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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Still Here!

I'm still here.........but just been busy with You Tube, washing, feeding hubby and other stuff.

If anyone wants to find me on you tube...just do the usual and search for whiskyminx (all one word), and you'll find me.

Also....let me welcome my Mum back onto the internet......if you're reading this Mum **waves** good to have you back online!

Must go....time for my last smoke before work.

Love and hugs



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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday My Sunray Child

My special friend, on this day I wish you the best birthday ever.

Hopefully your daughter gave you the present inspired by me...it's amazing what you can do with a little love and a carrier bag.

Remember, everything happens for a reason....and us meeting by chance in an internet chat room happened for a reason. For me to be there for you and you to be there for me.

Huge hugs and love on your birthday.

Your dear friend



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Friday, July 13, 2007

My You Tube Premier!

Seing as series two of Supernatural begins tonight (Friday) at 11pm on ITV1, I decided to make and premiere my 1st you tube video today.

Plase feel free to watch, and check out my musical taste, my linkage with words and video, and my dedication to trying to improve.


Hope it worked.

Love and hugs


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Ok, now I don't ask much of my readers, in fact I don't really ask anything at all?

But.....now I'm making one simple request. My all time favourite tv show is being re-run on Friday nights on ITV1. I have just spent 21 weeks recording it on digital tv, on itv2 as I thought they had dropped it from the terrestrial listings!!!

So.......to ensure that the viewing figures are kept up I am asking one favour.

Please, just once, tune in or record Supernatural on Friday night at 11pm. Yes I know it's late, but if you record it you can watch it in whatever spare time you may have.

I can almost guarantee if you watch it once, you might just be tempted to watch it again. The two main characters Sam and Dean are absolutely adorable. At the beginning of the episode it will give you a catch up on what has happened previously, but....if you need any more information, just drop me a line or give me a call and I can tell you every detail of series one!!!

Please, we need to keep this series alive. It is fresh, funny, scary, and thrilling all in one show. There are droolable men, droolable women, sexy scary creatures, something for everyone, even the odd love story thrown into the mix!

Jared Padalecki is a talent not often found, 6ft2" of muscle and a wonderful acting talent. He plays Sam. Jensen Ackles, who as you all know is my all time hero, even taken over the number one spot from Robbie Williams, is truly a star in the making. He has already been on three or four American shows and reaped the awards for best newcomer, and sexiest male. This role was almost completely made for him. It shows his steely determination to protect his brother. His angst at losing his mother and father, his fight to kill anything evil that threatens life within the world. He is 5ft9" of pure muscle, intelligent, musical, playing the guitar and singing in real life, and most of all he is absolutely adorable.

Angry Dean, we will all just want to mother him. Even if he is pointing a shotgun filled with rocksalt at us!

So women of the UK unite, please, just watch or record one episode. Lets show the Americans that we are just as united in keeping this series alive as the Americans are. It HAS been renewed for a third series......but we want more.

What do we want?!


I don't ask much, and maybe, just maybe, if you watch it once you might thank you for introducing you to a wonderful programme, both scary and funny and packed with rampaging male hormones.

SN fans of the world unite!

Oh and heres a taster of the brothers in action. Dean is the shorter haired of the two brothers. The song, might be a little "hard rock" for some, but I love it.

Have a look, just press play once, go on I dare you, I'm sure it will make you want to watch the series that starts on Friday night at 11pm on ITV1.

Did I tell you it starts on Friday night at 11pm on ITV1??

Go on........for me, pwetty pwetty please.

***Spoiler warning for any existing Supernatural fans, this clip WILL show spoilers you may not want to see***

***Warning for 1st time viewers, there is some Demon slaughtering in here, nothing too gory at all, and bearing in mind that they are baddies, and more than likely already dead it's cool. Please, also consider that this is classed as a 15 aged programme and therefore not suitable for young children. No adults were harmed in the making of this video by Mnallison02, only those darned vampires, wherewolves, jynn, shapeshifters, reaperas and that troublesome effing Yellow Eyed Demon (YED). It's not too gory, go on press play, it's fun!!***

Just so there's no excuses, you need to press both "PLAY" icons, the one in the middle of the picture, and the one on the bottom left of the square.

