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Friday, September 22, 2006

Hoooooray For Pickle, Adios Amigo's And Gracias!!!

Firstly.....some brilliant news that I really must share with you as I am soooooo excited. It has even overridden my holiday excitement!!!

One of my good blogging friends Pickle......has secured himself a pilot for a tv programme based on his drawings and animations. I hope I am allowed to continue the chinese whispers as detailed on Pickle's site. If I wasn't supposed to......I'm sowwy!!!!

Please visit the site and share with our joy in congratulating Pickle in his endeavours, hard work, dedication, and most of all his talent, in securing his deal. My fingers are crossed that this is aired in the UK......so many video and dvd copies would be shared amongst my friends and families proudly. And I guarantee that each time I watch it I will cry.

I am so honoured to be in the picture along with my good friend Moggie announcing to blogland that he has secured his deal! Thankyou Pickle. Thank you Moggie.....for letting me into your "little family". I'm proud to be your little sister!!! I really must get a picture taken of me with bunches and a pink bow just to prove to Pickle how alike his drawings of me really are!!!

All packed.....and completely worn out. E mails done to my friends telling them I will be away for two weeks.

My only sadness is that I will miss Little Miss Pinks birthday :( I have told her we will give her her present as soon as we return......Sis In Law even said we could have a 2nd birthday celebration for her. I may have already said this, but it still shocks me how a three year old cannot be greedy minded if that makes sense. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, most kids you would expect them to say a Barbie, or Bratz doll or something of the like......not Little Miss Pink. She looked me right in the eye and said "A present!!". Bless her.

So Sis In Law......please remind her on her special day that we love her, miss her, and will see her soon with her "present".

Farewell for two weeks......blimey I've gone all emotional again!

I'll catch up with everyones blogs as soon as I get back. I'll order Holli's present too! (Makes mental note).

And hopefully I will have some lovely pictures of our holiday to share with you along with some more mad tales of my goings on.

Hugs galore for all....equal amounts all round.

Look after yourselves guys and gals. I'll miss you all......and have a Sangrai or two for you. Maybe even on hubby's and my anniversary on the 26th. We'll toast ourselves for 14 wonderful years of marriage.....and toast all of our friends, family and internet friends too. Especially my little blogging family to whom I am a little sister. (You know who you are you two) ;)

Look.....I don't want to go now!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaargh.

Deep breath!!

Take care, keep smiling and do your good deeds for the day.

Lots of love



Sniff Sniff

Thursday, September 21, 2006

So Much To Do So Little Time!

I was a good girl last night and was in bed by eleven pm....that's brill for me. I can't remember falling asleep so it must have been quick. Now here's where I start singing the twighlight zone theme tune. At approx 2.30am I woke up desperate to visit the little girls room. I opened the door (remember I sleep in the spare room due to hubby's snoring) and at exactle the same time hubby opens his door!!! So being the dutiful wife, I used the downstairs toilet and he went upstairs. I wonder how we both woke up at exactly the same time to do exactly the same thing!!!!

I didn't mention this yesterday, as I wanted to make sure where I stood before I mentioned it. As you know I have been in contact with w*** (work), discussing arranging a meeting with a view to setting a date for me to return. It was agreed that I should see the occupational health doctor that came out to visit me approx two years ago to assess my situation. I must add here, that he was a lovely man, very sincere about my condition, and wrote an amazing letter to work detailing what I had been through over the last ten or so years. Anyway his assistant called and left a message as I was still in bed. I returned her call and she said she was instructed to make an appointment for me to see the doctor.

I said that the date needed to fit in with hubby's work comittments as he was going to drive me there, and sit in on the assesment with me. I have made no mention to work, or to the assistant about my holiday as I wasn't sure it would go down well. When an appointment on Monday was offered, I fibbed and said that hubby had an intense training session for two weeks. Scared whitless about mentioning my holiday in case it meant instant dismissal or something, even though it was my surgeon who suggested it would aid my recuperation and my integration back into "being with people".

