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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Introducing To Blogland....He's a Little Shy, It's Sameul Chucklebunny!!!

I've kept him hidden for long enough, he's been discovered by Pickle, so now it's time to introduce you to Samuel Chucklebunny!!. You may know him as Sam, the dog I sometimes doggysit for, well, he asked me to be his ghostwriter, and after checking it was ok with his Mommy and Daddy, I agreed.

He hopefully will have lots of tails to tell.....and I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy reading Sammy's mind, and writing them.

So now there's three blogs. This one, Whisky and Coke, my Crohn's story Whisky's Gin and Tonic which is updated whenever I can gain the confidence to remember some really bad times, and Samuel Chucklebunny's site.

Like in my poem earlier in the week Three Become One!

I won't start anymore, don't worry.

Hugs again



Do Not Bend!!

Firstly, the answer to the vegetable question...as in which vegetable do we never eat cooked, boiled or steamed...which yesterday I worded incorrectly, was LETTUCE.
It's the only veg you cannot cook, apart from in a soggy burger LOL.

I received a very special parcel today....handed to me by a postoman who had a smile on his face, maybe he was wondering what was inside!

It had very strict instructions on it, handle with care, and do not bend.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Doggy ornaments added to protect people's privacy :)

I waited, and waited, and waited patiently for hubby to gave home. I was determined not to open it until he was here to take piccies for me. In the end I went out just to avoid temptation. Popped to Tesco for petrol, and went to see my Mum and Dad.

I got home, read a magazine, and lay down on the sofa....still determined not to open it.

Yayyyyyy! hubby's home. He hadn't even had time to stir his coffee before I asked him to take some pictures, including one of me holding my treasured gift.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting isn't it gorgeous!! It looks sooooo much better in "real life".

Now I don't do this often, but here is a very rare picture of me, holding Pickle's picture. I do have to add at this point, the "lump" on my eyebrow is a mole and not a spot or a cyst as some people think. It is one of my many flaws, but it makes me, me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Thankyou Pickle!....words can't explain how much this treasured peice of art means to me. It will soon be in pride of place in my "new" living room. I thought it only right that a picture about meeting people, should be in a room in my house where I meet people :) From the heart THANKYOU!!

Now for Moggie......a sample of one of my photo's. There may be more to come as I have finally uploaded them from my camera, not my pink phone :(

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A poppy that was recently in bloom in my garden.

Moggie, marks out of ten please, for a beginner without the right sort of equipment if you know what I mean, as in only a basic digital camera.

Holli has some amazing black and white pictures on her blog. For a self portrait theme. She mentioned how proud she is of her eyebrows....so I thought I would join in and show off mine. Eyebrows that is. So Holli, let me know your verdict.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hehehehe! bit of a close up isn't it LOL....maybe I'll re do it.

The "Whats" are still on form, but they have been quiet today! Maybe because it's rained all day, or maybe because I happened to bump into Mrs What yesterday. She had popped round at 9am to check if it was ok for a lorry or two to park outside our house. I said it was fine, and I think she guessed she had woken me up by my grogginess and the fact I still had my eyemask on my head. I had only got to sleep at 5am due to mozzie infestation and then worrying about hubby getting up again. Anyway, I saw her later in the day and she was very apologetic. I told her not to worry as she wasn't to know that hubby was working shifts and had been going to bed at 8pm Hint Hint about Mr What banging until 10pm. She did say that she had noticed he had been away a lot. See my previous nickname for her of Mrs Nosey was quite accurate LOL.

I asked her how her dog was, as it had been poorly recently. The poor thing has been diagnosed with epilepsy! Bless him, he doesn't even recognise that they are there comforting him during and after his fits. His medication is constantly being altered to try and stop them, and I hope that he is soon better!! I did offer to babysit if ever they needed my help. She asked if I meant the children or the dog. I said without thinking, I don't do children.....only doggies LOL.

Well I do babysit children, but not hers! Only family kids.

I must put someting right as it has been playing on my mind. In a previous post I complimented Sis In Law and Mr Bleach on their parenting skills. I must also mention that I have two other Sister's In Law. One of who's children aren't really at the telling off age just yet, and the other, who has three boys. I must add that if ever the boys need correcting for anything, they are taken aside and it is done quietly......that I also think is admirable.

It was worrying me as I know one of my other Sister In Laws has in the past read the blog, and I didn't want to imply she wasn't isn't a good mother. She is! and so is her hubby :)

Anyway I must dash.
The new sofa, and my furry cushons, who I have named Fred and Barney, are calling. Remind me to tell you the story of my neighbour opposite and why I now have to draw the curtains in our living room at night. Remember it used to be our dining room and wasn't used much. But that is another story for another day.......

