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Friday, September 30, 2005

Scarey reaction, chips n gravy and whisky and coke!

Wow what a day yesterday was!.

I saw my Surgeon in the morning, and he was well pleased with my improvement. He was his usual laughing and joking self, and didn't ban my Mum from coming next time LOL.

We then went back to Mum and Dad's and had some lunch and a rest and went to the hospital for my treatment. Popped up to one of the wards to say hello, and found out they were closing :( very sad.

Anyway, within an hour of me being settled in the day unit my treatment was started by the Sister. I had a bit of a winge, because they said they wanted to keep me in for 2 hours after the treatment. But she was adamant. Treatment started, and me and Mum began a game of Gin Rummy.

WIthin 5 minutes......well....I was a very scared little lady.

I had "the reaction you aren't supposed to have". It was as if someone had flicked a switch, my face was incredibly hot and apprently within seconds had gone a burgundy colour! My heart was racing and my chest went numb.

The sister quickly ran over and stopped the treatment, then called for help on the fast bleep.

A consultant came within a couple of minutes, and told me I had had a near fatal reaction, but that they were going to start the treatment again at a slower rate. I'm like hang on a minite, are you sure I won't react like that again! She explained why my body had reacted like that, and how they were hopefully going to trick my body into thinking nothing was happening, and that they would be there if anything happened. I just hoped I would be as well!!

They re started the treatment at the slower rate, and the consultant and sister stayed keeping a close eye on me for three quarters of an hour. Within an hour me and Mum were back playing Gin Rummy and I felt fine. But Boy, do I not want to go throught that again! I bet my Mum doesnt either.

Soe we eventually got home at about 9pm, had chips n gravy and I had a couple of well deserved whisky and cokes. I crawled up the stairs to bed, determined not to freak myself out about thinking about the days happenings, and beleive it or not I slept like the proverbial baby!.

I'm due to have the treatment again in a month, and the same sister will be there to keep an eye on me.

I just have to say, that no matter how bad the NHS seems, the staff, and the consultant were absolutely amazing. After my little episode they treated me and my Mum like royalty. A big thanks to them!!!

I'm off for a week now to Cornwall with my lovely hubby, *(Who was oblivious to all of this happening until well after the event) and my Mum and Dad.

I'll blog again as soon as we are back, and maybe post some pictures of our holiday :)

I hope you'll all come back and join me then.

Love to all especially Holli and baby Faith......keep your chins up and stay happy!

Healing hugs



Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Hugs, Funny e mails and a really good Medium!

Firstly, thankyou to my Navy wifie friend for her comments! Yes, we need to catch up :)
Secondly, thankyou to Roddy for his kind comments too, Yes it helps to be a "ickle crazee" in this world.
Thirdly, thankyou N N for the wonderful hugs and e mail. From 50 to 85 in less than 24 hours....and yes I really do feel better!

SO, if anyone else pops by, please leave me a comment, it will be greatly appreciated.

I had a wicked e mail yesterday from my Navy wifie friend. The one about the cuckoo clock! Everytime I read it it makes me laff, and so far it's been about 6 times! I forwarded it to my sis in law, and she read it during her computer class. Typical her, she laffed and the whole class wondered what she was up to. LOL. So, keep em coming cos they brighten my days.

Medium last night was wicked (yes I know I keep banging on about it), really it was. I'm even bidding on e bay for her book. I truly admire that lady, her family, and the never ending work she does for both people who have lost loved ones, and her help in solving crimes. Tonight I'll have a whisky, and dedicate it to her.

I have to give Holby city a thumbs up as well. I did well to hold back the sniffle's. I just kept thinking, "hubby's sat right next to me and he'll say Oh No not again". Am I too much of a softy?

My sis in law rang on Monday to wish us a happy anniversary, and even she commented that I haven't changed. She remembers me walking down to aisle to a Whiter SHade of Pale blubbing my eyes out 13 years ago. She hadn't known me all that long then, and she admits she thought I was a nutter. Well I still haven't changed, I still blubb at the slightest thing, especially around her and Navy wifie.....they just brings out the emotional side in me ;). It's good to cry, just as it's good to laff!

