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Friday, July 29, 2005

2nd Blog

Well....Tuesday continued to get better and better!

A good friend rang me in the evening, and we had a mega chat.....one of those chat's where you have a real belly laugh, and only good friends can make me do that!

Still wracking my brains thinking of wedding idea's for her....want it to be the best, and I know it will be.

Hubby has agreed, that as well as going to a well known seaside town to visit friends, we can also have a week in Cornwall with my Mum and Dad. They deserve a break after twelve months of running round after me :)

Didn't sleep at all on Tuesday night, but the visit to Dr Loft went brilliantly!

He was thorough, nice and most importantly seems to think that when he see's me next in 3 months I should be a lot better. I was hoping for one course of the treatment, but can have four......and if it works well I can have a top up every other month!!!

My navy-wife friend came for a visit in the afternoon, and yet again I had a good chuckle.

Mr Roberts's visit went well too. He wanted to see me in 3 weeks, but had forgotten he has a fortnight's annual leave, so a 5 week break for him from me LOL.

Anyway, that's me caught up.......waiting anxiously for the quiz tonight! I have to beat Yin :)

Love n Hugs and catch up soon

Oh......forgot to say, I'm on the 4th square of my blanket (knitting) already.....woooohooo!



Wednesday, July 27, 2005

1st Day Nerves


Here I am on day 1 of blogging, now what?

Had quite a fruitful day really. Chatted to Adam on Pal, and posted on The Coast.com. Looks like Pete and Chelle will be back online Yay!!!

Managed to work up the courage to do a search for Hidradenitis, (not hrdreadalitis as i first thought).

It wasn't too scary, although some of the pictures I have found are a bit "raw". I signed up for the MSN group and let them know about Pal. They are looking for a chatroom, so maybe I can get to meet some more people and swap tales of pain.......

I mooched on Peag's site as well, found Sugs's diary and that's how I ended up here. I'll have to remember to post the link on as many things as I can to get some readers lol

I really need to get my positive head on! Feel crappy, tired, moody almost as if I've got permanent PMT!! HELP!!!!

Managed to get up to 28 pages on my book...woooohoooo!! I'll get a best seller yet.

I think that's enough for a 1st blog don't you?

Oh one more thing......knitting needles and wool on the way from my ma! Square blanket here I come...if I can remember how to cast off.PMSL

Oh well....hope I haven't bored you too much (if anyone ever reads it)

Love n hugs


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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