And, I haven't forgotten my poetry either, tonight is going to be a bad night on tv, so I feel either exhaustion induced sleep coming on, or pen hitting paper with a poetry dedication.....Sis In Law....Mr Bleach.... Clever Crafting Friend.....Navie Wifey......hubby, you'd better all be prepared. But you know me, I'm always nice ;)

Love and hugs to all........especially Pickle, his owner and his owner's wife for my treasure parcel!

Catch you tomorrow!!



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sleeping In Between Demolitions

You all should know me by now.....I'm a sleepaholic. A lot of it is to do with my Crohn's, which most of the time I don't like to admit to! A lot of it is to do with as I have now been off W888 for two years and two months I have got into a really bad habit of staying up late and watching tv shows, and getting up late. As you may have read the last week hubby was on freaky shifts and I had to stay a wake to wake him, pack him off to work, and wait for a text to say he had arrived safely. This week, his shifts although still slightly freaky, are a little more sleep friendly.

He is rising at 4.15am to go to work, and hopefully leaving work at around 2.30pm. So.....I go to bed at my usual late time, but am not so worried about huuby as he is getting more sleep.

Friday morning, after getting to bed at about 4am I was rudely awoken by next door having two skips delivered. I reiterate, I totally understand that this goes with the work they are having done.

Friday evening, Saturday evening, Sunday evening, and tonight the guy next door has been "working" from around 8pm until around 10pm. When I say working...I mean battering the living daylights out of anything in sight!

Sunday, I tried to have a nice, long, relaxing soak in the bath.....he starts hammering. Now remember, for the past two years, due to wounds and suchlike I haven't been able to lie in the bath or use bubble bath! I had to kneel, and use an antiseptic bath tonic they use in the hospital. SO now being at a stage where I can finally, comfortably and safely relax and LIE in a bath using lavendar, or eucalyptus, or cinnamon is a dream come true.

Even tonight....I settle in the bath, smothered in Dove creamy bath bubbles, about to lie down and relax.....bang bang bang....drill drill drill. OMG!!

During daylight all you hear is hammering, smashing, and their favourite saying "WHAT?!" They can't say Pardon, or Sorry? Or excuse me? Or Could you repeat that.....it's a permanent session of WHAT'S from him, then WHAT'S from her....Oh my, Manners are essential especially whilst bringing up young children.

It's bliss to visit Sis In Law and Mr Bleach and hear them correcting Little Miss Purple or Little Miss Pink ina such a well mannered way. Even my Mum has commented on that....so it has been noted.

One memory is of hubby "stealing" something from Little Miss Pink's dinner plate. Her daddy, Mr Bleach asked if she had eaten all of her meat/veg? Meaning hadn't she done well. She looked confused, looked at daddy, looked at hubby, and then said...."NO it was him" and pointed to hubby. A child that doesn't even fib about eating a pea!!

As yet we have no children....but believe me when we do it will be Sis In Law and Mr Bleach's advice, along with my parents that I will take. Not next door's.

I'm going to rename next door, as I can't remember the nicknames previouslt mentioned. They shall now be known as Mr What, Mrs What or The Whats.

They are still traipsing wheelbarrow loads of stuff all through the house, and yet again hubby and I wondered why they hadn't put the skips at the rear. It wouldn't intrude on anyones parking or anything. Blimey if they asked they could even put one outside our back gate if it made things easier for them!

Three weeks in, "outhouse" demolished. Glass broken, and the footings are slowly being dug.

When we had our extension, within three weeks we were up to waist height in blocks, bricks and making the final decisions on where to put windows and doors. I say finsl decisions. One day me and my Mum went out for a drive, and came back to find our kitchen window bricked and ready to be put in.

I did quickly mention, that one, I couldn't see out of it being only 5ft2" and two I wouldnt be able to open and close it. It was resolved and lowered within an hour, and I now have a perfect view of our back garden and can open and close the window!!

I just hope that they have put as much effort into planning theirs as they are into the manual labour Mr What is putting in to get it built.

I'm sure when it is completed it will be lovely! What else could Th What's come up with?

Countdown begins....approx two weeks and we are doggysitting Sam-uel Chucklebunny again...woooohooooo!

Three weeks and we are off to see Robbie Williams in concert. Sorry SIL.

Four and a bit weeks and we are off for a fortnight in the sun in Majorca.

So that mean in seven eight or nine weeks I will return to W***.

The panic is slowly setting in.

It's now ten minutes to one o clock am. My eyes are drooping, my brain is shutting down...but that's normal for me, it never really wakes up! ;)

Our new tv is now in situe in our "new" living room. It's huuuuuuuuge! Our new dvd/video combi is set up, but the instruction manuals are yet to be read. We just need to get our NTL box to work and we will be back in tv heaven! Supernatural non stop playing on the dvd....along with Tom, Mel, and any other popular actors on film.

