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Thursday, April 27, 2006

As If By Magic?!

Yeah...you see, as soon as I say blogger lost my blog it re appears! It's as if it were sticking it's tongue out at me and singing "nur nur ne nur nurr".

I felt rough yesterday. I was up early as I was going out with Mum and Dad to look at a sofa they are thinking of buying. I did go, and it was worth it because the sofa is absolutely gorgeous! I didn't last long out though.

I always thought I was "just one of tose people" who suffered with this. But I checked with the guys at The Crohns' Zone and it appears I'm not the only one!

For a long time now I have suffered with (and this may sound a little strange/disgusting) large sores/spots in my left ear, and in my right nostril. When I say right nostril I mean right in the pointy bit at the tip of your nose inside. They come up like "boulder" spots, the sort that throb with pain, then pop, and then stay there for about six weeks. This week I noticed a post on it on the crohns zone board, and was relieved to see it is yet another symptom of Crohn's Disease itself.

Anyway, this week I have had the biggest ever of these sores in my ear. It throbs, I can't and daredn't touch it, I can't lie on that side in bed, and it even hurts to smile. I'm one of these people who is obsessed with ear wax anyway, so I know it isn't a build up of that. Hubby has checked it for me the last two nights and can't see anything other than what looks like a small spot. But if it carries on like this I'll be getting Mr R (surgeon) to look at it when he takes me in to the hospital, which hopefully should be within the next week or so.

As if the other symptoms of the Crohn's I have aren't enough! Blimey, whoever first diagnosed this disease must have worked hard. There are soooo many "other" things that are related to it. I guess it's mainly because it is a disease linked to the immune system.

Anyway enough misery!

I got yet another doggy on my Nintendo. I found out yesterday that you can keep up to eight at one time! Three in the house and five in the dog kennel. Sooooo I kept my word to the Bride To Be and bought another pug, this time white, and called it Maria. So now I have the matching set! Whisky, Brandy and Tia and Maria.

Maria is definately a kennel dog, she fights with the other dogs! But she learns quickly, and has already mastered sit, lie, and roll over....all within only ten minutes.

I have visited the Nintendogs official site a couple of times now and learned more about it.

You'd think that it was just another game....but it's so clever! These dogs actually get personalities, and they develop acoording to how you treat your dog. My number one dog Whisky has been spoiled rotten, as if she were real. Petted and fussed, she is the only one fed on canned food rather than dried like the others, and milk, she has her own squeaky mushroom that none of the other dogs are allowed to play with. I always sped more time with her than the other dogs.

Yesterday, I brought Tia (black pug) back from her walk, and Whisky ran up to her, and sniffed her.....then she wandered round the room tail and head held high almost as if she were letting Tia know that she was the boss. You have to see it to believe it.

I bet some of you are thinking, "what is this woman on?". Well believe me, after two years of daytime tv, dvd's, and more spare time than I know what to do with. Plus the reality that because of my health I can't have a real dog...this is just heaven on earth for me. I can't wait until I get my new game Trauma Center I am sooo looking forward to performing operations on people! Mwaaaahaaaaaahaaaaa!

I also had some good news yesterday. All being well, including me, hubby and I are dog sitting!! For a whole four days we will be looking after a lovely looking collie dog called Sam. I can't wait. I'm sure that for four days I can guarantee no hospital stays. (By then hopefully, I will have been operated on and be healing).

I have said we need to meet Sam before we can say a definate yes. After all, in reality, dogs are like people and have their own personalities. If the dog doesn't like me or hubby it won't want to be around us for four days.

I can't wait!! Four days of, fussing, petting, walking and pooper scooping. And that's just with hubby LOL.

Time to sign off and go have some lunch.

Holli....stay strong :) and I love my hubby whether he eats all the pies or not ;)

Hugs for all

Whisky (aka G&T)


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Did Blog Yesterday Honest!!

Gawd knows what happened to yesterdays blog? It was even called " I can't think of a title" cos I couldn't! Gggggrrrr at Blog.

