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Friday, March 07, 2008

I've been tagged :)

I think Aly has realised that my blogging days are dwindling and has given me the nudge I need to do a long await post. Thankyou hunny!!

Anyway, when you are tagged in blogworld, you simply have to answer the questions, and not just answer them any old way, you have to be honest, so here goes.......

The rules of this tag:
A: The rules are posted at the beginning
B: Answer the questions about yourself
C: Tag people, let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?

Ten years ago I was 27, and I believe was working at my last job. I think at that point I was reasonably healthy and was loving the job until things changed. I had had my ileostomy by then, and I think it's about this time that the dreaded abscesses started rearing their heads. This would lead to a five month stay in the hospital......oh the joys. BUT....at this job I made two very important and precious friends. In no order, Clever Crafting Friend, and Navy Wifie.

Snacks I enjoy:

I simply adore Tesco's own cheese twists. Biscuits that are cheesy but not over so, and are easy to eat whilst reading a book.

I also permanently have sweets and chocolates in the house. For my birthday my Mum gave me a huuuuge glass jar in the shape of a pig, this is filled with sweets from my past, and present. Jelly beans, flying saucers, cola bottles, banana's, jelly snakes, fried eggs, an all the goodies I love.

Five things on my to-do list today:

Visit Clever Crafting Friend :)

Have a bath, possible with one of the Lush bath bombs my Mum got me for my birthday!

Sit up and wait for hubby, he has been in Portugal all week for work, so no, he wasn't here for my birthday :(

Play on the Nintendo Wii. I'm still absolutely addicted to tennis, I have made three of my Mii's (individual characters you make and dress yourself) professionals now, and I can even play sitting down. Who needs to stand up and expend valuable energy!
Copy the new Nickleback cd for SIL and one of my colleagues at work.....it's a brill cd!!

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:

I would pay off all of my friends and families mortgages, yes I stole this idea off Navy Wifie, I would give money to local charities, I would buy a second home in the town we love in Mallorca. I would buy myself one of the new Aston Martins as seen in the new James Bond adverts, and whatever car hubby wants. I would have a loft extension built. I would set up a trust fund for Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple. The rest, I would let the interest build up, and have direct debits coming out regularly for the charities.

3 bad habits:

I have a base metal allergy on my skin....and I tend to overdo it with the cream. So much so that when a friend came to visit me on Monday night I looked as if a meringue had exploded all over my chin!

I can get snappy when things get noisy. I hate unnecessary noise! If I am watching a tv programme and hubby is putting the washing up away with the door open I go mental! When I am at work, if people are talking across me whilst I am on the phone I'm sure I turn into the incredible hulk, either that or the look I give them insinuates murder and they are quiet LOL

I have to stick to my routines. I don't start work until 8.45 am, so why do I get there at 7.40am? I HAVE to get up, have my toast, then my milky coffee and go on the internet on my days off work. If this routine is disturbed, even by my toast burning I feel out of kilter all day!

5 places I have lived:

I have always lived in the area that I live in now....but I was lucky enough to be brought up in pub's and have therefore lived in some truly amazing places. One pub,I spent my young childhood, and met my 1st ghost Charlie. Him and I would sit in the cellar talking for ages. My Dad would come down to look for me, and there I would be, sat on a pile of four barells.....now how does a five year old get that high? Charlie helped me. He also saved me on the cellar steps. I followed Dad down and he told me to avoid the one step that was due to be repaired. I didn't and felt a hand move my foot to the next step down. I asked Dad if it was him......he was right at the other side of the cellar no where near me.

Another pub had a not so nice ghost. She had died tragically whist on the phone. You could feel her walk in the room and it went ice cold. Her father still worked at the pub as the gardener, and every year he would put random flower bulbs in the rockery. I watched him! A bag of mixed bulbs, mixed flowers, mixed colours and e threw them in and covered them in soil. SO how, every year on the anniversary of her death, did they come up in color order spelling her name?

I think my favourite place was the pub I met hubby in. He was a barman, and I didn't even acknowledge him for a year. I was "in lurrrrve" with my teenage blonde hunk, then found out he was cheating one me. he next night, hubby before he was hubby, talked me through it, he helped me cry, and told me I would be fine. Within 3 weeks we were seeing each other and I have never looked back. I have since found out from his Mum, that as soon as he began working at the pub he fancied me! He watched me from a distance, going out with a excuse the language, "jerk".....and we ended up together. Rebound? No way.

I think that's enough, believe me my childhood homes we amazing....I could talk all day!

Things people don’t know about me:

I have always known that even though I have my life time disease and all that it throws at me, endless operations and scars, pain and annoyance, I have always known it is for a reason. I don't know what reason, but I know this and that is what keeps me going.

I AM going to write a book or two. I have nearly finished my children's novel I will print it off and start sending it to publishers. It has a sequel, but that will be written after I have written my adult novel. I don't mean adult x rated d'ohh. I mean adult reading as in psychological thriller, murder, mystery and maybe a little supernatural thrown in for good measure.

I adore rock music. People assume I am a pop lover, take that, boyzone, etc and yes I do like all music. My all time heroine is Karen Carpenter....but I also love Nickleback, Creed, and anything that isn't too heavy a rock sound. Evanescence, Within Temptation, music that means something and tells a story.

I tag:
Gert Lush

I still check your blog often, and haven't forgotten about you :)

I hope you enjoyed my deliving into myself. Sounds a bit odd lol.

Anyway, that was one looooong post :)

Love and hugs



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At Mar 9, 2008, 3:34:00 AM , Anonymous Aly said...

Hi sweet love!!!
I'm so excited to see this new post from you - and the meme from my blog, no less!
I'm excited to tell you that I have my own brand spankin' new laptop (literally just brought it home!!), and will be talking with you quite a lot...
Much love!


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