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Thursday, November 30, 2006

I Chewed His Ear Off!!

Not literally LOL.

I tootled off to work, collecting a prescription on the way, paying the deposit for the works Xmas do, and settled down at the "spare" desk. I say spare, because at the moment one of the ladies from customer service is off after tearing the ligaments in her knee euuughh! Anyway, all of the desks within the sales team are full at the moment, as there is a temp in to cover the rest of the time that I'm not working. So, there I am sat next to the people in customer services. It's cool, I can still sit and input orders to my hearts content.....but I just don't yet feel part of the "team". I'm sure that will come with time.

I was presented with my deadly work enemy today. My errors for the last three weeks, all three of them!! Wooohoooo.....I think that's the lowest error rate I've ever had...I deserve a medal. I presumed that having been away for over two years I would make more mistakes than ever.....but no. This gal is doing darned good, and even the Boss S agrees :)

I left work, headed quickly to Tesco, just for milk....and ended up buying a new mini stereo system for the living room! My one angst about swapping the living and dining room around, is that the stereo system is all plummed in what is now the dining room. As in 4 surround sound speakers......equals BIG volume on Robbie Williams. One solution was to get a small two seater for the dining room, but no, that would just re clutter the room. So....I decided to get this ickle stereo for the living room. Now I can lay on the sofa with a choice of tv or Robbie on the stereo.....pure bliss!

I came home and had a lovely doggy greeting from Sam. Anyone would think I had been away for a week not just four hours. I fed him, and we waited, and waited, and waited for hubby to call. He is ringing on the landline so I can't go out in case I miss his call. The last three nights he has called between six and six thirty....tonight seven thirty!

Poor bloke, rotten cold, feeling rough and I chewed his ear off about the Avon saga last night. He agreed with me that they are totally out of order. His solution was, that the area manager is just trying to recruit as many reps as possible as they get a cash amount for each rep, plus comission on their orders. So what if the reps don't have many customers, they've got their money for recruiting someone else. I must remember to mention this to the lady next time she calls. He aslo suggested that The Money Programme might be extremely interested in what's happened, after the report they got recently.....hmmmm I can feel a letter coming on!

Anyway, after lot's of goodbye's, sleep wells, drive safely and I love you's I put the phone down. Off me and Sam went for a wander. I expected the park to be closed....but nope it was open. Me, one dog, large open field, pitch black......don't mix. I know Sam wouldn't let anyone near me....he nearly bit some woman last night! We walked round the corner, she was picking up litter from outside her house and he was off thinking she was going to attack me with a chip wrapper! Bless him.

Home......warm and safe. I quickly had dinner, spoke to Mum and then had a lovely surprise visitor. It was nice to have a girly chat, and I was amazed at how much we have in common!! Neither of us can stand the thought of breaking bones euuuughhhh!, but we both like psychology and murder programmes! We've promised to "do lunch" one day soon.....and I'm looking forward to it already :)

So, I've watched I'm A Celebrity, I've set up the new ickle stereo system....I've finally calmed down about last night, that is until she calls again...and now I need to walk Sammy again before I take my sleepers and zonk in my new sleep zone.

I have warned hubby that I will actually be in the bed with him tomorrow night. No you dirty beggars.....not for that! To sleep.....it's my new mattress too, it's comfy, it's heavenly. And I GOT THERE FIRST Nurr Nurr Ne Nurr Nur.

Blimey....I've not long told my surprise visitor that I am trying to write a book. She's going to read this and think "this nutter wants to write a book, going nuur nurr ne nurr nur all the time?!" If you read this E....there are some more serious posts somewhere....I just can't remember where!

It's cold....it's windy, there's a strange man in my garden! (Private joke). It's only Egbutt the whicker man. I only wish it was Robbie Williams come to find some solitude with a slightly insane, ranting woman, who tried to write cleverly but keeps reducing her integrity by making llewd silly comments.

See I can use big words :)

For once I've ran out of things to say.

Thank goodness I hear you all sigh in unison.

Never fear, Whisky will return tomorrow. So will hubby, and boy will he get one huuuuuuge hug.

For now, sleep well, stay safe, keep smiling, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Hugs galore




Need To Get This Off My Chest!!

Just wanted to Ggggrrrrrr first thing in the morning, after the night before.

I'll do te usual blog later on, after work, but. Last night I received a call, just as I hd started eating my dinner. It was from my Avon area manager accusing me of delivering catalogues in someone elses territory. I asked her which road it was, she told me, and I immediately said hang on is it number 19. She asked why. I told her that on a previous campaign I had delivered this lady a brochure. When I went to collect it she had left me a lovely note (which I wish I had kept), advising me that she laready had a rep. As I picked up the brochure she came to the door. She told me, she had a rep, but that if I wanted to drop the next brochure inshe would have a look and could always "change her mind about the rep she uses". I should have been suspicious there and then. But no, I made a note in my book, and as requested, left her the next campaign brochure.

I explained this to the area manager, who is one of these people where you can't get a word in edgeways, and she was livid! Basically the woman had asked me to drop in the brochure specifically so she could tell her Avon rep, who then reported me to the area manager!!

All this fuss over an effing book!!!

Stoopid me then told her I had delivered some books round by my Mum, and was immediately told I couldn't do that! Even though Mum's road hasn't had an Avon book for over 6 months it ws someone else's territory. I have to be "allocated" my own roads to do.

I did politely tell her that if I had been told this previously I wouldn't have delivered the books!

Now I have to tell her every house number on every road that I deliver to and get orders from. She is going to have a word with the big boss, and see if she can get me some more territory allocated to me. There are no more roads near me that don't alreadt have a rep!! i'VE TRIED THEM ALL. So what's the betting I get an area I will have to deliver in my car because it's too far to walk. And if she thinks I am losing my customers that I have built up, along with a good reputation, due to hard work and bending over backwards, she can think again!

I must mention to her that one of the so called reps around here didn't even deliver a lady's returned item, or give her her money back, and that I have done that out of my own good will! And that in the Avon bible, it stipulates to use your spare catalogues to "find new customers". It says nothing in there about checking with them before you post through every single door.

I now have a good solid base of about 20 customers, orders so far this month totalling over 200 pounds. Is it worth it? To be told off like a schoolchild by a hyped up avon area manager whilst trying to eat your dinner, feeling rotten with a cold, and feeling sad because I am hubbyless?

Rollocks to her if she rings tonight......I think I'll point out the other reps' error, about the return, about the comment one lady made that one point the avon rep was there and the next she had disappeared. About how two out of four deliveries have so far been incorrect. About the tv programme that was on recently saying they were crying out for representatives. That is, If I can get a word in edgeways!!!!

I have to admit when I came of the phone I cried all over my scampi! I was so effing angry. How dare anyone talk to me like that when I am earning THEM comission. There I was saying how lovely she was!! Well forget that.

If this isn't quickly resolved, and resolved to MY liking, Avon can take a running jump out of a very high window. And I will explain to my customer's that even though I go out to them rain or shine (mostly rain), that I "Can't deliver to them, because even though they live in the same road as me, in some cases my next door neighbours that they aren't in MY territory".

What is my territory.........my back garden!!!

Gggggrrrrrrr......one angry Whisky, with one very big bone to chew on.

Hopefully after a soothing bath, a cuddle from Sam the dog, and a four hour stint at work I might have calmed down. But then you never know, she may ring in the middle of my dinner again tonight. Watch out lady.......no one gets in the way of Whisky and her dinner.





Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Had To Redecorate Yet Again!!

Well, clever Whisky decided to try and tart up the blog in Beta....and it wiped all of my links, pictures and my counter! So I had to quickly learn how to put them all back in again. I changed the wallpaper along the way, but if it hurts anyone's eyes let me know and I'll change from pink back to white. Phew what a game!

