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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Redecoration Yet Again and introducing Liam Live

I was annoyed with the previous lay out, I couldn't control the size of the picture I wanted, and I couldn't link directly to new posts, so I'm back to the old pink blog template. At least I know how to work this one!

Our holiday to Mallorca was wonderful. Ten days, nearly all of them sunshine fuelled. We met our friends there, we had booked for the same place and the same time and didn't realise until a couple of months before we went. It was nice to meet up with them have a few drinks, watch the entertainment, and take them on trips. They loved Palma, but then again who wouldn't!

It's such a beautiful old city. One minute a maze of tiny streets with buildings reaching for the heavens, the next a shopping street, the next a cathedral, probably the most beautiful one I have seen.

What was my favourite part of the holiday? Well definitely not the 2 am alarm call on the flight out. Maybe seeing Lianne at Grillworld again :), maybe getting the apartment we had in September with the huuuuge balcony? Maybe lazing around sunbathing and reading books? No.

It was this Liam Live Turn your speakers up when you click on the link!!

We had seen him last year as a Robbie Williams tribute act, and had spoken to him briefly. This year we took J and K to watch him, while they were sat down hubby and I spoke to Liam. He is a lovely man, willing to talk even though he has work to do. He has recently got married and expecting an addition to his family. Last year we bought two of his albums, and I told him they had not been out of my car since then, he was really pleased, and even mentioned it during his show!

He has a new album out, he explained he had had a hard winter, and had used the time to write some amazing songs. He sang two of them during the show, the title track to his new album Ice, and his new single Amazing. Amazing is.......well amazing! It is currently being aired on radio in Germany, South Africa, France, Spain and America, and will be on Radio 1 and 2 in the UK next month. I urge anyone to either go out and buy the single when it is released or download them from his site. He is the future of music. He is a truly talented man and I don't often heap praise on singers.

The Robbie part of the show is excellent, he carries off his moves and mannerisms better than Robbie himself with the trademark spins well and truly awesome. But....vocally he wipes the floor with Robbie, and you guys know to me Robbie is the top man!

Liam sings from the heart, just because it may be a small venue he doesn't skimp on vocal power and physical energy. he more feedback the audience give him the more he sucks it in and uses it as his force to perform. The audience is the electricity and Liam is the power.

I cannot praise his songwriting skills enough. I have listened to the new Album and cannot fault one song. The songs have meaning, and that is one thing I am passionate about. He wears his heart is on his sleeve when he sings Amazing and Too Late. He vocally surpasses anything I have heard, and to hear him live.......I had goosebumps. Occasionally he would glance at hubby and I, both on the 1st week and the second week. To me it was worth 1000 glances from Robbie, this man deserves to make it big, he deserves recognition, he deserves to be top of the charts!

After both weeks he thanked us for our support, he asked us our opinion of the show, our answer was always "Brilliant!". We bought his album on the 1st wek, and he very kindly gave us a new "launch" copy on the 2nd week. My only wish, is that he lived nearer to Cala D'or so he didn't have to pack up his equipment and drive the long drive home. I would love to talk to this man, ask him where he gets his inspiration from, how he builds the stamina to do nine shows, yes nine shows a week! To ask him never to change from who he is. Not to let fame overtake him and change him as a person. I hope, I pray, that Liam makes it. I have never met anyone so deserving, and I would love to one day be fighting to buy tickets to one of his sell out shows.

His album launch was Monday. His special guest? Cliff Richard. I can only hope he was well received, that the album and single will soon be hitting it big in the Uk and world wide. I hope he stays who he is, an extremely talented grounded handsome man. I hope he simply stays Liam Live.

Having just done a search on you tube I have found Liam singing his new single Amazing, so, turn up your speakers, listen to his voice and.......enjoy!!

Laim Live - Amazing

Roll on September when we can watch him for three shows!

Love and hugs



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