I'll try and recap quickly. Hubby and I had a lovely weekend. Friday night as ususal was DVD night, and we watched Oceans Eleven. I've seen it before, but was quite happy to sit and drool over George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.

I think SIs In Laws comments about who ate all the pies last time she saw hubby has worked!! He went out on his bike again this weekend, and he reckons he did at least eight miles!!

Nintendogs is going great guns! I now have another doggy. A black Pug called Tia. I told Bride to Be that I was going to get two and call them Tia and Maria in the alcohol names.....but I only got one, for now!

Whisky (number one dog) is wicked. She is now up to championship level in the dog shows :) Brandy is excelling himself, he is a level behind.....but he can do somersaults and all sorts!! And Tia.....she is a fast learner too,, she is up to open level already, and loves going to the training field and jumping the jumps.

I spent some quality time with them yesterday, and it was such fun! They all play together with a football it's sooooo cute! I left them playing for a few minutes then it all went quiet....I took a peek and they were all snuggled down cuddling each other! Bliss.

I managed to watch Prison Break last night, and boy are they doing well at dragging it out!

I also had a comment left for me on Gin and Tonic....and I'm not sure who it's off. I've a feeling it's Sis In Law but I'm not certain. There's only a few people who would know What song I walked down the aisle to.

Anyway I hope everyone is well.

And I hope this blog posts itself.

Love and hugs for all

WHisky (aka G&T)


Monday, April 24, 2006

I can't Think Of A Title

There ya go......for once I couldn't think of an appropriate title for the blog. Does that mean Whisky is lost for words?!?!

Nah! Just a little tongue tied.

Thursday was as usual fun while me and Mum were cleaning and chatting. I spent the afternoon catching up on pre recorded shows like Medium and playing with my nintendo Yes I have another doggy. I now am the proud owner of a black pug called Tia. She is training well and winning contests. Brandy the labrador is now winning disc competitions too! It fascinates me....I spend hours on end playing with them, walking them, training them, and letting them play together with a football which they love. If anyone, like me, can't really get a dog, then this is the next best thing!

I had a good chat to the Bride to Be on Thursday too. She currently has some, shall we say annoyances, and we were putting the world to rights for nearly an hour.

DVD night on Friday was cool. We had chinese and watched Oceans eleven. I have seen it before, but hubby hadnt. But what women would object to another dose of George CLooney, Bradd Pitt and Matt Damon?

The weekend went too quickly. Hubby was late back from shopping, and Mum and Dad popped round to drop something off. Unfortunately they got me out of bed. My Dad was a little embarassed when I explained I wasn't actually wearing my pyjama bottoms, but holding them very cleverly in front of me. He toddled off into the kitchen while I slipped them on.

Sunday again I got up late! Hubby had been for a marathon bike ride and was exhausted bless him. We chilled out together, and after he had gone to bed I watched Solaris. Another dose of George Clooney. It was a good film......but I didn't really get the ending?!

So here I am, Monday afternoon, wondering what the week will bring. I'm looking forward to Friday. Manchester, the new Michael FLatley show Celtic Tiger, and a night in haunted hotel.

Hugs for all

Whisky (aka G&T)


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Football, Dog Shows and Prison Break

Hubby returned from work and seemed quite a happy bunny :)

We had dinner, and guess what....more football! I managed to sneak into the living room with my Nintendogs and complete a couple more competitions. I also discovered that Brandy the golden retriever is a dab hand at catching frisbee's!

After an hour of pampering my pooches I went to rejoin hubby. I was going to sit and watch the last half an hour of the footy with him, but got itchy feet.

I turned into the washing fairy! I ironed, I carried tons of washing upstairs, and sorted the next load out to wash. I went back into hubby huffing and puffing and exhausted. I told him the washing fairy had gone back on strike....and he chuckled.

He went up to bed, and I settled down to watch Prison Break. I was expecting it to be the last show in the series....but no, they are carrying it on for another week. Knowing my luck the last episode will be on while I'm in the hospital, and Lost wil restart as well.

