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Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes Sir I Can Boogee!

Last week was filled with extra days of work, and visiting customers scattered all over the country including Ireland. I drove hire cars, flew on planes, got stuck in trafiic, but most of all, worked hard, and laughed hard.

Now it has all caught up with me, yesterday I managed 14 hours sleep!

I did however go out with SIL, I didn't want to go, but changed my mind and am so glad I did. It was a Salsa evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've tried posting the video's on you tube but it won't let me, some wrong format or something, never mind.

There was five of us, plus another thirty odd people and the instructor. I joined in at the back, got annoyed that I couldn't see the instructors feet, movd to the front, then got too hot and decided to dance on the street outside where it was cooler. I also had more space, never mind the audience of cars driving past, I think it brightened their day!

I was annoyed with hubby when I found out he had only finished work at 10.30pm! And......he may have to work the weekend, planning in a barbecue with J and K.

I am still hooked on Facebook. It is such a good way to stay in touch with people and see how their day to day lives are going. However I have added two friends in Mallorca and that maks me sad :( Seeing their updates and pictures, glorious sunshine, people in the back ground of their photo's on holiday........only 8 weeks to go until we are back!!

Work otherwise seems to be falling apart at the seams in some ways. Thankfully we are really busy, but people are leaving :( Not on our team, no sir, I'm going to glue everyone to their seats, but it does mean going through the process of introducing someone new to he craziness of our office. I did ask if we could have a tall dark handsome man with a six pack, but I was told no drinking was allowed at work :(

Oh well........you may have noticed the link on here to my facebook page for the blog. Feel free to have a look, and of course if you know my name, feel free to add me on facebook. If you don't know my name and would like to know it, ask.......and I might tell :)

Love and hugs



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