She then proceeded to, in a condescending tone, advise me that she had been told I wanted to return to w*** as soon as possible. I wasn't quick enough to point out that I hadn't said that, that I had said I wanted to "make arrangements" to return. I reiterated that it wasn't feasible for me to get there on my own, which it isn't and that I wanted hubby with me for support. She again TOLD me that I wanted to return to work as soon as possible. I just reiterated that a date later in the month would be better. Finally we agreed on the Thursday after I have returned from holiday.

Of course then I panicked. Hubby rang me later in the day to say he was on his way home from work, and I promptly reduced myself to hysterics, worried I was going to be sacked, that I had lied etc etc etc.

He reminded me that I had only said I wanted to arrange a meeting blah blah blah and that he would talk to me when he got home and we could do some research on the web.

We did just that and I found a site called The Disability Rights Comission. I took the relevant number and rang them today.

I spoke to a lovely man. Told him the complete situation and waited worriedly for his reply. He advised me that as my surgeon has said it is recuperation, it is classed as medication. Work cannot question it, neither can the occupational health and neither can the dss. He told me to stop worrying and get on with my packing! I was sooooo relieved. I even took his name and work address and promised to send him a postcard, which I will do.

So.........sticking tongue out to relevant people......if I am questioned about anything, even why I did not declare anything about the holiday, I am covered. Yay for my surgeon, and Yay for the disability rights comission.

Anyway.....so far I have packed my medication, tonnes of it, and my dressings, copious amounts. I have tried on all of my new argain bikini tops bought for me by hubby, most of them 50 pence a time I might add. Cut off all labels. Sorted tops to match my bikini tops, shorts to match my tops, alternative dressy tops for posh nighhts out (I wish), shoes that will go with everything I plan to wear. Night wear including a lovely t shirt donated to me by Sis In Law along with a pair of lilac sport trousers for in case it's chilly in the evenings. All I have left to do is toiletries, netty knickers (bummer), hairbrush etc. And of course last minute jobs like toe nail painting, defuzzing my legs with my newly aquired epilator, which doesn't hurt like I thought it would. A last minute eyebrow pluck. Oh and of course try to fit it all into the suitcases!!!

My Mum came round today and helped me with the last minute ironing, and a white jacket that hubby has dug out of the depths of his wardrobe. It must be well over twelve years old.....but no he HAS to take it on holiday. I had washed it three times and it still looked a creamy colour, even using glo white!!

Magic Mum to the rescue......it's now gleaming white and as good as new.....I just hope after all of this effort it still fits him!!! If it doesn't he's in deep doo dah!!

Also, as previously promised, here is the picture of my Mum in her "wedding outfit" on National Wear A Wedding Dress Day. Raising money for our local Myton Hospice building to be built. It has been mentioned in local papers, in the Take A Break Magazine and even, no word of a lie, on Japanese television. Mum's friend also in the picture has a daughter who lives and works in Japan. She works for a tv station, and when she mentioned what her Mum had done they did no more than do a feature on it mentioning her Mum and my Mum and saying Japan should participate next year!!! Here is the evidence.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Two brides raising money for a well deserved charity.

My coffee rush is now nearly over, I must go and........well find something to do :)

Hugs for all.....especially my Mum who I am sooooooo proud of, and my Dad too.



Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Catching Up With Normality

Yesterday seemed to last forever. I was completely exhausted, but it serves me right for having a 20 hour day the day before. I started off ok. Went over to the Doctors for my check up. Yes I still have my chest infection, more anti biotics. No I don't have an ear infection, the sound loss is due to blocked sinusses due to my chest infection. No I don't have a kidney infection, the pain in my lower right back is muscular strain due to the coughing from my....you guessed it chest infection. And yes, I did severely burn my throat with the exceedingly hot coffee I drank on our way out of the concert. The Doc was quite pleased with the size of the blister at the back of my throat! Wow! I'm glad somebody was pleased. Gargle with salt water if it's painful. But the anti biotics for the chest infection (yawn) will prevent any infection forming in the big as a five pence peice blister. Oh, and a cough syrup just to help with the chest infection. Anything else?! Yes.....I received a letter from your Surgeon and he is exstatic at how well you are healing so far......shame he doesn't know about the chest infection!