We will be able to convert our treasured wedding video to dvd, along with our holiday video from three years ago, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. I can't wait to see my Pop on the big tv screen. I miss him so much. That's my grandad in Oz, along with my Aunt and lots of other relatives we visited and stayed with while we were over there.

I'm sorry.....I'm rambling again. But....the stat counter is shooting up no end, I'm over 3,000 visits now and thats in twelve months. I must be doing something right.

My love to all wherever you are in the world.

My hugs can reach for miles, and I always have enough to go round.

Thought for the day, What is the only vegetable you eat without cooking, frying or heating in any way?

The answer tomorrow.



Sunday, August 20, 2006

Poetry/Short Story Day

Don't ask me how I am today....five hours sleep = exhausted LOL.

So.....I decided to share with you some recently written words, dedicated to two special people on blogworld.


Moggie, sleek and silvery grey
Eyes shine bright, tail flicks in anticipation
Something catches his attention
A butterfly, sitting on a drop of water, almost floating on the delicate petal of a beautiful flower, caught in the sunlight on a hazy day.
He pads to his supplies,
Strap around his neck, zoom lens after zoom lens attached to his camera.
Focus, zoom, accentuate the light.
This angle, that angle
This wing, that wing,
Which looks best?

Storm clouds closing in,
One single drop of rain,
Hitting the flower, it ripples and moved the petal,
Merges with the single drop of water and becomes a rivulet transparent in its journey.
The butterfly takes flight,
Dancing wings avoiding dalling rain.

Mogie looks to the sky in anger,
His shot now disappearing, or so he thinks.
Quickly he lifts his camera,
His claws retracted, his silky paws placed over the silverly button
In the blink of an eye his pad presses down.
The perfect shot
A butterfly dancing mid air
Heading towards a rainbow.



Pencil and paint in order
Blank paper waiting to be covered
A single thought crosses his mind "Dinner Time"
His stomach rumbles as he puts pencil to paper.
Amazingly adept paws drawing lines that at first mean nothing.
Features take shape,
Circles become eyes, triangles ears.
Simple lines become fur and whiskers.

His tail wags as he see's it taking shape
Through lines and colored patches
He creates, sound, movement and emotion.
Anticipation on the faces representing hunger and excitement.
You can almost hear the sound of food hitting te bowl all from one piece of paper.

He pauses, checking details adding words as he see's fit.
The once blank sheet of paper now full of magic.
He signs his name
Wags his tail and smiles an inner smile.
Picture complete.
Tummy rumbling, tail still wagging he pads gently accross the floor.
Eats his food, quick drink, time for sleep.

All this time Pickles owner was watching silently.
Amazed at paws moving and tails wagging.
Amazed that the dogs face seems to smile even in his sleep.
"Time to wake up Pickle, it's Dinner Time".
He puts down his coloured pencil and takes Pickle's face in his hands.
"Love you Pickle" he says "Look what I've drawn for you"
The dog looks at the paper

Just seing the food bowl makes his stomach rumble.
He wags his tail and pads gently accross the floor and eats his food.
It's amazing how real a dogs dream can be!


Three become One

Three different beginnings
Three different lifestyles
Three different outlooks
Three different goals

Three people passing
Three blogs appear
Three different stories
Three different souls

One draws on paper
One snaps the world
One gives hugs freely
One slowly forming mould

One click we meet each other
One word and we were firends
One goes the others miss them
One on a long and lonely road

One broken darned computer,
One holiday to be had,
One goes but not forgotten
One hello they return to the fold.

Three clicks, their friendship bonded
Three days, three weeks, three years
Three drawings, three pictures, three hugs
Three eternitites of friendship old

Three plus three plus three is nine
One plus one plus one is three
Three divided soon become one
Three united souls

Each drawing represents a thought
Each picture a memory
Each hug can soon be multiplied
Until it becomes tenfold

Three friends,three people
One wish each makes three
My wish a secret but I'll share
I hope our friendship lasts until we're old.


I hope you enjoyed reading my writing as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Two special people with two special talents.

I think I must do some more writing, and choose some other people from my life to base them on. Sis In Law......I feel a poem for you coming on!!

Hugs for all as always




Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wedding Dress Extravaganza!!!

As some people may be aware, August 25th is national "wear a wedding dress day". The idea is to wear a wedding dress all day and raise funds for your specified charity.

Guess what?!.........my Mum is doing just that. She is a volunteer at one of The Myton Hospice shops in Coventry. They are currently trying to raise funds for the building of a new Hospice on the brand new University (Walsgrave) hospital site. They need to raise 5 million, and are well on the way to that figure.....but need as much help as possible.

The plan is, my Mum and one of her working colleagues are going to wear wedding dresses and have preplanned bus journeys throughout Coventry to the other Myton Hospice shops. They will of course have an assistant with them for protection, but also carrying a bucket to collect as much cash as they can along the way.

