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Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Bathday

Ok so my birthday was last week.....but seeing as Monday is one of my days off, and our new snuggly sofa was delivered today I decided to have a pamper bath.

I normally have to be careful as to what I put in my baths, with scars and wounds anything too perfumed is a bit dodgy. I'm ok with natural lavendar, soooo, I splashed out, or should that be bombed out with one of my presents off my Mum.

Holli had given me the idea a while back to try some Lush products. Namely the Henna (caca) rouge bar. When I was younger I was lucky enough to have strawberry blonde hair. It was a ritual once every few months for my Mum, my sister and I to "Henna" my hair. Given the fact it was long enough for me to sit on at the time it was quite a task. Back in those days you could buy pots of henna for hair, you wash your hair, then refill the bath with really hot water. Slap on the henna, comb it through, and sit with hot towels on your head. As soon as one towel cools another was dunked in the steaming hot bath and wrapped round my head. It was bliss and the henna really brought out the red in my hair, and conditioned it like nobody's business.

So......Holli mentions a Henna bar and I'm straight on the Lush website. Should I try it or shouldn't I? Mum then mentioned that there was a Lush shop in our own town and I was gobsmacked!

For my Birthday my Mum gave me a Henna bar!! wooohooo, and......set of three bath bombs.

Anyway today I thought I would give it a go. I ran my piping hot bath, plugged in the cd player (not into the bath d'ohh) with the new Nickleback cd in it, got into the bath and let the S*x bomb do it's work.

Instantly the bath turned a deep marshmallow pink, the bomb fizzed, the smell filled the room and I was enveloped in clouds of pink marshmallow, feather, bubblegum loveliness.

I soaked whilst listening to my music, made sure I rubbed the lovely water all over, and came out smelling absolutely wonderful, and my skin is adorably soft!!

I can't wait to try the other two, and maybe get some more?

My Henna bar is in the fridge, I need to work up the confidence to use it. I have to do a strand test 1st to check my hair will be ok, then I need to decide whether to leave the clingfilm on for four or six hours! Holli? any suggestions lol.

Anyway, out of the bath, and into Clever Crafting Friends gorgeous birthday present for me. A lovely pair of marshmallow pink jim jams (pyjama's) that I just happen to have matching socks for! I'm in a land of pinkness. From feather bubblegum marshmallow baths to a lovely new fresh pink pair of pj's. What more could a girl ask for?

I have to say I was spoilt by everyone for my birthday. I got my drum kit off hubby yeeeehahhhh! And yes I can play!. My pj's from CCF, Navie Wifey got me the cutest ornament doggies :) SA at work gave me a lovely deep pink crysanthemum plant and an adorable pink alien. Mum gave me the Lush goodies, a kilner jar filled with sweets in the shape of a pig and a unique hand made bangle with a heart and an aqaumarine on it. As I say.....spoilt rotten.

I had tonnes of cards, and a few messages on facebook, which I am now addicted to as well.

This Friday I am going to visit College Buddy, and then the Friday after I will take a trip into town and go into the Lush shop. So far on my wish list I have

The Babyface cleanser as recommended by Holli. and, The Snake Oil Scalp Massage bar, I suffer badly with my allergy, and now it's even in my hairline, I can hardly put my cream there can I? also,definately two of the temple balms, probably the dream time and whoosh, and as recently recommended by Holli, a Soft Coer Massage bar. Holli recommends "I put a dab on my chest, wrists and anywhere else I might like fragrance or shine. After that, I just want to eat my own skin. The smell is outrageously good. I DARE you to find something on earth that smells better" Ok, I'm up for the dare, and anything that smells like milk chocolate and honey,honey, cocoa and natural melty butters I'll try.

After all, last years present from CCF was choccy based bath and shower products and they are good enough to eat.

Whew, how many links in one post?

And.....I think I'm finally back on blogging track. Recently my mind has been doing a lot of wandering, it still does, and always will, but not as much. I could only have typed about sadness, and loss, and I didn't want people to read that. Whisky is back in the land of pink fluffiness, there will be some absences. Everyone has sad days, but for now you'll have to put up with me more often :)

Love and hugs


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At Mar 10, 2008, 4:50:00 PM , Anonymous Aly said...

I'm glad to see you back on blogging track - and I love ANYTHING from LUSH!!!
I love the S*x Bomb too.
I'm glad you got spoilt on your birthday, because my darling Whisky love, you deserve it!
I have some links for you if you hit my blog later...


At Mar 17, 2008, 6:24:00 PM , Blogger hollibobolli said...

I can tell you (and I'm sorry if you've already done the henna and I missed it!!) there is no point in doing the henna if you don't leave it on for at least 5 hours... I leave mine on for 8!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your bath bomb!!

I like the flying fox temple balm but they discontinued it.. if you all still have some left over there in store snap it up!!!

At Mar 23, 2008, 2:46:00 PM , Anonymous Aly said...

I read your last post on my blog and honey, I hate to tell you this, but I know the family - and it wasn't faked. There was a second video that showed other stuff going on - and a fourth in which they had a medium paint the ghost's face.
I'll tell you more if you're interested...


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