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Friday, February 08, 2008

February Already???

I simply cannot believe where the time has gone, before we know it another year will be gone.

Sorry for my absence, so much has been going on, and I had so many wonderful gifts for Christmas that my time is spent.....well doing other things.

Here's a brief run down. THE most wonderful hair straighteners, which have cut my hair straightening time in half, improved the straightness of my hair so that it actually looks straight instead of half straightend....and heat up in seconds!

A sat nav for my car. Which of course has had me scouring the web for voices to add to it, so far Michael Caine is the favourite. You have reached your destination, and notta lotta people know that. This has given me the chance to go further afield, ok so I haven't as yet, but I will need to in the future, but more of that later!

Not exactly a Christmas present for me, more of an impulse share present from hubby, we now have a Nintendo WII games console. So everynight as soon as I get home, or every day if I'm not at work, I spend at least an hour playing tennis. At first I would be out of breath and worn out....now I'm nearly up yo pro level and hardly shed a breath! I adore the bowling, and am getting to grips with the baseball.

We have a few games, wii sports, golden compass, the sims castaway, wii play to get an extra remote, desktop driving which I simply cannot do, and High School Musical sing it, complete with microphone and Whisky singing away quite happily, but annoyed that the american actresses in the films have such high voices!

I have also started writing. Not my psychological thriller, murder mystery phorensic supernatural book. But, a childrens novel that I have had in my head since I was about ten years old. My Sis In Law has read the first chapter to Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple and they loved it.....I'm on chapter nine now and WILL finish it soon, then copyright it and start posting to publishers.

As you can see time filled to the brim. I even said to hubby that I was so lucky, with him being away most of the week I have soooo much choice, what to do, play the WII, play with the sat nav, write some more of the novel? The he comes home with my early birthday present!!!

Oh Joy of joys!

I have always worshipped, loved and adored Karen Carpenter. She has been my heroine since I was introduced to her music aged twelve. THE most amazing voice, incredible song writing talent, and she could play the drums. SInce then I managed the singing, although not to her ability, but someone once told me I sounded like a cross between Patsy Cline and Karen Carpenter! But, my reaction was COUNTRY MUSIC Arrrrgh! I should've listened and taken the chance. But hey ho.

Anyway.....back to the birthday present. Hubby led me to the boot of the car where there was the largest box ever. From my view I immediately thought OH NO not another television.....then he lifted it out. A flat screen tv it was NOT!

I am now the proudest owner of my very own drum kit!

And.....the best thing ever, I can play. Ok only a little bit, but it feels "homely" to be sat there sticks in hand tapping out a beat. I am following lessons on you rube, and I can pick them up within half an hour. Someone I was talking to last week said for me to be able to do that I must be anatural.

All I need now is a male who can play the keyboards, and we have a Carpenters Tribute act! Well.....I'd better learn the drums properly first!

So now, time choices, write novel, check blogs, play wii, check e mails, work, eat sleep, play with sat nav, play with Nintendo ds, write novel, read, eat sleep, PLAY WITH DRUM KIT.

Blogging.......I let it slip, sorry.

But I will try and be more proactive.

And that leads me nocely to my promotion at work!

I have been promoted, after being interviewed by my own manager, and have extra responsibilities. I have been given the chance to build a better relationship with the customers, meeting up with them once every three to six months, hence the sat nav will come in handy as they are all over the country! and put my proactivity skills to good use.


So far 2008 is a rockin!

Love n hugs to everyone
and thankyou for still popping by to check on me, and the comments, it means a lot.

Whisky (drummer babe)


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At Feb 14, 2008, 5:05:00 PM , Anonymous Aly said...

I've been checking and checking and checking... And finally!
I'm so proud of you for landing the promotion - good for you, love!!

You WILL be hearing from me.




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