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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Working Girl

I've had requests for me to start blogging again! Not that I had stopped, just not had enough time. Well one request LOL. And, it can't be about Jensen Ackles Boooooo!

So much has happened at work. New team members, people's attitudes changing, other people pulling together to try and make it work. It WILL work. We work darned hard, and over the last two weeks I have had three or four instances of people telling me how good I am. That makes me happy. I love my job, but to have customers telling you that there should be more people like me on the sales desk means a lot. To have a "special customer" who I shouldn't deal with ask for me and only me to get their proof of deliveries as he "knows he will get them sorted when I do them" boosts my confidence no end.

I was so worried about returning to work after two and a bit years off. Scared people wouldn't accept me back into the fold. Scared I woldn't be "up" to the job. Well I've proved myself wrong. I'm happy, I love it, yes it's hard work, but I can do it, I am back in the fold, and I'm reaping the benefits from the customer's and from Boss S as well :)

She see's me as reliable, hardworking, flexible, but most of all able to ask if I'm not sure. I won't just quote for 57 thousand pounds worth of pipe without letting soeone know that there is a backlog of four weeks, I will let her know I am trying to get the four weeks down to three, then quote. I put that extra in, then hopefully smile when we get the order :)

Yes, hubby is still working away. I miss him like crazy......except for the fact that all he does at the weekend is tell me to tidy up! Hence being in the kitchen when Sis In Law rang. I cook for myself all week apart from one night, I stay in the house on my own, I work, and when I'm not working I catch up on my sleep, I do the washing up, the washing, and his new rule? I cook at the weekends too now. Then he asks me why I haven't tidied up?! Gggggrrrrr! I'm not and never will be 100% hubby, and you should realise that. I might be known as wonderwoman at work.....but at home I'm plain old Whisky!

There have been things going on in the back ground too. Things I don't want to blog about until I find the answers. I know that family read this, and they know what I mean. Let's just say I worry too.

So......my one request for blogging has been fulfilled, and all because I swapped my days working at work due to holidays. Hopefully Friday I will blog again.....woooohoooo!

**Makes mental note that on Saturday I have something to post***

Love and hugs for now.



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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Me on You Tube

Here's my 1st attempt at a you tube video.

Devoted to Jensen of course.




xxxxClick here for Jensen Ackles - Army of Lovers


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Proof of Tanning!

Hubby and I

This is on the last day of our holiday, which just happened to be hubby's birthday!!

The restaurant we go to most nights look after us sooooo well. Lianne the host is like a 2nd Mum to me :) She takes pictures of all of her visitors and posts them on the grillworld website every evening. If you want to see any more pics of us visit Grillworld click on photo's and check dates in between the 19th May and the 28th to see how our tans were progressing day to day.

Holli asked for proof of tanning, Moggie asked ages ago to see me in my glasses, but no one asked to see hubby in a birthday cake hat!!

15 weeks and 2 days and we will be back in Cala D'or. Eating at Grillworld, and you can check the link daily to see how often we eat there, and if our tans are better over 17 days than 11 ;)

Oh....Holli, I've ordered three pairs of the socks!!! I got some adorable pink crocks on holiday, and decided the socks would work really well with them.....now to get some Jibbetz, the things you pop in the holes.

Anyway, I'd better go catch up on blogs before I start work.....yes I am in 3/4 of an hour early, I always am :)

Love and hugs

Sis In Law, see you later for babysitting duties!!



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