Oh well.....at least I have had a thorough check up before we go away. One good thing, the anti biotics I am on...although now four times a day instead of three, I can have a little amount of alcohol. Bad thing is....the cough syrup, well, it sends me loopy. I took some yesterday, and within five minutes I had the most tremendous shakes that lasted for at least an hour. Hubby was in shock at how violently my hands were shaking! So, as a precaution I took it just before I went up to bed last night. It seemed to do the trick, I was out like a light and never knew whether I had the shakes or not.

Oh I forgot to say......when I was just about to leave for the docs yesterday, for some reason I looked at my hand. PANIC!!!!!! no wedding and engagement ring. In the past they have been known to slip off my finger as I had lost so much weight...but now they are fairly secure as I have gained some weight back. My heart was racing, I was fighting back the tears and I can't repeat the words I was using. F this F that. Where the blinking heck were my rings. I had visions of them being slipped secretly off my finger at the Robbie concert.....I had visions of them falling off my finger while my hand was out of the car window as we queud to get out of the car park. F......where the hell were they.

I charged upstairs and checked the bed. This was where I had found my wedding ring the last time I had "lost it". There they were side by side on my duvet. I knew instantly what had happened. I have a mild allergy. Nickel based allergy which means I am allergic to any jewellery other than gold or silver (lucky girl). For some reason I always get a small patch of my allergy on my wedding ring finger. In the night, totally subconsciously, I had obviously tried to scratch my finger, found my rings were in the way, removed them, and not put them back on!!! Amazing how the brain works when you are asleep!!!

I was releived, hubby was releived. ANd I know I can't spell today LOL.

Ma In Law visited, most of it was a blur, as I was hit by a sudden wave of complete exhaustion. I thought I was going to have to go to bed, but then I seemed to get a second wind. I delivered my Avon. Had a lovely bath, and hubby and I had dinner and sat and watched tv together.

He always seems to disapear to bed when Lost comes on. I think it's too confusing for him. It's confusing enough for me!!!

After Lost, one more ciggy then bed. I can remember thinking, oh my pillow is perfect tonight I'm really comfy. Then I remember waking up desperate for the toilet. I won't tell you what time it was....but it was time I got up!

Today.....I read the lovely comments left for me. Visited my usual blogs and caught up....and visited a new blog which blew me away. Ladyhawk is a friend of Moggie's anda fellow photographer. I will add her link as soon as I am more compus mentus. But......amazing!

So here I am blogging away, thinking, I need to do this, I need to do that. I need to start packing, I need to organise so much stuff. Panic is slowly setting in. Deep breaths. I can do it. Even if it all falls into place five minutes before we leave.

For now, so long....I'll be back tomorrow.

Hugs for all, lots of them



Robbie Rocks, I'm Still In Shock! Orson, Simply Awesome! Basement Jacks Volume To The Max!

What can I say.............. Lost for words.........still in a dream world, and completely shattered after a 20 hour day yesterday.

We arrived at Milton Keynes at 9.30 and promptly joined the cue. Blankets down sitting on gravel, not my idea of a comfy eight hour wait! Armbands on and at 1.45pm they let us through for the mad stampede to the stage.

If I told you I had a dream position of where to be seated/stood would you believe me if I said we got it? Well we did!!! Imagine, square fronted stage with a walkway in the shape of an S and then a round podium at the end. I wanted us, if possible to be in the top right curve of the S. Knowing we would then have a brilliant view of the stage, walkway and podium. Hubby ran for all he was worth, and darned me if he didn't get us one person away from the barrier in exactly the right spot!! Bless him.

Blankets once more unfurled to get yourself some bum room.....then it filled up, and up, and up. Security were really hot on people trying to fight their way to the front that didnt belong there. In other words they scanned the front rows, and then if anyone else tried to push in they were over the barrier like a flash. Politely advising them they had two choices. Go back to the edge of the inner circle, or be escorted out of the entire venue!! People got wise to this and anytime an "interloper" tried to join in the throng, there were chants of "out out out". Sure enough, in waded security and they were moved on. Good job guys and gals.

Six hours to go, and we soon got to meet the people all around us. It was decided that as we were in a prime position for people pushing behind and squashing us, that most of the ladies, and hubby would link arms in a line and protect our space. They did it......we were all safe and sound in our little semi circle.

