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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Enough Already!!!

Ok, so last week at work was ermmmmm manic to say the least. I've started doing the strangest things. We have doody headsets which enable us to walk around the office, to the fax machines or filing station and still answer calls, or be talking to customers. It's cool, and I feel like a robotic Whisky. But....I'm getting confuddled at times. I have to swap ears occasionally, as now I'm wearing glasses full time they tend to dig in with the head set.

To answer a call on the head set you need to press a small button that is situated over your ear (but on the headset, get it?). So swap ears, go to answer call, wrong ear! There's me, pressing my ear instead of the button on the headset! D'oooh.

I get it, press the button, the hand set on the phone doesn't lift up immediately so I press the button again, just as the head set lifts up and cut off the call. Double D'oooh.

I'm speaking to a customer, they say good bye, and instead of pressing said button on headset I press F1 on the computer keyboard to go back a screen. Triple D'oooh.

Or, if I need to call someone I dial there number on my ginormous calculator and wonder why the phone isn't ringing!!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, in my confusion I even managed to staple my finger. Yes......I mean actually put a staple in my finger. For some reason it didn't fold over like it does on paper, maybe that's because the bone was in the way!!!!

Believe it or not with all of that going on I still manage to take at least one hundred calls a day :) as well as keying or transferring edi orders in multitudes. So much so that in one day last week I rang the bell twice, indicating 20,000.00 of orders. I then tang the bell twice for The Gentleman, and for Supervisor S. Unfortunately we can't add up the amounts over the value of the 10,00. Eg, one of my orders was for 27, and Supervisor S's for 23, therefore it really could have been 5 rings not four. Not four, not fair!!

I read my horoscopes, I love them, as well as Angel cards, Tarot cards and anything slightly psychic. But, I really listen to my horoscopes. (Imagines Sis In Law saying "Here we go" right now).

Well,.....yesterdays horoscope said. You can turn an annoying work colleague into a friend. How's that for accuracy. I will, well I'll try. I am amicable at work. I will never ever ignore someone simply because of their upbringing. I may not enter into personal chit chat with them, but I will engage in work talk. Maybe behind her hard outer spoken words there is a caring person inside. I will make it my challenge to find out, and bring that caring person forward!!!

Or at least point out to her that telling someone that their body clock is ticking away due to their age is not something that should be said if you don't know anything about the person!!

I did however make one of my Whisky slip ups whilst talking to her last week, and I have to add here that I DID apologise profusely afterwards as witnessed by almost the whole office with me red faced.

The conversation went like this.....

S=other person
W= Whisky

S - I need one of your Pipeline orders please.
W - ok, they should be somewhere in here (grabbing my complete section of P orders from my file and starting to flick through them)
W- Someone's been in my filing, it's all messed up!
S - Well it wasn't me I only looked in the B's earlier.
W- No, I know it wasn't you, but look...... (holding up an order that in no way shape or form belonged in the letter P section and stating loudly)

There's no F in P's!!!!

Now say that to yourself out loud, come one I dare you.....get it......get it?!


I as I mentioned, immediately went into apologetic mode.

W- Oh My, I'm soooooo sorry, I really didn't mean that to sound how it did. I would never swear at anyone. Oh I'm sooooo sorry!!

S- (Laughing) (Me laughing nervously and getting redder and redder) It's fine, don't worry, at least we can laugh about it!

I then notice that most of the sales team is looking at me, trying to work out whether it was a deliberate mistake or not. They notice how embarrassed I am and work out it was a mistake. I get looks that indicate to me, "You couldn't have planned that any better" or "you go girl!" and we all fall about laughing.

At least it made me realise this person has a sense of humour.....and I swear, I will find the good in her and bring it forward. That is my mission.

This week is going to be absolutely manic. If want to see hubby at all in the next two weeks, including a bank holiday, I have to drive up to Liverpool. Hello...this is me that's only ever driven on the smallest motorway in the UK!!! That's a two hour drive on major motorways!

