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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Bestest Christmas Ever!!

So sorry for not posting sooner....but Sis In Law's "why haven't you blogged yet?" have finally worn me down (joke). I haven't been on line since the day before Christmas Eve, so long blog warning as there is tons to catch up on.

Christmas Eve was wonderful! We spent the morning tagging gifts, using our secret code to distinguish between hubby's parents and mine. Grouped them all together into relevant visiting days, and left a trail of goody filled carrier bags down the hallway. I did at one point think that if we got broken into the thieves would have such an easy job, but to hell with it, seing those carrier bags full of pressies I didn't give two hoots!

So we went round to my Mum and Dads, and hubby was promptly dumbfounded by his 1st pressy. A washing up bowl full of fruit? Oranges, Banana's melon, mango, strawberries. He was gobsmacked. My Mum was in fits of giggles, and was getting redder and redder. Finally she gave in and gave him his real pressy, a fantastic smoothie maker with a juicer attached. His eyes lit up, his smile lit up the room, and I think if he could of he would've plugged it in there and then and started mixing smoothies, but he knew dinner was on it's way. He even admitted that he had thought about buying himself one but hadn't. "Phew" all round that he hadn't, it had been a well kept secret for weeks.

Mum gave me my main pressy, instructione were we were only to open one pressy each on Christmas Eve, (until I took charge that is). I too was gobsmacked!! I had the most gorgeous pair of earrings!! Gold and diamond K's......quicker than you could say christmas pudding, I was in front of the mirror asking if I had them in the right way round. Beautiful!

Then in between Mum stirring gravy, and filling the oven with goodies I demanded that her and Dad open ALL of their presents. I've never been one for answering my parents back, I think the only time I've ever done that is under the duress of my many anaesthetics......but firm handed Whisky won the day, and they opened them all. Dad loved his cardigan, Mum loved her angel, and the smaller pressies went down well too.

Dinner was lovely! Roast beef and pork, cauliflower cheese, carrots, sprouts, parsnips, green beans, potatoes and yorkshire pudding. Then after an hour we had pudding, peaches in brandy with brandy cream, mix that with the rose wine, and I was quite merry.

All in all it was a wonderful start to Christmas. We were bundled off home with yet more pressies to open the next morning.....we slouched in front of the tv, stuffed and merry as the season demands.

Christmas morning, I had asked hubby to get me up at 10am.....8.30 and I was wide awake and excited.....It's Chwistmas It's Chwistmas I said after my breakfast. I wasn't expecting any presents, after all I had had my phone (it's pink) a few weeks earlier, and that was all I had wanted. About 30 presents from hubby later I was one happy, and spoilt whisky!!

Navie Wifey, and Clever Crafting Friends present were beatiful, and gratefully received, I hope yours were ok?

So much to eat, so much to play with, so much to smell, and so much to look at.

So once we were showered and dressed, hubby did his duty of preparing the extra roast potatoes and swede for Sis In Law, we piled round to theirs early and helped with the dinner festivities.

The food was lovely, the company was excellent, and all in all it was a lovely Christmas day. To see everyone opening their presents, watch them pulling the crackers, take photo's listen to whacky usic from the 80's and 90's, stand in the excellently built smoking quarters, and refrain from getting tipsy made my Christmas extra special. I for one would like to point out that the carver of the turkey, no matter what anyone else said.....did the best job ever!!! so there.

We were drivenhome by Michael Schumaker, oops I mean Ma In Law, we sank into the sofa and chair grinning, stuffed and happy and agreed it was the best Christmas ever.

Boxing day was spent with Ma In Law and the whole family, nearly. More cracker pulling, pressy opening, food eating and fun was had by all. Contrary to popular belief even the adults had presents (evil laugh), and another day was spent in a blur of christmas lights and christmas pudding.

We popped over to Sis in Laws again on her birthday. I'm surprised they aren't fed up of the sight of me yet!! I think her presents went down well, well she did give me a glass of wine rather than a slap, so it must be ok.