I have updated gin and tonic
so please feel free to go and read the next instalment. If anyone has any ideas on how to distinguish between the bits you have read up to let me know. I didn't know whether to change the font colour for each update?

I'm off to hunt for more games on e bay.

Love and hugs for all

WHisky (aka G&T)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Easter Bunny Visited Me!!

What a lovely week I've had :) It makes such a difference having hubby here.....I could get used to it ;)

Thursday as I've said we went to see Mr R and got the hospital news. But before we went hubby helped my Mum with some spring cleaning. It was fun! I had done the ironing before she got here, so hubby was immediately put to work. Cobwebs were vacuumed, beds were moved, net curtains washed, windows cleaned, and flower arrangements dusted. Yes, you know the spiral woody things you get in fake flower arrangements. Well hubby decided ours in the kitchen looked dusty.....so he tried to wipe them with a wet j cloth one by one. Me and Mum came downstairs to watch. He then tried running them under the tap one by one.....so I went to the rescue, grabbed them all and swooshed them in the bowl of water and they came out like new. Bless him he tries so hard.

Anyway, Friday, hubby was sorting the garden and Sis In Law came round. We had alaugh, and she pointed out hubby's growing tummy. After he had finished what he was doing in the garden, after Sis In Law had gone, he went into the garage, dug out his new seat for his bike, and tootled off to halfords to find a gadget to fit to the pole to combine it so it would fit.

He came home, fitted his new seat, pumped up his tires, fitted his saddle bag, and went for a trial ride round the entry.

That was when he told me the easter bunny had been! He had delivered three lots of easter eggs, including a piglet one :) and a dvd. Saw 2!!! yayyyyyyy!

Saturday morning I got up, and hubby had been for a three mile ride on his bike!

Sunday we went for dinner at Ma In Laws. Sis In Law, Mr Bleach and the girls were there and we had a whale of a time. We played in the garden, we hunted for chocolate bunnies that Ma In Law had hidden around the house. I had to help Little Miss Pink, as she is shorter than Little Miss Purple, and we wanted it to be as even as possible.

Evil Uncle hubby even put the easter eggs up on a shelf where Little Miss Pink could see it but not reach it. He is so cruel!

Evenutally, after tormenting both children, and getting a telling off off me, we went home.

Ooooh I forgot to mention. Friday night, DVD night....we watched Nanny Mcphee which was brilliant! and The Magic ROundabout. I was even holding onto hubby when the evil Zeebad was around, I'm such a wuss!

Monday, hubby did more gardening, lap topping, dinner cooking and tidying up.

I hope he enjoyed his long weekend with me as much as I did with him.

The Nintendogs situation has been really exciting. Whisky the Shit-zu can now sit, lie, roll over, back (roll onto her back), beg, shake (paw shake), waggle (shake ber bum frantically), spin, and sniff (sniff on command).

She has won competitions up to expert class....loves playing with her squeaky mushroom, but hates being walked.

We even won enough money to buy another doggy. I chose a golden retriever, I called him Brandy, sticking to the alcohol theme, and boy is he a quick learner! WIthin five minutes he could, sit, lie, roll over and go on his back. He won two competitions the first day coming first in both!

At first him and Whisky didn't get along, he bullied her and made her yelp. So each night he stayed in the doggy hotel. WHisky is number one dog, and won't be picked on!

But yesterday I thought I would let them spend some time together. I looked up at one point and they were snuggled together paws wrapped round each other sleeping!!

They eat together, and drink together, and play like the best of friends.

I've even got enough trainer points now to get a Yorkshire terrier puppy.....but I want to train Brandy some more first. I think he could be a disc catching champion as well.

Blimey....that was a long blog!

I'll be more regular now hubby is back at work.

Love and hugs to all

Whisky (aka G&T)


Friday, April 14, 2006

Good News......Bad News....!

Sorry for not posting over the last couple of days. I have been making the most of having my loveable hubby at home :)

Wednesday we were "stereo laptopping" looking for the best price for a certain something I had a whim for. We even ended up having a "no mine's a better offer" battle, like ping pong LOL. So to settle the score, we visited the two stores involved. Firstly Toys R Us, that gives a clue that it's a game or toy of some sort.

