to be added for your perusal. But bare with me, as I'm not exactly technically minded, and I need to try and remember how I did it last time LOL.

Four days to the commencement of the Dr's and Professors visits, and I'm a little apprehensive. Dermatologist on Tuesday, then the Professor a week on Wednesday. Then hopefully a conclusive visit to my fave surgeon on the 2nd February. I know really that major surgery is the only option, how I will survive on hospital sleep rations I just don't know! The lates pill drop is usually about 11pm then they wake you at 6am to see if you want a cup of tea! Hopefully I may be on a ward where they know me, and know well enough to leave me in my little cocoon until breakfast (soggy toast and luke warm porridge) is brought round. If they don't, I normally volunteer to help them with the tea run, but they would need to do a hand stand to pour it!!

Anyway enough of maybe's and might happen's I'll just wait and see.

Catch you soon...

Love and hugs