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Monday, October 31, 2005

Not one to back down from a dare (But I'm going to regret this!!)

The photo's have arrived, and boy am I going to regret this.

I have also added a photo of me looking "normal" just to prove I'm not a complete nutter!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Me Looking Normal (in hair growing mode I might add).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bjork impression 1 (ok you can stop laffing now).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Bjork impression 2. If you're not rolling around the floor laughing you can read the rest of the blog Hahahahahaha!

So far today has been eventful. Thinking I was being clever I added Paypal to my Ebay auctions. I received my 1st payment via this method, then had an e mail to say I needed to upgrade to receive payment via credit card on Paypal. Grrrrrrrr, and of course this incurs charges. So wally face here has sold an item for 50p and had to pay 45p in charges!! Hubby might not be impressed. Oh well, will just have to up the lowest price offered and remove Paypal from future low priced items. Hopefully I get to tell hubby before he gets the news from the blog! AArrrrgh. (dozy moo me).

Had a phone call from an old friend I used to work with, and got asked the usual question, are you back at work yet? ermmmmmm apart from the fact that I can't sit on my butt without being in pain......no springs to mind.

Yesterday's time change threw me out completely as well. I ended up staying up late cos I was telling myself it was an hour earlier than the clock said. But at least I've been good and done some washing. Only 4 more loads to go.

Just decided I'm in a ratty mood LOL. Sorry if I'm ranting a bit, it's not the photo's it must be the steroids. (Thankfully they are now finished).

Anyway, Sis In Law.........dare completed! Do I get a gold star? I wanted to post the halloween picture that you sent, but thought I had better ask permission before I did it. Some people (understandably) don't want their children on the web. But it is soooooooooo cute. *waves to N and D*

Anyway, enuff rambling, whuittering and moaning from me.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures (Hides her head in embarassment)

Love and hugs



A Close Shave, Stew & Dumplings, and A Happy Birthday!

Bless my hubby! He did so much on Saturday morning. Went shopping, popped to the garage to get the repair costs for his car, bought a birthday pressy, went into town to pay in our e bay profit, and went to the post office to get the postage costs for items sold. He had an hours sit down and a cup of coffee, and then we headed off to Sis In Law's for the mass stew cook-off.

It was all hands on deck! Hubby and Sis In Law peeling veggies, Bro In Law monitoring the neices, and me supervising and drinking wine (I got the good job). Sis In Law got carried away with the potatoe peeling, and we ended up using a whole 2kg bag of tatoes! Soon everything was peeled, chopped, fried, and left to simmer while we headed off to the Birthday Party round the corner.

It was good to see all of the brothers in law, sisters in law, mums, dads and children all together. And I think that the birthday girl enjoyed it too. Shoes off, drinks, open pressies, see people we hadn't seen for a while and then tootle off to check that the stew simmering hadn't burnt the house down.

All was well in stew cooking land, dumplings were made and popped in the 3 saucepans, and I think the meal was enjoyed by all :) It even got a thumbs up from the girls.......so well done hubby and Sis In Law for making a wonderful dinner, there was plenty to freeze and I think Sis In Law will enjoy not having to cook once or twice :)

All was going swimmingly, one neice was nearly asleep watching the pop dvd, the other was chilling out in Daddy's chair..........then in came hubby and started a new game!

Let's throw the children in the air and see if we can hit their head on the ceiling I think it as called. The 1st time it was played I was a nervous wreck. He held onto the girl's wrists and lifted them up as they jumped, and they had a whale of a time, but me being me, I got nervous and snuck outside for a quick ciggy to calm my nerves.

Sure enough, half an hour later, after jumping on Daddy, they wanted to play again. It was stopped quickly as the littlest neice came within half an inch of having her head put through the living room ceiling! Three adults, in unison all took a deep breath and went Aaaaaaargh! Of course the girl's loved it and wanted More More More...but No....it was too close a shave and we all chilled out some more.

I even had my hair done! and as soon as Sis In Law has e mailed me the piccies, I will post them on the blog. So, for those of you who haven't seen me....watch out!

For those of you who know what I look like, imagine me with a Bjork hairstyle!

You'll just have to wait and see!! ;)

So..........thank you Sis and Bro In Law for putting up with us all day, it's always fun, and yes hubby has got achy shoulders today (serves him right for trying to dent your ceilings).

As for the "story of how Sis and Bro in Law met" yes I fell for it hook line and sinker. As it's Bro In Law's birthday in May, how about, instead of a bouncy castle, we have a may "pole" in the garden ;)


Anyway, that's a long enuff blog for today I think.

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Love to everyone mwaaaaaah!



Saturday, October 29, 2005

Here we go again!

Yesterday (Thursday) was eventful to say the least.

My infusion was started at 1.41pm and at 1.51pm (according to my Mum) I reacted yet again. As happened last time it was like flicking a switch. This time, my heart was the first to go, beating furiously, then my chest tightened and then I had the hot face flush and turned burgundy. Sister Sonya straight away stopped the infusion and checked my heart rate. It had shot up from 86 to 155 so she immediately fast bleeped the doctor.

A lovely chinese doc turned up within a couple of minutes, they gave me an intravenous doese of steroids there and then, hooked me up to a drip to try and flush the Infliximab out of my sytstem asap. He left 2milligrams of adrenalin at the side of the bed (just in case), and said I may need to be admitted if my heart rate didn't drop.

My poor Mum saw it all, and was more scared this time than the last. And Sister Sonya admitted she hadn't slept the night before because she was so worried about me!