The offer was good, but not quite what I was looking for. Next it was a quick trip into town and Argos. It was perfect, just what I wanted, so......I am now the proud owner of a Shit-Zu called Whisky. Well not a real one. A Nintendogs which just happens to be pink!

You've probably guessed that the chapter that was closed the other weekend was that we had eventually come to the conclusion that we will never have a dog. It wou;d be so unfair, as I've said before, on hubby when I am hospitalised. Yes I was sad. After all nearly twenty one years of my life were spent having a dog. Not only are they four legged fluff balls, but my best friends. I used to sit and talk to one of my dogs in particular....and I'm sure he understood everything I said.

So....the next best thing, was the Nintendogs, and I'm hooked.

So far Whisky recognises my voice....yes I do sit there talking into a games console. She knows the commands so far of, Sit, Lie, Roll Over, and Paww. She camne third in the beginners contest, then we tried again and she came second! I was soooo proud of her. I walk her, she brings me presents. She doesn't like bubble blowers, footballs or Lisa dolls, but she loves her tennis ball, red frisby and me!

That's the good news.

I managed to get an appointment at the clinic to see Mr R. He must have a list of people who when they call up they are "must see's", and from his secretary's reaction to my name I'm on the list.

He was his usual happy self. He even said how well I was looking....and that I had put on weight and had chubby cheeks! Then he looked at the wounds and did the old "fingers in the shape of a gun and pull the trigger" jobby on me. He told me I was top of his list for nightmares! But I know he loves me really.

Anyway, hubby and I had gone into the room expecting him to say, yes no problem here's a prescription for the really strong immunosupressants that will make you feel sick, and make you grow long dark hairs on your hands (seriously that is a side effect of the drug). But no....he said he wants me to be put under again and have the wounds cleaned up a bit. I asked if it was day surgery, he laughed and said he doubted it. He knows me too well, and he knows how painful this surgery is. He knows I'm probably going to be hooked up to morphine for a couple of days afterwards. At least he's honest with me, and he told me he would see how I got on.

So....I'm going in AGAIN, I have to wait for a call for his next available theatre slot, and a bed. He reckons about a fortnight. Hopefully it will be just over a fortnight as hubby and I are due to have a night away at the end of April.

So that's the bad news.

And it's not all that bad really.....I mean, I'll have my pet puppy with me in the hospital, and my crochet, and my puzzle books and reading books, teddy etc etc et.

Life's a beach when you're a regular.

Oh well.....Happy Easter to all.

Love hugs and lots of easter eggs.

WHisky (aka G&T)


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Oh No I'm Going In Reverse!!

I won't tell you what time I pulled back the duvet today.....I seem to be going into hibernation!

For the last two weeks or so, I have been doing my own dressings and hubby has done them at the weekend just to keep an eye on things. The last couple of days I've noticed the odd lump and bump and painful bit, so last night I asked him to check things and then do my dressings. Oh joy of joys....it looks like the remission is over and the dreaded PG is rearing it's ugly head again. I rang my surgeons secretary, hoping they could get me in for an appointment this Thursday to get me started on the new tablets, but she's on holiday until tomorrow.

I'll try again first thing. Hubby is on holiday this Thursday so it would be perfect timing for him to come with me and point out the dodgy bits to Mr R. So please keep your fingers crossed for me that there is a spare slot at the clinic.

Hopefully we can catch it early enough and the Cyclosporin (sp) tablets will have chance to work and catch things before they deteriorate.

It's always the same.....two steps forward one back and then I go into reverse!

On a brighter note Denise left me a comment. *waves to Denise*. If you've popped back don't forget to check out the Crohn's Zone The guys on there are lovely! and if are full of helpfull info relating to anything Crohn's or IBD. **waves to Holli** look I did it again LOL.

Don't forget the Chat box as well.....it's way down there >>> on the right hand side. Feel free to say Hi.