Last night was another lonely one. Hubby rang me, and bless him he is full of my cold. I felt realy, really guilty. He assured me that he wasn't feeling too bad....but I could hear from the nasal tone to his voice that he is as full of it as I am. Despondantly I put the phone down, soon enough it rang again and it was Ma in Law checking I was ok "on my own". I confirmed that, yes I am a big girl and I can manage on my lonesome. As long as a lightbulb doesn't fo, or the fusebox, or a waterleak......oh no, now I'm expecting the worst!

At least with my new nice neighbours I know I can knock on their door for help :) and if it's something really silly I'm sure Sis In Law will help out too.

So, after speaking to hubby, I cooked my dinner, had a lovely bath, and once again snuggled under my "poorlie blankie" and watched tv. I'm a Celebrity get me out of here is getting quite good, and it finishes at 10.30pm so it's just right for me to have one last house check and go to bed. Once more, the new mattress bought on a lovely nights sleep.

The alarm clock woke me this morning, and as usual, with it only being a small travel one, I lay with it in my hands as I slept on, hitting the snooze button for a while. I eventually got up, had breakfast and rang my Mum. She promptly arrived and delved into my ironing for me bless her. While she was vacuuming I crept upstairs and pulled the old mattress off the single bed. She bombed upstairs and gave me a right telling off!. She took over, and my new single bed was soon made up. Shame I might not sleep in it again for a while. I've a feeling the new double, even if hubby snores, might just become my new sleep station!

I dropped Mum off home, and we went and delivered some Avon books in her road. Came home, expecting at least an hour or so before Sam the dog was dropped off, and definately a phone call to say they were on their way. But no, doorbell rang within ten minutes, and there he was :)

He was soooo excited to see me he didn't even say goodbye to J that has been looking after him for the last week and a half bless him. It's going to be good having him here, as always, but especially this week with hubby away.

So. Blog redecorated, "sickly sweet" pictures back in place. Links of friends back (hopefully all of them, if I have missed anyone please let me know), sitemeter counter back in positions.....and once more Whisky is doing her sugar coated blogs.

Oh....let's drop the sarcasm directed at I Talk Too Much. I've had so many visits from their review it's unbelievable, and not one of them have left any funny comments.......so. Chapter closed. Until my next review.....one of two, or both at the same time, let's just wait and see :)

Who needs reviews when I have so many lovely readers :) You guys keep coming back for more, so I must be doing something right!

I may have to start allocating my blog time. Both writing the blog, and reading other people's blogs. I really need to settle down and start writing my darned book! Yes, I've got my mp3 player with voice recorder to do my interviews for research. Can I get it to work.....can I nuts. Yet another gadget (like my pink phone) that I have purchased and not been able to connect to my pc. Hubby says he will have a look at the weekend, if not, it's a trip to the relevant store in this town rather than the Channel Tunnel shop......and believe me if they won't help me, they won't know what's hit them!

For now.....here's to another night of Lemsip, tissues, sniffs, shivers, hot toddies, doggy snuggles, and poorlie blankie tv watching. Oh joy!

Love and hugs for all. I miss everyone!!!




Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is Beta Blogger Better......You Decide?

Well, hopefully this blog will post, as I have just changed from normal blogger to beta blogger. I just hope that I don't lose everything I have already entered!!

I did crawl back into bed yesterday.....I felt rotten, and I think I am still recovering from our trip to France and Belgium, and getting up early yesterday for the arrival of the mattresses. I always forget when I am "reasonably healthy" that I'm still not 100 percent! D'oh.

Also, seeing as I am now re entering the community, as in seeing endless people at work, I am more susceptible to colds and suchlike. Well this darned cold is just getting worse and worse. I feel like a bear with a sore head, literally, My whole face aches especially under my eyes, and I am a lovely shade of grey. Nice!

Last night was ok. Hubby is away ALL week this week, he rang me at about 6, and we had a good chat. It's good to hear his voice, but I just wish he could transport a cuddle or two my way :(

I had my dinner, and a lovely hot bath and settled down, having the sofa and the tv to myself is quite a novelty. I snuggled under my "poorly blankie" watching all of my choice of programmes, had a hot toddy (hot lemonade with a drop of whisky), and went to bed.

I had forgotten it was the new matress, which I had made up earlier in the day, and had to stand on tippy toe to get into bed! I got out of bed three times to surround myself with pictures of hubby, and hubby and me together, so that if I felt lonely I could look at him. Then I had to get out of bed to get my lilac "love" teddy bear to snuggle with. Tonight I will douse it with one of hubby's aftershaves to smell him while I drift off to the land of slumber.

I was expecting to be a little uncomfortable, after all I was used to our old matress. But before I knew it the alarm clock was going off to wake me up. Boy is that bed comfy now!!

Up, breakfast, read Sunday's paper, (hubby normally gets me a paper every morning to read as I eat my breakfast). Had my milky coffee and read e mails and blogs, then Sis In Law rang to check I was ok :)

She had rang me yesterday at gone twelve o clock midday, and thought I was still in bed. She didn't realise (until she read the blog) that I had been up for ages, and just crawled back to bed for a kip!

I received a lovely e mail postcard from Little Miss Pink via the C Beebies website, sent her one back, and then sat playing the bubble game. I got carried away and was ten minutes late in getting ready for work!!

Once at work I delved in. No orders so I did some filing. Mine, the team leaders, and Boss S's. Then I did a quote, and finally the orders started piling in off the faxes! Back into the swing of it, but feeling rotten....I did in enjoy it though :)

Hubby e mailed me at work to say he now has my cold! Now I feel really guilty for passing it on. We did try and avoid it, i.e. not sharing cups or cutlery.....but maybe it was the final kiss before he left for his week away :( Hopefully his immune system is stronger than mine and he won't feel quite as rough. But at least he doesn't suffer from "man flue" I know if he says he is feeling poorly, he IS.

One time he couldn't get out of bed for a week......mind you that was his last day off work sick in about 8 years. Good job one of us isn't ill often.

So here I am. Home from work, cold, sore faced, and praying that beta blogger works ok.

If I lose any of my sparkly "sickly sweet" pictures I will be well miffed!

Tomorrow Mum is coming to help me move the new single mattress onto the bed and make it up. Then hopefully I am going to start covering the streets near her for Avon. The more the merrier I say :)

So for now......I'll sit and wait for hubby to ring, snuffling, sniffing, blowing my nose, hurting my sinuses some more, and generally feeling sorry for myself.

Oh pity me! O woe is me!. It's only a cold woman! Pull yourself together.

Sis In Law will soon slap me on Saturday if I'm still whining :)

Hugs for now.




Monday, November 27, 2006

Booze Cruise, Belgium and Bargains Galore.

Wow! How busy have the last four days been?! I'm still absolutely shattered now. I'm sat waiting for our new mattresses to be delivered, they are due any minute......up until 1.30.

Friday I was up at 6.30am, bathed, dressed, had breakfast, prepared flasks of coffee, snacks, washed up, packed an overnight bag, and ready to leave at 8am. We popped in to Tesco on our way to stock up on sandwiches, and we were off down the motorways heading towards the Eurotunnel.

I have to admit, to me it's not natural to travel underwater in a train, so I wasn't looking forward to the journey. We pulled up in plenty of time in the car park, and had chance to have a good wander round the duty free shopping centre. I managed to get my first bargain! My MP3 player with voice recorder (for the research for my book). I checked that hubby hadn't already bought it as it was on my xmas list, and saved myself twenty pounds in the process. Well chuffed!

Off to the car, and into the long dark train. Before we knew it we were off. We sat and ate our sandwiches, drank our coffee, had a little chat, and that was it we were in France! The smoothest trip ever, and I will definately do it again.