Of course I'm not asking you to climb on a plane or train to my home town.......but if you wanted to make a donation the web address required is Myton Hospice Coventry Appeal.

I will keep posting this link until the date.....so if needs be, please have a think before donating. Even if it's just a penny.....every penny counts. Or if you feel the urge, and live nearby why not arrange your own fund raising event. All of the details required are on the web site.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. And thankyou in advance of anyone decides to make a donation, no matter how big or small.

Hugs as always



P.s. I will post photographic evidence of the wedding dress wearers as it is soon to be featured in our local evening paper!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Picture Perfect

I have been granted permission to share Pickle's adorable picture with you. For any of you who didn't click on the link provided previously for Pickle's site....drumroll please......here his proof of his amazing skills!

A little birdy has also told me, that I may soon be the proud owner of an original Pickle picture! That way anyone who enters my house will see it in pride of place. I did tell the little birdy that a big worry of mine was that I might cry when I open it! I am determined that no matter when it arrives I won't open it until hubby can capture the moment on camera for the blog :)

A short post for now as I am waiting for hubby to get home. I think we may be popping out as soon as he gets back, but more of that on a later post.

For now, although the post today is small....the hugs are still as big!



Extend The Hand Of Friendship ANd Say Hello!

Please, Please, Please with cherries on top. I have had so many hits recently on this site I would love to know who my regular readers are.

Please just pop into the comment section and say hello. Even if you are anonymous it doesn't matter.

I know SIL, and P and C read regularly.......but please say hi to the Mad Woman.

Hugs for all



Pictures In Practise!

Yesterday afternoon I made my mind up to ditch taking pictures on my mobile phone (the pink one) as it's pointless not being able to transfer them to the pc Ggggrrrrr....so I got out our old faithfull digital camera and toured the garden. We have some lovely flowers in bloom right now, and some wildlife as well! I took some pictures and will upload them. Probably today. Then Moggie can examine my practise shots and give me his verdict LOL.

I was a good girl last night and did some ironing, and cleaned the cooker. My Mum kindly attacked it while we were away and it was almost sparkling clean. Now that I can finally bend down properly I am determined to keep it at its shiny best :)

Next door's demolition work is still going on with avengeance. Like I said previously it is to be expected while their extension and loft conversion is going on. But I'm sure that he is taking out his stress whilst mashing things with a hammer. Lets give them nicknames. I think for her Miss Nosey is appropriate, as whenever we have visitors she comes out of the house for whatever reason she can find and looks to see who they are, where they have parked, what they are doing and how long they might stay. One of these days I might just hire a strippogram to shock her!

Lets call him Mr Strange....that just about sums him up. Anyway, their now non existant "lean to" at the back of their house was like ours used to be. Brick built to waist height, then glazed walls and ceiling. Most of his brickwork has been demolished using a lumphammer that at times I thought may knock the tiles off our kitchen wall. Now for the glass. Hubby and I discussed this quietly last night, as I am still in my horoscope someone's listening/watching week. I came up with a brilliant idea for disposing of the glass. Once removed, place a strong tape down the middle of each sheet, therefore halving the size. Score through with a glass cutter, snap gently, wear gloves and carry through the house and place in skip. Job done, no mess.

Mr Strange decided otherwise. Everything so far has had to be carted through their house and into the skip at the front. Why he didnt have the skip placed at the rear of the house I don't know, but that's just womens logic for you. Anyway.....we hear smashing glass.....and I dont mean just a little bit. Smashing as in lumphammer hitting glass and sending it everywhere, all over their patio, garden and inside the house. He then sweeps it up lightly and puts it in the skip.

With two small children and a dog would you have done this?! Glass everywhere, trailed all through the house, and in the direct path of the dog going outside to relieve itself! No.

My way, even huby admitted made complete sense. And I'm a woman who has never demolished anything at all. Apart from the odd chocolate bar ;)

My college friend is visiting on Friday morning. Yayyyyyy! We are both going to see Robbie, but on different days. We will have lots to catch up on so I'm looking forward to it, as I do with all of my friends visits.

Then, as hubby is off on Friday and Saturday only, we are going to get a new telly. And to look at and compare prices for our desired holiday destination. Two weeks of heaven. Sun Sea Sand, Sangrai and Seafood. While we are away, we will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. I'm sure a romantic meal maybe overlooking the harbour will be had. But no matter where we are, as long as we are together.....who cares!!

Anyway, another long blog from me. I have my writing head on this week.

Love to all
Hugs all round



Monday, August 14, 2006

Bedtime Stories, Words Of Wisdom, and Motorway Madness

Well.....hubby has started his "funny" shifts, and it has totally thrown us into dissaray. The poor chap is having to get up at 1.15am and getting home at about 2.00pm. The evening before his first shift I offered to stay up to make sure he was up in time, but he insisted I go to bed early as I was tired. So, 11pm, yes 11pm I went to bed. The earliest in months! I slept well, then began having the strangest dream. It revolved around me being lost in a house, but knowing I had to get back to the bedroom to wake hubby for work. At one point I was sat in a room watching tv and feeding horses.Huh? Yup two white horses in someones living room, but what I fed them was even stranger?! Onions, oranges and lemons?!

