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Friday, September 05, 2008

Really Writing!

Yes I kept to my New Years Resolution. I began writing a children's story which one day I may finish. The initial responses from chosen readers were positive. PC breaks down, brother in law kindly repairs it......and I completely lost the flow.

So, I had a fresh idea, not for a childrens book, I think I was trying to take the easy option with that, but for an adult novel. No, I don't mean a triple x rated love and lust story, I mean the kind of book that I would like to read. A thriller, a murder mystery, possibly with a bit of supernatural horror thrown in.

This idea hit me, and I literally mean hit me one night and it blossomed. It imposed itself as a question. Could what I was thinking really happen? So I went on the long road of research, using the internet of course, and loop de loop! yes, it could happen.

So my story began. All I had in my head was the idea for the end. Normally I would sit and think, and think, and think, trying to start at the beginning, work everything in and finally get to the end. Those efforts in the past have stopped with the thinking!

So, fingers poised, I picked the name for he leading lady, began typing, and for once it flowed. The story appears to be writing itself within my head and I'm not sure if that is a good sign or not. I'll be writing away on the current chapter, and another idea will come into my head, one that is a perfect link, a perfect clue for further on in the book. It's almost like an umbrella effect. I started with the handle, then one spoke appeared, then another, finally all the spokes will be there and eventually the waterproof cover will mesh itself together to complete the effect.

Hopefully the waterproof cover will be the end of the book. Then all I need to do is keep opening and closing the umbrella, in the form of sending copied to publishers. Maybe the umbrella will finally be used in the rain! Meaning it may be published.

I still have so much research to do. I need to get back in touch with an old police friend, or anyone know a police person willing to help a budding writer with her research? I need to study a little more on forensics, molecular biology, the processing of DNA.........amongst other things that would give the game away, and that I have already studied a little of, and no it's not psychology or Spanish!

So.........wish me luck. And please, please, please don't let my "backspace" key fall off like it did last weekend in the middle of writing! Hoe can you write a novel with no back space ke ?! Hubby to the rescue, and believe me those things on a Dell are hard to put back on, blinking fandangled contraption took him an hour to do bless him. He will get an acknowledgement in the book. My backspace repairer extrordinair.

Oh.....writing will take a back seat in a week, while we are sunning ouselves (hopefully) in Majorca for just over 2 weeks. But I will be taking notepad and pen to jot down any ideas that pop into my head over a gin and tonic :)

Bye for now

Asta La Vista



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Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes Sir I Can Boogee!

Last week was filled with extra days of work, and visiting customers scattered all over the country including Ireland. I drove hire cars, flew on planes, got stuck in trafiic, but most of all, worked hard, and laughed hard.

Now it has all caught up with me, yesterday I managed 14 hours sleep!

I did however go out with SIL, I didn't want to go, but changed my mind and am so glad I did. It was a Salsa evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I've tried posting the video's on you tube but it won't let me, some wrong format or something, never mind.

There was five of us, plus another thirty odd people and the instructor. I joined in at the back, got annoyed that I couldn't see the instructors feet, movd to the front, then got too hot and decided to dance on the street outside where it was cooler. I also had more space, never mind the audience of cars driving past, I think it brightened their day!

I was annoyed with hubby when I found out he had only finished work at 10.30pm! And......he may have to work the weekend, planning in a barbecue with J and K.

I am still hooked on Facebook. It is such a good way to stay in touch with people and see how their day to day lives are going. However I have added two friends in Mallorca and that maks me sad :( Seeing their updates and pictures, glorious sunshine, people in the back ground of their photo's on holiday........only 8 weeks to go until we are back!!

Work otherwise seems to be falling apart at the seams in some ways. Thankfully we are really busy, but people are leaving :( Not on our team, no sir, I'm going to glue everyone to their seats, but it does mean going through the process of introducing someone new to he craziness of our office. I did ask if we could have a tall dark handsome man with a six pack, but I was told no drinking was allowed at work :(

Oh well........you may have noticed the link on here to my facebook page for the blog. Feel free to have a look, and of course if you know my name, feel free to add me on facebook. If you don't know my name and would like to know it, ask.......and I might tell :)

Love and hugs



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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blog Redecoration Yet Again and introducing Liam Live

I was annoyed with the previous lay out, I couldn't control the size of the picture I wanted, and I couldn't link directly to new posts, so I'm back to the old pink blog template. At least I know how to work this one!