We headed straight accross the border to Belgium, hit a lovely traffic jam, but managed to get to our shop pretty quickly. Stocked up on our cigarettes, plus Mum's, plus Dad's pipe tobacco, plus Sis In Laws supplies....whew, how many carrier bags!

Sorry to interrupt, but the mattresses have just arrived!! I was told between 11.30am and 1.00pm.....it's now 11.34 how's that for service :)

Anyway, having brought a spare suitcase with us, hubby packed all of the cigarettes and tobacco into the suitcase, so that when we arrived at the hotel for our overnight stay, we could take it up with us for security.

Back down the motorway, straight to the hotel and checked in. Lovely room, nice bed, wonderful pillows, with a choice of ones to exchange for, super big bathroom, and satelite tv!

I settled down for a snooze and hubby went for a swim.

Once awoken, we headed downstairs to the restaurant. Hmmm well. My opinions here may offend some people, and I may be construed as "uneducated". But I wanted Food!.

The choices that I can remember were. Pike in dill sauce, Roast boar, Monkfish in Fennel sauce with a jue, and entricote of beef in roquefort sauce. Seing as I'm not the adventurous sort, I opted for the entricote of beef minus the sauce. Hubby went for the roast boar. Food arrived, mine WITH the sauce, but I couldn't be bothered to complain, they wouldn't have understood my english! I scraped the sauce off, and tucked in. Lovely (not) tough steak, artichoke heart stuffed with broccoli in a sickly cheese sauce, spinach (eeuugh), and chestnuts and mushrooms. What no potatoes?!

I ate what I could, and we ordered our desserts as we were both still hungry. Hubby ordered a strawberry and hazelnut ice, and me a creme brulee. We ended up with a chocolate ice, and nothing for me. So, of course I mentioned it was incorrect. After much disagreement from the waiter they finally gave us our correct desserts. Thankfully the creme brulee was nice and filling!

Up to bed, hubby crashed straight away, and I lay there for an hour trying to listen to the tv as he snored. I gave up trying to get him to roll over, as each time I did he just snored louder! All of a sudden he rolled over of his own accord........silence. Quickly I drank my whisky, turned off the tv and drifted off to sleep.

Awake at 8am, breakfast, checked out and hit the super shopping centre. I had a lovely french manicure, while hubby lugged cases of wine around, I got my priorities right :) We met back up, had a lovely lunch, and went to find our favourite shop.

It's a small gadget type shop. I got four lovely hair bands, pink, purple, pink and purple, and beige, and a lovely glass angel that stands on a base and lights up and changes colour. We went into Carrefour for one final stock up of hubby's favourite steak hache, and happened to see the jewellery counter. For about three years now I have been looking for a gold ring with a charm hanging from it. They had a choice of four! I chose one that has six tiny gold hearts hanging from it, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. I tried it on and it fitted a treat! Hubby asked if I would like it as my Christmas present, I of course said yes. He asked how much it was, just to confirm it was the 60 euro's on the price tag. The lady said it was a special 50% off day, so we got it for 30 euros!!! Bargain. It fit's perfectly between my engagement and wedding ring......so I think I will wear it as an eternity ring :)

We drove off to the tunnel, and got stopped by customs!! Hubby of course panicked. It was because we said we stopped over for a night and went to Belgium. Receipts for purchases were shown. He asked if we had our hotel booking form, I said I had a Holiday Inn pen if that counted D'oh!! He had a look in the boot, then opened the suitcase full of cigarettes and tobacco. He asked me why it was in a suitcase. I replied "because they are all flat"....then added we took them up to our hotel room for security. He even admitted that that was a good idea. Checked with his supervisor and wished us a good afternoon and sent us on our way.

Hubby took a while to recover bless him. But we had done nothing wrong :)

Soon home back to our warm cosy house and Snoopy our bird. Soon exhausted and up to bed. The hallway blocked with boxes and boxes of wine. The kitchen piled high with packets of crisps, onion soup and chocolate waffle biscuits.

Yesterday we went to my Parents for dinner, me and Ma went and picked up hubby's Christmas present :), and I went and collected my Avon orders. This month is another good one :) Then I took a turn for the worse. This cold is still with me.....but now it's really hurting my sinuses. My head aches constantly, and under my eyes throbs. Poor me! LOL.

This morning I'm not much better. Sore bright red nose, and a thumping headache. I've bloged, the matresses have arrived, and I think I may well just crawl back to bed and try and get some more sleep.

Hopefully today's blog wasn't too "Sugar coated" (wink wink @ IT2M). I could always go into detail about my nasal excretions?

Love and hugs




Sunday, November 26, 2006

I've Been Smacked!

A few weeks ago I mentioned I had put myself forward to be smacked by a review site called "I Talk Too Much" or IT2M. I instantly got an email saying I wasn't going to be up for review. Thought no more about it. Got home from France yesterday, went onto catch up with peoples blog's today, and of course popped onto IT2m to see who they had reviewed. I always read them, ever since the instance with a blogging friend of mine. I actually find it quite interesting to read their reviews, then visit the sites they are reviewing and make up my own mind.
They have a guest reviewer in who had been allocated three reviews to do.....who's was the first.....Mine!!

I read it, and instead of crawling into a corner never to blog again.....I laughed so hard it hurt!! So, if you guys want to read the review of my site.....beware, it's jam packed full of profanities....hit this link, IT2M. If they have done more reviews since you may need to scroll down and look for Whisky and Coke.

ANyay......thanks for all of the hits guys from IT2M....my ratings are way up, more hits than I would normally get in three months. So I thought, being the "goodie goodie" that I am, I would send some your way :)

Funny how they provide me with the number for AA just as I return from a booze cruise!! Hahahahaha!. Too funny. Me an alcoholic? Being brought up in a pub it's one of the last things I would resort to. BUT, if anyone wants a drink to numb the pain of reading this blog, feel free to pour yourself your favourite tipple, sit back, relax, and read some more of my "sugar coated happy cr**".

At least I'm happy.....unlike somebody I could mention after doing three reviews!

Bye for now....more about the booze cruise tomorrow.

Oh, and I accept no responsibility for any mental scarring that may occurr after your visit to IT2M.





Friday, November 24, 2006

My First MeMe.....Not Sure What It Means LOL

[ RED ]
1. Closest red thing to you? A Terracota pig on the shelf behind me.

2. Has anyone ever cheated on you in a relationship? Yes, my first boyfriend Gggggrrr! Hopefully hubby hasn't and never will.

3. Last thing to make you angry? The fact that I felt rotten with my cold last night.

4. Are you a fan of romance? Yes. Hubby isn't over romantic, but when it's needed he is. He knows if I am down and will treat me to choccies or a dvd or something to brighten my day.

5. Have you ever been in love? Yes, and always will be.

6. Do you have a temper? I have temper tantrums with myself, if I lose something or can't get something right. My main temper is aimed at people who upset those closest to me. I call myself the Jack Russel in those situations. I may be short, but my mouth can be my best defence! ALso when people mention not to buy adults Xmas presents.....only children. The parents count too you know!! and yes I have a good memory, and really know how to hold a grudge.

1. Closest green thing to you? The clock on the dvd recorder.

2. Do you care about the environment? Yes! We recycle as much as we can.

3. Are you jealous of anyone right now? Yes. Jealous of people who take their health for granted.

4. Are you a lucky person? Extremely lucky. Yes my illness sucks, but having my Mum and Dad, hubby and ALL of my friends around me I feel like the luckiest person there is.

5. Do you always want what you can't have? The only thing I want is the courage to get my teeth to perfection.

6. Are you Irish? I'm not, but my name is Irish/Scottish/German

1. Last purple thing you saw? Just about everything! My car, my jumper, my pens, my pyjama's, socks, diary,address book. If it's not purple it's pink.