Eventually, my heart rate slowed to 92, and I felt fine again. Trust me. If I'm going to do something I don't do it by halves do I.

So, no more Infliximab for me :(

Sister Sonya was brilliant, she told me that there are still a few other things that they can try, and she brought my appointment for Dr Loft forward to a week on Wednesday. She mentioned he would be heartbroken that I had reacted, and it would make him even more determined to find something to help me.

By the time hubby came to collect me from Mum and Dad's I was exhausted, we popped into the chip shop for tea, I watched House and zonked. I am on a high dose of steroids for four day's to ensure there is no further reaction, and boy do they make you drowsy!

Oh well, another close call. But one I don't intent to repeat in a hurry.

Sis in Law had left a message for me, so I rang her as soon as I got home. Don't worry, I'll be fighting fit for Saturday Mwaaahaaahaaa! (Evil laugh).

On to today. I set my alarm so I could ring my Mum before she went to work and let her know I was ok, had brekky and then my college friend came to see me. We have known each other for 18 years now, and each time we meet it's as if our college days were only yesterday! We had a laugh as we reminisced, and it looks like I'm going to a concert with her! Off to see Mark Owen (of Take That fame) and it should be a really good night. I'll be at the stage door afterwards, drooling and begging for a photograph and autograph. Knowing College Friend she'll be right there beside me LOL.

Later on Clever Crafting Friend (CCF) came to see me as well. She showed me the shawl she had finished crocheting for a "soon to be Mom" and it was beautiful! Intricate, and the wool was soooooo soft. So once I'm on a roll with my squares I might get more adventurous and make a blankie too!

I'm a lucky girl, cos she brought me a box of choccies as well :) I will share with hubby.......honest!

As always, it was a lovely visit. It must be 8 or 9 years that we have known each other and I'm just so lucky that the friends I have are long lasting. If I'm lucky maybe a little of her Clever Craftingness will rub off on me :) until then, it's squares, cross stitch, and blogging for me.

So that's the last 2 days in a nutshell. Short and sweet, like me LOL.

I promise to behave at the Birthday party tomorrow ;)

Love and hugs to all!



Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chinese Sweets, A Telling Off, and Good To Go!

Dinner last night was scrummy! We had the usual pizza from Tesco, but the garlic bread was delish! It's a new one we hadn't tried. Ciabatta with garlic and parsley. I could have just had that and no pizza!

Anyway, as usual, after dinner hubby logged onto the pc. He showed me an email he had sent to his boss. I think it was asking for the ok on something. His boss had replied and I quote "Yes, Go Home!!!!!!" I asked if I could do a reply to him and say I 2nd that, but hubby was having none of it. At least Friday and Saturday nights are PC free nights. He always makes it up to me then by cooking dinner at the weekends, and tormenting me when we watch telly. I know he luvs me really LOL.

One of his work colleagues had sent home some sweets from China. One of them was sort of like a candy covered shredded wheat? An acquired taste I guess. The 2nd was candy covered chocolate, and I still can't believe I gave hubby half. Tutt slipped up on that one! The 3rd was especially picked for me as it was a jelly sweet, and schlurple purple!! It was like.....well.....jelly. Very nice :) So to the lovely lady (who has yet to be christened with a blog name) Thankyou hun! Big kisses from me.

Anyway, on to today. I was up at 7am. Yes I remember what it looks like on the clock now! and we were at the hospital for over an hour waiting to see Dr L. But it was worth it. I always stipulate to see "the" Dr, rather than one of his understudies. That way you get continuity of your condition. Well, he was really pleased with the Crohn's site. Is referring me to a dermatologist for the HS, my blood results are all fine and show that my tablets are in my system, and.....because my body is healing so well on the Infliximab, I can have the treatment once every 2 months for ever!!! So finger's crossed no adverse reactions tomorrow, and I'm back to seing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

Seing the dermatologist will cover all angles of the HS. and who knows, there may be something else which may improve my condition enough for me to reume reasonable normalitly?

I've just made myself a promise. After I have blogged about my next lot of treatment I'm not going to mention the Crohn's and HS for a while. It's not who I am. I know it has helped make me who I am, but I have always said there is more to me than my illnesses. So thats 3 words that will be banned. The W*** (work) word, C***** (Crohn's) and H* (HS).

Sis In Law.......HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I'm so pleased that you married hubby, and that hubby married you. (Private joke). Luvs you, but get back to your cleaning before Mr Bleach returns!!! and I'll see you on Saturday........anyone got a gobstopper?


I sent my CCF (Clever Crafting Friend) an e mail earlier, and I think she may wonder if I have finally lost the plot? I started off ok, but then went into blog ramble mode.....so CCF I'm sorry if I whittered too much ;)

So......I'm off to do something and nothing for a while, and will post as soon as I can after the treatment tomorrow, and as I'm in a silly mood I'll leave you with this saying......

"Remember you're a Womble"....

Love and hugs to all



P.s Hopefully tomorrow or Friday's blog may make some sense for a change.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Countdown Has Begun !

Yes...I'm on the countdown for the next lot of "treatment". I see my medical doc tomorrow, and no doubt he will assess for himself if the treatment is working or not. As long as he thinks everything is going well then Thursday is "D-Day". Yes I'm scared, but I bet my Mum is in a worse state than me! I'm sure it will all be fine, I've taken the tablet's, and the infusion will be at the rate of 60 and not 125. I'm also sure that the nurses will be watching me like a hawk, especially Sister Sonya. I found a piccy today on my travels, and before I post it, I want to say that it in NO way looks like SIster Sonya, because she is beautiful......but I think she would agree with me that it is how she may react if I turn a funny shade of burgundy on Thursday.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I was a late birdy getting up again today....I still blame the tablets. I told hubby what time I crawled out of my pit yesterday, and he was gobsmacked. I did lose it a bit and tell him that not only was I under the influence of 2 lots of painkillers, and 2 diseases, but also another tablet that makes me drowsy. He just looked at me sheepishly. I hardly ever use it as an excuse for my tiredness, but last night I snuck in just one punch LOL.