Orson came on......amazing. The drummer reminded me of Animal out of the muppets but amazing. I had heard people critisize Basement Jacks (sp). But......they too were amazing, but very loud.

Then, 8.30pm came. The stage lit up like a spaceship in the dark. Countdown began.....hubby was instructed where to point the video camera, and up came Robbie in a cloud of smoke from nowhere!!

I still cannot comprehend that I was in touching distance of him. That several times he looked at me. He seemed to sing songs, and say things directly to our little group. I was completely enthralled, and now have nothing but more admiration for him.

We knew that Johnathon Wilkes, Robbie's best mate was due to be on stage with him. But we were gosmacked when Ant and Dec popped up too!!! Then Max Beesley (bodies, and player of drums for Robbie at Knebworth) appeared as well to play Rudebox.

Off stage they all went. Then he reappeared from another surprise place. A few more songs and he said his goodbyes. Took his bows. Looked back at us all and said "Thankyou....I love you all". Bless him he was in tears. I'd always thought it was "put on" for the tv.....but no, these were genuine emotional tears.

I'll never forget that night for as long as I am here.

Here's some photo's for you to peruse......note JUST HOW close we were.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hubby in front of the stage at approx three o clock pm.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Me, saving my little bum spot and smiling even though there's still about five hours to go! I'll wait any amount of time for a glimpse of Robbie

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Whether it's his back.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting His side......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting or of him walking like John Travolta....... but the best moment was captured by hubby.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting ok excuse his face......he is Norman Wisdom in disguise......and miles better looking!!!

Soon, as soon as I've worked out how to do it.....I will post some of the video clips we got as well.

For now......enjoy my shots of Robbie.

Trillions of hugs


xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ROBBIE ROCKS!!XXXXXXXXX

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Final Countdown!

Less than 24 hours to go now. Thankfully hubby has sidetracked me, and we have been chatting more about the holiday than THE concert. I'm trying to work out what to travel in, what to pack, what we will need to shop for as soon as we arrive. What time our flights are etc etc etc.

But then I step back and think.....hang on a minute, before we go away we are going to see Robbie!! Then I get all nervous. We will be somewhere in amongst a crownd of 60 odd thousand people! Remember me blogging about my panic attack when we went to see Michael Flatley in Manchester! How the devil will I cope with crownds this big?! By sheer determination to see, and get as close as possible to the man himself, that's how.

Rewind......Thursday as I mentioned, Mum and Dad cam round, then my college buddy (lets call her The Literary Girl as she is doing a degree in english literature), anyway, The Literary Girl came and collected me and we drove to her soon to be converted barn. On our journey there we caught up on the last few weeks. And of course talked about Robbie. Hubby and I are going on Monday and she is going on Tuesday. She is a veteran concert goer, so she was giving me handy hints and tips for our day. We arrived at the barn, which she had instilled in me would be a terrible sight. I was immediatly enchanted by it! Its a grade 2 listed building built in the 1800's and it just oozes character and atmosphere. Her hubby was there and he described how the original layout was when it was a working barn. Laundry area, which to me looked like a well. A huuuuge fireplace. A baking oven. Hooks for hanging and curing meat. Stable doors for horses, and a dropped floor where there used to be a feeding trough for the horses too. Outside he showed me the original pig pen, and the gorgeous round windows right in the eaves of either end of the barn. He told me how they were owl holes. There was of course a higher floor, this was scattered with hay and grain to encourage the owls to come in, nest, feed a little and of course catch any rodents that might be trying to eat the horses feed. Brilliant idea.

He showed me the plans, and his current works. He has been removing mud mortar from the walls by hand, and replacing it with a more modern mortar. Soon they will be able to remove the old roof and replace it. But only once they are sure the mortar will hold the walls up!!

I was for some reason drawn to the fireplace. I didn't tell literary girl, but when I first entered I felt as if someone was watching me from there. Strange!

We left her hubby slaving away and returned to her home. I have never been so it was an insight for me, after eighteen years to see where she lived.

It was like walking into my own house!!! Masks, beautiful masks on the walls, a clanger toy, like me, a Gizmo/Gremlin toy, like me.....strange how similar we are.