2. Like being treated to expensive things? No, not really. It's the thought that counts.......and to be honest, hugs,love and friendship are priceless anyway.

3. Do you like mysterious things? Ooooooh don't get me started! I adore them. I really must tell my ghost stories on my blog one day. I've seen no end of ghosts, and completely believe in the paranormal.

4. Favourite type of chocolate? Milk, white, especially toblerone!! Dark chocolate euuuuugh!!

5. Ever met any royalty? Nup......maybe one day who knows.

6. Are you creative? I like to think I am. My star sign (pisces) and my left handedness all say I am creative. I can't draw or play instruments, but I like to think I can sing well, and I adore writing. From the responses I get on the blog (without wanting to sound big headed) my writing is liked. Yes I am still whittering on about writing my book......but after Christmas, when I have my necessary piece of equipment (hopefully) for my research, that will be it, I will be off.

7. Are you lonely? Only in my head. If that makes sense.

[ BLUE ]
1. Closest blue thing to you? My eyes!

2. Are you good at calming people down? Fairly. Or I like to think I am. I'm normally good ad diffusing situations without being drawn into them, unless, as above, it's someone upsetting someone I care about.

3. Do you like the ocean? Yes. ALthough I can't really swim properly, both because I can only doggy paddle, and because of my wounds. I love looking at the sea, especially sun rays on the ocean :)

4. What was the last thing that made you cry? When I was handed a bunch of flowers and some chocolates last weekend.

5. Are you a logical thinker? Hmmmm. Sometimes. I tend to have routines and stick to them. If the outcome is wrong I will rethink it until I get the right solution.

6. Can you sleep easily? NO!! Without my sleeping tablets, and sometimes even with them, I can lie in bed for hours with visions going through my mind of some of the horrors I experienced in the hospital, mainly to do with me.

7. Do you prefer the beach or the woods? I love the beach for sunbathing and people watching. If I want peace and quiet and some thinking time, it's the woods.

1. Closest yellow thing to you? One of the labels on my cream for my allergy.

2. The happiest time(s) of your life? Absolutely any time spent with my parents, my hubby, and my extended family and friends.

3. Favourite holiday? Cala D'or 2006. 2 weeks of just me and hubby......pure bliss.

4. Are you a coward? Ooooh yes. Especially if I am in the house alone in the dark at night and hubby is away..........Like everynight next week!!!!!!!!! Sam the dog is coming on Wednesday thank goodness, so that's only two nights on my own aaaaarghhhhh!!

5. Do you burn or tan? I used to just burn. Until 3 years ago when we holidayed in Cala D'or for the first time for a week. Since then I go a lovely golden brown with just a hint of sun :)

6. Do you want children? Desperately.

7. What makes you happy? Seing other people happy. Being with Mum and Dad, hubby, and family and friends.

[ PINK ]
1. Closest (dark) pink thing to you? Errmmmmmm did I ever tell you guys I have a pink mobile phone?!

2. Do you like sweet things? Yessssssss!

3. Like play-fighting? Yes, especially water fights with hubby, Mr Bleach, Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple. Sis In Law for some reason disappeared.....I wonder why LOL.

4. Are you sensitive? Too sensitive sometimes. I'm paranoid about so many things. Upsetting people. Losing a loved one, losing my job. Especially, crying at sad tv programmes or films!

5. Do you like punk music? Only the song I wish I was a Punk Rocker with flowers in my hair. And that's not Punk, so I guess not.

6. What is your favourite flower? Choice of three here. Blue Moon rose given to us by my parents on one of our wedding anniversary. Bleeding heart, again given to me by my parents. Or Snakeshead Frittiliary. Such delicate blooms that only last a day. I've wanted one for years, hubby said he didn't like them. "Somehow" (wink wink) one appeared in our garden, he now loves them, and buys more and more bulbs every year :)

7. Does someone have a crush on you? Hopefully hubby does! Other than that I don't know. If anyone does here, let me know LOL.

1. Closest orange thing to you? The "publish post" button on my blog.

2. Do you like to burn things? Incense and scented candles.

3. Dress up for Halloween? I don't need to dress up......I'm scary enough!!

4. Are you usually a warm-hearted person? Constantly. Unless it's instant dislike, or, yet again, someone hurts someone I care about.

5. Do you prefer the single life or the security of a relationship? I couldn't survive without hubby. He is my soul mate, my backbone, my best friend, my sounding board, and my favourite snorer.

6. What would your super power be? The ability to take away peoples pain or sorrow.

1. Closest white thing to you? Ermmmmm, the screen I'm typing on.

2. Would you say you're innocent? Always sweet and innocent me!

3. Always try to keep the peace? Of course!

4. How do you imagine your wedding? My wedding was perfect, apart from hubby's Nan and Gran not being there, and the fact we can't remember every detail. The most perfect thing was our speech from the best man!

5. Do you like to play in the snow? Only if I am completely immersed in the correct attire!

6. Are you afraid of going to the doctors or dentist? Doctor's no. Dentist.........I'm hiding under the table right now.

1. Closest black thing to you? The darkness outside.

2. Ever enjoy hurting people? No Way!

3. Are you sophisticated or silly? both.

4. Do you have a lot of secrets? I have some, yes

5. What is your favourite colour(s)? D'oh....now let me think. Purple and Pink.

6. Does the colour you wear affect your mood? All the time. I am most comfortable and confident in something pink, purple teamed with black trousers.

See, I woldn't be posting, and there I go rambling on. Anyone guessed I've just had another cup of milky coffee??





Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yet Another Cold!!

Three days without posting. I've been busy sorting Avon, delivering Avon, distributing Avon books, going to work (and loving it!) and yes.....having yet another cold. Right now I'm in competition with Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, and just in time for Christmas!

Monday morning, felt fine, received Avon (finally) all five boxes of it! Unpacked it, sorted it, wrote out new forms and left the living room looking like an Avon shop.

Tuesday, got up early for work, and had that unsettling tingling feeling in my nose, along with the sneezes, and the feeling of needing to blow my nose. Got to work, settled down in the air conditioned atmosphere, and that was it. Tissues galore, and sniffs uncountable!

I entered tonnes of orders, I'll find out today if I made any errors :(, and even went on the phone too! It's all coming flooding back to me :)

Tuesday evening, I lay on the sofa in the living room after a hot bath. Fleecy jim jams, purple and green butterfly fluffy socks on. Pink huggy cushion under my chin, and my "poorly blanket" covering me from head to toe, watching tv and sipping lemsip with Jim Beam in it! In other words.....I felt rough LOL.

Wednesday, got up, and felt even worse! I kept going, determined not to let a darned cold get me down. I washed clothes, delivered Avon books, washed more clothes, delivered Avon to my Mum, sat with her and Dad for a while trying not to spread my germs. Came home, did some more washing, and delivered more Avon. Came home, decided that the deliveries I had left to do were best done in the car as they weighed a tonne! and set off playing Mrs Ding Dong Avon Calling!

Returned to my nice warm little house. Had a hot bath, and promptly crashed out on the sofa. Hubby came home, took one look at me, and promptly cooked dinner and washed up bless him. He;d bought me some Vicks First Defence (darned expensive stuff!) to try and stop the cold, but I think it may be too far gone for that LOL.

He snuggled with me on the sofa as we watched Torchwood, then we both went up to bed. I had to get up once, as my throat was really sore, had a glass of cold orange juice crawled back up to my bed and zonked!

Here I am on Thursday morning, I've read all my e mails, all of the blogs I read, and thought I had better post today as we will be away on Friday and Saturday.