Go on......press play, you know you want to.......you know you want to, look into my eyes, press play, press play, Friday night 11pm ITV1, press play press play.......

Ok, so having posted this, read it through and watched the video, I've decided this might be a bit heavy for some viewers......so. Here is the gentler side of Supernatural. The music is lovely, AND it tells the story from the beginning to help you understand exactly what happened to the brothers. This is mainly Sam's side of the story, telling how his mother was killed by the YED when he was no more than a baby. Hoe his 6 year old brother Dean carried him to safety. How Mommy and Pappa Winchester adored their boys. Then......it all changes. Papa Whinchester brings the boys up to be Hunters. To hunt any evil, especially the Yellow Eyed Demon (YED) that killed his wife, their mother, and eventually Sam's girlfriend.

If you need anymore inside info......ask me, I am the font of all Supernatural (SN) knowledge.

This amazing video is by my good friend in AMerica LSketch42.

Love and hypnotised hugs



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Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yesterday at work my dream came true! A few times now I have been asked to "supervise" in the absence of our team leader, much to the diasgruntlement of some people (persons non plural). Boss S says I have done well.

Well......yesterday I was asked to train a new person on one of our most difficult tasks/systems. It went well, we both enjoyed it, and the lady I trained said she really enjoyed it!

I think I'm a little bud slowly beginning to come into bloom, and I love it!

The new/old Whisky is finally back in the forefront, and almost on the top of the ladder that two years ago I was peering up at with trepidation.

Watch out guys..............here I come!!!

Love and hugs



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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

**Spoiler Alert**

Aly Aly Aly I'm sooooooo sorry. I just assumed as you were in America and they are way ahead of us on the episodes that you would've seen the series two part finale!

I haven't given away too much (hangs head in shame) but I'm sorry for not remembering you were having it all backed up on Tivo.

It's worth the wait though. I was crying for the first fifteen minutes, then cheering the boy(s) on for the next ten, then sat in shock when I realised who came to rescue them, literally from the gates of hell!

But, it was very nicely set up for the third season.....with over two hundred hells angels riding free who knows what can happen. But like everything there is a time limit! (hint hint)

This Friday I am attending a girl's work night out starting at.......5pm?! I'm looking forward to mixing with people from other departments that we don't really get chance to talk to as we are all so busy.

I'm also trying to frantically sort out a weekend trip to see my Sunray Child. It turns out the night of her birthday (I thought it was the night before) we are out......but, hubby says we HAVE to sort it out too yesssssssssss.

I'm a happy bunny. I have family, I have darned good friends, all of them, and I'm happy.

All I need now is Jensen Ackles **Cough cough cough**

We are so happy that Whisky married hubby and that hubby married Whisky....private family joke!

Love and happiness



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Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'll Be A Crying Tonight

Yes ladies and gentlemen. Tonight is the series finale of Supernatural. Thankfully we know it has been authorised for a third series, but tonight is the ultimate climax of series two.

Last weeks episode left me in tears, Sam is dead, Dean is holding his brothers blood stained body screaming his name. I know what happens, but......won't they get cramp sat there for a whole week before the next episode starts???? Joke!

As I said I know what happens, but, I also know that throughout most of tonights one hour show I will be in tears. I take it all so seriously! Fights with Wendigo's, ghosts, vampires, wherewolves, and demons really is serious stuff you know! Especially that darned old yellow eyed demon!

Anyway, hubby is home for the weekend, thankfully the terrible floods over here didn't prevent him from getting home safely from Scotland. This week he is still away but nearer to home.

We are lucky here, we are on high ground, unlike some of the people who have lost their homes and their belongings to the floods. I can't imagine how that feels.

Also our terror alert has been raised to the highest level. I'm heavily not into politics, but, I have to say, I saw this coming. I thought it might be on the actual change over day. There was an hour when we were without a prime minister! But no.....and I can see this, scarily, going on for weeks.

So....I'll sign off. I need to make preparations for nine o clock pm tonight. If the phone rings, hubby will answer and I will speak to no one.......no one until tomorrow. Hint hint Sis In Law. (I'm now expecting the phone to ring shortly before 9pm). On this one occasion Jensen comes first! Did I tell you he was in my home town and I didn't even know!!! **Drool**

Take care all

Love and hugs



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