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Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Was Wrong........

Ok, I'll publicly admit I was wrong, and it's a long time coming.

I've always prided myself in my accuracy when judging people upon meeting them, and up until now have always been right.

Remember a few months ago I posted about the new person at work who I took an instant dislike to? The person who was very outspoken, enough for my jaw to drop and for me for once to be lost for words......well my opinion has changed.

At work we have had a few "girly" nights out. For people's birthday's, leaving party's, and once (th 1st time) just for the sake of eating together outside of work, and playing a really silly truth or dare game.

On that night I saw different sides to many different people. It's always good to see someone outside of work, relaxed, happy and at ease. This is how I saw S for the 1st time. Bubbly, funny but most of all caring.

That caring streak stretched so far over the last few weeks. As soon as we are both in at work, me an hour early her half an hour early, we talk non stop. About anything and everything including and excluding work. We get on! We share the same opinions, the same music tastes and most of all, we both care.

On our second evening out we sat together briefly whilst other people were swapping chit chat. I was up front with her and told her how I initially felt about her, and I apologised for it. She admitted she knew I didn't like her, and was wary of me.....we both laughed, admitted we had well and truly broken the ice, and were glad we had been honest with each other. I am proud to say, and hopefully right in saying, that not only are we work colleagues, we are friends.

The day after we lost my Dad, hubby and I visited work, to collect my flask as it would start to smell the office out being full of milk, and to check on my bereavement leave. Whilst talking to Boss S, hubby was asked by S for our address as "they" wanted to send us some flowers. Hubby gave her the address, but didn't tell me.

That evening one of our neghbours brought over the hugest bouquest of pink and purple flowers I have ever seen.....not from "them?" he said when he read the label. Just from S. Yes I cried, even though she herself has troubles of her own, she had thought of me, remembered I adore pink and purple, and sent the flowers herself. That's how much she cares.

So, I plant another seed amongst my garden of friends. Friends going back 20 years to friends made only recently, they all mean the same to me. All of them have been there for me, and I mean all of them. From cards to flowers, e mails to adorable piggy ornaments, all there, all caring.

I was wrong.

What this world needs is more people who care!

Love n hugs




Friday, October 12, 2007


I'm back. After two weeks in sunny Mallorca our usual holiday haunt, I now don't feel as if we've been away.

On our arrival we found we HAD been allocated the apartment we had viewed in May, the one with the terrace big enough to have a party of thirty people or more.....overlooking the entertainment and the pool, and we immediately felt at home.

On our walk out that first evening heading towards our favourite restaurant I raised a question to hubby. Would the holiday erase the memories of the previous 4 weeks? He answered simply, nothing will erase the memories, but you need to relax now more than ever.

I did, I tried and I did.

I picked up a book as we checked in. One of the only books that caught my attention. Prescribed Danger. I love medical thrillers and this one looked as if it was right down my street. I read it in three days, and there were three "memories" in it. A Dr's name, a condition, and one of the instances of the crime. I'm sure if I re read it now I would miss them, simply glide over the words and they would just be what they were, words. But at the time they caught my breath.

The book finished I went on the hunt for another. There was a small cafe that offered a book library facility. Looking along the rows of books only one caught my eye. A hardback but paperback. The sort they sell at airports for travellers. I paid my 5 euro's deposit, telling hubby we would get it back whe I returned the book.....I never got it back, I never returned the book.

It was the author's 2nd book. It had me gripped from the start, I even had to read the end of the first chapter twice as I was unsure had read it right.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book, refreshing, full of new ideas, and based on some of my all time favourite things, a solid main character, murder, mystery and tarot cards.

One night as I put the book down I noticed something. It was a 1st edition, only printed in August 2007, and in the first pages, and on the rear of the book it stated it was an unedited proof copy. It was then that I decided it would be brought home safely in m hand luggage.

Mum has it now, and I hope she enjoys it as much as I did.

I enjoyed it so much that not only have I ordered the author's 1st book, but I have found his blog, and e mailed him to show my appreciation. He sent me lovely reply back, he took the time to do that and that meant the world to me.

Anyway, work has been the usual. Busy with lot's going on. Internal politics, arguements and the suchlike. I just go there to do my job, enjoy the company, and along the way have a laugh. I'm trying to steer clear of the whispers and back stabbing, I don't want any part of it.

Oh....there's an addition to my body as well, a simple tattoo. Maybe one day I'll show you. Hubby also had one, a large tribal tattoo from his shoulder to his elbow and I love it.

So....would the holiday erase the memory of the previus four weeks.......

Hugs and love



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