Either I drive up to him for a long weekend, or I travel on the train. Do I prefer driving in the safety of my own car, in my own speed, or travelling on a vehicle I have no control over with gawd knows how many other people on board? Hmmmm methinks the car with the mp3 blaring loudly chain smoking all the way to curb the nerves whilst listening to hubby's Tom Tom.

Wish me luck!

So, Monday, shopping with Mum :) Tuesday through to Thursday work full time. Friday, lie in, pack, and drive for two hours. SPend weekend up until Monday with Hubby and his work colleagues, oh yeah, he is working by the way. All the more time for me to sleep in the hotel room yessssssss.

Drive home, and chill before going back to work on Tuesday.

Scared? Who me? Nooooo

Absolutely terrified!!!!!!!!!!

Love and hugs, and remember, there's no F in P's!!!!



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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Verbatum Impersonal Questioning

Ok, there may have been some confusion about the last post. The remarks were yet again made by someone at work, not the same person as last time, but someone new. Someone I took an instant dislike to.....and without my influence other people dislike too. We now are placing bets as to whether this person will last any longer than six months with the company.

Wednesday 8am, I stroll into work early, unpack my flask and cold drinks and this person walks over. I turn on pc ready to quietly sit and read blogs and sip my milky coffee before starting work. Here's the conversation word for word (verbatum) with relevant capital letter indicating emphasis on relevant, annoying, words. Remember this person has known me for only two weeks, in working terms thats six days, 7 1/2 hours per day = 45 hours.

W = Whiskyminx
RP = Relevant Person

RP- Wow! Do you have an energy drink EVERY day.
W - Only at work
W - I need it due to my illness
RP- WHAT illness
W - I Have Crohn's Disease (already feeling uncomfortable talking about my disease to someone I hardly know!)
W - Ulceration of the bowel, anywhere from the mouth to bowel (standard answer to this question)
RP- So I guess the tablets you take make you SLEEPY so you need the ENERGY DRINK to keep you AWAKE.
W - Sort of
RP- Do you have kids
W - No not yet (standard answer) ( I normally reply here with a sense of humour either, too busy practising, or hubby is a big enough kid as it is)
RP- HOW long have you been married
W - Fifteen years this year
RP- YOU'VE been married for FIFTEEN YEARS and you DON'T HAVE KIDS!!!
W - Yes, but we've been together for 20 years (trying to firstly, understand why she is asking me such questions, and create some sort of distraction)
RP- But WHY don't you have kids
W - (by now beginning to lose my temper and my cool) As yet I haven't been healthy enough
RP- But I have TWO KIDS how can you cope with NO kids, and your ILLNESS as well
W - I just do, I have a sense of humour (thinking unlike you) that helps me through.
RP- Wow, where I come from EVERYONE has kids

I now undo my flask, pick up my cup and decide to fill it with warm calming coffee, rather than throw the heavy mug at her head from two feet away.
W- Oh well.

Thankfully at this point she walks away, how she didn't feel my eyes burning into the back of her head I don't know. The Gentleman walks in, and he instantly knows something is wrong. I blurt something out in a whisper, and then spend the rest of the morning in such a foul mood, that even J who sits opposite me is scared to talk to me "in case you bite my head off", and the customers are asking if I am ok.

Still fuming after lunch, I decide to take a "personal affair" toilet trip, cry my eyes out for four minutes to get it out of my system, and then am back to normal.

Supervisor S knew something was wrong, she asked me at least eight times if I was ok. I don't want to mention this to Supervisors or management. I don't want it to seem as if Whisky is ganging up on the New Girl just because she comes from a different country. And no its not America or Germany!!!!!

I know she has had a completely different upbringing, one that is obviously led by being forthright, extremely curious, and extremely uncaring and unsympathetic towards how others might feel by her probing.

I've decided, and I've already acted on my decision. I will answer her work related questions willingly, showing no dislike. Her personal questions next time will be met with my sarcasm. I WILL turn it around somehow without making a fool of myself. She HAS to learn that people have feelings, and not everyone is up to her standards.