I also told him something and I'm glad I did. (All will become clear later in the blog). At 10.15pm I looked at him and said. "I'm going to tell you something now, and you will probably laugh at me". He looked at me and politely said "No I won't". So I told him. "L is in Labour". He just agreed with me. I had talked about L to Navy Wifie on Sunday, and yes we knew she was due any day, and that if there was no birth by Thursday she may be induced. But that gives 5 nights (including Thursday) that she could have been in labour. I still don't know why the thought came into my head? I was sat watching Missing, quite engrossed in it in fact, and a voice inside my head just told me.

So, today has mainly been spent watching my e bay sales (doing nothing), doing ridiculous searches on e bay and google, and posting on the Crohns Zone site.

I forgot to mention that last night I had a "lesson on spreadsheets" from hubby. I am a complete dunce when it comes to formulaes, but between us we got it to do what we wanted it to. Even down to the P&C profit!

Sis in law rang as well and we discussed the up and coming birthday party ( well apparently it's only an invite for a cup of tea and a piece of cake) and our views on the Xmas scenario. I ranted, she agreed, she ranted I agreed, and after I came off the phone I decided I am going to make a stand!! I have a plan.......and it's not too complicated, but for now it's a secret. ssssshhhh!!

Anyway, after downloading most of Robbie William's new album from the net (legally) I received a phone call. It was Clever Crafting Friend (CCF) telling me that one of our friends had had her baby. A baby boy. Apparently she had gone into labour sometime last night!! and eventually had him at round about 4pm today. Was it female intuition? or do I have crystal balls? We'll never know I guess, but it will be interesting to see what time she went into labour!.

So if everyone can raise a glass tonight with me, and toast the new arrival. Mother baby and father are doing well, and I wish them all the happiness there is. xx

Here's a picture just for them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Tomorrow will be an early start. I have to be at the hospital in the morning, and then me and Mum will do the weekly housework. This week I will help! Honest!

Anyway, that's enuff from me. I hope you have all had a good day, and I'll no doubt be bavk to blog tomorrow.

Love and hugs (especially for Mummy, Baby and Daddy)



Tuesday, October 25, 2005

All's Fair In Love and War

Don't ask me why I chose that title cos I haven't got the foggiest!

It's another one of "those days". I set my alarm for 7am to take one of my tablets. I'm only on them for 3 days to try and prevent "the reaction that you aren't supposed to have" from happening when I have my Infliximab infusion on Thursday. The Sister did tell me that they might make me feel drowsy, and considering you should only take 1 a day for hayfever, not 4 like I am having to do, I expected to feel a little tired. So. I took my tablet at 7am, went back to sleep, and finally resurfaced at, lets just say, gone midday!! So the answer to that wuestion is, yes, they do make you drowsy. I'm on my third of the day, and currently feel sort of comatose!

Ma In Law came to see me this afternoon. She had a cup of tea, and ate the cakes that she had brought with her which were scrummy! I have had my instructions for Xmas, and will stick to them by the letter, no more said!

I also downloaded Open Office onto my pc. It was advertised on a BBC programme last night so must be ok. It's quite clever, almost the same as Microsoft Word, Exel, Powerpoint and Acces. SO I'll have a play and let you know how I get on with it.

Managed to add another 10 items to my e bay sales as well, and registered with Pay Pal to save waiting on cheques etc. Just need to hit on that "magic" item that will turn me into a millionaire. LOL as if!

Anyway, a short blog for a short day. Hubby is home, and yes it is only five minutes past seven! Wooohooooo he's home early :)

Off for dinner, and a good tv night.

Love and hugs



Monday, October 24, 2005

The Day after the Robbie Williams Extravaganza

Wow.....a 31 year old fit guy who can sing. Last night's Robbie in Berlin concert was truly awesome. His new songs are really catchy, and I can't wait to get the album :)

Hubby and me sat glued to the show, tv volume up high (and I mean really high). Then we got out all 8 of his albums and played our favourite ones. I stood in the kitchen with 2 pens and a can of coke. Yes I was Robbie's drummer (in my dreams). I used the pens as drumsticks, the work surface as my snare drums, and my coke can was my cymbal. Even hubby admitted I was quite good. I just need to find a drumkit you can play standing up now!

I went online at midnight, just to check how our e bay sales were going, and eventually crawled upstairs to bet at 2am! I went into the Crohn's zone chat room, and ended up staying for an hour and a half. Tutt tutt!

The phone woke me this morning, it was one of the brother in laws, (NOT Sis in law's hubby, one of the other 2) inviting us to our neice's 1st birthday party. No comment!

I got up eventually, and the phone rang again....it was Sis in law asking if we had had an invite....she was talking to hubby, but had a minor "train slamming into childs head" crisis and said she would call us back. Oh the joys of motherhood! She called back, and we had a good natter about the birthday party, well the one hour invite anyway LOL.

I checked our e bay status until my Navy Wifie friend and her daughter (Miss Crystal I shall call her) came to visit. It was soooo good to catch up! Wierd how Miss Crystal and I were on the same wavelength about decorating our soon to come (hopefully) new mobile phones with crystals. Great minds think alike!!