My lie ins have become marathons. I really must mention this to the professor when I see him. Is it really normal to sleep for 13 hours, then be awake for 2 and need another nap? The only blessing is, that while I'm asleep I'm not in pain, or popping pills for the pain, I suppose that is an upside?

Hubby returned to work on Thursday boo hooo!!! and Mr Bleach and Sis in Law collected me to go to our nephews 18th Birthday celebrations! It was fun.....again a lot of the family were there, more food, more drink, and snuggles from one very poorly purple princess.....I so hope she is feeling better. Hubby arrived rather late having got lost....and eventually we went home and left the other sis and brother in law and the birthday boy in peace.

Today has been spent sleeping, eating and blogging. Hubby is currently smoothie making in the kitchen, one of his concoctions which I'm sure will taste fantastic.

Tomorrow we are off to Birmingham to see Lord Of the Dance. Here I remind Sis In Law that it will be me admiring the topless male dancers and not hubby!!

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who has put up with my presence over the last few days. Thank you for the pressies, the cuddles, the food, and the alcohol.....but most of all...thank you all for being you.

Happy New year to everyone!!! Here's to a happy and healthy 2006.

All my love



Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Hard Week In WhiskyLand

This last week I've learnt a lot, thought a lot, and tied myself up in knots. And all because of my imagination.

I missed out on the Markie concert because of my damn lumps and bumps....which has now enforced the never say yes rule even more. I just need to hang on until boxing day then I'm home free. Mum and Dads for dinner on Christmas eve (yummmy), Sis In Laws for dinner on Christmas Day. I'm determined to get tipsy! I'm gonna show my ma in law what a drunk Whisky looks like LOL. Then once the hangover has gone, we are going to ma in laws for dinner on Boxing day. Hubby has done a wondrful job (as usual) with the pressies. Some of them I'm quite jealous about! But hopefully the kids will let me play too, I've been a good girl honestly!!!

I was up early today as my Sister and her hubby are coming over to exchange Xmas pressies, so far no sign of them, and will have to get up early tomorrow as well as I am waiting for a delivery of Christmas pressies for someone special wink wink.

I'm soooooooo chuffed, the blog count will soon reach one thousand! woooooooooohooooooo.

I've got one eye on the tv, watching an old version of King Kong.....just why was Jessica Lainge so taken with that big hairy furball??

Today's piccie contains words of advice for all.......

Image hosted by Photobucket.com so make sure you tell someone today that you love them, even if it's yourself.

Hugs for all



Friday, December 09, 2005

Three Appointments In A Row

Today THE letter I have been waiting for finally arrived. At last I now have the three important appontments lined up in the not too distant future.

Firstly, January 18th, appointment to see the Professor in Birmingham. He is an expert on Crohn's and all related illnesses. Hopefully he can give me a definate diagnosis on whether the HS is HS or if in fact as my surgeon now thinks, it is Crohn's attacking another part of my body. Hopefully he is up to date on new fangled treatments or surgeries, and can give me some positive options.

Secondly, January 24th (my daddy's birthday) I have an appointment to see a dermatologist. Again we are looking for a definate diagnosis on the HS. If it is HS then he may be the best person to advise on a form of treatment/surgery for it. If it's not HS.....well it's up to te professor and my surgeon.

Thirdly, and here's where it all falls into place. February 2nd is my appointment to see Mr R, my surgical consultant (guardian angel with an anaesthetic). Hopefully, from the previous two appointments, we may have some much needed information. On my last visit he mentioned major surgery, but he obviously wanted the other two specialists opinion first. So, it looks like, hopefully, fingers crossed February the 2nd could be decision day (D-Day).