One thing she had which I was soooo jealous of was a multitude of autographs. Dame Judi Dench, Christian Slater, Kenneth Brannagh, Anthony Hopkins.........so many. Then we went up to her pc and she showed me her holiday pictures, and scattered in amongst them were piccies of her with most of the people she had autographs from!!! Along with Paul Young, a good friend of hers, Mark Owen, Jason Orange, Howard, all from Take That. David Sneddon, Christian Slater, loads of her with Judie Dench, and Ian Mcellan. My friend was snapped sitting on a set of steps with Ian Mcellan!!!

I realised just hoe sheltered a life I have been leading, and how dedicated she is to both musicians, and actors.

We left to come home, and of course got stuck in traffic jams. But as always we just chatted away. 18 years on and we still can talk like washer women!! Literary Girl if you read this. Love you!

Friday and I got up early. I lazed on the sofa reading the paper and generally daydreamed.

Clever Crafting Friend (CCF) came to visit me. She brought her lap top with her and showed me some beautiful pictures of her recent holiday to Dorset. The scenery looks amazing....and I'm thinking of adding it to my list of destinations in the UK to visit with hubby. Although I'm not sure I would be up to all of the walking that CCF did!. Speaking of walking. CCF is doing a charity walk to raise money for Cancer research. During the week, once I have checked a few things out, I will add the link for anyone who wishes to make a donation to her sponsorship. Every penny counts.

I was brave enough to show her my T and she thought it was very tasteful. Right on cue hubby came home and she saw his too. Approval all round, but she did comment how brave we must have been. Naaah! Just a bit demented hehehehehehe!

All in all it was another lovely visit. SHe is still looking well, and as always offered support in the form of making me rethink my options. If things don't work out well at W***. I may well take her advice and set up something from home. I am determined to write my book. I now have what I think is THE right idea for a story. I have already started my research and it is going well. There are people I know that I'm sure will be willing to spare me an hour or two to offer me their professional advice. And of course my Literary Girl has been approved as proof reader. Who better than a lady with letters after her name to read my book.

Yesterday (saturday) we went over to Sis In Law's and Mr Bleach's. It was originally to colect two folding chairs to borrow for the Robbie concert, but just as we are leaving and about to put them in the boot of hubby' car, he announces we aren't aloud to take them into the arena!!! Ggggrrrrr. Sis In Law had put them in the bags as well!

The dvd I had frantically recorded for SIL didn't work on her dvd player double Ggggggrrrrr. But I WILL find a way around it.

We had a lovely roast lamb dinner, and Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple even tried some of their daddy's special potatoes. We had a dancing show, and a lazy session looking at holiday photo's. It was a lovely comfy atmosphere. The girls snuggled and "ooohed and ahhhhed" at the pictures and we sat and reminisced about christmasses gone by.

I didn't tell SIL this, but while she was picking the gang up from the pub, and I was peeling and chopping carrots, Robbie's new single came on the German radio station. I downed my peeler and turned up the volume, and danced away to Rudebox as I contunued peeling. It wasn't too loud honest!!!

Bed time stories were read, we had a bit of an adult chat.....and I got some advice from Mr Bleach about hubby's xmas present :) Well chuffed as I was waiting for the opportunity.

We left, I drove hubbies car home with Robbie blaring.

I got up this morning, weary eyed, and it sunk in. Tomorrow Robbie, a few days later a fortnights well deserved holida, hopefully in the sun. On my return, I will be gradually weaning myself back into W***. Is my life slowly returning to normal?!

I'm now three steps up my ladder. I know that at any time I could come accross a snake and have to slide all the way back down again. But you know me. Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.

I'm determined this time to reach the fourth, fifth, sixth step.....and who knows. I may make it all the way to the top. If I do give me a wave.......and I'll send you a signed copy of my book ;)

Lots of love and hugs as always

Whisky (Who wont be blogging tomorrow as she will be at a "certain" concert)


Thursday, September 14, 2006

What A Day For A Daydream!

I'm probably going to bore my readers to tears over the next two weeks.....but all I can talk about at the moment is Robbie (Yawn).