Navy Wifie asked me all about the "reaction to the treatment" episode....and yes I filled up while I was telling her. I think I'm just scared about having the treatment next week. We chatted about Most Haunted, I can't believe D A is leaving!! and the up and coming birth of a friend as well. All in all it was a visit which made my weekend :)

So....thankyou Navy Wifie and Miss Crystal, and I'm glad that Navy hubby is soon returning to warm the bed!!

All of the e bay items except for one have sold.....and I think hubby is quite pleased. Fingers crossed that the transactions go smoothly.

So...that's my weekend. I'm off to enjoy my roast dinner.

Blog soon!

Hugs to everyone



Saturday, October 22, 2005

Guess what?? I can Crochet!!! Woooohooooo!

Thursday was fun!. I was supposed to be helping my Mum with the dusting, but it ended up being one big crochet lesson while Mum did the housework. I had already done the ironing and the weekly plant watering, so as soon as Mum arrived we started on the lesson.

I learnt the stiches, but couldn't do them! I got really flustered, then realised....d'oh I'm left handed! SO.......I started again, and between me and Mum I worked out how to do it left handed.

I stood up to dry the dishes and was promptly told to go back to my crochet, as Mum "needed to check I could do corners". Then stood up to grab a duster and again was told to carry on, this time to "make sure I could do straights". But it was all worth it!

I was well chuffed......Mum was sooo proud of me, and my Dad was too. At last I've accomplished something I never thought I would be able to do! and there is photographic evidence to prove it :).

So I'm on my 3rd square. I finished off the 1st, then it took me about 6 attempts sto start off te 2nd. Could I remember how to change it from circular to square? Could I heck. Then it came to me in a flash of inspiration whilst trying to get to sleep. Sure enough I picked it up on Friday and started it no problem.

Friday wore me out to be honest. With hubby using my car, and not wanting to pester Mum and Dad, I walked to the doc's for my blood test. WHat would normally be a 15 minute walk took me a little over half an hour. I had put my book and an energy drink in my handbag, so the hours wait for the nurses to start was used well by reading and sipping on the drink. I was revatalised (yeah right!) and ready for the half hour journey back. I even stopped in at the Co-op and treated myself to a sandwich LOL.

When I got home I was absolutely pooped! I managed to keep my eyes open for Johnathon Ross and Robbie performing his 2 songs, started to watch Jaws 2 and my mobile rang? It was the Groom to Be (Yayyyyyy) We had a good chat, and he passed me over to the Bride to be too (Yayyyyyyy!). We have finally set a date for the pc pick up, and I have agreed times I can call them without feeling as if I am interrupting. 3 weeks time and they will be back online courtesy of my old pc.

So I finally went to bed at about 1pm, still going over crochet stiches in my mind LOL, and slept in on Sat morning.

Hubby is sat here beside me and we have just checked out e bay status. It looks like 3 out of the 5 will sell so we are well chuffed, and he has stocked up on bubble wrap and jiffy bags too!

Anyway, I will post the pictures of my crocheting efforts, and I may retire for a snooze. This blogging is hard work you know! ;)

So, here's to a lovely weekend for everyone.




Image hosted by Photobucket.com Mum's 2 perfect squares, and my 1st attempt is growing..........

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Yayyyyyy!! 2 squares done and another on the way!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

G Mail (google-mail) Accounts up for grabs

As some of you may know I have had a G Mail account for a little while, but yesterday I noticed I had invites available for up to 100 people to give away!.

So if anyone wants a G mail address just drop me a comment, there's 97 to go!.

I had a really nice night last night. Hubby was home late, but bless him he bought me a box of choccies to let me know he loves me!!! He's so sweet like that. I think he appreciates that I don't nag (too much) about his long hours. Mind you if you are reading this hubby, Sis In Law will be on you tail soon so watch out. But no, it really is a lovely thought and thank you *hugs*.

So, after dinner we both logged on to the pc's. Him to do more work stuff and me to check on e bay, e mails, blogs and stuff. Anyway, I popped into the Crohn's Zone. A forum which I found a few months ago relating to Crohn's. Normally I would just post on the forum, but the chat room was open with a bout 5 people in there. Well I thought I'd take a nosey.

An hour and a half later, I had to come out cos Medium was due on in 5 minutes. But it was lovely. To be able to chat with fellow Crohnies was just great. There they all were on cam, chatting away, and as I was the "new" girl, they all looked after me.

Hubby was impressed too. To find a chat room where all of us have so much in common is amazing. To know that they understand the disease, and how we feel from day to day is great.

So that and one of my comments put things into perspective a bit more for me yesterday. Yes I want to go back to work, but what's the point of going back not well, and ending up worse than I was before. (Thank you H, you always brighten my day.....and talk sense! and boy do I need some of that occasionally!).

Sis In Law gave me virtually the same talk as well. WOrk isn't everything, my health is more important. So for a while the W word is banned. When I say a while.....I probably mean about a week LOL.

Hubby's car is poorly too :( so my ickle purple people eater is out on the road with him driving it (Poor Car). I must remember that there will be a strange man collecting hubby's car off the drive within the next 24 hours. I've got visions of me running out onto the drive in my jim jam's trying to stop him, then going Oh Hi Chris!

So finger's crossed hubby's car will be ok, my car will be returned in time for blood tests on Friday, and I can make the choccies last for more than one sitting Heheheheheh!

Navie Wifie is coming to see me on Sunday :) Yayyyyyy! So kettle on, feet up and catch up on the goings on with her. It'll be a blast!