I also have to reiterate here, that everyone else at work is wonderful. I am within the most supportive sales, and customer service, and technical team I could be (excluding the new entry). The directors and my manager have been more supportive regarding my return to work than I could ever have imagined. I have never had a cross word with anyone I work with, unless they have annoyed me, and that takes a LOT.

How many people can walk around a company of one hundred office staff, and everyone asks how you are, did you have a good night, weekend, if there's anything I can do to help just give me a shout, AND KNOW that they mean it.

I am lucky to work for a company that treats you as an individual, not a number or an automaton. Where even the Managing Director asks about your health, say's it's good to have you back at work, and sends you a Birthday card! Where the sales manager always says hello, compliments you on ringing the bell for a £10,000.00 order, and winks everytime he walks past you (In a non sexual way!!!).

Where both your supervisor, and you manager thank you for the work put in every day, and I mean EVERY day. It's a pleasure to be there. Yes it's damned hard work, keying up to 200 orders a day, or processing up to 600 edi orders, deadlines to meet, as well as taking calls, solving problems etc etc. But we are admired for our work! We are thanked for our work! We enjoy being together as a team, and that is wonderful.

Yes I look forward to the weekend, my weekend starting on a Thursday night. I want to go into work on Friday's, but knowing the lack of sleep would do me no good I don't. Hubby home at the weekends leaving on Sunday night. The only thing that stops me from going into work on a Monday (free from pay), is taking my Mum to Morrisons and Tesco to help with Dad not driving any more. Then Monday night, I watch my pre recorded Supernatural, drool over Jensen Ackles, and go to bed looking forward to getting up at 6.30am and going into work...............and anyone who knows me from previous jobs will know that for me that is a miracle....hehehehehehehehe!

Anyway, I think I've made up for not blogging for a week and a bit, apart from the shirt post the other day.

Love and hugs to all, especially Holli and Nana.



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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Reality Bites

It's strange how one persons comments can hit right at the heart, cut to the bone, take your breath away and leave you so shocked you don't know how to react or reply.

That was the situation yesterday, and I'm still reeling from it now.

I share a lot on here, but in my life things are personal. Those closest to me know the truth, the reality and the reasons. But to have someone you have not long met come out and ask you so many abrubt questions within two minutes and make their own assumptions of me and my marriage don't go down well in Whisky land.

I will say, it was instant dislike with this person and that hasn't changed, maybe they will.

Ho Hum!

Sorry for not blogging, but with work, Mum and Dad's 50th anniversary last week, and the glorious sunshine here in the UK I have been a busy bee. Sunday was spent lazing in the sune, and hubby was amazed at just how deep a tan I can get within an hour and a half......roll on four weeks tomorrow. I will be sat on a sun lounger on Cala D'or beach. Holding hubby's hand as we once again feel at home.

And again in sixteen weeks. Twice to the same place? It's our second home there. We feel safe, secure, and peaceful. Our paces match, and we enjoy our solitude together. As well as the fact the apartments we go to rock, along wit seeing our friends at the restaurants!!!!

Oh well better go do some work.



Four weeks and 8 hours to go.....and counting!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Super Supernatural Video's From Lsketch42

I had some time to spare while waiting for an e mail hint hint....and so I thought I would check out some of the Jensen Ackles video's on You Tube. I came accorss all of these little gems from Lsketch42, and I mean gems!!

Please, please, even if you aren't a fan of Supernatural, have a peep......some of these are absolutely hilarious, even if you aren't a hardened Supernatural fan like me! So CCF, Sis In Law, Navie Wifey......get watching!

Here's a gentle introduction to the story of the yellow eyed demon, his "soldiers with paranormal powers" including Sam, and the ongoing struggle between good and evil.

Oh.....I forgot to mention the music is awesome too!!!

Supernatural Are We?

