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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Save Me From You Tube!

Please can someone save me! In a little over a month I have made 23 videos! I'm hooked, totally and utterly hooked. Editing, adding sound tracks, mixing and matching clips I simply adore it.

More sad news this week, the gentleman killed in Warrington by the teenage thugs whilst protecting his car. He worked for my company. I knew him, had sat next to him at work functions, had chatted to him both in the office and over the phone, and he was the sweetest man ever.

My thoughts are with his family, he will be sadly missed, but remembered as the happy man he was.

So.....no more you tube until Saturday as tomorrow I am visitin Sis In Law. (Makes mental note to call her tonight at about 9pmish).

See you soon.

Love and hugs



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Monday, August 13, 2007

I forgot to say....

To watch any of the video clips, you need to press both "play" buttons, or forward arrows. The one in the middle of the video clip itself, and the one on the bottom left.

Hope this helps.



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Hazard Supernatural

My newest vid on you tube. Using my favourite all time song with my favourite all time tv show. Please, sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy!

P.s. I'm determined to turn you all into Supernatural addicts! ITV1 Friday's 11pm.




Thursday, August 09, 2007

Journey's End

One of my favourite attempts at video making....please have a look and listen to the amazing song lyrics.




Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dark Angel / Jessica Alba

An amazing video and song featuring Jensen ackles in Dark Angel series 2.

Absolutely perfect!




It All Started When.....

Firstly, happy 2nd blogging birthday to me!

Who would have thought this blog would last for so long with someone who looses patience so easily!

Well.....so much news!

As I mentioned briefly on the previous post my Mum got a new laptop, of course Whisky had to be a copy cat ;)

My old laptop (the workhorse) truly has been put through it's paces. Three years of online chatting sometimes for eight hours at a time, when all I could do way back then was lie on the sofa and chat to what seemed like strangers. So it's roughly three years since I met my Sunray Child.....one of my strongest, and best friends.

Anyway as usual I digress. Poor old work horse has been gradually giving up the ghost, literally, freezing, closing down, turning itself off etc etc etc.....plus taking 10 minutes to start in the first place. (Makes mental note not to download too many programmes onto the new baby laptop)

So I copied my Mum and got a lovely ickle baby waby Dell notebook. Dual core, 120gig etc. Simply beautiful to work on. Turn on, in built wireless card for internet access and 20 seconds later here I am.

I'm now a fully fledged "you tuber" having made, recently, my 17th video! and I'm pleased to be getting comments on them, and making new friends along the way. Of course they are all Supernatural/Jensen Ackles orientated. If anyone fancies having a look, go to you tube, search for whiskyminx and there my baby video's will be.

SLowly I'm being welcomed into the arms of the Supernatural "vidders", and am hoping to book tickets tomorrow to go to the 2008 Asylum/Supernatural convention in Birmingham, with I might add, hubby's permission to meet in person and have my picture taken with Jensen Ackles, as long as it's him that comes.

Work has been exceptional. A few hiccups along the way, feeling like n "in betweener" one minute, then extremely over valued the next. And also......big news here! Being head hunted by my companies main competition within the industry.

The reason I couldn't take the job?! It's in Wales.....plus, my body won't allow me to work a full week and they needed a full timer. How did they hear about me? Apparently a few of my companies customers heard the other company were looking for someone for a similar role to what I do now....and mentioned I was top dog in the field!! How's that for a confidence boost!

Well.....I am an honest person, as anyone who knows me in person will know is true, so what do I do, but print off a copy of the job description and tell my boss all about it. Boss S at first was scared I was going to take the job as it had literally been offered to me on a plate.....but me? No. One thing I hate is being disloyal to employers that I respect, enjoy working for, and have done everything in their power to welcome me back to work after such a tough time in my life. Yes I could have taken a job with a salary increase of 12 grand.....but as someone else said in their own blog this week.....money isn't everything. My health and happiness is much, much more important.

Hubby has still been working away, and is this week on a course which he thought he was doomed to fail. The exam today was to decide if they should complete the rest of the course.....he passed! All he has to do now, is hold his nerve and he will complete the course and have a wonderful certificate to add to his collection.

Life is fine, hunky dory.

I have friends though who aren't so lucky right now. I won't name names. One friend is having a really hard time, but I'm sure if she looks at the Sunrays she will be fine. Another friend has so much to deal with it is untrue, another friend recently discovered they have serious problems with their back, and another friend's hubby has been drafted away, another friend is coping so admirably with all that life is throwing at her right now I admire her so much. A house move away from her family, one of whom is very ill, her own illnesses that increase her frustration but also her determination, and a law suit she so deserves to win.

My heart, love, and thoughts are with all of them. Truly it is. Without my friends I would be nothing.....and yes I include my Sis In Law as a dear, dear friend, even if I don't call her often enough!

So.....the things above put my happiness to shame......I just hope that all goes well, my friends, hopefully, know I am there for them, always. No matter what the time of day or night, no matter what the issue. One e mail, one phone call and Whisky will be there. But most importantly they will always be in my heart.

I may have a new lease of life, hopefully a long lasting one, but while my life gets ever better other people are suffering, whether it's pain, heartache, frustration or sadness.....and that makes me more determined to remain strong. If the can do it, so can I!

For now.....after a long catch up on my blog, I will love and leave you.

I'll be back, and hopefully this time I won't leave it so long!

Love and hugs



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