Our holiday to Mallorca was wonderful. Ten days, nearly all of them sunshine fuelled. We met our friends there, we had booked for the same place and the same time and didn't realise until a couple of months before we went. It was nice to meet up with them have a few drinks, watch the entertainment, and take them on trips. They loved Palma, but then again who wouldn't!

It's such a beautiful old city. One minute a maze of tiny streets with buildings reaching for the heavens, the next a shopping street, the next a cathedral, probably the most beautiful one I have seen.

What was my favourite part of the holiday? Well definitely not the 2 am alarm call on the flight out. Maybe seeing Lianne at Grillworld again :), maybe getting the apartment we had in September with the huuuuge balcony? Maybe lazing around sunbathing and reading books? No.

It was this Liam Live Turn your speakers up when you click on the link!!

We had seen him last year as a Robbie Williams tribute act, and had spoken to him briefly. This year we took J and K to watch him, while they were sat down hubby and I spoke to Liam. He is a lovely man, willing to talk even though he has work to do. He has recently got married and expecting an addition to his family. Last year we bought two of his albums, and I told him they had not been out of my car since then, he was really pleased, and even mentioned it during his show!

He has a new album out, he explained he had had a hard winter, and had used the time to write some amazing songs. He sang two of them during the show, the title track to his new album Ice, and his new single Amazing. Amazing is.......well amazing! It is currently being aired on radio in Germany, South Africa, France, Spain and America, and will be on Radio 1 and 2 in the UK next month. I urge anyone to either go out and buy the single when it is released or download them from his site. He is the future of music. He is a truly talented man and I don't often heap praise on singers.

The Robbie part of the show is excellent, he carries off his moves and mannerisms better than Robbie himself with the trademark spins well and truly awesome. But....vocally he wipes the floor with Robbie, and you guys know to me Robbie is the top man!

Liam sings from the heart, just because it may be a small venue he doesn't skimp on vocal power and physical energy. he more feedback the audience give him the more he sucks it in and uses it as his force to perform. The audience is the electricity and Liam is the power.

I cannot praise his songwriting skills enough. I have listened to the new Album and cannot fault one song. The songs have meaning, and that is one thing I am passionate about. He wears his heart is on his sleeve when he sings Amazing and Too Late. He vocally surpasses anything I have heard, and to hear him live.......I had goosebumps. Occasionally he would glance at hubby and I, both on the 1st week and the second week. To me it was worth 1000 glances from Robbie, this man deserves to make it big, he deserves recognition, he deserves to be top of the charts!

After both weeks he thanked us for our support, he asked us our opinion of the show, our answer was always "Brilliant!". We bought his album on the 1st wek, and he very kindly gave us a new "launch" copy on the 2nd week. My only wish, is that he lived nearer to Cala D'or so he didn't have to pack up his equipment and drive the long drive home. I would love to talk to this man, ask him where he gets his inspiration from, how he builds the stamina to do nine shows, yes nine shows a week! To ask him never to change from who he is. Not to let fame overtake him and change him as a person. I hope, I pray, that Liam makes it. I have never met anyone so deserving, and I would love to one day be fighting to buy tickets to one of his sell out shows.

His album launch was Monday. His special guest? Cliff Richard. I can only hope he was well received, that the album and single will soon be hitting it big in the Uk and world wide. I hope he stays who he is, an extremely talented grounded handsome man. I hope he simply stays Liam Live.

Having just done a search on you tube I have found Liam singing his new single Amazing, so, turn up your speakers, listen to his voice and.......enjoy!!

Laim Live - Amazing

Roll on September when we can watch him for three shows!

Love and hugs



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Friday, May 23, 2008

There's a 1st Time For Everything!

