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Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a Baby Faced Guitar Hero!

Still on the topic of Lush products, I asked my Mum to get me theBaby Face cleansig bar and the Soft Coer massage bar as recommended by Holli.

I read the reviews on both products, and decided on my own method of using the Baby Face bar. Run a sink of hot water, rinse your face so it is damp, dry hands! Massage Bay Face bar all over face (with dry hands so they don't get sticky, and use up more of the bar than is necessary!) put bar down. Massage face and rub in the cleanser. Put a face flannel into the sink and use it to wipe of cleanser thoroughly. It removes make up and mascara so quickly and thoroughly it is amazing! I then dry my hands, and gently quickly massage face again with the cleanser, and lightly wipe it off with the flannel. This ensures your skin isn't over clogged, but is left with the residue of the bar to work it's moisturising magic.

I have always suffered with my skin allergy on my face. One single tiny spot soon becomes a three month home for my allergy. It takes forever to clear it using my cream, and my cream is steroid based which isn't good to use too often. Never ending circle of allergy, cream, allergy cream, until it decides to move elsewhere on my face.

BUT.......within three days of using the cleanser my Mum noticed a difference! and within a week....all signs of my allergy has gone! Now that's what I call magic.

People at work have commented on how pretty I look now that I am wearing make up, and it's all down to this tiny bar of cleanser. I can confidently wear make up to work, knowing that a, it wont affect my allergy, and b, I can remove it simply and thoroughly without having to rub my face raw with baby wipes!

I give this product a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't recommend Lush's way of using it though. Cotton wool pads would simply stick to the bar, and then stick to your face.

On to the Soft Coer massage bar, and no this isn't X rated!

Holli recomended using it like a perfume,most importantly keep the bag it comes in! I slide it to the botom of the bag, hold the bag around it to use it. It is designed to completely melt in the hands and this stops that from happening. Anyway, I rub a little bit behind my ears, in the pulse point on my inner elbow/arm, down to my wrists, and behinf my knee's.

It smells heavenly, and people at work have been asking me what my new perfume is as it smells gorgeous!

Thank you Holli!, and I hope you don't think I am copying you too much. It's just knowing that these products are completely natural with no chemicals, and hearing such good reports from you, I simply had to try them.

I also used another of my birthday bath bombs.
The Haagen Bath bomb I have to say it took well over fifteen minutes to fully disolve! The water was filled with a raspbery ripple effect cream on the top, and was scented with mint chocolate. My skin was smooth ans silky afterwards, but I didn't smell as wonderful as after the S*x Bomb. I'd give that one a 10/10 and the Haagen bath a 7/10. Mainly because of the disolve time. I would recomend puting it in the bath when it is a third run. NOT when it is completely run and at your desired temperature.

Anyway, I still have the Champagne Supernova to go, and Mum and I are going into town on Monday to visit the store.

I have made a list, and I will try my best to stick to it. I have on the list five more bath bombs. A flying fox temple balm (again recommended by Holli), and a dream time temple balm, and a bath bar soap.

I will let you know if I buy anthing else, which I'm sure I will :)

Hubby came home last weekend with a joint "easter egg" for us. Eggsept it wasn't an easter egg, it was guitar hero 111 for the Nintedo Wii.

Ok so seven hours later I had a sore hand, and was seeing dots before my eyes but it is THE best game ever. I am totally addicted. Simply adore the fact you actually hold a guitar, and have now completed the easy level with three bands!

Last night I managed to complete one song on the next level but boy is it hard!

I give this game a 10/10 both for playability and addictiveness.

I'm off to check my regular web sites.....see you soon!

Love n hugs



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At Mar 29, 2008, 11:16:00 PM , Anonymous Aly said...

My dear dear friend - I LOVE GUITAR HERO!!!! *Wields imaginary guitar apparatus* I'm really good at "Carry On My Wayward Son -" and not much else!!

And that facial bar sounds fabulous - I wish there was a Lush in my town!!!!!!


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