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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tales From The Inside

Yesterday's post was mainly catching up briefly, and letting people know that the mad woman had returned home. Today I'm going to tell you some of the more interesting stuff that happened. Well as much as I can remember anyway.

The first thing that really sticks in my mind happened on my first morning on the ward. After an ok night sleepwise the auxilliary nurses piled into the room to do the usual bed changes etc. There were two ladies in burgundy throwing people out of bed, sitting them on their chairs and changing sheets. While they were changing the bed diagonally opposite to me one of them shouted accross, get out of bed, sit on your chair and we can change your sheets. I quietly said, I'm sorry is it ok if I stand as I can't sit, she replied, well if you can't sit we can't change your bed! Having not long woken from slumber I quickly said I beg your pardon! The other nurse winked at me and said it's ok you stand and we'll do it. Welcome to the kind and caring NHS!.

I have to say thought, by the end of my three week stay the nurse in question was making me milky coffee's and calling me by my first name.....I'm not one to hold grudges thankfully.

One of the patients left a lot to be desired as well......I returned to the ward on the SUnday evening, relieved to see teddy still in bed where I had left him. One of the ladies asked if I was teddy's mum and said he had been well behaved, the other just grunted. Oh joy!

Anyway, the lady in question continued to grunt, moan, hog the telly, turn it on and off with her toes, refuse treatment, talk to the doctors and nurses as if they were, well animals, and watch tv until the early hours. I had my op in the afternoon, and that evening at midnight I crwaled out of bed and went and turned the tv off as she had fallen asleep with it on full blast Gggrrrrr.

The next night at about eleven thirty I asked if we could turn it off as I was a bit tired, (it had been on since nine thirty that morning), she grunted, groaned, moved the tv closer to her, but eventually turned it off. I pulled my curtains round and read for twenty minutes with my personal light on, until she shouted accross that I had to turn my light off as she had had to turn the telly off.......the joys of sharing a ward!

Valentines day came, and Mum had bought me a card for hubby. I gave it to him and looked with expectation at his hands, then his pockets.......and realised there was no card :( A couple of times he mentioned it was at home, but I tried not to dwell on it. My hubby, no valentine card for the 1st time in 19 years sob sob sob.

Anyway, boy did I feel guilty when On my return home on the Friday he came into the room carrying a huge carrier bag full of goodies.......and a card. He had written on it, Please let today be your valentines day!!!!! How sweet, and no I didn't blub! Well I did nearly.

Has today been a long blog? methinks I've whittered a little too much!

Anyway, I'll save some stories for another time........there's 3 weeks worth remember. Oh the joys of the NHS.

Love you and leave you for now.



P.S. NN and R............the flowers are beautiful, I have taken some piccies and will give them pride of place on the blog soon. THankyou, they made my day, they made me cry, they made me feel special!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Home, Happy And All Hugged Up!

Finally after three long weeks in the local hospital I am home!!!

They let me out on Friday afternoon, so after catching up and chilling out with hubby and the rugger I'm back online :)

Apparently there was a code red major bed shortage which was why they had problems finding me a bed on the Monday. So I was eventually admitted on the Tuesday to a ward I hadn't been on before. Luckily the staff were lovely, and the ward was nice and clean. After blood tests, sleepless nights and advice from my lovely surgeon I was let out on the Thursday night until the SUnday knowing full well that Monday was THE surgery day.

I went down to theatre and did the usual, as soon as we got the air lock, I went to peices. You would think after 25 plus anaesthetics I would be used to it....but no I cried like a baby.

The anaesthatist was a darling! He even numbed my hand before putting the needle in, gave me the strong stuff that makes you feel as if you've had 10 gin and tonics to calm me down, and held my hand until the time came to put me to sleep. I won't go into detail but I had one BIG stipulation that I must have repeated at least 30 times to him before he sent me off to sleep, and he promised me it would happen........and bless him and Mr R (the surgeon) it did!.

So I woke up releived, but in ermmmmm severe and I mean severe pain. They dosed me up with the maximum amount of morphine and liquid paracetamol and a pca (patient controlled analgesia-morphine) and took me back to the ward.

The next 3 or 4 days are a bit of a blur....but I can remember Lee the Chinese nurse and Nick the male staff nurse treating me like a princess. Also the two young student nurses looked after me, and at the end of the three weeks I was almost sad to leave them :(

I saw the skin docs and they have now given me 2 diseases to chew on as well as the Crohn's. As previously thought although strongly disagreed with by Mr R, Hidradenitis Supputiriva is still rearing it's ugly head. But I also have, and don't panic when you read this Pioderma Gangrenosum. No my leg won't fall off Sis In Law! it stays on the skin only :)

Mr R is sure that the skin docs are just covering themselves and saying I have both. But.....and it's a big but, it looks as if the surgery for now at least has sent it all into remission.

So 3 big wounds now being dressed daily by hubby my number one nurse and I'm one happy bunny.

I need to say some thank you's before I forget!

Mum and Dad for the endless company and food supplies, Navy Wifey for the book supplies and the sweeties :), Clever Crafting Friend for the visits and the choccies and sweeties, they all helped to make the bleak days that little bit brighter!

Mr R of course and ssssshhhhh! I now know when his birthday is bless him. Lee Lee, Suzanne Laura and Nick (swoon) the best nurses in Walsgrave.

N N for the text, I'm sorry I haven't replied yet, and the phone purse...sooooooooo sweet of you, thankyou so much. Thank you as well to you and Laura for keeping and eye on Hubby, I knew there was someone looking out for him at work :)

And SIs In Law.......it's good to have our chats again......go on blame me for leading you astray! I think it you say it! But it makes me laugh cos most of the time we have the same opinion anyway :) and no.......I haven't taken any pictures yet!!!

Holli......it's good to catch up on Holli and Faith world, the pictures are all lovely, and I hope you are better soon. Thank you to you and Stephaine for the comments.....I'm back and fighting fit! well.......nearly LOL.

Hugs for all mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Let the madness commence!!



Thursday, February 02, 2006

Heuston we have a problem!

I won't go into details, but.......due to health deterioration I am being admitted on Tuesday to the local hospital.

Needless to say, lots of needles, anaesthetics, scalpels, surgeons, and sleepless nights are on the menu.

I hope all of you are doing well, and I promise normal service will resume as soon as possible.

For now......you're in my thoughts