So next time you laff so hard that the tears roll down your face remember. Whisky told you so!

3 weeks to go, until The Bride and Groom to be come over to collect the antique pc from us. I have checked and windows 95 should be fine for getting them online, Pal Tlak, MSN, music storage, Skype, and maybe even dvd downloading ;)......and you know what? I can't wait to see them. I can't wait to have a laff, and knowing me a sniffle when they go. Then I'll give them 4 hours to get home and wonder why they aren't online already ;). Miss you guys, love you guys, and I know you peep at this when you can through your friends pc....so a big HUG goes out to you through the screen.....I haven't done this for a while.......Mmmwwaaaaah!

Any way enuff for today.

And yes I know I keep spelling things wrong....that's just me being lazee!

Love n hugs (sniff sniff)



Comments please!

Just to let any readers know (if there are any). I have altered the settings so that anyone can leave comments. It means you can leave me a comment even if you arent registered as a blogger. There is a word verification thing just to make sure you are human. (just enter the letters that you see).

So please, please, please guys leave me some comments and let me know you are out there!.




Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sore bits, Sleepy and Jim Beam

Our anniversary day was lovely. We had some lovely cards, including the ones off each other.

Yes, the HS is still playing me up :( I feel like I've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson and lost! I'm hoping that my next infusion of the Infliximab (Thursday) will kick things into touch, and hopefully for longer than a week and a half this time!

At least it means that my lumps should have dominished in time for our holiday. We leave on Saturday, spend a night in Looe and then off to the holiday cottage somewhere near Fowey in Cornwall. I'm looking forward to it. A week with Andy and my Mum and Dad, laughing joking, playing cards and cooked breakfasts!

So here's to weight gain and a healthy week :)

I must remember to do my B12 before I go. The last 3 or 4 days, I've got up late, and still managed to crash in the afternoons for a sleep :(

And yes, you've guessed it the Jim Beam was my anniversary pressy. WHisky and coke here I come!!!!!!!! Woohooooooooo.

Love and hiccups



Sunday, September 25, 2005

Afterlife, Anniversary and Feeling rough

Well....compliments to ITV1 on getting hold of a darn good programme. Afterlife shows on Saturday evenings at 9.10pm, and is yet another programme about a medium. I have to say it's not as good as Medium on BBC1, but that is based on factual happenings.

It started with a good story....and next weeks looks just as gripping. I hope the tv in Cornwall has a good aerial!!!

Finally last night I got a good night's sleep.... noisy one next door wasn't so noisy. I did wonder if I would sleep, after dropping off for about 3 hours in the afternoon, but I went out like a light and slept straight through!

I spoke to the Groom to be last night :) I have sent them a letter explaining why I haven't rung them, plus the fact that I haven't had my mobile one d'oh. But it was good to speak to him, and I'm looking forward to them coming over for the weekend. Then.....when they get home they can be back online hopefully!

Now that was weeeiiiiirrrrrd!!!...........just as I typed that last sentence in I got a text from him! spoooooooooky.....**sings theme tune to twighlight zone **

It's mine and hubby's 13th wedding anniversary tomorrow!! Woooohoooooo 13 years together and still only a couple of rows! I still wonder what he see's in me but hey ho!

Feeling pretty rough today.....went back to bed yesterday and crashed out for a few hours, and still sore today. I'm due for my next dose of Infliximab on Thursday, so hopefully that will kick the lumps back into touch in time for my week in Cornwall.

Enuff of my ramblings.....I bet you are all falling asleep LOL

Love n hugs



Friday, September 23, 2005

Quiz Gremlin's, Bird Table's and Beautiful Jewellery

Well, Pal Talk was on fine form last night. It was Thursday after all and if Pal is going to play silly beggars you can bet it will be on a Thursday! I was trying to host the quiz, and at one point I even thought I had got myself set on mute. So Gggggggrrrrrrrrr at Pal. and Nuh nuh ne nuh nuh, cos we are going to do the quiz tonight (Friday) instead. *pulls a sticky tonguey out face*

So after much persistance, we decided to just chill and play music and chat for the night. It was brilliant. Good music, good friends and a giggle or two from Ann Marie and Michelle! All in all, it just means we get 2 good nights in Archie's room instead of one.