A booze cruise to France and Belgium with an overnight stop in Calais. Oh joy. It's already been agreed that I don't have to trawl endlessly round all of the aisles containing nothing but wine. That we will have a pre arranged meeting point and time, and I can peruse the shopping centre looking at anything that takes my fancy.......preferably not wine orientated. Yes I like the odd glass of wine. Portugese rose, or dessert wine. But to walk around a shop full of wine for an hour and a half!! Naaaah. I'll leave that to the wine geek!

I'll be looking for a nice little boutique that maybe does superquick french manicures, or just looking at clothes that are french rathe than english. Or even clothes that are english but in french shops. Now even I'm confused!! I think I'll just find a cafe!

So.....we return on Saturday evening, Subday we are fully booked at my Mum and Dad's for dinner, and shopping. So Monday hopefully I will return to the blog.

Tha should give you chance to ge your heads around today's confusing coffee buzzing orientated post.

If I'm confused you guys must be!

Time for a bath, and then off to work to sniff and blow my nose through another four hour session :)

Hugs to everyone, have a good weekend.



P.s. Still haven't worked out who the R O D reader is. (R O D stands for the name of the village they live in, or that their server routes to, the O standing for On). But whoever they are they log on sometimes eight times a day! I know I might be interesting......but that interesting? The log on's begin at about 8am and end sometimes after midnight, with quite a few during the day. I have ruled out myself, SIL, Navie WIfey and CCF. Oh and they are using NTL to sign on. The mystery continues!!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Not Nanny McPhee......It's Nanny Whisky!

Saturday daytime was a bit of a blur. I was up for 10.30am and sat and waited for hubby to get home with the shopping. No bread, so I couldn't have my toast until he got back. A glass of orange juice and a rumbling tummy later and he returned. A quick munch, wash and change and we were off to look at mattresses for the single bed.

As hubby snores (very loudly) I sleep in the little bedroom, as our other big bedroom is being decorated. The mattress in the little room has just about had it, resulting in backache when I get up. I only mentioned it to hubby last week, so I was surprised when he said we were going out this weekend to get a new mattress.

There is a new furniture shop just opened near us. We popped in their, and although the beds, and mattresses looked great, they were really, really expensive. We headed to our nearby Dreams store. My parents had been there when they were looking for a new mattress, and had warned me that they only seemed interested if you were looking to buy a complete bed. SO I expected the worst.

We wandered upstairs and found two or three mattresses that were suitable for the single, and one that hubby thought would be brilliant for our double bed, as that is just about cream crackered too. Sure enough a sales man appeared. I asked him to lift one of the mattresses off a childs bunk bed, no way I was climbing up a ladder! and place it on a lower bed. He then asked who would be sleeping on it. We told him it was me, and he said he wouldn't really recommend it as it was mainly for children. He advised us to go for the same mattress we liked in the double, but for a single. Before I knew what had happened hubby had ordered both! Oh well, at least both beds will feel the same, and, we will have the spare mattresses for new years eve when we are expecting two little visitors to stay the night :)

I was watching the time, as I knew I had to be home at about 3pm to make sure I was on time at Sis In Laws for my babysitting duties. Still time left so we popped to The Range, had a drink in the coffee shop, and wandered around the whole store. This shop had opened when I had just come out of hospital. I had only managed to look at a tiny bit of the ground floor with my parents, so a full tour was much appreciated.

We managed to get a few small Christmas presents for a certain niece and a certain SIs In Law, I got a lovely little diary for my handbag. It's the same as the larger purple one that my Mum gave me, which is too nice to keep in my handbag in case it gets damaged! But it's pink! :)

For some strange reason that I haven't yet worked out, hubby bought a blow up santa for the garden. He was trying to choose between the santa that popped in and out of a chimney and had lights on it....or just a santa, but a big one. I said it would be fine, but only if it was kept in the back garden so it didn't get "borrowed" by anyone. Before I knew it, it was in the basket.

We got home, I had a cold drink and a ciggy, and then looked at my watch. It was 4pm and I was supposed to be at Sis In Laws for 4.30!, and I hadn't even had a bath, got changed or packed an overnight bag.

Mad panic, quick but thorough bath, threw into my overnight bag, pj's, slipper socks, toothbrush and toothpaste, all tablets I would need, a hair brush, and of course two mini bottles of whisky. I have to have my neat whisky before I go to sleep!! Where do you think my blog name came from ;)

A quick goodbye kiss and wave from hubby and I was off, racing down the motorway and the A roads, Robbie Williams at top volume, trying not to shake too much as I hate night driving on single lane traffic. The oncoming lights blur my eyes a bit, so I slow down and take it carefully. Better to be late and in one piece I think.

When I arrived all four children I was due to babysit for were having their dinner. Blow up beds were pumped up, I was given sleep time, and lay out instructions, told how to turn the oven on to cook my pizza, and left by the adults for their chef cooked meal :). I was given a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely box of choccies, which there was no need for, but were really appreciated :)

Panicccc! Me incharge of three girls, one boy for a whole evening. Right, get organised. We agreed on the first game we were playing, then on the second, then the third, then the jigsaws, then the dancing. Then one more quick game before bedtime. All faces washed, teeth brushed, ear pierced peoples ears cleaned, bedtime stories read, and all children in allocated beds.

I went downstairs chuffed with myself.

Called back upstairs as the light that was in one of the bedrooms was too bright for one of them to sleep with. But, one of the other children did need a light on to sleep well. SO hall light swapped, no, no good. Back to the original light angled down pointing at the floor......all good. Back downstairs.

Soon enough a little person that couldn't sleep due to the loud whispering in the ither bedroom came and sat on the sofa with me. I left my pizza on the table and went upstairs to talk to them. I explained the situation, and asked them to talk in complete whispers for ten more minutes. The it would be sleep time!

Pizza finished, of course with a little help from my friend. Back upstairs we went, and settled her in. I popped my head round the door of the other room, and only one remained awake! She was playing with her glow stick, so I said, five more minutes then it's sleep time.

I got changed in the spare bedroom into my lovely fluffy pink pyjama's sat on the bed for a while, and then peeped into the room again. Glow stick down, but alarm clock being played with. I crept in, took the glow stick and clock off her, and told her just to lie back, close her eyes and she would soon be asleep.

Sure enough ten minutes later I crept back upstairs and she was snoring away. Yes Mummy and Daddy, Little Miss Purple does snore! I carefully pulled her duvet back over her, and left them all in the land of slumber.

I lay on the sofa, glass of coke and remote control to hand. Listening to the monitor relaying Little Miss Pinks snoring into the room. The fridge making the wierdest noises ever, and every now and then popping outside for a ciggy, leaving both doors open a crack so I could hear.

At 2.20am in came Mr Bleach and Sis In Law. They had assumed I would have gone to bed....but I told them I wouldn't go to bed until I knew they were home safe. After a quick stand outside it was bedtime. By this time 3am! I drank my little bottle of whisky (well maybe not so little), and nodded off.

I won't go into too much detail here....but needless to say I didn't get up until 12pm! Doorbells, little visitors, the od disturbance and I slept through most of it!

Breakfast, coffee to wake me up, hugs and kisses all round and I was off home to see hubby. He then spent most of the afternoon in the spare room doing some electrics. We had dinner, watched some tv, and both set off upstairs completely exhausted.

Boy did I sleep well.....and I was up this morning ready for the Avon delivery coming early. It's now 11.34 and is it here yet? No.

Hugs all round




Your Questions Answered.....Finally!

As promised here are the answers to your questions. I haven't put names to questions, as I'm sure you will all know which are your own :)

Here goes.....and as promised this is a completely honest set of answers...some of them required a lot of soul searching!!

All Questions Answered Honestly

1. If you had an opportunity to visit any country in the world (all expense paid trip!) and had to pick just one. which country would you choose... and why.

