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Monday, April 28, 2008

Water day!


Update so far, more Lush products have been tested both by myself and by Mum. So the newest ratings are...

Honey Bee bath ballistic gets a 2 out of 10. Tested by Mum. This smelt lovely in the bathroom for a few days, so much so that Mum put off using it to keep the scent. She finally gave in, ran a bath, dropped in the bath and got in and went.....eeeeewwwwww!

It should be called Honey I Pee'd in the bath! The water turned a yellow colour, the smell disappeared, and Mum thought if she had an accident and had to call an ambulance they would think she had been in the bath all day peeing!!

Then I tried Butterball bath ballistic. I expected to get what it said on the web. A lovely soft moisturising bath with coconut butter. What I got was the effect of margarine floating on the surface of the water, a smell of nothing, lovely soft skin, and a lovely ring of grease all around the bath. I give this a 3 out of 10.

As recommended by Holli, I bought the Flying Fox Temple Balm. At 1st I was surprised how small the tin was, but seeing as Holli had told me it was discontinued in the states I got some anyway.

The next day, no perfume which is a rarity for me! I dabbed some of the balm on my wrists, behind my ears and in the pulse point of my elbows. I was transformed! I became full of the joys of spring, and.....everyone said I smelled lovely. I love it and give it a 9 out of 10. Holli, I asked in the shop and they said they haven't heard of it being stopped in the UK....so if you need some sending over when yours runs out let me know!

Lush review over until the next usage takes place.

Hubby went on an impulse and booked us a long weekend in Cala D'or. We flew on Thursday lunchtime, and flew back Sunday tea time. Well, we arrived to glorious sunshine, were told that the previous few days it had rained, and on the day we were due to leave it clouded over again. We are both sunburnt, but loved every minute of it.

We found a tiny cove really high up from the sea, we popped to have a look and found well over fourty jelly fish. We were amazed, not only to see them, but also because they were purple! We watched them for ages. I was slightly sozzled after having a Majorca sized gin and tonic, hubby kept his eye on me as I went from one edge of the twenty foot drop to the other. But I sobered up whilst watching the jelly fish dance, eat, and poop.!

The next two nights we were treated to a wonderful display from the local bats. Amazing to watch them swoop and soar by the streetlights to catch their food.

Of course we saw Lianne at Grillworld, and were treated like long lost friends. We crept up on her as she wasn't expecting to see us until June, and the look on her face was a picture.

Now to today. And believe me I'm itching with adrenaline.

We have had a leak in the house, and our plumber was booked to come and fix it today. He arrived, disappeared outside with hubby, and the next thing I know the doorbell rings. The next door neighbour was asking why she hadn't been pre warned. I told her even I didn't know the water was going off straight away!

Then it was "While we are on the subject your husband drilled through our wall two years ago!" Huh? Hubby has been decorating the upstairs bedroom for four years, it must have been a really long drill bit to go all the way down the stairs along the length of the house to their kitchen.

My brain kicked into jack russel mode. "If you want while we are on the subjects here goes.......how about cleaning up the dog mess in your garden once in a while, out garden stinks".

Reply "I do it every week"

Me "You do it once a week when your dog fouls at least twice a day, thats fourteen poops right next to our garden fence and it stinks!"

Me "While we are on the subject, do you not know how to close a door properly? You have two front doors that you constantly slam, I have come home from work to find books fallen out of my bookcase with the force of the slamming!"

Reply "We don't slam doors"

Me "We are fed up with the noise, if it's not the doors it you screaming at each other stomping up the stairs and slamming doors, how about a bit of peace and quiet".

Reply, hand goes to mouth, starts looking downwards with tears in her eyes. "I didn't realise, why didn't you say something?"

Me "Because I didn't want a confrontation like this, I don't want us to fall out!.....Do you hear anything from us?"

Reply still looking at the floor "No why?

Me Because I have a drum kit in there that I play as loudly as I can, but stop at 6pm for the sake of your children"

Reply. "I........never knew!"

Me "Exactly, we think of our neighbours"

Reply "I'm so sorry if I have offended you, I didn't mean to fall out with you, I'm so sorry and will make more of an effort".

Me "I didn't want to fall out with you either, but at least we can get things sorted" Meanwhile the plumber has turned the water back on and is probably thinking I am insane!

Reply "I'll go and fill some containers of water.....I'm so sorry if I offended you and I will make more of an effort"

Me "Thankyou"

I then shoot outside to smoke a much needed cigarette as I am shaking with anger.

Hubby comes outside to check I am ok, I tell him, then let him know we can probably expect round two when her hubby get's home and she tells him what I said.

At least it is out in the open now. We can try and resolve things instead of me always wanting to ring the council and get them into trouble.

There was the mention that we didn't have children and couldn't appreciate the noise. I didn't bite, just said we have neices and nephews and fully understand the noise kids can make. I didn't tell her that the kids weren't responsible for the dog poop, the slamming doors or the late night arguements with foul language.

Finally I've had the arguement I've been waiting for, I stayed calm, having planned over and over in my head what I would say should this day happen. I stuck to my script, I was honest......I did good.

Fingers crossed that there is no round two, fingers crossed if there is that hubby ISN'T home, and he will not be as polite as I am. I can out talk anyone, I have a quick sharp tongue without stooping so low. I can dis arm people with a few words. Hubby isn't so tactful, if he turns white.......run!!!!

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Tomorow it's back to work and I'm looking forward to it :)

Mum is having her new bathroom fitted this week. We went two weeks ago to a place that Clever Crafting Friend recommended, she chose what she wanted, they had a cancellation and it will almost be finished in time for her birthday on Thursday :)

For now......keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!




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At May 5, 2008, 8:50:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whisky love! I"ll have a new protected post up soon. I'll e-mail you password.



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