Anyway, up and down corridoors I went trying to find hubby to wake him for work. Could I find him.....no! Panic set in. In my dream it was only eleven thirty, so when I awoke from my dream panicking, I thought, it's ok, if it's eleven thirty I can go downstairs and watch tv and wake hubby at the required time.

Downstairs I trotted, lit a cigarette, still panicked from my dream, and looked at the clock on the cooker. Well blow me down with a feather! It was three thirty!!

Panic.....hubby's cigarettes were still on the coffee table, but I was sure when I had walked passed his bedroom door it had been open meaning he was awake. I frantically checked the kitchen for his car keys....gone! Car gone! He had left for work PHEW!

It took me a good hour to get back to sleep, but I knew after all that, that hubby HAD left for work.

Sunday, and we had been invited to Sis In Laws for dinner. Hubby got back from work at around two and went for a sleep. I crept around the house, doing my hair, re doing it, putting on makeup etc. Trying to keep myself occupied quietly as hubbu napped. I woke him up, rang SIL to check for final instructions, and off we went.

Now although I have only driven myself to SIL's once, I have done the journey numerous times as a passenger. I was a bit shocked, but kept quiet, when hubby decided to take an alternative route, and a different motorway.

Sure enough, we then were stuck in a traffic jam, not moving for three quarters of an hour. I texted SIL, then rang her as I remembered she "doesn't do texts" to let her know we were running late.

As we waited, I watched the goings on around us. People getting out of their cars and grabbing things from the boot to entertain themselves on what could be a long wait. Children with the biggest gobstopper sweets I have EVER seen! Men discretely popping behind a bush to relieve themselves. And to top it all off, one extremely dozy woman....her car was in the inside lane. She was the passengar. She prceeded to get herself out of the car and take her infant from his car seat. Even though she was directly in front of a flashing sign that said there had been an accident! She then took her child in her arms and strolled accross the hard shoulder to have a look in front. Even hubby commented that she hadn't looked behind her, and an emergency vehicle could come shooting up the hard shoulder at any second to get to the accident, and she would be directly in the way with a small child.

Sure enough, seconds after she had ambled back to her car an ambulance shot down the hard shoulder. We eventually passed the accident. It looked like a cars tyre had blown, but thankfully everyone was safe. We evntually got to SIL's and had a scrummy dinner. I must ask her for the recpe for her honey carrots!

Blimey......long post today!

The kids were adorable as always, and hubby turned up the excitement value by teasing them as usual. I had my hair done by Little Miss Purple, after I had done Little Miss Pinks hair. Mr Bleach and SIL had a friends daughter staying with them who is lovely....the girls adore her, and I think she may be a budding artist. Either by drawing and painting, or in photography. As she is german, like SIL occasionally translations were done....but I did understand one, I heard the word tattoo, and knew immediately that she had asked if these were the couple who had had the tattoo's done. Hahahaha! I then showed off my german skills, got it badly wrong, and tried to say my german catchphrase. I'm a little silly cow. But I failed miserably :(

We left fairly early as hubby had to be in bed, get five hours sleep and then get up for work. I stayed up this time, ensuring that he was up, had coffee and left safely for work. Then little miss panic here, sent him a text making sure he had arrived safely. He had, so a good nights sleep was had by me.

I awoke to the sound of huby getting back from work. I got up and asked down the stairs "is that you" my voice was craoky....but it was him not a burglar LOL.

After a quick breakfast and catch up with him I came on the net.

First stop e mails, second stop bebo, third stop Holli and Faith's blog. Second stop a work related blog. Third stop Pickle's blog. I was gobsmacked. He has a new picture on there today. I, as always, enlarghed it to look closer and read the words......and there I am in one of Pickle's drawings!!!

Please pop along to read the Bedtime Story yourself....if you are a blogger you will understand. Pickle's Site. and join me in keeping this beautiful and strong person in our thoughts and prayers.
Pickle's site, a beatiful array of hand drawn pictures.

As I have said in previous posts, probably to the chargin of some people. My internet friends mean as much to me as my "everyday" friends. And to know that I am in their thoughts, as they are in mine, means the world to me. When I read Pickle's post I cried. But.......when I returned from holiday and saw Moggie's post, I cried too.

Please pop and have a look at this Moggie's Site.Please look at his wonderful pictures and scroll down to Whisky's Words Of Wisdom.

There is another link I need to add as well. A fellow Crohn's sufferer who has kindly linked my page on his site. Crohn's Patient We crossed paths on the Crohn's Zone site, and seing as we are suffering from the same disease but different symptoms, we thought we would both share our experiences.