I think it would have to be America. I have at least three friends over there, all online, who I would love to meet in person. One of them has a whole family, including a dog to give a cuddle to! America, being so big, would be a big trip, with lots of land to cover to visit all of the friends, and therefore lots of travelling and sightseeing. Alternative of course would be Malaysia, as my list of friends over there is continually growing, and maybe I could get a photography lesson or two thrown in!!

2. What would you name your band. (and you Can't say Robbie!)

Ok so I can’t say Robbie, how about The Rob-ettes?! My previous band was called Outer Limits, which hubby thought of! I’ve just his second had a name come into my head, I googled it to check it wasn’t used by anyone else as a band name…..it is as song titles, and album names.
The name would be New Beginnings.

3. Have you ever, at any time through your medical challenges, felt like just giving up and, if so, how did you get yourself out of that frame of mind.

Now this is going to be a very truthful answer, and may shock some of the people that know me. The answer is yes. One time I was in the bath, you have to remember that for the last two years, and numerous occasions before then, I couldn’t sit or lie in the bath. I had to kneel. I couldn’t use any sort of bubble bath or soap. I could only use a special medical bath wash provided by the hospital. Maybe some women may understand how nice it is to just lie back in a lovely bubble filled, scent filled bath and relax. My experience was always difficult. Remove dressings, most times painful! Clamber into the bath, and watch as “certain things” flowed from me. Gin and Tonic blog will give you more detail in the future. I knelt, I could see my reflection in the shower screen, and I cried. I think it might have been for a good hour or so. I thought of all of the tablets I had downstairs. For a minute or two it crossed my mind. No more pain, no more time off work, no more hospital stays. And a few more things crossed my mind. My Mum, My Dad, and hubby. The thought quickly left me, and that’s when I went to the doctor and admitted I was depressed. He told me he wasn’t surprised and prescribed me a low dose tablet. Six weeks later and I was much happier with myself. Those thought have never crossed my mind since.

4. How does it make you feel when you receive HUGS from all around the world??

It makes me regret that I don’t hug my parents more. We’ve never been much of a hugging family. My Dad once said to me at Christmas, “You know what your Mum would really like as a Christmas present…..a hug”. That pulled on my heartstrings, and, although we really only hug when I go away on holiday….I am conscious that it’s important.
I remember the first time I was introduced to hubby’s family. I couldn’t believe that they all greeted everyone with hugs and kisses, at first I was a bit dubious, but now it’s well accepted.
As for the blog…..you have to give to receive! I am willing to show love to anyone as long as they don’t hurt any of my friends or family, or me. Therefore, by signing off each post with a HUG or two, it hopefully makes people feel welcome, appreciated, and included in my blog world. After all, a ten second hug is guaranteed to lower stress levels!!!

5. If the letters in HUGS could stand for something, what would they stand for in Whisky's words?? Answer these questions...

H is for..…(apart from the obvious Hug) it would have to be happiness. What can make you more happy than being hugged by someone you love.

U is for...Unforgettable. I think you never forget when someone gives you an unexpected but much needed hug. Example, arriving back from holiday, being greeted by a family member, and getting a lovely hug! That was before she commented on my hair braids LOL.

G is for.…Generosity. Giving a hug is just as important as receiving!

S is for.…Showing love. After all, isn’t a hug the best way to show you love someone?

6. Have you ever had to revise your usual initial "assessment" of a person?

Definitely!! I once had what I thought was a true friend. I was wrong. When someone watches you through your letterbox at night, when your hubby is away…..that’s not friendship! Normally my initial assessment is correct. If I don’t like someone, I don’t like them. And normally my judgement is spot on!

7. Would you take your bin out in your pj's first thing in the morning?

First thing in the morning?! When’s that then? (Joke) I will take my bin out in my pj’s. I’m proud of my pj’s! I have a collection that’s going on for at least 20 sets! And that’s no joke!. With all of my hospital stay’s you have to be prepared. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I’ve been known to take the bin out in pj’s and big fluffy slippers. My neighbours know I’m nutty anyway ;)

8. Do you drink coffee... if so... instant or drip?

Coffee any time. Tea to me is bluuuurgh! I used to drink coffee (instant) made with water, but now I can’t tolerate the taste….too watery? So my special drink ,two times a day, is coffee made with milk. My recipe is, small teacup filled with milk. Microwave for precisely 1 minute and 35 seconds. Add two heaped teaspoons of instant coffee, and one heaped teaspoon of sugar. Stir 100 times precisely, to ensure it’s thoroughly dissolved, sit at pc reading blogs and e mail, and sip to your hearts content. People will know if I e mail them after a coffee…..especially Clever Crafting Friend, as I tend to ramble, and ramble away. Ermmmm……..sort of like now. I only finished my coffee two minutes ago. Ahem! When it’s a long blog I’m coffee inflated.

9. Do you floss?

I’m afraid not. My teeth are the one thing I am ashamed of. Not, having an ileostomy bag, or Crohn’s disease, my teeth. I have a fear of dentists that I just cannot get over. I’ve worked back to when it began. I was about eleven, and I went to a dentist with my Mum. The dentist said they had an new thing available that prevented food from sticking In your teeth. It was a clear gel that set rock hard. He placed it on my molars, and told me to keep my teeth apart for 30 seconds. He had misread the instructions, it should have been 30 minutes!!! On my way home I clenched my teeth for some reason……and they were well and truly stuck together! Yes FOR Once I was quiet. But it took a good while to get them apart, and then of course the gel was all ragged and cut my tongue……I don’t think this is still used by dentists.
With the Crohn’s come sickness, and that has affected my teeth, as has smoking and drinking coffee. When I talk or laugh I cover my mouth, when I am close to someone talking I cover my mouth. Paranoid. If I won the lottery I would pay for a general anaesthetic and have all of my teeth made perfect in one go.

10. Fairy washing up liquid or other?

Tesco’s own is wonderful. Loads of bubbles, gentle on the hands, and works wonders on those “GROUND IN STAINS” Ainsley Harriet should give it a try. I’m sure it’s all made in the same factory!

11. what would you do w/ a rat in your garden shed???
a. feed it.
b. set a trap and kill it?
c. put out poison?

This one I’m afraid. I hate to admit it, but me, mice or rats don’t mix. I am an animal lover, and hate to see cruelty to animals, and I really don’t know why I do it. Maybe it’s a territorial thing. Them in my house or my garden!! I know I may regret this, and I apologise if this has offended any other animal lovers amongst you. But I did promise to be honest.
d. call pest control?
e. set a live trap and catch it and let it go someplace better?
f. observe it?
g. ignore it?

12. When you find a snail or slug in your garden... what do you do w/ it... or if you find one whilst walking?????

Slugs I normally leave, after all, nature takes its course and for some reason the wood lice eat some of them! But we do put pellets down to protect our “precious plants” like my bleeding heart, and blue moon rose.

Snails, if they are on the path and might get trodden on, I pick them up and put them on the lawn.

13. Is there any part of your personality that you didn't like, that has positively evolved because of your medical trials and tribulations?

Yes! My self confidence! I was told about my operation to have an ileostomy bag whilst I was alone in the hospital. I was convinced that as soon as hubby walked in, I would tell him, and he would turn around and walk back out again. Or that it would affect our “relationship”. I was also convinced that people would look at me and “see” that I had the bag. Firstly, I told hubby, and he immediately and firmly told me that nothing would or could change how he felt about me. It was me as a whole that he loved, my personality, and our “connection”. Once I was well enough, and had worked up the courage, our “relationship” resumed. Tears were shed, but now, as long as I am healthy enough, everything is fine. Just because I can’t “bottyrburp” like everyone else, I can still make some strange darned noises in competition.!