Anyway...I did it, I rang W*** (work). They are going to come back to me with a suitable date for a meeting. I did ask if they still wanted me back and the reply was a resounding yes! Thank goodness for that. It looks as if the meeting won't be until we return from our two weeks away.....but I've made the first step. I'm now on the second rung of the ladder and working my way up. When I get halfway I'll get scared....I'll try not to look down, only look up. But I'm determined to do this. My brain needs to get working again. I only hope my body can keep up the good work, and keep up with the demands of my brain!

This week I babysat for Little Miss Pink. We had fun! Made a house out of sofa cushions. Thankfully Sis In Law was mouth numbed after her trip to the dentist and couldn't tell me off too much for wrecking her sofa, which I know is normally frowned upon. But it was Little Miss Pink along with her two pink teddies bed. We watched lots of C Beebies, and I was under strict instructions from a 3 year old (soon to be four) that I must not repeat Must NOT jump on the sofa as I might break it!!

I did as I was told and sat quietly as she ate her grapes, and watched the telly. Then demanded a lullaby of twinkle twinkle little star.

My Mum and Dad have been round today....and Mum even asked to see the beginning of the Robbie concert we recorded at the weekend. She wanted to see how he appears on the stage. Secretly I think she wanted to estimate how many people might be there, and how I might cope with it. If I'm in amongst 20 thousand people who cares as long as I can see Robbie. Hubby and I are making a flag for him at the weekend. Hopefully it, and we might get noticed. Even if it's just for a second.....it will make my year.

I'm off out with my college driend later. She is converting a barn along with her hubby and she is taking me to see the progress so far. It has been delayed by a couple of hours due to the thunderstorms and rain we are having right now......but it will be fun.

Friday Clever Crafting Friend is coming :) I can't wait to catch up on her recent holiday. I always enjoy her visits and am eternally grateful for her commitment to coming to see me throughout my illness. As I've said before. I'm lucky. All of my friends are true long lasting friends :)

The countdown continues.....the stereo is overworked and underpaid. I'm sure the neighbours must think that Robbie has moved in with me! I wish hehehehehehehe!

Naaahhh. Give me hubby any day :)

So for now....I'll love you and leave you as I go to turn the stereo on yet again until my college friend arrives.

Hugs for all

I'm loving Angels instead..........



Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Another Dedication Along With An Update On Life

I'm finally just about over my chest infection. I finished the antibiotics yesterday....and the coughing fits have finally receeded. I always sat everything happens for a reason, and maybe being on antibiotics before two big events coming up in the next week and a half was an omen. Not only did it help to clear up the chest infection, but, it has helped my wounds to heal even more!! I still have two patches which are irritating and require dressing pads. I'm still using the cream prescribed by the dermatologist. But....after a 6 day course of these tablets there has been a significant improvement!!

On Friday night I received a call from Sis In Law (SIL) telling me that Mr Robbie Williams was on on Sky One on Saturday evening. A behind the scenes show on the run up to his current tour, and a concert. Cool! I thought, I can record it and watch it. And I volunteered to record it for SIL as well as she doesnt get that channel.

Saturday morning I read the tv guide. It wasn't just any concert. It was THE concert in Leeds that we are due to see on Monday in Milton Keynes!!!! Freak Out!!!

I went into overload. Poor Sammy the dog didn't know what hit him! Robbie was on the stereo within a second, hubby was strictly instructed that the concert and show started at 8pm and he needed to have tuned in the dvd video combi by seven fourty five for a test record.

As usual he left it until the last minute......my brain is on countdown. Fifteen......fourteen....hurry up!! We did it in time, and I recorded the first hour. Cut out most of the adverts and then managed to sit down with my dinner and watch The Concert!!.

Seing Mr R appear, sing, entertain, dance, sweat, look directly into the camera.......swoooooooonerama! So much so, that I forgot to edit one lot of adverts and then the dvd ran out of time. Luckily it was in the section where he is introducing the members of the band. Dived in front of the tv, whipped out the dvd replaced it with a new one, waited for it to format, and pressed record before his next song started!!