I don't mind having the surgery, I've been through it all so many times now you could say I'm an expert at it. But there was mention of "big" tissue removal. The only thing I am really dreading, is that I will see the outcome. Previous operation sites, being on my butt, have been invisible to me as I don't (thankfully) have eyes in the back of my head. I have always had to rely on the opinions of the doctors, nurses and hubby. Yes I did say hubby, he always makes time to come to the hospital after my surgery, and watches the nurse change the dressings/packing. It means that come discharge time, and only with the nurses say so, he proceeds to do my dressings/packing daily. It also guarantee's that no district nurse comes within a mile of me, trying to insert packing in non existant wounds as they have mislaid there glasses, or pushing the packing in so hard that they make me heamorrage and need yet another unwanted night in hospital. As you can tell, I don't like district nurses much.

Anyway, hubby is meticulous, he should have been a surgeon really. And the comfort it gives me, knowing that the person who is doing my dressings daily, is the person that loves me with all his heart is unbelievable. I have, in the past, had numerous infections, including the dreaded MRSA, probably due to the fact that for 3 weeks I spent every morning before breakfast under a general anaesthetic, having my wound unpacked, cleaned and then packed again as the pain was unbearable awake. Strange though, how on three occasions of having my dressings done at home, for weeks and sometimes months on end, by my hubby, who is untrained in medical practise, and not one infection?

Here's me on a ramble......but I have to add, that in all my stays in the hospital, most of the nurses have been absolutely brilliant, and one of the sister's who has nursed me on and off for 11 years is now a really good friend.

Wow! Whisky doesn't blog for a couple of day's and then blogs on and on and on and on!

I managed to get back in touch with the Bride to be this week as well. We had a much needed catch up, I am slowly climbing out of my shell, and working my way back to coming back onto pal. I warn you though, once I'm back, you won't get me off again LOL.

Also I caught up with Rose. Bless her she even rang me last night and we had a really good chat, and today my college friend visited me. SHe brought along a rather embarassing piccy of us in our college days, and a cd of Marky music. Yes we're going to see Mark Owen a week on Monday!!!!

So I'll say it yet again, my friends are special, whether online buddies, blogging friends, friends made at college, in the hospital, and friends made during my working life, even friends who are friends and relatives, like SIs In Law, you guys have helped me through, kept me strong, helped me be me, and I will never forget that.

For all of you, for Mum and Dad (who are my rock) and hubby...........the biggest hugs ever.

I'm sorry for the unusually long blog, it wasn't planned....honestly!!

hmmmmmm I wonder if I'm owed 50p??? mwaaaahahahahahahaha! (private joke)

Thankyou all for being you.


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Happy Birthday!!

I have to wish 3 special people a happy birthday this week. So......

Happy Birthday to Purple Princess, Navie Wifey and Father In Law

I spoke to Purple Princess today, and she had had a good day so far :)

I need to make arrangements to transport Navie Wifey's pressie and card, but I'll drop hubby the hint later!

It's been a bit of a wishy washy day, washing, making bolognese sauce, and mainly looking at stuff on ebay. But at least tonight is a good tv night. The dvd is set to record in case I fancy an early night, but I doubt that will happen.

I'm still a 1 o clock in the morning kind of girl, and seem to do most of my e bay bidding at that time too!

I still can't believe that Christmas is nearly here! This year has gone so quickly. It only seems like yesterday that I made hubby stand and open the back door just as I opened the front, to let the new year in and the old year out. And yes, I do leave sherry and mince pies out for Father Christmas, and every year a bite is taken out of the pie.....so I still believe in Santa ;)

Anyway, a short but sweet blog today, I hope the birthday people have lovely day's.

Lots of love and hugs



Monday, December 05, 2005

Lonely, But Happy

It's Monday, and hubby has finally returned to work :( He left me a lovely note this morning, I've kept it shhhhhhh! don't tell him. So back to reasonable normality for three weeks until Christmas and he's off again.

So right now, I'm sat blogging, with a milky coffee watching the robins and blue chested birds feeding on the feeder.