As for people being able to see it. Not long after I came out of the hospital we popped around to see Ma in Law and Dad In Law. They had some friends there who knew about my operation and my bag. I was quite amused when we met them on the drive and the lady was quite obviously looking for my bag, but focussing on completely the wrong side. What did she expect to see? A Tesco carrier bag hanging out of my trouser leg??

At first I’ll admit I wore baggy clothes and big jumpers to cover up my tummy. But now, I have no shame. Even on holiday I wore a bikini top and shorts, and was proud that the large scar on my tummy was on show, and was going as brown as the rest of me.

14. And on the flip side - is there any part of your personality that has changed for the negative?

This one I’m not sure about? During my four month stay on one ward I saw a councillor. I was having terrible mood swings, and was quite depressed. She told me that I worried too much about other people! I was always worried about hubby coming to see me straight from work. About Mum and Dad coming every day, struggling to park, paying for the car park, bringing me lunch and a snack for supper, etc. If I knew the nurses were busy I would wait until they were quiet to ask for my morphine injections. I did get a severe telling off from the ward Sister. Sister M, who I am still in touch with, and really good friends with now eleven years on. I was worried about the fact that while the nurses were doing my dressings, which took two hours, with me on gas and air and morphine, that they weren’t able to tend to the other patients.

The councillor told me I had to put myself first. I can’t. It’s in my nature to care about other people. After all, the people who I care about are the ones who have helped me through my most difficult times!!! Hubby, family and friends.

I think, if I had followed her instructions, that would definitely would have changed my personality for the negative! But if anyone that knows me thinks otherwise…….let me know!

I want to thank all of you for your questions. It really made me think long and hard. That's why it took me this long to post it! Sorry for the delay.

Some questions were simple, some more involved. But I loved answering them all.

So. Question and Answer is now officially completed.

This mission will self destruct in five.....four......three......two.......ONE!!

Hugs galore, and thankyou all!!




Thursday, November 16, 2006

It Put's Life Into Perspective

Recently a member of my blogging family lost a member of his family. A treasured feline companion. She left him and his wife, and other pets suddenly, and unexpectedly. She will be missed, and pictures of her, both drawn and photographed by the fire, will be treasured forerver, along with all the memories she brought into this world with her. Any pet, not matter how big or small, can make such an imprint on someones life. A footprint that never fades.

Within the last couple of days another member of my blogging family has been advised that his feline friend is also very very ill. He is taking a break from blogging to look after his friend full time. With eyesight and hindlegs failed, this will be a turbulent time for him, no matter what the outcome.

Two of my closest online friends going through such turmoil puts everything into perspective. Nothing can be said to ease the pain, but sometimes, just knowing other people are thinking of them can ease it just a little.

My friends, I am here for you, just a blog or an e mail away.

I know what it is like to lose an animal companion. I know the heartache, the pain, I know how many tears we cry, and how the space where they sit, now empty, wrenches deep into our souls.

Please, join me in wishing these individuals and their feline friends, both peace and comfort in their time of need.

All of my tears today will be for you.





Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My First Day Back At Work

I want to say thankyou to everyone who wished me well for my return to work. Yes I had a panic attack in the car, shaking like a leaf in the car park.....but it all went really, really well.

I was up at nine, had brekky, came online to try and stop the nerves, had a bath, made myself look presentable and off I went.

I set off at 12pm for a ten minute car journey, I'm always early, and I wasn't sure what the lunchtime traffic might be like. I got into the carpark at 12.10! and smoked what would be my last cigarette for four hours.

I went in, walked up tot the sales office, and it has been completely changed around! I managed to find S the team leader and then S my boss appeared as well. She told me first things first, pop down to HR and give them my bank account details to make sure I get paid....my boss has her priotities right :) I sat with the HR lady for a while, going over new rules and regulations, although I'm not quite sure that I will need to wear a hard hat while entering orders, you never know.

Back up to Boss S, and was introduced to the new members of the sales team. One of which, I spied had my excessively large calculator!! Big boo boo!. I did leave it an hour before I politely asked for it back. Boss S sat with my while I put on three orders, it all came flooding back to me, and she left me to my own devises putting on the easy orders which were "routes", as in our own transport, not overnight carriers.

Every few minutes people who were there two years ago came and said hello. How well I lookes, how much they had missed me, how good it was to see me back, and if I needed anything just to ask. I was made to feel so welcome it was unbelievable.

I unpacked my box of things that had been kept from when I went off ill, and found tonnes of stuff. My pink monkey jacket, now in washing machine!. Some rather expensive hand cream, cheap hand cream, a Koala, cuddly kangaroo, piggy pencil case full of pink and purple pens, and of course copious amounts of small piggy toys that used to adorn my working space. One thing I found I had completely forgotten about. One of Mum's friends had kindly made me a photo frame. It was stitched in blue and white, and had the word "hug" on it. I had slipped into the photo space a passport sized picture of hubby and I. I got all emtional when I saw it, it was as if he was with me for my first day back at work!

I ploughed through orders, with Boss S checking them for me, and no errors! Come 4.30 my brain finally felt as if it had been used! Such a much needed feeling. I left, happy and content, and looking forward to my shift on Thursday! Of course I had forgotten the joys of getting home. Island backed up for twenty minutes, and having to stick the nose of my ickle purple car right out to get someone to let me accross. Oh Joy!

I got home, had a well deserved and much needed milky coffee, settled down to watch a pre recorded show. That finished, Sis In Law rang to see how things had gone.....I can't believe how many people have rallied round for me over the last few weeks. Checking on me after meetings at work, hospital appointments, the eve of returning to work, and of course the after effects of my first shift. But.....it has been apreciated. I didn't know just how many people cared about me :) and that means a lot!

Hubby rang to say he was on his way home....of course I rattled away to him about work while he was driving, and as soon as he got in. In between placing my Avon order of course. I rang my Mum, and was a bit evil. I told her I hated it and never wanted to go back. She asked why, I replied.....cos I'm joking!! She called me a rude name, but soon forgave me.

We chatted about our upcoming booze cruise, and what supplies her and Dad wanted, then I left her to watch the end of Holby City!

Hubby and I chatted some more, about matress shopping at the weekend, about the booze cruise,and about my hair. Yes....I'm getting it re braided on Friday! Wooohoooo! I can either have what I have now redone, which is called a Crown Braid, or there is another one, which just keeps your hair off your face. I have booked in for 3pm on Friday, and will suffer the pain for the duration of it being done, and no doubt the first night. But after that I will love it again :) I think I'm a braid addict.

Maybe I should watch closely as they do it, so I can practise on Little Miss Purple? Maybe not!

Ooohhh I have uploaded the pictures of the birdy from the Thai restaurant.

I present to you

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Phonella....the Swede bird.

That was her from the front saying "hello".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting This is her wing....just look at the detail! It must have taken ages to do, and a lot of skill!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting more of the detail on her chest.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A "birds eye view" (good joke hey!)

and finally Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Her very delicate rear end.

She is the size of a fist, and sits perfectly in the palm of my hand. She resides at the moment in the freezer to be brought out on Christmas day, to wind my Dad up that I have developed a new skill hehehehehehehe!

I talk to her every day, and she says she likes the cold....it stops her from deteriorating, and it means she can be my friend for eternity....as long as no one turns off the freezer. Ahem Mr Bleach take note!

Yes I am a little bit wacky.....but that's just me!

I will post the Questions and answers either tomorrow or Friday. So this is your last chance to submit. Thank you everyone who has asked away so far. All of the questions are.....well......amazing! and I really had to think hard, and as promised, honestly, as I typed my answers.

All in all




Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Introducing My New Pet Pig......Jack Daniels!