Last August, I was one of 1200 people who booked a ticket to the Asylum 08 convention. It is a fan convention for people who watch, love, and adore the American tv show that is Supernatural. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I love the show, the writing, the storylines. It cleverly combines drama, folkelore, monsters such as vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts and suchlike, along with a slight comedic touch. It tells the story of two brothers who are "Hunters", they treck accross america saving innocent people from said monsters, whilst continuing their backstory of who killed their mother, one of their girlfriends, their father, and also holds a contract for one of teir souls, I could go on but....

The whole point of this is that this experience would be new to me. I was going with a friend, but that changed at the last minute, so, not only was I in completely new territory, but I was alone!

Anyway, hubby refused to take the ticket, and I completely understood, he hates American shows, and he wouldn't have known Sam from Dean, or indeed a Wendigo from a trickster, (I can tell immeditely!).

So off I went to register, alone and nervous. I arrived early, sat on a chair and watched in awe as most of the 1200 people milled around the hotel. I sat their and it dawned on me that ALL of the people that were there had one thing in common, The Show.

I worked up the courage to speak to the girl sat next to me. It was the best thing I did, she took me under her wing, showed me the ropes, told me not to join random queus just becuase it was a queue, and looked after me all weekend.

Thank you Emily!

After registering and getting my "pack" on the friday, I was raring to go on the Saturday. After all I was going to get autographs from 8 cast members! But it was oh so much more than that. Queuing for hours was worth every second when you got to the cast member at the front. They ALL took the time to speak to you, ask you questions, and show that they were enjoying the weekend as much as we were. My favourite was Jim Beaver who plays Bobby a surrogate father to the brothers. We all had to put our names on a post it note so that the person knew who to sign for. And Sis In Law will love this! I get to hm he says hello and says my name and winks at me. He knew what my name was short for, and he knew that I didn't like being called my full name as it felt as if I was being told off! He signed my autograph and gave me another wink as I turned away.

So autographs collected on the saturday, and yes I managed to ask one of the wierdest questions to two of the cast members.

Me: I hope I don't offed anyone with this question, but we (meaning the 1200 people in the room) Have all seen the out takes from the show and I wondered if you had been in the vicinity when Jensen or Jared (the leading men) have broken wind?

The 1200 people broke into fits of laughter, and I held my face in my hands......but, this is the response caught on video, you can just hear me asking if I should go home, and saying thankyou at the end.

Sterling and Jim's response to my question.

If you read the review of the convention onf the supernatural tv website she actually mentions my question!!

Sunday was spent watching all of the cast talks from the 3rd row wooohoooo! It was so interesting to hear the tricks of the tv trade, and their own experiences whilst filming the show. Along with their personal opinions of things.

In closure I loved every minute of it. I have since watched the episode finale and can really appreciate how well the people act, considering I have now met some of them!

Thankyou Emily, if it wasn't for you I would have been a lost soul.

And Sis In Law, geeks rule! Pfffft.

Hugs and love



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Monday, April 28, 2008

Water day!


Update so far, more Lush products have been tested both by myself and by Mum. So the newest ratings are...

Honey Bee bath ballistic gets a 2 out of 10. Tested by Mum. This smelt lovely in the bathroom for a few days, so much so that Mum put off using it to keep the scent. She finally gave in, ran a bath, dropped in the bath and got in and went.....eeeeewwwwww!

It should be called Honey I Pee'd in the bath! The water turned a yellow colour, the smell disappeared, and Mum thought if she had an accident and had to call an ambulance they would think she had been in the bath all day peeing!!

Then I tried Butterball bath ballistic. I expected to get what it said on the web. A lovely soft moisturising bath with coconut butter. What I got was the effect of margarine floating on the surface of the water, a smell of nothing, lovely soft skin, and a lovely ring of grease all around the bath. I give this a 3 out of 10.

As recommended by Holli, I bought the Flying Fox Temple Balm. At 1st I was surprised how small the tin was, but seeing as Holli had told me it was discontinued in the states I got some anyway.

