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Friday, September 05, 2008

Really Writing!

Yes I kept to my New Years Resolution. I began writing a children's story which one day I may finish. The initial responses from chosen readers were positive. PC breaks down, brother in law kindly repairs it......and I completely lost the flow.

So, I had a fresh idea, not for a childrens book, I think I was trying to take the easy option with that, but for an adult novel. No, I don't mean a triple x rated love and lust story, I mean the kind of book that I would like to read. A thriller, a murder mystery, possibly with a bit of supernatural horror thrown in.

This idea hit me, and I literally mean hit me one night and it blossomed. It imposed itself as a question. Could what I was thinking really happen? So I went on the long road of research, using the internet of course, and loop de loop! yes, it could happen.

So my story began. All I had in my head was the idea for the end. Normally I would sit and think, and think, and think, trying to start at the beginning, work everything in and finally get to the end. Those efforts in the past have stopped with the thinking!

So, fingers poised, I picked the name for he leading lady, began typing, and for once it flowed. The story appears to be writing itself within my head and I'm not sure if that is a good sign or not. I'll be writing away on the current chapter, and another idea will come into my head, one that is a perfect link, a perfect clue for further on in the book. It's almost like an umbrella effect. I started with the handle, then one spoke appeared, then another, finally all the spokes will be there and eventually the waterproof cover will mesh itself together to complete the effect.

Hopefully the waterproof cover will be the end of the book. Then all I need to do is keep opening and closing the umbrella, in the form of sending copied to publishers. Maybe the umbrella will finally be used in the rain! Meaning it may be published.

I still have so much research to do. I need to get back in touch with an old police friend, or anyone know a police person willing to help a budding writer with her research? I need to study a little more on forensics, molecular biology, the processing of DNA.........amongst other things that would give the game away, and that I have already studied a little of, and no it's not psychology or Spanish!

So.........wish me luck. And please, please, please don't let my "backspace" key fall off like it did last weekend in the middle of writing! Hoe can you write a novel with no back space ke ?! Hubby to the rescue, and believe me those things on a Dell are hard to put back on, blinking fandangled contraption took him an hour to do bless him. He will get an acknowledgement in the book. My backspace repairer extrordinair.

Oh.....writing will take a back seat in a week, while we are sunning ouselves (hopefully) in Majorca for just over 2 weeks. But I will be taking notepad and pen to jot down any ideas that pop into my head over a gin and tonic :)

Bye for now

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