I timed it so that after editing adverts I disapeared for a ciggy.....everytime I popped out of the room hubby turned up the volume on the tv again! It started at 20 set by me! By the end of the concert it was on 75!!!!!! No wonder I didn't hear SIL call us twice!

I took Sammy for his late night walk still in awe of one man in front of thousands doing what he does naturally.

Has anyone guessed I'm a HUGE Robbie Wiliams fan yet?!

Anyway.....sunday morning I'm eating my breakfast and hubby makes another announcement. The whole thing all three hours is being repeated that night.

Replay of Saturday night minus the tuning of the dvd. The whole thing was re recorded. This time the On the road section on one dvd and the concert on another.

Countdown is now 4 days!!! Until we are queuing (sp) for hours to see the man himself in action. My flag will be held high. I will have plenty of toilet roll to hand. Partly as these concert loo's apparently run out of rolls pretty quickly, and partly because I know that as soon as it starts I will cry. I'll probably blub all the way through the show......that's just me.

It reminds me of a secret birthday surprise that hubby organised for me many years ago. He bought me a lovely pair of black boots for my birthday but told me that I had to be available on a certain night, at a certain time as a birthday surprise was awaiting me. My Mum and Dad of course were in on it and kept winding me up.

Were we going out for a meal?! No. Were we going to visit someone?! No. Were we going on a mini holiday?! No.

The only thing I could get out of anyone was not to wear my new boots as it might be wet and they may get ruined?! I kept saying things like if you are taking me pot holing or wading accross a muddy feild forget it. He just kept grinning at me and laughing.

THE night came. Mum advised me to wear jeans, comfy shoes, a light top and taker a jacket. She re iterated I mustn't wear my boots as it might be wet. Hubby picked me up in the car. We drove for about three quearters of an hour. Parked in a huge car park, got on a coach..........Everyone around me had scarves but I couldn't quite make out what they said on them. We got off the coach and went into a huge building. Then I saw a poster and I twigged. My Mum had kept telling me not to wear my boots in case it was wet.

We were at the NEC in amongst the crouds of people waiting to see Wet Wet Wet live!!!!! My favourite group at the time. I was overjoyed, and shocked that hubby would even allow me to see Marti Pellow live, as I drooled over him too.

It was an amazing night, and my concert vitginity was broken. We soon went to see Gloria Estefan, Wet wet wet again, and I went to see Boyzone, and take That twice. One with Robbie once without.

Blimey......long post alert.

Anyway, four days until we see Robbie. Nine days until we depart for our fortnight abroad. I'm one lucky lucky girl. Feeling healthier by the day.

I'm making THE phone call to W*** tomorrow to see if they want me back, and if they do to arrange a meeting to organise my phased part time return. Wish me luck!!

And now to the dedication. Both Pickle and Moggie have made wonderful dedications relating to our loss of Steve Irwin. I came accross this on my travels and quickly linked it to my Bebo page. Please click on the link, scroll down slightly until the video screen comes into view, and if it doesn't start straight away, press play. Here's the link Whisky's Bebo Site - Including a dedication to Steve Irwin. and enjoy!!!

Anyway time for me to go turn Robbie up on the stereo.....and drool some more.

I hope you are all having a good day.

Hugs, hugs and more hugs for all



Monday, September 11, 2006

Lydia Estelle Bravo

I haven't posted for a few days. Partly because I still have my chest infection. But mainly because a few days ago I read, as always, Holli's blog. and she mentioned something that touched my heart. She added a simple link, I clicked on the link, and was automatically sent into overload. Here is the link 2,996 A Tribute to the victims of September 11th 2001.. Basically, you sign in, add your blogs name and your e mail address, and you are given the name of one of the precious people who perished on this day five years ago.

I did just that, I received my e mail, and I was "given" Lydia Estelle Bravo.

Since that day I haven't blogged. It didn't seem appropriate to whitter on about my trials and tribulations, knowing that I would be dedicating this post to such a special lady. I even regret my last post moaning about how I have a cough! What's that in light of the people we must remember today.

I read whatever I could find about Lydia, about how she loved to cook. How she had not long returned from a well earned holiday. About how she worked as an occupational nurse for Marsh and Mclellan on the 94th floor of the World Trade Center. How her Thanksgiving dinners were always five courses, and lovingly prepared. How she loved her fiance and her children. How people liked her, and how genuinly caring she was. And I realised there was something I had missed.