I think today's post has been the longest ever, but one last thing.

I know that some people in my life are experiencing tough times right now. All of you are in my thoughts. You know who you are, and I won't go into detail. But please, catch my smile accross the internet, grab my hugs, and know that I care.

Hugs for all.....especially Pickle and Moggie
Lots of love and smiles



Sunday, August 13, 2006

People Listening In ?!

I am an avid reader of my horoscopes in my favourite newspaper The Daily Mail. On Saturdays and Sundays they are always in the magazines. I make a point of reading the paper, and then flicking to the relevant page to read both hubby's and mine.

Mine has filled me with fear for this week......it says I have to be careful with my conversations. That there are people listening to things I say, and watching things I do! Is this a sign that work have finally involved a private investigator!

LOL. I know it's not the case....well hopefully not, but I do know it could be a sign that I have to be careful about what I say relating to my neighbours. They are having an extension built at the moment. Of course, the noise, and mess is expected.....but hubby and I are forever discussing the previous days goings on when he returns from work. The arguements and door slamming in front of the two little ones.....the foul language, and the fact that their dogs mess can stink out our garden in an instant. I did drop a BIG hint about that the other week. I wanted to sit in MY garden where I wanted to sit. It stank!! So I went and got one of my beloved incense sets and set them up in a row right next to their garden. Don't worry, there's no fence there so there was no risk of me setting fire to anything. It was bliss......sitting in the sun, playing soduko, and instead of being hit by wafts of foul smelling you know what, I was enveloped in musk, and various delicious scents. Heaven.

ANyway.....whilst sitting in the garden I realised just how much you could hear from inside. I.e. if next door are out in their garden and hubby and I are discussing anything, it can be heard word for word.

So last night whenever I had anything to say that was slightly linked to them I whispered it so quietly that hubby couldn't hear! After all.....my horoscopes are normally spot on.

Our neighbouring house on the other side (the other side of the entry as we are semi detached) now has new residents!!! We were wary of who might move in as the last two families were wonderful.

On Thursday as I was in the bath Mum opened the door to find my new neighbour there. I quickly dressed and came downstairs excited to meet her. She seems lovely. Her and her partner chose the house as it has a loft extension (sooooo jealous) and tat means that his daughter from a previous relationship when not at uni in London has her own self contained flat. We had a lovely chat, about the area, where the chinese was, how they had settled in, security lights etc etc. She explained that her partner can be a little shy at first, and I said hubby was the same.

Anyway, Friday evening on our way back from the chinese we both bumped in to both of them. The men were introduced, and we had another chat. They both seem really nice, and it's such a relief to have at least one set of nice neighbours again!

A very good friend left me a comment on here the other day. No I haven't forgotten about you, how could I? Me and Paltalk havent crossed lines for a while, and I havent seen you on MSN.....but you are still in my thoughts. We really must chat soon hun!!!

Today we are off to Sis In Laws for dinner :) I can show her my tan, and my Tattoo....ooops did I say that LOL. I can see the girls and meet her friend and of course have a word with Mr Bleach regarding turning ALL electrical equipment off before going on holiday......he now knows that that is a big no no!!

So for now I'll love you and leave you.

Hugs for all



P.S. the above post was whispered just in case I was overheard as instructed by my horoscope!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Blinking Blog Password Lost!!

Hmmmmm! Remind me to be careful next time I delete my cookies and temporary internet files from my pc. I carefully wrote down all of my access codes and passwords to all of my important sites.....and I still couldnt get back into my blog!

Normal service has resumed, thankfully.

I went to see my surgeon Mr R yesterday. In our brand new state of the art hospital! It's amazing, and you can tell it has been designed by a woman. Lovely bright and cheery chairs in the waiting area, flowers on each reception desk, meeters and greeters who will gladly take you to your assigned destination, and a lovely atmosphere to boot.

Unfortunately Mum got the pink chair and not me LOL, but we only waited fo fifteen minutes or so to see Mr R.

He took one look at me and asked if I had been away...I told him only as far as Sussex and my back garden as I wasn't sure if I was alowed abroad. He promptly told me it would be the best thing for me!

He checked my wounds, there is still on which is pretty painful and swollen in an awkward place..which he is going to keep an eye on, but as my Dermatologist had said, he couldn't believe my progress from six months ago!

I can return to w*** after my fortnight abroad. He has stipulated part time for as long as possible, to try and get my life back to normal. Even he then said I would never be normal! He knows me too well!

He asked if I had put on a "few pounds" I admitted it was more like a stone and he chuckled. I asked if my weight was ok and he said it was good to at last see some meat on my bones. At least now I don't disappear when I turn sideways :)

He will see me again in three months....I did say I would call him if I had any problems in the meantime, he winked at me and said he would be off that week!! Bless him. I love him to bits, and he is one of the only doctors who has listened to the inner me.