I will try and blog over the next few days....but as hubby will be home it will probably be synchronised laptops. ie. when he goes on his lap top I will too. Ooooh that sounds rude!! Sorry. You know what I mean.

Anyway as you can tell my coffee high is kicking in so I had better go surf the web before I say too much LOL.

Love and hugs and raised glasses to all.

Whisky (aka G&T)


Monday, April 10, 2006

I've decided to open up a little

After much thought, I have decided to create an additional blog detailing my Crohn's Disease history.

I've worked out how to keep it in order, and it will be a continuing story. From the first symptoms to current day. It might take me a while, and it will be brutally honest!

So if you wish to join me on my writing journey, feel free to pop along. It can be found by clicking on my profile and is listed under "blogs" as gin and tonic. I will add a link from this page. Or you can find it at gin and tonic/

I will keep promoting it...especially as I've just worked out how to post links in the above way!! woooohoooooo... Holli I was going to ask you how to do it, but I worked it out :) So now I can link to my hearts content.

Love and hugs for all

Whisky (aka G&T)


Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mad Elephants and Burglars To Be

Friday evening didn't quite go to plan. After my phone call from Bride To Be arranging to meet online at eight thirty......everything went array. I watched the demise of Mike Bladwin on Coronation Street, and thought it was quite disappointing actually! Then I changed channels and found a programme about elephants going crazy and killing people. It was really interesting....I love all things wildlife, and was totally gripped. Hubby rang part way through and told me he was having a wonderful time hmmmm!

Anyway, near the end of the programme something caught my eye. From where I lie on the sofa I have a good view of the side of the house and the garden. Normally if I'm on my own I will put the lights on outside, I'm one of these that thinks at least if you can see a werewolf coming up the garden you have time to hide. Tonight I didn't.

At first I thought I was seing things, then I saw it again. Someone in the near vicinity was shining a torch at the side of our house! It shone firstly on the drainpipe and then up onto the roof of the kitchen. Then it sort of turned into the sky, and then back on the side of the house again.

I sat still.....knowing that if I stood up, and they were as I thought, in the entry at the side of the house, they would see me. After ten minutes or so I got up and checked all the doors and windows were shut and locked, and I noticed that other peoples security lights were on. Was someone doing the rounds, and checking for house alarms?

That was it, I was wide awake til four am, rechecking doors, and peering into the garden. If I had the strenght I would have barricaded the back door with the sofa!! I must have eventually dropped off knowing that it would be daylight soon. Hubby came and woke me when he got home, probably wondering why so many lights in the house were still on......but I wasn't taking any chances.

He left me to sleep while he went shopping, and was a little alarmed when I told him what had happened.

Word of warning to any potential burglars. I've come accross them before in my time living in the public houses....I don't give up easily, I put up a fight. I have been known to see a burglar on the flat roof of one pub and open the window to try and get him back in!! I did come off slightly worse for wear with a fractured wrist..........but don't mess with me, I may be little.......but I can also be scary!

So saturday was a blur of sleeping, eating, cuddling hubby, more sleeping, and then not being able to sleep at night because I'd slept too much! Oh joy.

Sunday morning/afternoon was another late one.....I need to get back to early nights and early mornings. But next week I should be able to do that as hubby is off work from Wednesday onwards. I'll get him to come and wake me up gently LOL.

I'll love you and leave you.

Hugs for all......but not for the burglars



Friday, April 07, 2006

I Told Him To Back The Pink One!

As hubby is at the races today I asked him to put a bet on for me. I said if the rider is wearing pink bet on that one for me. So I get a text to say he has bet on a horse called Copslad in the two oc clock race. I quickly turn over the telly to watch the race.....and what colours is the rider wearing? Green!! Which horse wins the race? The one where the rider is wearing PINK D'oh!!! I've told him before I have psychic powers, does he believe me, no....typical male!