The next day, no perfume which is a rarity for me! I dabbed some of the balm on my wrists, behind my ears and in the pulse point of my elbows. I was transformed! I became full of the joys of spring, and.....everyone said I smelled lovely. I love it and give it a 9 out of 10. Holli, I asked in the shop and they said they haven't heard of it being stopped in the UK....so if you need some sending over when yours runs out let me know!

Lush review over until the next usage takes place.

Hubby went on an impulse and booked us a long weekend in Cala D'or. We flew on Thursday lunchtime, and flew back Sunday tea time. Well, we arrived to glorious sunshine, were told that the previous few days it had rained, and on the day we were due to leave it clouded over again. We are both sunburnt, but loved every minute of it.

We found a tiny cove really high up from the sea, we popped to have a look and found well over fourty jelly fish. We were amazed, not only to see them, but also because they were purple! We watched them for ages. I was slightly sozzled after having a Majorca sized gin and tonic, hubby kept his eye on me as I went from one edge of the twenty foot drop to the other. But I sobered up whilst watching the jelly fish dance, eat, and poop.!

The next two nights we were treated to a wonderful display from the local bats. Amazing to watch them swoop and soar by the streetlights to catch their food.

Of course we saw Lianne at Grillworld, and were treated like long lost friends. We crept up on her as she wasn't expecting to see us until June, and the look on her face was a picture.

Now to today. And believe me I'm itching with adrenaline.

We have had a leak in the house, and our plumber was booked to come and fix it today. He arrived, disappeared outside with hubby, and the next thing I know the doorbell rings. The next door neighbour was asking why she hadn't been pre warned. I told her even I didn't know the water was going off straight away!

Then it was "While we are on the subject your husband drilled through our wall two years ago!" Huh? Hubby has been decorating the upstairs bedroom for four years, it must have been a really long drill bit to go all the way down the stairs along the length of the house to their kitchen.

My brain kicked into jack russel mode. "If you want while we are on the subjects here goes.......how about cleaning up the dog mess in your garden once in a while, out garden stinks".

Reply "I do it every week"

Me "You do it once a week when your dog fouls at least twice a day, thats fourteen poops right next to our garden fence and it stinks!"

Me "While we are on the subject, do you not know how to close a door properly? You have two front doors that you constantly slam, I have come home from work to find books fallen out of my bookcase with the force of the slamming!"

Reply "We don't slam doors"

Me "We are fed up with the noise, if it's not the doors it you screaming at each other stomping up the stairs and slamming doors, how about a bit of peace and quiet".

Reply, hand goes to mouth, starts looking downwards with tears in her eyes. "I didn't realise, why didn't you say something?"

Me "Because I didn't want a confrontation like this, I don't want us to fall out!.....Do you hear anything from us?"

Reply still looking at the floor "No why?

Me Because I have a drum kit in there that I play as loudly as I can, but stop at 6pm for the sake of your children"

Reply. "I........never knew!"

Me "Exactly, we think of our neighbours"

Reply "I'm so sorry if I have offended you, I didn't mean to fall out with you, I'm so sorry and will make more of an effort".

Me "I didn't want to fall out with you either, but at least we can get things sorted" Meanwhile the plumber has turned the water back on and is probably thinking I am insane!

Reply "I'll go and fill some containers of water.....I'm so sorry if I offended you and I will make more of an effort"

Me "Thankyou"

I then shoot outside to smoke a much needed cigarette as I am shaking with anger.

Hubby comes outside to check I am ok, I tell him, then let him know we can probably expect round two when her hubby get's home and she tells him what I said.

At least it is out in the open now. We can try and resolve things instead of me always wanting to ring the council and get them into trouble.

There was the mention that we didn't have children and couldn't appreciate the noise. I didn't bite, just said we have neices and nephews and fully understand the noise kids can make. I didn't tell her that the kids weren't responsible for the dog poop, the slamming doors or the late night arguements with foul language.

Finally I've had the arguement I've been waiting for, I stayed calm, having planned over and over in my head what I would say should this day happen. I stuck to my script, I was honest......I did good.

Fingers crossed that there is no round two, fingers crossed if there is that hubby ISN'T home, and he will not be as polite as I am. I can out talk anyone, I have a quick sharp tongue without stooping so low. I can dis arm people with a few words. Hubby isn't so tactful, if he turns white.......run!!!!