Anyway.....enuff rambling for today

Love ya's all mwaaaaaaaah!




Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Do You Ever Get One Of Those Days?

Do you?

Well I had one yesterday! When you just sit and stare into space and think weird thoughts? Or as I did, sit and stare at my computer screen waiting for something to happen?

All in all yesterday was weird!

Anyway, on the positive side we have 2 bids out of 5 on e bay! I have had some invaluable advice from Navy Wifie regarding my sales as well. So I know what to watch out for ;)

My Clever Crafting Friend has ok'd (I think) her nickname. I don't want to use people's real names in here.....and so far everyone has recognised who they are, which means the names are ok.

But anyone who can, make cards, make cakes, do cross stitch, tapestry, knit, crochet, make the most amazing sugar craft cake decorations ever, currently learning how to do flower arranging, and still have time to run a household and work full time, deserves the CLEVER in front of her name! :)

There's still someone I need to get a nickname for though! A reader who I met only recently, who text hubby after my "reaction to the medication" post and is currently in China. I'll have to have a think about that one. I know she is a fan of elephants, but I can't exactly call her Dumbo now can I?!?!

Anyway, back to today. I was late getting up....again. I seem to be able to sleep for england at the moment. I was reading the paper when Sis In Law rang and told me about baby Nat's diagnosis. Get well soon Natty....and I hope the next lot of shoes meet with my approval. (Yes the schlurple purple butterfly shoes were returned due to intense scuffing within a matter of minutes). Tell Nanny they have to have purple on them somewhere!

Lucky Sis in Law is off for a well deserved break. I say well deserved, as the last time I was talking to her she was being sat on and having her nose held by one of her loving children!

I can't wait to see the ballet show, I'll be there video in hand.....ooohing and aaaahing and probably making my way through a pack of tissues, saying thats (sniff sniff) my neice! I'll behave I promise!

I rang work today as well. I was a little worried to put it mildly. But it was all fine. I was promptly told not to worry, and just to concentrate on getting better. It's been nearly 15 months now since I last sat at my desk. I'm itching to get back. I miss the work. I miss the customers and my colleagues. I miss making people laugh by just being me. I miss chain smoking in my 3/4 hour lunch break and catching up on all the gossip from the guys in the warehouse. I miss using my brain!! Aaaargh. Most people would be glad to have time off work. I'm desperate to get back, what does that say about me?

Anyway. I think I've got everything out of my system. Is it a long blog today or is it me?

Last night was a good tv night, with the 2nd part of Waking the Dead, and then a new american drama called Numb3rs, which at the moment I'll give a 6 out of 10.

Tonight is a darned good night. Tuesday's and Thursdays are THE best. If I was on a desert Island and could choose only 3 tv programmes. At the moment they would be Medium. Lost and House. A psychic medium doctor who is lost on a desert Island, walks with a stick and doesnt like his patients. (That was a clever mix of all three programmes).

Geez I'm whittering too much today. Too much caffeine and I only had one cup!

So.....safe trip to Sis and Bro in Law, happy shoe hunting to Natty, hugs for D. Love to Navy Wifie and Clever Crafting Friend. Miss you to Bride and Groom to be.....and yet to be named friend, hurry back from China so we can agree on a nickname.

Hugs for Holli, Faith and Nate Nate, Archie, Ally and Jo, Adam, Irish Rose, Mystic and Natalie......I'm gonna stop there co otherwise it's as if I'm doing an Oscar acceptance speech.

You guys get the message!

Love n hugs for all



Monday, October 17, 2005

5 Items on E Bay For Your Perusal!

Just to let you know I have added the link to the items I am selling on E Bay. It's on the right hand side, under My Ebay Sales!

Have a look and see if there's anything you fancy ;) No fake bids please!!




Sunday, October 16, 2005

Going, Going, Gone! I'm an E-bay seller :)

Well, I never thought I'd be clever enuff. But with hubby's help we have decided to sell some stuff on e bay. I've started with a book, cos it's easy to post. So watch out for some weird and wonderful items being sold by me! There's still 6 days until the auction closes, so let's see if I get any takers hehehehehe.

Friday went quickly, which is why I didn't blog. Ma in Law picked me up and took me over to see Sis In Law and the 2 girls. Purple buterfly shoes were already badly scuffed, so quick as a flash Ma In Law took the receipt and the shoes and vowed to go to the shop and complain! Sis in Law didn't really get a say in it, but I'm sure her distraction techniques will cover for missing butterfly shoes if they are found to be missing by the wearer.

I got home, and hubby rang to say he was leaving work, we had quite a long conversation on the mobile, bless him. Maybe it makes the journey go quicker if he's talking to someone.

Anyway, after a chinese, and a weekly viewing of Johnathon Ross it was bed for me.

Late starts on both Saturday and Sunday, tutt tutt. I really need to go to bed earlier!

But as I've mentioned Saturday was quite productive having set up my e bay seller account.

SO far today (Sunday) I've read my blogs, (will look at the Moon tonight and make a wish), and read the recent posts on the crohns zone site.

I also have had another 2 lovely comments. I sat here, opened my mail, and promptly started blubbing. Hubby's saying what? what? I just turned the pc round so he could read it, and he went Aaaawwww! So my Navie Wifie friend. Thank you. I didn't think we had a dodgy start, I was more worried about how you were reacting to the "other" person who was showing you the ropes! As we got to know each other, so much in common, and you being such a lovely person, how could we not become and remain friends!?! I know I don't ring often enough, but we know we always have time for each other. You know I'm here for you, as you have been here for me so often. Who else would invite me round for a girly night in, and let me get completely sozzled and not make me feel silly. You know me, I treat as I find, and in you I've fund a true friend.