I was a good girl and got up early today and went for my blood test. After yet another sleepless night because of screaming baby next door. Oh joy soon there will be two of them....can't wait!

After I got back from the doc's I came online and checked my e mails. Had a lovely e mail from Moonflower, with a really cute picture to make me smile. I forgot to say as well, I had a wicked idea for a book last night. But I'll keep it under my hat for a bit and see how it progresses in my head ;)

Roddy popped up on MSN as well. For some reason my pc signs in on the old version when I 1st log on. He wanted to show me some piccies, so I signed on on the newer version.

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! I followed the link to his and his wife's online shop. He makes bird tables, and bird houses, and his wife makes jewellery. I've got my eye on a couple of things that were there, and I'm going to drop hints for hubby in time for Christmas.

The link to the web site is on the right hand side of the blog under "sites I visit" and I'm sure they won't mind if you pop along, have a nose and place an order if something takes your fancy. It's well worth a look, and I'm sure if you are female and like unusual jewellery, you'll be hooked like me http://www.cottagecraftsorkney.co.uk/

So Roddy and Susie.....stick with your dream, your talents are endless and should be nurtured and treasured. Be proud of what you do, what you create and what you are, lovely people with a flair and an eye for the unusual!

Here's to many more designs (purple please)

Love and hugs



Thursday, September 22, 2005

A losing Bid, an infestation and a long lost friend returns!

Grrrrrrrr at E Bay. I was happily bidding all of £1.45 for a much wanted dvd starring none other than Rupert Penry Jones, and some bugger came in at the last minute and outbid me by a penny! I'll just have to look out in the bargain buckets while I'm on my holiday :( cos Nothing is gonna come between me and Rupert on pause! Good thing Spooks is on tonight, I'm planning to record it and re watch it over and over and over...you get the picture LOL

My Ma came round this morning, and blitzed the kitchen. While I was "helping" i noticed a curled up leaf on one of my plants. It was a caterpillar home! Aaargh....that was it, all the plants straight on the doorstep, and a phone call to Dad to bring the pest spray. They were zapped, and are now back in their places pest free hopefully.

I popped online to see if I had any e mails....and had an offline from someone who had left Pal a while back.

If you read this....it's darned good to have you and your room back! Now I have my 2nd home back to loll in during the day, filled with ghosty stories and music. WHat more could a girl ask for ;) apart from Rupert and a box of chocccies of course LOL.

SO welcome Back GG xxxxxxxxxxxx



Wednesday, September 21, 2005

E Bay, Medium and more Rupert

I had a good chin wag with Archie yesterday...I like our little chats, so if you are popping in to read this Archie.....LUVS YA!! I love Skype, so easy to use, and just like picking up the phone to someone and saying hi :)

Well, e bay finally accepted my registration, after about 4 attempts. So I'm the proud bidder od 2 Rupert dvd's. Virtual sexuality. (He is the lead role, an "ideal" man created via an experiment). and the Four Feathers (Remake of the classic film) in which he plays a role. Cant wait to see if I win.....then I can press pause to my hearts delight.

I watched Medium on BBC1 last night....that programme just gets better and better. I have to admit, I had a sneaky blub when she was telling the little boy he could go to heaven, but hubby didn't notice so I couldn't have sniffed too loud. It's a programme that I hope continues for a long time. Based on fact, true stories, but all about mediumship. The lead character, Alison Dubois is helping the District Attorney's office with her "skills" as a medium. There are ghosts galore.....but it alsodelves deeply into her personal life. With her husband and 3 children. Last nights ep was particularly touching as it hinted that her 2nd daughter has her "powers" as well.So a big thumbs up for the BBC for getting this one, and here's to many more!

I managed to get to Tesco again today to collect my prescriptions, and picked up Derek Acorah's new book as well. Ghost Hunting. I don't know whether to read it straight away or save it until I am on holiday in 2 weeks. But could reading about ghosts and being in a strange house in Cornwall give me the heeby jeebies......I think it could!