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Tomorow it's back to work and I'm looking forward to it :)

Mum is having her new bathroom fitted this week. We went two weeks ago to a place that Clever Crafting Friend recommended, she chose what she wanted, they had a cancellation and it will almost be finished in time for her birthday on Thursday :)

For now......keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer!




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Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm a Baby Faced Guitar Hero!

Still on the topic of Lush products, I asked my Mum to get me theBaby Face cleansig bar and the Soft Coer massage bar as recommended by Holli.

I read the reviews on both products, and decided on my own method of using the Baby Face bar. Run a sink of hot water, rinse your face so it is damp, dry hands! Massage Bay Face bar all over face (with dry hands so they don't get sticky, and use up more of the bar than is necessary!) put bar down. Massage face and rub in the cleanser. Put a face flannel into the sink and use it to wipe of cleanser thoroughly. It removes make up and mascara so quickly and thoroughly it is amazing! I then dry my hands, and gently quickly massage face again with the cleanser, and lightly wipe it off with the flannel. This ensures your skin isn't over clogged, but is left with the residue of the bar to work it's moisturising magic.

I have always suffered with my skin allergy on my face. One single tiny spot soon becomes a three month home for my allergy. It takes forever to clear it using my cream, and my cream is steroid based which isn't good to use too often. Never ending circle of allergy, cream, allergy cream, until it decides to move elsewhere on my face.

BUT.......within three days of using the cleanser my Mum noticed a difference! and within a week....all signs of my allergy has gone! Now that's what I call magic.

People at work have commented on how pretty I look now that I am wearing make up, and it's all down to this tiny bar of cleanser. I can confidently wear make up to work, knowing that a, it wont affect my allergy, and b, I can remove it simply and thoroughly without having to rub my face raw with baby wipes!

I give this product a 10/10 and would recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't recommend Lush's way of using it though. Cotton wool pads would simply stick to the bar, and then stick to your face.

On to the Soft Coer massage bar, and no this isn't X rated!

Holli recomended using it like a perfume,most importantly keep the bag it comes in! I slide it to the botom of the bag, hold the bag around it to use it. It is designed to completely melt in the hands and this stops that from happening. Anyway, I rub a little bit behind my ears, in the pulse point on my inner elbow/arm, down to my wrists, and behinf my knee's.

It smells heavenly, and people at work have been asking me what my new perfume is as it smells gorgeous!

Thank you Holli!, and I hope you don't think I am copying you too much. It's just knowing that these products are completely natural with no chemicals, and hearing such good reports from you, I simply had to try them.

I also used another of my birthday bath bombs.
The Haagen Bath bomb I have to say it took well over fifteen minutes to fully disolve! The water was filled with a raspbery ripple effect cream on the top, and was scented with mint chocolate. My skin was smooth ans silky afterwards, but I didn't smell as wonderful as after the S*x Bomb. I'd give that one a 10/10 and the Haagen bath a 7/10. Mainly because of the disolve time. I would recomend puting it in the bath when it is a third run. NOT when it is completely run and at your desired temperature.

Anyway, I still have the Champagne Supernova to go, and Mum and I are going into town on Monday to visit the store.

I have made a list, and I will try my best to stick to it. I have on the list five more bath bombs. A flying fox temple balm (again recommended by Holli), and a dream time temple balm, and a bath bar soap.

I will let you know if I buy anthing else, which I'm sure I will :)

Hubby came home last weekend with a joint "easter egg" for us. Eggsept it wasn't an easter egg, it was guitar hero 111 for the Nintedo Wii.

Ok so seven hours later I had a sore hand, and was seeing dots before my eyes but it is THE best game ever. I am totally addicted. Simply adore the fact you actually hold a guitar, and have now completed the easy level with three bands!

Last night I managed to complete one song on the next level but boy is it hard!

I give this game a 10/10 both for playability and addictiveness.

I'm off to check my regular web sites.....see you soon!