As you can see Dean, the brother with the shortest hair, has an ongoing fight on his hands. To keep Sam on the straight and narrow, and not kill him!!!

Ok, yeah so it was four and a bit minutes long....feel free to pop back and watch the rest, or, stick around for the fun part!

I invite you to join in and watch The Impalas........try not to laugh too hard, this had me in stitches!!

The Supernatural Awards Show

Brilliant...that clip of Dean with his mouth full makes me crack every time!

Ready for some more??

The Official Supernatural Drinking Game......as it says, strictly for hardcore drinkers only!!

And finally....please help me choose between the two most handsome men on earth.

Supernatural - The Great Winchester Debate.

Vote now!!

I know who I'm voting for.....drool!

I hope you had as much fun as I did...and there are many many many more amazing videos from Lsketch42 on You Tube, all devoted to Supernatural, Sam, and the gorgeous Dean (Jensen Ackles).

Ok, I'm gonna try pick myself up off the floor now.

Love and hugs



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Monday, April 09, 2007

Supernatural Fans Unite!!!

I may not have had much chance to blog recently, but I have been checking in from work. Including my site meter. I was surprised to see that my visits per day have shot up from betweent 18 and 21 to between 73 and 115!! So, I delved a little deeper. Checked where most of the searches were centred and found out it was a certain image posted ages ago on my top ten men post.

It seems that now the new series of Supernatural is back on, more and more people want to see the lovely Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) in the flesh. Hmmmmm don't we all ;) Most of the searches have been for my picture of him, or my picture of Dominic Purcell from Prison Break. I obviously have good taste in men :)

So.....to tickle your taste buds some more, here are three well chosen pictures of Jensen Ackles, yes you search engine fans that's Jensen Ackles from Supernatural.

Just making sure Google will find it LOL.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Those eyes, that perfectly tanned skin, although if you check the behind the scenes footage from the Supernatural dvd, you will see it is make up, he burns in the sun bless him. Cue me rubbing on after sun hehehehehehehe!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket If you're like me, an avid Supernatural fan, you will have noticed that this necklace appeared around the lovely Jensen's neck recently. Can I work out what it is? No, but I like it. He's not a man for chains, he goes for the leather thong style necklace. He has taste!

Saving the best for last.............. imagin if you will, a dangerous situation. Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) saving the life of his brother Jared Paladecki (Sammy Winchester) in a bloody battle. He's angry, yet at the same time releived he has killed the demon/vampire/shapeshifter that was threatening the life of his brother. He slowly removes his tee shirt revealing.......

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket THE most amazing six pack ever! I can see him now saying to Sammy "You owe me one bro......Big time"

Ok, ok, now pick yourself up off the floor, stop drooling and concentrate on the seriousness of the storyline.

Will Sammy revert to the dark side and be taken over by the yellow eyed demon? In the process will Dean be faced with the thought of having to kill his beloved brother for the sake of humanity? How many "special people" are there out there. The ones with psychic powers, who dream of deaths before they happen, who have spoken to by the yellow eyed demon, been told they are special, and they will be the soldiers who bring down all of mankind? How many of them have powers beyond belief, telepathic abilities, the ability to move things just through thought, the ability to electrocute someone with just one touch, the ability to alter the thoughts in someone's mind?

Will good win over evil? Will Sammy stay a loving brother helping Dean to defeat the yellow eyed Demon. Did Dean make a pact with the demon to bring back his father who sacrificed himself in exchange for Dean's life? If so, will the father come back as a good person, or a soldier for the demon......how many more episodes are there? Will there be a third series? What will I do when it finishes?

So, Supernatural fans unite, and yes Sunray Child that includes you. Anyone yet to see the gorgeous Jensen Ackles in action, tune in to ITV2 ona Sunday evening at 9pm and watch his gorgeousness in action. Oh yes, and of course admire his acting skills too ;)

For now......I'm off to try and help defeat the yellow eyed demon, or to drool over some more Jensen Ackles pictures.