The little one next door was on top form again last night (this morning). They must have fitted a stair gate to her bedroom doorway, and she bangs, and bangs, then screams and screams some more. I feel like ringing Channel 4 and asking for Supernanny to come and give them a few lessons, but they might think I was an interfering neighbour.

Well I'm not.....I'm just a neighbour who wants to sleep.

So, here's to some surfing for Medium.....

Love to all



Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Once I've picked myself up off the floor!

I googled, and googled, until I finally found Rupert heaven! www.rupertpenryjones.com is absolutely, and I mean absolutely full of info.....and thousands of pictures of the man himself. I didn't realise just how many films and programmes he had been in until I found that site. So a big thankyou to the Rupert Team for their hard work. The site is fantastic!

I can't wait til Thursday for the new episode....but I have heard a rumour that in ep 7 someone gets killed....it's not my man, but it could lead to him leaving MI5. Can someone pass me a reality check 'cos I'm starting to talk as if this programme's real!

Oh well.....enuff of Spooks. Dinner last night was sooooooooo scrummy. It was one of hubby's bargain's from the big store that begins with a T. Special chinese fried rice with chicken and prawns. I only managed half of it....but it was one of those meals you could eat all over again.

I tried to have an early night, but next door have changed the little ones sleeping arrangements froma cot to a bed and I don't think she likes it much. She keeps waking every hour on the hour and having a screaming, and I don't mean minor tantrum, I mean full blown someone's murdering her jobby.

Medium is on tonight, so I'll be glued to that, and then the dead zone is on....love both of those programmes. One is true and the other is by Stephen King, so they win hands down. Apart from Spooks that is.

Any way, enuff rambling. My thoughts are with J and her family.

Love to all.



Sunday, September 18, 2005

Downloads, TV and Rupert Penryn Jones

Well, this little baby is definately back up and running, and I don't just mean the pc. Virus free and working like a dream (the pc). I am frantically downloading music, and copying it from cd's to replenish my music collection ready for the quiz on Thursday. Last week was brilliant! Ads did a wicked quiz, and there were quite a few people there. I didn't win, but doing the quiz as a back up.

Anyway, I went for my Infliximab treatment as already mentioned in previous blog. I thought it may be a fluke the day after. I'm still slightly apprehensive, after all my symptoms seem to come and go, and come and go, then come back with a vengeance. But, and please keep fingers and toes frimly crossed.......things are looking and feeling really good. My lumps and bumps, are at the moment pain free, and their size is decreasing daily. My only question (s) is, will it stay this way, and why couldnt they have given me the darn stuff 6 months ago.

But here's to a nearly normal Minxy!!

The telly has been pretty darn good the last few weeks. Hence my decreasing visits to Pal Talk and Blogging. Loads of crime/horror/thriller stuff, which keeps me occupied for hours. But I have to say, the new series of Spooks on BBc 1 has got me completely and utterly hooked!

I always liked the programme, who wouldn't like a show on MI5 agents running round and saving the world, risking their lives, and sometimes losing them once a week on primetime tv?

But there is one particular addition to the team that has got me swooning left right and centre!

He plays the part of Adam, and in reality is known as Rupert Penryn Jones. Now normally I wouldn't gor for a three barrelled name, but, well, ermmmmmmm he is rather cute no matter what his name is.

He is 33, and married (worst luck) to Dervla Kirwan (Ballykiss angel). Blondey, ginger haired, blue eyed and I have to say a bit of a hunk.

I've googled him (in my dreams) and only really found info on him on the BBC site. But I will persevere.

So, sorry Dermot O Leary, but RUPERT ROCKS!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hahahahhahahahah......Whisky just wouldn't be a Minx wihtout a man to drool over now would she?

But you guys who know me, know I have steak at home (in the form of hubby). And even if I was offered Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Dermot O Leary and Rupert Penryn Joes on a plate, I'd still turn them down for you know who! :) He's my rock, my cuddle expert, my friend, my soul mate. But he knows that.

Anyway I'm off to google Rupert some more ;)

Love n hugs to you all



Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Virus's, Hospital Trips and Danger Danger Danger!