Love n hugs



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Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Bathday

Ok so my birthday was last week.....but seeing as Monday is one of my days off, and our new snuggly sofa was delivered today I decided to have a pamper bath.

I normally have to be careful as to what I put in my baths, with scars and wounds anything too perfumed is a bit dodgy. I'm ok with natural lavendar, soooo, I splashed out, or should that be bombed out with one of my presents off my Mum.

Holli had given me the idea a while back to try some Lush products. Namely the Henna (caca) rouge bar. When I was younger I was lucky enough to have strawberry blonde hair. It was a ritual once every few months for my Mum, my sister and I to "Henna" my hair. Given the fact it was long enough for me to sit on at the time it was quite a task. Back in those days you could buy pots of henna for hair, you wash your hair, then refill the bath with really hot water. Slap on the henna, comb it through, and sit with hot towels on your head. As soon as one towel cools another was dunked in the steaming hot bath and wrapped round my head. It was bliss and the henna really brought out the red in my hair, and conditioned it like nobody's business.

So......Holli mentions a Henna bar and I'm straight on the Lush website. Should I try it or shouldn't I? Mum then mentioned that there was a Lush shop in our own town and I was gobsmacked!

For my Birthday my Mum gave me a Henna bar!! wooohooo, and......set of three bath bombs.

Anyway today I thought I would give it a go. I ran my piping hot bath, plugged in the cd player (not into the bath d'ohh) with the new Nickleback cd in it, got into the bath and let the S*x bomb do it's work.

Instantly the bath turned a deep marshmallow pink, the bomb fizzed, the smell filled the room and I was enveloped in clouds of pink marshmallow, feather, bubblegum loveliness.

I soaked whilst listening to my music, made sure I rubbed the lovely water all over, and came out smelling absolutely wonderful, and my skin is adorably soft!!

I can't wait to try the other two, and maybe get some more?

My Henna bar is in the fridge, I need to work up the confidence to use it. I have to do a strand test 1st to check my hair will be ok, then I need to decide whether to leave the clingfilm on for four or six hours! Holli? any suggestions lol.

Anyway, out of the bath, and into Clever Crafting Friends gorgeous birthday present for me. A lovely pair of marshmallow pink jim jams (pyjama's) that I just happen to have matching socks for! I'm in a land of pinkness. From feather bubblegum marshmallow baths to a lovely new fresh pink pair of pj's. What more could a girl ask for?

I have to say I was spoilt by everyone for my birthday. I got my drum kit off hubby yeeeehahhhh! And yes I can play!. My pj's from CCF, Navie Wifey got me the cutest ornament doggies :) SA at work gave me a lovely deep pink crysanthemum plant and an adorable pink alien. Mum gave me the Lush goodies, a kilner jar filled with sweets in the shape of a pig and a unique hand made bangle with a heart and an aqaumarine on it. As I say.....spoilt rotten.

I had tonnes of cards, and a few messages on facebook, which I am now addicted to as well.

This Friday I am going to visit College Buddy, and then the Friday after I will take a trip into town and go into the Lush shop. So far on my wish list I have

The Babyface cleanser as recommended by Holli. and, The Snake Oil Scalp Massage bar, I suffer badly with my allergy, and now it's even in my hairline, I can hardly put my cream there can I? also,definately two of the temple balms, probably the dream time and whoosh, and as recently recommended by Holli, a Soft Coer Massage bar. Holli recommends "I put a dab on my chest, wrists and anywhere else I might like fragrance or shine. After that, I just want to eat my own skin. The smell is outrageously good. I DARE you to find something on earth that smells better" Ok, I'm up for the dare, and anything that smells like milk chocolate and honey,honey, cocoa and natural melty butters I'll try.

After all, last years present from CCF was choccy based bath and shower products and they are good enough to eat.

Whew, how many links in one post?

And.....I think I'm finally back on blogging track. Recently my mind has been doing a lot of wandering, it still does, and always will, but not as much. I could only have typed about sadness, and loss, and I didn't want people to read that. Whisky is back in the land of pink fluffiness, there will be some absences. Everyone has sad days, but for now you'll have to put up with me more often :)

Love and hugs


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