Hubby has been working from home quite a lot this week. So far it has resulted in swapping the living room for the dining room and vice versa. This has worked out well.....our new sofa looks lovely in the front room, and hubby now has his own work station in the dining room with internet connection for work. It means he doesnt have to sit in the sweltering heat in the conservatory to work. The only slight technical hitch we have come accross so far is the bird. Every time hubby's mobile rings, the bird wants to talk to whoever is ringing as well. I'm sure hubby's boss doesn't mind getting wolf whistled at down the phone, as long as he knows it's not hubby.

Also for the next week definately, and possibly the week after, hubby is working Sunday to Thursday. Starting work at 5am means he will be getting up just as I go to bed at about 2am. Early dinners, and early nights for him. And I will do my best to spoil him rotten and even if necessary, insist he spends a couple of nights nearer his work destination if he looks over tired.

For now, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

My hugs and love for everyone!



Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I know it's late....but my mind is full of thoughts tonight.

I checked my webstats which tells me how people found my site, where they are (roughly) and how long they looked at the site for.

Over the past few weeks I have had approximately thirty hits from people searching for pics of one of the guys from Prison break. The older brother, darnit now I can't remember his name.....it must be Dom something as thats what people have been googling!

Also my funny picture of the woman sign in Looe cornwall, lost cockatiels in the west midlands, Crohn's disease, Hidradenitis Suppuritiva etc etc etc.

I decided to do a google on myself. Sounds painful!

I entered whisky and coke, hit search on all sites not just the UK and guess what.........my tiny little piece of blogdom is placed at number 1 and number 2!!!

Well knock me down with a feather I'm nearly as famous as Baby Faith the cutest baby in america!!! My site stats are shooting up......in only a year so many hits and so many dedicated readers, I must be doing something right :)

Of course people are welcome to rob my site of my pictures, only joking, they are there for your enjoyment. But why Dom....thats it I think....Dominic Purcell could be his name but I might be wrong...all I remember is he was in my top ten men. Well my top eight really as hubby took up two spaces!

It's now nearly midnight, my sleepers are kicking in, but I bet tonight I will be thinking for hours.

Going off on a tangent, a few years ago during one of my hospital stays I got extremely depressed having spent nearly three months in a secluded hospital room. One of the lovely student nurses talked me round into seing a counsellor, and not many people know this. I talked to her for hours, I answered her questions and literally bared my soul.

Her conclusions.....I needed to think more about myself and less about others! No way....my life revolves with the people around me being happy and healthy. If I see or hear about the people I love and care being under the weather, or stressed or depressed I worry. I know some of them must think that with all of my problems theirs are the least thing I need. Bull**** It makes me happier and healthier to listen, understand, offer advice and show I care.

I can't be selfish. I think selfish people are worth nothing. Even in your most turbulent times to help someone else is important. You never know when you may need their help.

I never want to think that people are worried about talking to me or asking my advice. I will never turn someone away, unless I'm asleep of course LOL. I've even answered the phone in "awkward situations". I've even spoken to Sis In Law via hubby whilst in the bath. I would have spoken to her directly but I wasn't sure if the battery in the phone might electrocute me in the bath!

So, if you know me, I care. If I know you, I care. If I'm yet to meet you I will care. If I always know you I will always care.

Maybe if you are a first time reader it's time to say hello. I don't bite. After all, anyone who's a fan of Dom has good taste.

I even came across someone the other week via Baby Girl B's site (Holli's relative who is very poorly and always in my thoughts) who has exactly the same maiden name as me! Right down to the spelling! No that really makes it a small world.

No matter where we are, who we are or what we are, we are all human, have feelings and emotions and need, even if it is occasionally, support or a friendly voice. I never discriminate, until someone hurts me, my friends or my family. However, I am an "instant" person. I know in a second or two if I will like someone or get on with them or not. If that happens I'm sorry. But until now, on blogland it hasn't.

I'm still a little jack russell at heart. Hurt my friends or family,and I'll be at your ankles so quick (being only 5ft 2") that you won't know what's hit you. That is of course if I can find the right way on the motorway!!

So for now, I wish you a good night, good morning, or good evening depending on which part of the world you are in.

And I was right about Sis In Law.....I did get a phone call after she read the updated blog about the T purchase. I got a telling off, and reminded I would one day be old and wrinkly. So when I'm 98 and the nurse in the old people's home says "Oh my dear what a pretty T you have" I'll remember Sis In Laws words and smile to myself.

What I didn't tell her was that there is a possibility that next year we will visit Rye again......I think my hearts need two lines coming from them making them into ballons, and holding the ballons will be a small piglet. Does anyone think that will be original and suitable for a purple/pink piggy loving person?!