Last night was nice :) He came home, we had dinner, and then I sat massaging his hands while I watched my tv programmes. I'm sure at one point he dozed off but he denied it. House was really good! I thought I had the problem solved half way through, but with my lack of medical training I was inevitably wrong LOL. I also watched the new programme Grey's Anatomy that was on after that. I was surprised. It started off a little slow.....but it's going to be another one of those addictive programmes where you learn a little more about each character in each episode.

I've also heard a whisper that Lost is coming back to channel 5 in June? They cheated...that isn't spring its summer! I've a feeling it will replace House when that season finishes. Oh Joy, Thursday's will still be an addictive tv night.

Anyway, I'm sat here on my own.....blogging with Kelly CLarkson blasting on the stereo! Soon hubby will ring, no doubt the worst for wear after a few drinks and a few losses on the horses. I'll eventually retire to bed, whisky in hand. After I've thoroughly checked the house for bogeymen of course. Then hopefully not too long after I wake up tomorrow hubby will be home.

Until tomorrow.......if you're betting on the National.....back the Pink One!!




Thursday, April 06, 2006

Turn Up Your Speakers 'Cos The Theme Tune's Back!!

As you may notice normal service is now resumed!

At last I have found Kelly Clarkson in a format I can put on my blog yayyyyyy!!

So Because Of You should now be playing in the background again, if not scroll down and hit play!


Happy bunny once more

Happy easter to everyone!!




Which Came 1st The Chicken Or The Easter Bonnet?!

I was mulling this over in my mind as I stood doing some ironing this morning. I could see children being escorted by their parents to school, and all the children were wearing Easter Bonnets. There were chicks and nests, bunnies and even a Cat In The Hat style Hat? Some children looked proud to be wearing them, others obviously wished that they had had a say in what their parents had thrown together at the last minute. Then it struck me, if the egg came before the chicken where does the easter bonnet come into it?! I was off in my own little world whilst burning a hole in my ironing board cover!!

Hubby phoned me on his way home from work last night as he always does, and he was chatty. We ended up talking for fifteen minutes as he got caught in a traffic jam. Then he gets home, eats dinner and sits in silence. I think he is over tired, and next week, thankfully he is having some well deserved time off. My Mum came round today and between us we cleaned, ironed, vacuumed, repotted plants, and even squeezed in a gardening lesson on clematis. But next week hubby will be home......and the list my Mum is preparing for him is growing! As we have no steps or stools in the house there are some things that Mum and I just can't reach. SO having a 6ft hubby comes in handy for hoovering spider webs from the ceiling over the stairs, and taking down light fittings so they can be cleaned. ALso his strenght is needed to remove one net curtain where the hook seems to have welded itself to the wall! All in all, we'll get him to don a pinny and rubber gloves, put the vacuum in one hand, the polish in another and shove the feather duster up his.........only joking!! But his help will be much appreciated.

Poor chap, he thinks he is having a restful few days.......little does he know, and NN sssshhhhhhh!

Last night was a hubby night on tv. The Apprentice (you're fired) and then The Armstrongs (a programme showing the highs and lows of office life in a double glazing company set in our town!). Tonight is a split night. Hubby gets to watch A Place In The Sun, and No Going Back a life in France....then I get House Yayyyy, and a new programme starting tonight called Grays Anatomy.

Tomorrow night :( our dvd and take away night :( is cancelled. Hubby has another night away. Normally we would be sat together munching on chinese take away and prawn crackers whilst "ooohing and aaaahing" at a dvd. But I'm undecided what to do tomorrow night? Should I sit on the net, or should I watch one of my dvd's that hubby wouldn't like? I'll have to toss a coin.

Oooooh that's just reminded me.....Sis In Law, I know something you don't know! (I think).

ANyway I'm off to play on Bebo, and then maybe have a doze.

Love n hugs



Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cheese on toast at midnight!

Yes, I'm back in munchy mode :) what do you expect after sitting through a football match on the tv, and then breaking the cable box so I couldn't watch anything else!! Whisky breaks something - whisky eats!

