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Friday, May 23, 2008

There's a 1st Time For Everything!

Last August, I was one of 1200 people who booked a ticket to the Asylum 08 convention. It is a fan convention for people who watch, love, and adore the American tv show that is Supernatural. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I love the show, the writing, the storylines. It cleverly combines drama, folkelore, monsters such as vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts and suchlike, along with a slight comedic touch. It tells the story of two brothers who are "Hunters", they treck accross america saving innocent people from said monsters, whilst continuing their backstory of who killed their mother, one of their girlfriends, their father, and also holds a contract for one of teir souls, I could go on but....

The whole point of this is that this experience would be new to me. I was going with a friend, but that changed at the last minute, so, not only was I in completely new territory, but I was alone!

Anyway, hubby refused to take the ticket, and I completely understood, he hates American shows, and he wouldn't have known Sam from Dean, or indeed a Wendigo from a trickster, (I can tell immeditely!).

So off I went to register, alone and nervous. I arrived early, sat on a chair and watched in awe as most of the 1200 people milled around the hotel. I sat their and it dawned on me that ALL of the people that were there had one thing in common, The Show.

I worked up the courage to speak to the girl sat next to me. It was the best thing I did, she took me under her wing, showed me the ropes, told me not to join random queus just becuase it was a queue, and looked after me all weekend.

Thank you Emily!

After registering and getting my "pack" on the friday, I was raring to go on the Saturday. After all I was going to get autographs from 8 cast members! But it was oh so much more than that. Queuing for hours was worth every second when you got to the cast member at the front. They ALL took the time to speak to you, ask you questions, and show that they were enjoying the weekend as much as we were. My favourite was Jim Beaver who plays Bobby a surrogate father to the brothers. We all had to put our names on a post it note so that the person knew who to sign for. And Sis In Law will love this! I get to hm he says hello and says my name and winks at me. He knew what my name was short for, and he knew that I didn't like being called my full name as it felt as if I was being told off! He signed my autograph and gave me another wink as I turned away.

So autographs collected on the saturday, and yes I managed to ask one of the wierdest questions to two of the cast members.

Me: I hope I don't offed anyone with this question, but we (meaning the 1200 people in the room) Have all seen the out takes from the show and I wondered if you had been in the vicinity when Jensen or Jared (the leading men) have broken wind?

The 1200 people broke into fits of laughter, and I held my face in my hands......but, this is the response caught on video, you can just hear me asking if I should go home, and saying thankyou at the end.

Sterling and Jim's response to my question.

If you read the review of the convention onf the supernatural tv website she actually mentions my question!!

Sunday was spent watching all of the cast talks from the 3rd row wooohoooo! It was so interesting to hear the tricks of the tv trade, and their own experiences whilst filming the show. Along with their personal opinions of things.

In closure I loved every minute of it. I have since watched the episode finale and can really appreciate how well the people act, considering I have now met some of them!

Thankyou Emily, if it wasn't for you I would have been a lost soul.

And Sis In Law, geeks rule! Pfffft.

Hugs and love



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