Anyway I'm rambling again.

Until tomorrow, well later today now.

My love and hugs for you all, and don't forget to say hello if this is your first visit.

Oh and feel free to google whisky and coke to boost my ratings even more. Google it, and then visit the sight it will push me higher in the ratings war of "how much whisky to put in your coke"......or should that be how much coke to put in your whisky".

Big kisses


P.s. No I'm not drunk! Just in thoughtfull mode

Laughing Seagulls, Low Flying Sand, and Something Beginning With T!

Well......I'm back. I didn't post yesterday as there was so much catching up to do on e mails and blogs and such like.

We also had to go and collect our treasured pet bird Snoopy from his holiday stay at Mum and Dad's. The big sofa move happened the Friday evening before we went away. We now have a lovely cream leather three peice, and Mum and Dad have the most gorgeous leather and fabric corner unit which is absolutely huuuuuuge!

Our holiday was lovely. We stopped in a static caravan on a site which was situated on a nature reserve. We had bunny rabbits outside our door every night, along with the biggest seagulls we had ever seen. They did the usual call that seagulls made......but they also "laughed". It was wierd. It was like a woman laughing her head off, and of course everytime I heard it I laughed along too. I think that because they frequented such a happy caravan site they had mimmicked the sound of so many people laughing!

We went to the site club a couple of times, and I had a go at the karaoke. Firstly I sang Robbie Williams Angels which went down well, then Katrina and The Waves Walking On Sunshine which I used to sing with my band.....that went down well too, and one woman came over to hubby and my table and demanded I do another one.....LOL. I did She's the One by Robbie, but changed it to He's the one and dedicated it to hubby.....the lady then came back and said we had to get a caravan on the site as I would go down a storm each week at the karaoke! It gave me a much needed confidence boost.

We spent a couple of days wandering around Rye, the first day we were followed up the street by a clinking sound, and the next thing we knew there were four or five knights in full armour doing a full scale battle right in front of us! Swords and everything. Although I knew it was carefully choreographed, I still clung to hubby's tee shirt for grim death as I was scared!

We followed them down the street and saw in a field down below there was a medieval type village set up. We wandered down and watched the archery, popped into all of the tents, stalls, and looked at things from fox furs eeeuuuugh! to incense, weapon making to candle making.....and it was a really refreshing change.

That night I admitted to hubby that there was something I had wanted for a very long time......and no it's not rude. He admitted he wanted one too, so we decided to think about it some more, and see if we could find the relevant place whilst we were away.

We visited Camber Sands on what must have been the windiest day of the week...bad choice. Although the sun was shining and improved our tan....we got sandblasted literally. I never knew you could get tham much sand in your ears and up your nose....needless to say it was sandy showers all round when we got home.

On one of our trips through Rye we spotted the shop we needed and decided to wander around the farmers market, and pop in to have a look. I have to admit I was nervous.

We wandered in, had a good look, made our decisions, sort of, and went for a final coffee before comitting ourselves.

As we sat drinking our iced coffee and cappucino I relayed some important advice to hubby. Only the week before on Baby Faith's blog, Holli had mentioning that purchasing such an item must only be done once you are in your thirties.....or older.

Hubby agree'd. We knew it would be for life, so a serious decision was made. After coffee's were drunk, and copious amounts of cigarettes smoked (tutt tutt) we headed back to the shop.

I went first, my decision made on two hearts pretty similar to the ones on the top of the header on my blog. Hubby went next and opted for a small cross.

I'll leave it to your imaginations what we bought.....I know one person for sure, Holli will know what we are talking about. I'm sure some people will disagree with our purchase....and I am betting Sis In Law might have a word or two to say!

I worked up the courage to tell my Mum and Dad as that was my main fear....that they might disown me. But they were cool about it and even said they were nice. Although I bet as soon as we had gone they talked about it in more detail.

My one regret is that we didn't meet up with C and P. The caravan was just too small for a travel cot unless it went on the roof. And the site were pretty strict on passes. My other regret is that as I felt I had let them down I didn't call them to apologise. I hope all is forgiven.

I'm glad to be home, in my own bed, my own lavendar scented bath, my own sofa especially the new one with the big chocolate brown suede/fur cushions. Our own home cooked food. But it was a well deserved break for hubby, and recuperation for me.

I still have one leg bigger than the other though.....I think due to my wounds, and the way I had to lean/lie, stand up, limp etc one set of leg muscles has deteriorated slightly and is thinner than the other. I hope I can build it back up again......maybe hopping on it for a while??? Bad idea as knowing me I'll end up landing on my butt and do myself more damage!!

Wish me luck as on Thursday I see my surgeon Mr R. I'm hoping he will say I can make plans to return to W***. My only regret is I forgot to get him a stick of rock!!!!

I'll leave you to peruse my ramblings.

Love and hugs as always