Awwww look, I'm filling up again! I'm lucky, I may only have a few friends, but the ones I have a special.....and yes Sis in Law that includes you, (go in call me a silly cow LOL).

So here's a little picture for a sunny sunday afternoon.....enjoy!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hugs and love to all



Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Shoes, Rose Petals, and 2 Comments Which Brightened My Day.

Well, it's been a different Thursday so far. Up early, and me and my Mum tackled the housework and ironing. I popped over to the docs to collect a repeat prescription, and what a palava! They had lost the one from Monday, miraculously done the one I had only dropped in an hour before, then left me standing there for nearly half an hour while they got the doc to sign the reprinted one. I got a bit fed up waiting, and did the usual "cough" of impatience, normally only reserved for hubby, and the receptionist suddenly realised I was still there and that she had forgotten all about me and said prescription. Eventually I toddled home, 2 prescriptions in hand, one of which was still wrong but I hadn't got the heart to complain. Before I left, the receptionist said it was a good job I was always so nice! She obviously hasn't come accross me on a bad day LOL.

Anyway, after a minor delay my Mum and Dad went off to Tesco to drop in my prescription and get me some milk. Sis in Law, who's call I was expecting, rang to say she would be 10 minutes, and arrived in record time!

My niece "Natty" was at the door, favourite teddy in hand, saying "look new shoes" and yes, they were "schurple purple". I was a tad jealous, why dont they make adult shoes whith purplle butterflies on the bottom :(

Anyway, cold drinks all round, and Natty was off collecting rose petals for us. I wish I could go back to that age, so innocent and sweet. (Although I bet at times Sis in law doesnt agree hahahahaha!) Are they still on "buy one get one free?".

So after choccy biscuits and a passion flower for Nan they went off on their travels.

I had to lovely comments left yesterday. One from an "anonymous" poster, who knows me too well! I received the comment after the phone call, but both cheered me up. They even snuck in a sneaky "I know I read it on the blog" when I mentioned something about the holiday.

The 2nd comment made the soul searching worth it. One thing I don't take well is compliments, I either blush and deny it or have a good old blub. In this case it was the latter, someone who has a heart of gold and dedicates her life to ensuring her offspring are happy and safe, with an online journal for them to treasure as they get older, left a comment that made me realise that maybe everything I am going through is worth it. It's made me a stronger person, able to appreciate the good days, and turn the other cheek to the bad. So thank you H, it brought a tear or two of happiness, but for all the right reasons.

Blimey, another mushy post from me.....I need to turn things around here before I'm swamped in tissues.

I'll leave you with this thought......

Why did the chicken cross the road???

Healing hugs



Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oh Well......Here Goes..........

After much soul searching I have decided to put some detail on here about my medical history. I must state that this is in no way for sympathy, (as some people may think) but purely to inform people about both Crohn's and HS. If it helps one person along the way, then it's worth it.

It all began 4 days after my MMR injections. My Mum says I was admitted to hospital after passing blood in my nappy. It was put down to severe colic, eventually cleared up, and up until the age of about 19-20 I was fine.

During this time, I had met my hubby and we were engaged to be married the year I turned 21, and was loving my time at Drama College.

My symptoms started, and were assumed to be normal teenage stuff, like only wanting to eat sweets and biscuits, getting terrible spots from this, and the occasional rush to the toilet.

My Mum and Dad, thankfully, were insitent with the doctors that more was wrong with me, and we kept badgering the doctors and specialists for more tests. By this time I could really only eat the odd slice of bread, tomatoes, biscuits and cake. I visited the toilet between 10 and 15 times a day, and when I say visited, I really mean ran like the clappers.

Finally we got a diagnosis, after barium meals, and endoscopies galore of Crohn's disease. I was put on steroids, and altered my diet to include more fibre. I was glad that the docs had finally realised there was something wrong with me. They had tried to put it down to the stress of getting married!

All went well for a couple of years, apart from tiredness, endless toilet visits, joint aches and pains and weight gain from the steroids I was fine. Then one day I had this really strange sensation. It was as if there was what I can only describe as a "grape" near my back passage. It was slightly uncomfortable, and didn't pass when I went to the loo. Gradually over the enxt few weeks the grape became a plum, then an apple. The docs had prescribed me with steroids to use, lets just say "in a different way" and this didnt help. In fact it made the situation worse. One night I was lying in bed and I felt as if there was a worm moving around in my left bum cheek. Weird.

We went on holiday on a canal boat for a week, and that was when things went really pear shaped. The apple sized thing began to feel as if it was now a grapefuit, the worm type thing had worked its way to the outside of my body. I now know it was an internal abscess, and that the worm type thingy was it tracking to find a way to release the poison.

Needless to say I didn't get off the canal boat that much. The poison worked it's way out, and that is one of my scariest memories. I won't go into detail, but hubby promptly packed me into the car and drove me home. We called out the doctor, and I was admitted to the local hospital.

I can't really remember much, apart from coming round in the High Dependancy Unit, hooked up to every machine possible and being scared. They had rushed me to theatre as I had severe septaceimia from the abscess. The had had to cut away a lot of my bum cheek to release the pressure and drain it, and it would have to be packed daily until it healed.

They tried doing the packing of the wound on the ward, but it was too painful, the wound itself was approx 3 inches deep, and about 6 inches accross. In the end they took me to theatre every day for 14 days to do the dressings, then introduced me to my friendly bottle of entenox. Its the stuff women use when they are in labour, that combined with a morphine PCA (patient controlled analgesia), and patient nurses got me through the daily dressings.