How many times do I need to to type Jensen Ackles in one post to become a Google "whore". Hhehehehehehehe.

Sis In Law......thank you for Saturday, another lovely day with you, Mr Bleach and the girls. But....I think you need to check out Baby Faith's (Holli's) blog to see what the girls need for next year. An actual egg collecting easter basket!!!!!! I hope the girls had as much fun finding the eggs as I did creating the colours!!And yes I am up, hubby is none the worst for wear after his roller skating bike riding sessions ;)

Love and Easter hugs for all.



P.S. Down with the yellow eyed demon!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

So Suite!

Well, we are back from out overnight stop in France. We had a lovely journey over, me dozing in the car while hubby drove, lunch on the Eurotunnel and straight over to Belgium for our ermmmmmm supplies of cigarettes. Back into France and straight to our hotel. The Suite Hotel.

I knew as soon as we walked into the hotel it would be nice. The reception was filled with the most amazing scent, warming and comforting. We opened the door to our room/suite and I was in hotel heaven!!

It was a huuuge room, very cleverly designed. All along the left hand, curved wall, there was, toilet room, wardrobe space, kitchenette with microwave in a sort of space style space, more cupboard space, then a pod style bathroom with walk in shower and separate bath. The bed was huuuge, then the tv could be moved wherever you wanted it (ideal for when I had my bath!), there was a sofa which converted into a sofa bed, an office chair, and a work desk that again could be wheeled wherever you wanted it. Blackout blinds to ensure complete darkness in the room, but the best thing........hubby noticed a line of "runners" along the width of the ceiling. In the tiniest of gaps he spotted something. You pulled out four long but narrow rug type things and the room was converted into two rooms!!! Wicked.

It was lovely, a nice firm but cosy bed and I instantly went for a kip while hubby started his wine shopping. He came back to wake me up, I was already up and having a bath nearly ready to go out for dinner. Over to the shopping centre's food hall, a lovely dinner later and back to our cosy sweet suite.

Up the next morning and downstairs for breakfast, a cute little hamper each filled with yogurt and jams, juice and cheeses, croissants and coffee galore we fuelled up.

We popped to the designer outlet stores and hubby yet again blew out on Lacoste shirts. (More money than sense!), and I blew out on a pair of jeans worth all of ten euro's but....they were the perfect leg length for a shorty like me :)

Back to the Eurotunnel two hours early, expecting to be stuck in the carpark until the time of our train, no, they let us on the next one! Lunch on the train again, and back into England :)

I immediately snuggled down for a snooze, I was awoken shockingly whilst driving through a tunnel with sirens blaring. Panicking that the tunnel was on fire, hubby calmly told me someone had broken down. Calm once more I settled back down....next tunnel exactly the same thing again! I gave up on sleeping.

Home after dropping off the In Laws wine, Dr Who on the TV (hubby sat beside me in case the daleks appeared) and chinese for dinner.....heaven.

I watched the adorable John Barrowman on the search for the new Joseph, Phwwwoooooarr!, then hubby went to bed, and I watche the pre recorded Charlotte Church show featuring......you guessed it Jonh Barrowman.

Have I mentioned something really exciting?????? When John had his civil ceremony in December I sent a card offering my well wishes to his agent in london, with one of my little address cards in. Last weekend I only get a signed black and white picture of the man himself!!!! Thudd.....Droool!!!

So, a lazy Sunday, a busy Monday with Avon due, and three working days this week. Oh yes, and I now have the knowledge thanks to our neighbours, that our chimney is leaning and possibly about to colapse.....with hubby away all weed will I sleep??? At least they had the decency to wait until hubby was home to tell us. J next door even mentioned she would'nt want to be told something like that while she was in the house alone, bless her, that was really kind :)

So hopefully barring any chimney collapses I will blog again soon.

If any of my fellow bloggers notice an unusual ip address visiting their blogs from my town, it's me at work. Don't worry!!

My love and hugs for all



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