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Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Four Letter Word.....

The heating is fixed, our home is lovely and warm, hot baths really are taken for granted when you have no hot water!

This week seemed full of just one thing, WORK. I'm sure I have mentioned we are one person down on our team (another four letter word), and this has a dramatic knock on effect for the three remaining people. Our company is so busy at the moment it's unbelievable. We usually work in 3rd gear in the mornings and sometimes have to pump it up to 4th or even 5th gear to get the overnight orders completed. These last three weeks we have all been in 6th gear and buzzing. Thankfully the three of us that are left work well together. I worked with Supervisor S before my time off ill, and we know each other's working techniques, strengths and weaknesses. J on the other hand, has moved in from another department and until recently seemed to be focusing on the old things he used to do.

The week before last he came out with a statement that surprised me. He noticed the difference since the other person left, and now he is as caring as Supervisor S and I. We pull together for each other, we multiskill, offer advise and keep each other smiling and laughing....otherwise we would all simply crack!

I had a phone call yesterday from Boss S, a different person to Supervisor S, asking if I could do some extra shifts for the next couple of weeks. I was well ahead, my thoughts about five minutes ahead of hers. I said I could do Monday and Friday afternoons to help out until a replacement person is found.

Only when I came of the phone did I grin at Mum and say it wouldn't be for a "couple of weeks" only one, as after this next week hubby and are away for a week.

I gave in after ten minutes, rang Boss S and reminded her of this, and heard the panic in her voice. ANother solution would have to be found for the week after next, but at least next week is covered.

My "oppo" who works Mondays and Fridays while I work the middle of the week, will be doing extra days as well. I love it when this happens. We used to work full time together although she was then in a different department, so I missed working with her. Knowing that when I am not at work it is her doing "my" work and vice versa (I hope). Makes me feel secure. She is as fastidious as I am, and I know everything will be done, and perfectly.

Ohhh I'm looking forward to seeing her again next week. I happened two weeks ago, we were together, and we classed as the terrible two some. BUT, the work was done, and everyone enjoyed us laughing and joking as me and my oppo simply bounced off each other like old work colleagues do.

So...a tiring week ahead methinks. But, I have the thought in my head that on Saturday we are flying once more to Mallorca. Not to the security and homely feeling of Cala D'or. But to a place just 5 miles from the airport. Near a beach, essential, has a pool, essential for hubby, but most of all, together, in the sun or the rain whatever it happens to throw at us. A week of talking, walking eating and laughing. What more could a girl ask for?

I forgot to mention, I went out on Tuesday night. To a theatre to see someone quite famous of a tv show or two. Think Most Haunted and Spirit towns and you have the man. I know Navie Wifey will be extremely jealous! What happened will be a post in itself, but I was enthralled. No messages for the three of us that went together, but it was fascinating.

So the next post will be about.......messages.

Love and hugs



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Monday, November 05, 2007


Since Thursday we have had no hot water and no heating. The boiler man came and we needed a new pump so it should be fitted today. As soon as it's done the heating will be turned up to the max, a hot bath will be ran and I will soak up the warmth.

Thankfully Mum let me use her facilities on Saturday and I had lovely bath and washed my hair. It did take me nearly an hour to dry and straighten it, but if you're reading Mum....Thankyou!

Yesterday was was spent with Sis In Law, Mr Bleach, Little Miss Purple and Little Miss Pink. A lovely roast dinner, crafts, walking, snuggles and secrets.

No doubt Sis In Law found my secret, and don't go blaming the girls, and I bet it was a shock ;)

Our neighbours are still on top form, making a much noise as possible as early in the mornig as possible. No Lie in's for me :(

So I'm tired.....I'm cold, but I'll carry on regardless. I've got nothing to complain about really.

Work has been extremely busy, one person down and we are realy feeling the strain, but! we have pulled together as a team of three and made it work. One of our three even noticed the difference in the team now that the other person has left. It's much nicer, we all work together, and more importantly we all care about each other. He admitted it made him want to work harder so he could help us the way we are helping him. We are team!

Anyway......I'll try and blog more regularly, I didn't want people to think I was being disrespectful in any way. I hope you are all well, thankyou for sticking by me and reading my here and there posts.

Love and hugs



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