I re read the information. Lydia Estelle Bravo had only returned to work THAT DAY from her vacation. That hit me hard. If only her transport had been delayed, if only she had had a tummy upset that morning, or a flat tire. If only.

No more if only's. It sadly was meant to be.

I live in the UK. I remember vividly the moment one of the warehouse men came up into our offices and told us what he was hearing on the radio. I remember then that, yes it upset me, but I didn't live in America, I wasn't even sure what the World Trade Centre was! At that point the furthest I had been in my life was the South of France.....America was just a dream to me.

That day five years ago changed my life.

I returned home, and turned on the television. Newscasters were showing terrible things I'm sure you all have your own memories. Hubby returned home, I held him tight and cried. Not for the fear, not for the fact that he had come home. Something inside me changed that day. I realised that our world wasn't all wrapped up in cotton wool as it should be. It wasn't in a safety net of bubble wrap, covered in candy kisses and hearts and balloons. It was vulnerable.

I'll admit. I was overwhelmed. I turned the telelvision off, turned a cd on and tried to wipe out of my mind the suffering that was going on on the other side of the world to me.

The next day I read the papers, I read the stories, and saw the pictures of the missing people. The victims, the victims families.

Whenever there is a programme on relating to 9/11 I watch it. You may remember if you read my blog often that I recently posted about a documentary called the Falling Man. Whatever I watch, whatever I read I cry.

I think of the bravery. The fear, the final phone calls. But most of all I think of the love these people left behind.

Yesterday there was a picture in the paper of all of the children who had been born to widows of the 9/11 victims. It proves that life goes on.

America pulled together like no other country and helped in whatever way they could. Whether it be by helping one person accross the street. Helping ten people out of a burning building. Climbing 90 floors to save lives. Or watching the rescue teams working afterwards.

I think on that day, and the few days after, the whole world had only America in their thoughts and in their hearts. I know I did.

Back to Lydia. Lydia Estelle Bravo, who would have celebrated her eleventh anniversary with her fiance this year. Who was only 50 years old on September the 11th 2001.

Maybe her name says it all?

Lydia Estelle BRAVO

I will always remember you, as I will remember all, anyone affected by the events five years ago.

I hope you are watching over us all now. I hope you, and your family approve of the words here today. Especially for you. You are in my heart today, and always.

Please remember, along with 2,995 others. Lydia Estelle Bravo.



Friday, September 01, 2006

A Rotten Cough Cold!

Sorry I havent been on for nearly a week. Last Friday morning I started with a tickly cough, and things have just gone from bad to worse! I was lucky enough to have a friend stay with me at the weekend.....I'm surprised she could hear me my voice was so squeaky.

A week on and things are still the same. A lovely hacking cough, a voice that is one minute squeaky, the next minute husky, then the next completely inaudible. My back is in agony, due to the coughing. I can't sleep well, when I'm awake I want to sleep!

Oh poor me! Nahhhh I don't do that.

Yes I've had to re arrange a few things, like meeting a friend, and going for dinner at Ma In Law's. But that's mainly so I don't spread my germs! I've still cooked hubby's dinners (since the weekend), but other than that its complete exhaustion.

I'm a fighter.....what's a measly cold to someone like me!! My old saying always comes into practice.......There's always someone worse off than you!!

On the plus side I had one of the best weekends ever, second to our visit to them! As soon as she had left I missed her......and I'm still missing her now, even though since a text to say she had arrived home safely I have heard nothing! But I know C.....as soon as she is ready she will ring or e mail.

2 Weeks till we see Robbie Williams in concert!!!

2 weeks and five days until we depart for two weeks in the sun (hopefully).

Approx 6 weeks until I can return to work.....I really need to pin hubby down and have a major discussion about that. I need him to come to any meetings with me, along with the occupational health Dr who originally assessed me on behalf of work.

If they don't want me back.............then someone else will have to put up with me LOL.

Anyway (cough cough) I'd better go and get another cough sweet.

My love and hugs for all.