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Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yes, we are back from our lovely holiday in Mallorca.

I have photographs, and a video to upload of me being taken on stage by one of the members of a Take That Tribute band. The first week I just wanted to sit on the stage, the second week the guy dragged me up again as he knew I would go and that would encourage others to come up as well. It was fun and they were brilliant.

Our accomodation was cr**, but we made a brilliant holiday out of it. We've also book in a different aparthotel for September........16 weeks and 1 day to go!!!

Hubby's birthday went really well, he was presented with a birthday cake hat by the four waitresses at the restaurant, it was sent over by Mum and Dad, hidden in my suitcase, and he loved it and wore it all night. I also have photo and video evidence of this, as the Take That lad's took him on stage to sing happy birthday to him :)

So....we are both well tanned, and reasonable relaxed, but...both back at work :(

It was good to get home, to see Sis In Law, Mum and Dad and of course Snoopy bird.

I'll blog more next week, hopefully with the pictures and maybe even a you tube video or two!!

For now,

Love and hugs



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Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Fond But Brief Farewell

This time tomorrow hubby and I will be hurriedly packing any last minute items for our trip to Cala D'or in Mallorca.......and I can't wait.

After six months of being back at work, and hubby working away from home it will be wonderful to spend so much time together and completely relax. It's a self assembled holiday, not a package tour, and the only thing I am worried about is the drive from the airport to the apartments. I'm sure we can do it from memory as this will be our third visit there, but it's slightly different not having a coach driver do all of the work for you, and I've got to map read!!!! Aaaaaaaargh.

Once there panic stations......will we have one of our previously holidayed in apartments? I hope so, after all it is our third stay with them, and we are going back in September as well.

The weather forecast looks like a steady 26 degree's with some cloud. But....it is purely a relaxation holiday. If the weather is bad, with us having the car this time we can explore the island and visit markets. :) shopping and exploring cool!!

As long as I'm with hubby who cares!

So, last day at work today, and it has been absolutely manic, manic, manic. We don't know if we are coming or going, phones ringing off the hook and orders galore, but that's good for business :)

Tonight, a quick trip to Mum and Dad's to drop off Snoopy bird, then Chinese, last minute packing and weighing of cases, and hopefully sleep. For some reason last night I only slept for two hours! Up and down to the toilet, and no I hadn't had an exessive amount of fluids! Yaawn.

My only regret is that I will miss two whole episodes of Supernatural! The dvd will be set, and if NTL/Virgin decide to mess with our box they will have me banging on their door! My box set part one of series one arrived yesterday courtesy of e bay......and I can't wait to watch it when I get back :)

For now......take care all,

See you on the other side of the holiday.

Love and hugs



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Monday, May 07, 2007

My BAD!!!

I'm bad. I'm forgetful, and naughty, at someone else's expense, and I can do nothing more than apologise and hope that she Will forgive me :(

I promise I will keep to my word. Friday is the day.

After a severe telling off to myself, and slapping myself around the face a few times, by Friday I will be red faced and do my job. I would do it today, Bank holiday monday and relevant place closed. Tues - Thurs work, Friday I will be up, et breakfast and straight there.

Oh, I got to and back from Liverpool ok, except it wasn't liverpool it was Warrington, not far from there. The hotel was lovely, and seeing as hubby snored incessantly all of Friday night, instead of sightseeing on Saturday, I spent the whole day sleeping to catch up on the lost sleep from the night before.

We went out for a wonderful chinese banquet with hubby's work colleague and his wife. I wasn't expecting eight courses though!!! I'm glad I have met the man that hubby spends his work time away from home with. He is fun, happy, and just the right companion to keep hubby sane while he is working so hard. I would also say keep him out of mischief, but......well, they make a terrible twosome when together. Laughing and joking, even at one point playing games with the waitress, who obviously knew them from their previous visit! But, it was all good fun, and the food was amazing.

Sis In Law.......hubby needs to ring you! and no it's not about THE transfer, but it is a form of transfer. HE is going to ring you, as I think it is extremely cheeky. Are we ok to come over next weekend.....I HAVE to see you and the girls and Mr Bleach before we go on hoiday. Otherwise I will just feel as if you are telling them all that Aunty Whisky doesn't love them anymore like you usually do ;) ;)

Seriously, it's been long enough....we need to re invade and cause havoc again, and of course inspect Little Miss Pinks Nintendogs, and have a dance session with Little Miss Purple.

A long but short weekend, and thank you all for your comments telling me I could do it! I did it, I wasn't scared, I got exactly to where I needed to be, and now have the confidence to go almost anywhere. No more fears of lorries and cars on the motorway. More like my usual road rage and name calling at the stuuuupid people who cut you up. So....I can feel a trip to Brighton coming up to see Sunray Child after she has been here :) I'm even trying to convince hubby to upgrade his Tom Tom so I can have his old one......but that needs a bit of work yet LOL.

Oh yes..........I have witnesses to this! No I can't have a tortoise, but I can have.............a drum kit!!!! I've always wanted to play an instrument, but my hand to brain co ordination isn't very good musically, except when it comes to rhythm.

When we were in Australia (and I have video proof of this), my uncle let me play his drum kit to an Abba song. And.....for someone who had never played before he said I was brilliant! So, I've convinced hubby I'm good enough to learn it properly and we are now on the look out for a second hand drum kit.

I will consider the neighbours and pack every drum with a blanket to muffle the sound! I'm not like some people who like slamming doors, baby gates, screaming at each other and letting their dog poop in the garden and never clean it up! I think about the effect the things I do may have on my neighbours. And if I was them, and I saw my neighbour walking down to her garage with her arm over her face so she could breath anything but the smell of their dog poop, or even lighting incense sticks in her garden to enable her to sit in the sun I would immediately go on a poop scooping session. Especially in the heat we are experiencing right now.

If it carries on when we return from our holiday which is one week and three days away, I will either tell them (and possibly lose my temper) or simply report them to the council.

So there!!!

Back to speaking to hubby before he leaves to work nights :(

Love and hugs.


Please can you all spare a thought for someone special. The mother of one of my internet friends who right now is fighting a winning battle, but needs positive thoughts and energy sending her way. The more people who are thinking and caring about her the better.

Thankyou xx

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