Hubby gave my neck a rub last night which was heavenly if a little painful. Then I was prodding and poking and trying to find the exact spot where the pain was coming from. I heard a tiny pop! It was strange, like when you sneeze? a sort of feeling of satisfaction?! Well......I got up late today, and......finger's crossed the pain seems to be easing! I'm hoping I caught it just on the right spot and pushed whatever it was back into, or out of place.....but it sure feels alittle better :) The thought of going to see the neck cruncher was making me feel slightly sick.....even the kind offer from Sis In Law to come with me and video it didn't make it any easier. (Makes mental note of what to get her for xmas mwaaaaahaaaaa!) How high are your ceilings again?

So....after Medium, which was good I made two slices of cheese on toast. Not just any cheese on toast, but my special. Toast and butter your bread, grate cheese, and add mayonnaise and salad cream and spread on toast, splash of Worcestershire sauce and grill until golden brown. Scrummmmmmmy!

Anyway, I'll leave you with that recipe idea for now.

Love and gentle hugs



Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Pain In The Neck.......Literally!

While we were out on Sunday I had a slight niggle in my neck that slowly turned into an annoying headache. I thought I'd slept awkwardly and that it would wear off. I was wrong. I'm in flippin agony!!!

I had this about two years ago, and ended up going to see a chiropractor and having to have my neck manipulated. Oh Sh*t not again. I keep thinking it will go away.....I don't want to go thrugh the neck crunching again :( It didn't hurt, and I walked out of there able to move my neck and head, which I hadn't been able to do for a week........but the noise?! ooooooooh the noise Bluuuuurgh!. The thing is....it's exactly the same pain, in exactly the same place. Which means I've probably retrapped the nerve in amongst my vertebrae. Aaaaaaaaaarghhhh! I want my hubbyyyyyyyyyyy!!

It's all down to this darned Crohn's. Because I can't "Sit" in an upright position like everyone else, I am permanently leaning on one side with one leg tucked under me and leaning on one elbow. The right one, that connects to the right side of my neck where my pain is. Oh buggeration! I've tried lying down, if I lie in bed on my left side it's ok-ish. If I lie on my right side Ouch! If I lie on my back....my wounds hurt. WHat should I do? Get a hammock?! Swing from the light fittings in a little nest?! How else is a woman expected to sleep. Oh and I can't lie on my front because of my bag (ileostomy). Any other positions suggested would be greatly received.

So you've guessed it....I'm grumpy, not PMT growly grumpy. But just I can't get comfy grumpy. Fidgety grumpy.

Do I make an appointment at the docs only for him to tell me, like before, that there's nothing he can do? Or do I just bite the bullet and ring the dreaded neck cruncher? Maybe he'll let me wear ear plugs?! No, that won't work 'cos it's an internal crunch as well. Oh botheration!!

I'm off to make a sauasage and bacon casserole......maybe I'll just climb in the oven with it! No that won't work.....I can't bend my neck to fit my head in !!!!!!!!!

Healing hugs



Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunny weekend

Touch wood, all has been quiet on the neighbours front for a little while. There is the odd shout, or door bang, but nothing like last weeks situation.

Last week seemed to fly by, chatting, watching tv, sleepless nights and lie ins all seemed to blur into one. Maybe this week will be better.

The weekend was lovely. We went to Hatton Country World. I did think I would only manage five minutes, but we were there for nearly three hours! It was nice to wander in and out of shops oooohing and aaaahing at different things. I treated myself to a lovely vase in the shape of a handbag, and I got a present for a friend as well. It'll be in the post with the disc in the next few days ;)

A chapter has closed this weekend, never to be opened again.....I'll mourn it, I'll cry, but I'll let it rest, and no doubt soon another chapter will open that needs our thoughts.

I hope you are all well, enjoy the sun while it lasts.



Saturday, April 01, 2006

Friday is dvd night

I got caught out last night.....thought there was no football on, but turned over to channel five and there it was! Geez what do I have to do to get a football free night.....I know Friday, a Chinese and a dvd!!! So Kill Bill 2 and prawn crackers with a cuddle from hubby.....what more could a girl ask for??

I know it's short and sweet....a bit like me...but I got loads to do before hubby gets home :)

Love you and leave you