We posted Pingu's parcel at the weekend to make sure she gets it for her birthday on the 16th. I just hope post to the states is reasonably fast! It's my neices' birthday tomorrow, then Navie Wifey's birthday, then father in laws birthday!

Mr Bleach and one of the girls came to see us on Saturday :) me and the Purple Princess (her blog nickname) collected some of Snoopy's feathers as he is moulting, and I gave her a carrier bag with her birthday pressies in. She looked a little disappointed that the 3rd wrapped present wasn't for her, but when I explained it was for her Grandad it was fine :) We sat playing with cuddly piggin, and Honey the snoring bear, and then we tormented hubby for a while as well. Hehehehehehe! That's the best bit!

I really need to start writing our christmas cards soon. I have had some "business cards" printed. Another thing from the freebies web site, and I will have to choose which cards I put them in as they have the blog address on them as well!

I've also realised a few things over this last week. No one can change my health, not me, not doctors or surgeons right now. Yes the pills can help take away some of the pain, and help me sleep, but it's up to me to make the most of the good days. To slow down on the bad days and not be so hard on myself if I can't do what my body won't let me, and enjoy the good ones no matter how sparce they are.

One day, hopefully, I'll look back on this as a learning curve, as something that helped to make me the strong person I am, until then I'll pop the bubble wrap bubble's one by one until I am free.

Wow! that was quite profound for me :)


Love and hugs for all


Friday, December 02, 2005

A Week Of Bliss And Christmas Shopping

Sorry for not blogging much this last week. Hubby has been on holiday from work, and I have been trying to ensure we have some "us" time. Yes he has been working from home on his darned lap top, but he has still made the time to take me places, cook dinner, and generally make me feel loved.

We visited one of the dog rehoming centre's, and saw two of the most loveable Jack Russells. Both called Jack, and both young males. But.....being sensible, we have decided that until we know for definate I will not be having any more hospitals stays for a while, we won't rehome. It would be so unfair to the dog, to let it settle in with me here all the time, and then have it left alone if I was not at home for a few weeks. SO, yes it' s still my dream, but only when the time is right, both for us and the dog. We want to be able to give it all the love we can, and right now the time just isn't right.

I managed to visit a couple of shops to help with the Christmas shopping, but hubby is mostly doing it on his own. I have to admit, he is good at it. Some of the nephew's and neices pressies he has brought home are wicked! Yes I have had a play with a couple, but only to check that they work! hehehehehe!

I saw my surgeon on Thursday as well. It now seems that the diagnosis if the HS may be incorrect, and that it could be the Crohn's venturing to the other side of my body! Boooooo Hissss! SOmeone pass me a new bottom half.

Basically, I have to tread water now until I have seen the dermatologist in January, and the professor in Birmingham, whenever that might be. Then Mr R the surgeon, can decide whether to do the "big op" and make major holes in my leg. Here we go for another 6 week hospital stay, dosed up to the eyeballs on morphine, begging the nurses to be gentle while they pack the wounds.

Hey ho, it might not come to that, but at least I'll have my Mum and Dad's lunch visits to look forward to. Kentucky one day, Mcdonalds another, and on SUndays......we make the nurses jealous with Mum bringing in a full roast dinner. If it came to me surviving on hospital food......well the 6 stone I went down to five years ago says it all really.....Yuck!

Anyway, positive thoughts....it's nearly Christmas!

I'm sorry I'm missing my neice's show tonight :( If i was up to it, I would be there with bells on so to speak. But I just know if I push myself too far I might regret it and end up bed bound for a week. I need to keep my strength for Christmas day.....I have a feeling I might be overfed, overwatered, and make a complete fool of myself playing with the girls presents. But that's just one of the joys of being an Aunty and a Sister In Law!!!

Although I haven't been online much, I have kept up to date with Holliworld, and wish Mak Mak a speedy and safe recovery. Holli's caring is endless and for that I salute her.

I'm off to await hubby's return and see what goodies he has bought for people :)

Love and hugs for everyone