That time I was in the hospital for three months. Evenutally (and I'm missing out loads of stuff here) the wound healed. I got back to normal, went back to work, even got a new job, and was resonably healthy.

I forgot to mention that during this time I had been told that because of where the abscess was situated I had to be given an ileostomy. (A piece of bowel is pulled through the stomach wall to drain your waste and is collected in a changeable and drainable bag). This was hopefully temporary.

Roughly 12 months later, the abscess was back. I had to go through the whole scenario again, and this time the lower part of my bowel was removed, and the ileostomy was made permanent. MRI scans showed that there were 2 "collections" in my abdomen, they were linked together and draining externally via fistula's and the abscesses. Again the wounds were drained and packed. More morphine, more entenox, and a long stay in the hossy again.

Again I had a few good months, then it flared up again, this time I somehow ended up with a different surgeon. I'll call him Mr R. He had my MRI done again, he operated in a totally different way. As deep as the other surgeon, but not as intrusive, if that makes sense. He didn't agree with the tight packing of the wound, therefore it was packed loosly, less pain, less pain killers and it healed quickly and cleanly.

I had my last MRI at the end of last year, and tha nks to Mr R's approach, the two collections have now totally gone. He has told me that Crohn's is a difficult disease to treat and there are no guarantee's. Last year I had three op's I have been off work now for 14 months, in that time I haven't been able to sit properly, I always have to lean to one side. Mr R see's me regularly, and he recently advised me I have HS (Hidradenitis Suppuritiva) as well. It's linked to the Crohn's and causes large "lumps" which are extremely painful. The can be situated in the armpit and groin. Mr R has linked up with Dr L, and they have now put me on immunosupressant tablets. (Both the Crohn's and the HS trick your body into over working in the areas where the wounds are, your immune system becomes too high, and prevents healing). These tablets will lower my immune system, and hopefully increase the healing process. Together with that I am on regular doses of Infliximab/Remicade, another immunosuppressant, given via infusion (drip). I have to have regular blood tests to check my white cell count hasn't become too low, leaving me open to infections. If I get a cough or cold I have to go straight to my GP. As detaile don my previous post I had a bad reaction to the infusion. They lowered the rate at which it was fed into my blood stream, and this tricked my body into thinking there was nothing going in. It stopped the reaction, and meant I could complete that course. I am due for anothe infusion at the end of October, and hopefully at the slower rate, my body wont react. I've since found out it was a form of Anaphylactic shock.

Anyway, my Crohn's is healing well. I still have to wear the dressings, and I can just about bare my weight on that cheek now. My HS is still sore. It goes down for a few days then flare's up again. I'm not sure if it's reacting to the infliximab yet, but I'll probably know after the next treatment.

Mr R always calls me the pain in the bum! I love him to bits, he's the only surgeon who has been completely honest with me. I know that if I need to I can pick up the phone and ring his secretary and he will see me at his next clinic.

There's currently no cure for Crohn's or HS. They don't know for sure what causes them, and they don't really know the best treatments for them. It's all trial and error.

I know everything happens for a reason, and I often think "why me?" I couldn't have got through this without my parents, who have supplied endless hospital meals, ferried me to appointments, let me stay with them while I was recovering, my friends who have stuck by me through the years and understand when I go to their house, or if they come to see me that I need to hog the sofa. But most of all my hubby. I was diagnosed with Crohn's a year after we were married. I had my ileostomy 2 years after we were married. Since then I have had approx 40 operations, and round about 12 years of hospital visits, stays etc, and he's only missed one night in coming to see me.

So that's about it. Me in a nutshell, and yes I am slightly nutty. I may have 2 diseases and be ill, but I still try and keep my sense of humour and think of others.

Sorry if I've rambled too much, don't worry this will soon be archived!

But I hope it helps satify the curiosity of some, and educates others, and remember if you need the links for Crohn's and HS they can be found on the right hand side of the blog.

Love and healing hugs to all



Sleepy Day, Good TV Night & Thinking About......

I got up early this morning as Mum and Dad were coming to collect the holiday cottage key to drop off at Ma and Pa in laws. I had good intentions of doing some ironing, watching something I recorded last night and maybe having a little doze in the afternoon.

I managed to watch three quarters of the programme I had recorded, went for what I presumed was going to be a doze, and woke up four hours later! I must have needed it, but four hours, after sleeping through all night? Sometimes I forget about the Crohn's and the HS and just think of myself as having some sore spots. But then like today it all just catches up with me I guess.

Anyway, tonight is a wicked TV night! Holby, Most Haunted, Medium, and then The Dead Zone...so it's a late night for me, and probably a pc night for hubby. On nights like this he gets no say in what's on the tv, and especially when Medium is on he knows not to interrupt my viewing. If he does he normally just gets a grunt of recognition bless him.

I was thinking about dedicating one day of my blog to my Crohn's and HS.....just so people knew a bit more about me, and the diseases? But I don't want people to think that that is all I'm about? Does that make sense? I think I've done well so far, I've mentioned the site links, and that some days I'm sore, sleepy etc.....but not really given much info away. Maybe I'll do a bit of a medical history day? I guess I'll think about it. After all, I always think, no matter what is wrong with me there are always people worse off. That's whats kept me strong, that and hubby and Mum and Dad, Sis in Law, Clever Crafting friend, Navy Wifie, and my online friends.

Blimey I'm filling up here so I'd better go get a tissue and put dinner on.