Woooooohoooooooo! I'm back.

Thanks to my brother in law the pc is now like new again, and virus free. As instructed my virus checker is now fully up to date, and will stay that way!

I was a little worried as his pc started speaking to us during the evening saying "Danger...Danger..Danger...Danger". I thought his pc had caught it from my pc, but he assured me that wasn't so.

So, now I'm in the process of downloading music, I can't remember half of the songs that I had so I'm going to start afresh.

I had my treatment at the hospital yesterday, and apart from the fact that it took them 3 and a half hours to get it going, it all went well. I woke up this morning feeling a little better so maybe it's working already. Finger's crossed.

So, thankyou again to Jo for her patience, for Archie and Ann for passing on messages, for hubby for putting up with me, bro in law for fixing my "ickle baby pc" and sis in law for the company and the scrummy sausage casserole. Singing the songs with the children was a bonus.....especially seing hubby joining in too, I just wish I had taken the camera so we could have caught it on video!

Mcdonalds, Mcdonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut.....he nearly got all of the arm actions right bless him.

Hopefully now my blogging will be more regular.....if any one reads it anyway LOL.

Time to go hit Pal.....

Hugs for all



Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday and feeling blue

Where to start? At the beginning.... My thoughts are with anyone and everyone involved in the happenings in Orleans and involving hurricane Katrina. Watching the newms makes me despair.

I managed to get rid of the trojan horse, or so I had thought. I was chatting to Jo, telling her what had happened when AVG announced it had found another one! I quickly sent it to the virus vault, and am at the moment running another scan. Thank you again Jo, for your time, patience and for sharing your knowledge with me.....id you weren't there I think I would have REALLY panicked. SO bless you!

This weekend has been a bit of a washout. Up til late and getting up late, then lying in bed watching dvd's cos it's the most comfortable place for me to be right now.

I wish someone would wave a magic wand and make all of the pain go away!

Hubby and I have at least managed to clear down the other computer. I'll ring the bride and groom to be tonight and let them know it's all ready for them. At least they will be able to get back online.

Not in the mood for writing much....I'm too tense about this trojan thingy.

Love n hugs



Friday, September 02, 2005

A Surgeon, A Quiz and Closure

I got up early yesterday (Thursday) as I had my hospital appointment. Mum and Dad took me, and Mum came in to see the surgeon with me. He was his usual happy self, "doo doo-ing" down the corridoor. He had a lovely tan as well, seing as he'd been on holiday.....luck devil!

Anyway, he was happy with my Crohn's abscess which is healing well. But the HS (Hidradenitis SUppuritiva) isn't going well at all. I showed him my new lump. He said there are no pills and potions for it, and told me off when I mentioned the Hydrogen Peroxide idea. After all it is a bleach!.

He is going to ring my other specialist doctor, and tell him to pull his finger out with the Infliximab. I should have had it weeks ago, but still haven't heard anything.

I crashed again in the afternoon. Went for a lie down, and the next thing I knew it was 6 o clock, and I'd lost 2 hours sleeping.

I did go and get my new headset though. The printer wouldn't work so I rang PC World customer services. A very nice chap ordered it for me and I got the online discount. I was well chuffed. They should have been fourteen pounds and I got them for seven pounds!

So yes, I'm back up and runnin on the music front.

The quiz went well.....only a few of us in there, but we had a laff. I missed Jo as she was poorly, but it was good to see Ally. Ann Marie was romping home with the answers, but Archie pipped her to the post and won!

So, this morning, I get up, did loads of washing and hung it on the line, watched House that I had recorded last night, had a bath so I was all ready to sit on the net for hours, then I did the usual. CHeck mail, check other people's blog's for updates, check coast to coast for new pictures, and then checked Ghost investigators site. I had received a mail to say the chat room was closed, which I was really upset about. But the forum is gone too!! All of those wonderful pictures, and evp's, all of the fun and laffs, and friends we had made :(

I hope people reconsider. But today is a sad day.

Also just found a bloomin trojan on my pc......shite now what do I do!!

GTG....luv n hugs