I'm off to see if I have any yellow wool......but that's a whole different story LOL.

Healing hugs to everyone




Monday, October 10, 2005

Budgie talk, a lie in and washing frenzy

Well, I've been a good girl (so far) today. I got up fairly early for me, although it was a lie in after the holiday. I was naughty last night. I stayed up late watching the tv, then went to bed with my whisky and read my book for a bit. Before I knew it it was gone 1am. No wonder my eyes were finding it hard to focus!.

Anyway, back to being a good girl. I unpacked yesterday, which is a miracle for me. I normally leave a bag full of stuff lying around for a week at least!. But no, it's all unpacked, put away, and all of the washing is now on the line. (Pat on the back for Whisky).

I was disappointed today, my funnies page wasn't in the paper, so I couldn't get the e mail address to send off my funny signs piccies to :( I'll have to have a look on the web site, or see if it is back in tomorrow.

I received 2 lovely e mails this morning. From my Clever Crafting friend. The 1st one was 2 lovely pictures of my pet birdy "Snoopy" and his new friend "Jimmy" the budgie. My Clever Crafting friend told me that snoopy had learned budgie language, and sure enough I was sat watching tv this morning in the living room, and Snoopy was happily "budgie" talking to himself! I like it, it's quieter than the usual cockatiel sqwawk. :)

The 2nd e mail was again from my Clever Crafting friend, saying she had visited the blog, and liked the funny photo's on yesterdays post. I must admit, it's kind of a new hobby for me now. The signs I spotted on my holiday were just there, without me really looking. So if I look harder there may be many more to find.

So today, as a thank you to my Clever Crafting friend, I'm posting a piccy just for her. It's not a funny one, but it's one I found on the web that I thought she may like. Snoopy says "thank you" too.....in both cockatiel language, and budgie speak! He enjoyed his holiday, and loved posing for his pictures.

This ones for you......... with love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hugs to all especially CCF



8 days, 7 nights and a few whisky and coke's later

All I have to say about Cornwall is..........Wow!!

This holiday was brilliant. Full of fun, laughs, sunshine and the odd whisky and coke too.

Our journey there took about 4 and a half hours, but we stopped a couple of times on the way. Once in Bristol at a lovely shopping centre that sold crap coffee, and then at my "Island Shop" for supplies of Whisky Mead. We had found it by accident a few years earlier, the mead 1st, and then a shop that sold it. I kept rabitting on for most of the journey, asking hubby when we were going to get to the shop. Planning to get a bottle on the way for the holiday, and a bottle on the way back to drink anytime. We played "Church" all the way there. (If you see a church along the way just say "church"....the person with the most churches at the end of the journey wins). Thankfully Dad was helping me by tapping me on the shoulder and pointing. How he saw more from the back of the car than me in the front I'll never know. Anyway.....hubby then wound me up that we had passed the shop, and therefore I wouldn't get any whisky mead :(

Eventually we came to an Island, he turned left, and Yayyyyyy! we were at my shop.

Mum and Dad liked it, Mum got a bottle of Rum and Black and had her eye on a couple of things for the return journey, and I, after much searching for the right brand, got my whisky mead, needless to say I was a happy bunny after that.

The B & B in Looe was lovely. We had dinner there, and wandered around the shops the next day. I got a stick of rock for my surgeon (as promised) with "The Boss" written all the way through it, hope he likes it LOL.

We arrived at the "cottage", and it too was beautiful. Comfy, cosy and decorated throughout with a lovely seaside feel, all blue and white, with shells, sea gulls, boats and fishes.

We had a few trips throughout the week, including The Lost Gardens of Heligan, Polperro, Falmouth, Truro, Newquay, a Pearl centre, a Gold centre, Mevagissey, the Duchy for Cornwalls Nursery, another garden centre, Trago Mills (a wonderful shopping centre), and another trip to the Island Shop for more supplies.

Thanks to my Mum we had wonderful cooked breakfasts every day.....the works, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages, black pudding and fried bread. That reminds me I must go on the scales tonight and see if I have gained some weight (fingers crossed I have). We also ate in a few nights, including a lovely roast lamb dinner. We visited the local pub, and the food was wonderful, but I can seriously recommend the local chip shop! We got a free peice of fish, and the chips were just scrummy!

There seemed to be 2 themes to the holiday, looking at local gallery shops which featured paintings by local artists, and finding the most unusual coffee's that we could.

Mum saw 2 lovely pictures, one of a red poppy, and one of a white one. The white one was upstairs in the gallery so I managed to sneak a picture of it, but the red one was right by the door and the ladies were watching.

Night times were spent enjoying our favourite tv shows (Mum and me have the same taste), and sipping whisky and cokes.

All in all it was a wonderful week, and by all accounts my Mum and Dad enjoyed it too. They deserved a break after all the running round they have done for me over the past 18 months. Luckily my lumps and bumps held out too. They were occaisionally pretty painful, but as long as I kept walking I was ok. It was the sitting/leaning in the car that did me sometimes, but once I was up and mobile it eased a little.

So tonight, now I have caught up on my favourite blog, videos and all, it's dinner, a whisky and coke, and bed for me.

Sweet dreams and healing hugs for everyone......and enjoy the pictures posted below if they work!



Image hosted by Photobucket.com 1 of the three funny signs I found on my travels.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The poppy piccy I shouldn't have taken.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Mud Man at The Lost Garden's of Heligan.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Mud Maiden at Heligan too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com My Dad, taking the directions to find the toilets a bit too literally.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com The photo says it all really.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com A beautiful flower we found at Heligan "Tibouchina".