Yes, I have another new pet. He's a pig, called Jack Daniels, and he lives on this blog! Please scroll down slightly to see him, if you can't already, and feel free to click the more button and either feed him apples, or spray him with water to help me keep him clean. :)

Yesterday (Sunday) was a bit of a blur. Yes, I got up an hour later than I should have, but I soon ate my breakfast, had a quick flick through the papers, read a few blogs on here, and then set off, Tom Tom in the car, to my "audition" with a band.

I arrived just after three, thinking that the rehearsal was at three. I was then advised by the building manager that it was at four! So, I sat in the car listening of course to Robbie, and settled in until the guys arrived. Sure enough at just after four I went back into the building and was greeted by "spanner" the drummer, A, who plays, bas guitar, lead guitar and keyboards, and S who plays lead and bass guitar. They are looking for a lead guitarist so A can play keyboards, and a male or female lead vocalist. There was another young girl there who was practicing for a charity "jam". She has been sponsored to do five songs. The guys were just giving her a bit of an idea of how it was to sing with a band. It's not the same as singing along to a stereo cd, and certainly not like singing karaoke. There's the noise of the drums to contend with, plus the guitars, and you can hardly hear yourself. But for her first go she did brilliantly, and has a really sweet voice.

Then I was called up! Panic.....we went through six or seven songs, including, tracks of my tears, She's the one (Robbieeeeee!), It's a Heartache, and a song I love but I can't remember the name of. It went well, or I thought it did.....I finally got home at 9pm!!

Hubby and I had dinner, and chatted briefly about the band, he went up to bed, and I settled down to watch pre recorded X men 2, and Peter Kay's interview on the Parkinson Show. I finally crawled up to bed at about 1am, but felt pleasantly tired.

I knew today (Monday) would be my last lie in before work TOMORROW!!!!! So I set the alarm clock, then completely ignored it. I got up late, and was sat reading the paper when Little Miss Pink rang....we had a lovely, yes no chat, then Sis In Law asked me how yesterday had gone.

At the weekend hubby had bought me a pretzel cake to have as breakfast one morning. I tried it this morning, and decided it wasn't sweet as we thought, it was salty!! So I then had to do toasted tea cakes instead. They were scrummy.

So, today I've tidied up the blog a little bit more, added Jack Daniels the pig, and a few more links for blogs I read. I have to have a bath and be ready at a certain time to give hubby a lift to pick his car up from the garage, then dinner, then chill for an hour or two, then bed.

Knowing I have to be up earlyish tomorrow, and knowing I am returning to work, what's the betting I don't sleep well. I'll either sleep like a baby and surpirise myself, or I'll not sleep a wink and be exhausted tomorrow.

If the welcome is as warm as it was at my meeting I will be fine. Hope fully they will break me in gently by showing me any alterations on the internal ordering system, showing me how the new headsets work, and any product changes. As well as introducing me to my new fellow team members.

I'm scared!

Oh well......I'm nearly at the top of the ladder, after a long climb, and a lot of pain, I've made it back to work, even if it is only part time.

If I need a friendly push I know there's a few people who will help me out :)

Hey......dont forget to send me some more questions!!!! Please. Sandra, Divemuster, Madwag, Holli, Aly, even Sis In Law. Come one......lets get this one rolling :)

Hugs and love to all



Sunday, November 12, 2006

Count To Three......But They Only Got To Two!!!

Being the dutiful Aunt that I am, I was up at 7am on Saturday, and after breakfast I headed over to Sis In Laws (SIL) for the ear piercing of Little Miss Purple. We counted out her money, made sure she had enough for the said piercing, and some of course for the sweety stall!

SIL and I were expecting her either tho change her mind beforehand, or even after only one ear had been pierced. But no.....once she was seated on the chair within the store, that just so happened to be purple! she settled down and seemed quite excited. We stood still and respected the two minutes silence in rememberance of our fallen soldiers, and then off we went. Ears cleaned, and numbed, dots drawn, then another lady appeared. They were going to, very cleverly, do both ears at the same time. Now SIL had warned me of something, but I had never witnessed it before. After a final choice check on the earrings, and of course that Little Miss Purple still wanted it done, they stood either side of her, her Mummy in front, positioned the magic silver guns, and told her they were going to count to three, and do it on three.

I sneaked in at the side to watch, the ladies looked at each other, counted together....."One.......Two(BANG) they didn't even get to three, and of course because Little Miss Purple was expecting it to be don one three she was a bit surprised.

Yes she had the intitial flinch when it was done, but after she had seen them in the mirror, of course it was a purple one, she was really, really proud of herself, and so was I!

We wandered to the sweety stall, and SIL took me into a lovely shoe shop. I wandered down the side glancing down the aisles as I went, and a lovely pair of shoes caught my eye. Size 6....too big, size 5 1/2 too big....are my feet shrinking? size 5 fitted me perfectly, and after proving to SIL I could actually walk in them, as they were high heels, but thick heels, I bought them.

We got home, had a lovely lunch made for my by Little Miss Purple, and sat and chatted. Mr Bleach seemed pleased with the earrings, he even made scrambled eggs all round, and then volunteered to make dinner for SIL!!!

I was asked earlier if hubby was romantic. I had to say yes, as he is. I told them that as long as I am feeling ok, I cook Monday to Thursday, take away on Friday, and he cooks at the weekend. Maybe this is what prompted Mr Bleach to decide to cook? But who cares.....hopefully it gave SIL a well deserved night off!!!

I travelled home, and no mistakes along the way this time, Robbie Williams blaring at full volume as I drove along. My idea of heaven. A long road, and just me and Robbie in a car! Pity it was just a cd version :(

Hubby seemed pleased to see me when I got home, I had a quick cold drink, and off I went to collect my Avon books. I found out, yet again, that the road I had tried to cover was already covered. I'm going to have to resort to plan B. Cover the areas around my Mum and Dad, as no one seems to go round there! I did get one more order off one of my regular ladies, so it made the walk worthwhile :)

After an hour or so on the pc and listening to music, I had a bath, put on some make up, got dressed, and we were ready to go out with my Chinese Buddy and her hubby :)

It was a lovely cosy Thai restaurant. Never having had Thai before, I obviously didn't know what to choose. Chinese Buddy and her hubby R advised us to have a set menu, as that way we could share a selection of different dishes. We had....Fish curry, Red curry, Beef in oyster sauce, and chicken sweet and sour for main course with boiled rice. I had made the mistake during the starter of dipping one of my prawn toasts in the chilli sauce....so I was a bit wary. I have to say, the chicken sweet and sour was adorable, as was the beef in oyster sauce, the pork red curry was nice and my first mouthful of the fish curry seemed nice as well. Extremely strong fish taste, but mixed with some wonderful herbs and spices and covered in a thin batter it was lovely. But after I had tasted the others I seemed to go off it.

Hubby and R had a dessert, hubby had coconut pancakes, which looked like green pasta parcels but tasted lovely, and R had banana fritters. Whole banana in batter with coconut, and drizzled with syrup......scrummmmmmmyyy!!

Chinese buddy came out, with, what I thought was a really clever riddle. Hubby proceeded to analyse it, then R joined in, poor Chinese buddy looked really deflated. Then I chimed in with my, "what goes up a drainpipe down, but won't come down a drainpipe up" one......and more analysis began! Boys hey!

All in all it was a wonderful evening that I thoroughly enjoyed. The food was lovely, and company was excellent. And we even got a little bird to bring home :)

With our starters, on a nest of carrots and cabbage came a beautifully carved bird. At first we thought it was made from a potato, but we soon worked out it was a swede. I have taken plently of pictures so I will add them tomorrow, but her name is Philomena! and she now resides in my freezer to be brought out as part of my Christmas centrepiece when Mum and Dad come to us for Christmas dinner :) Mum will think I'm really clever.......sssshhhhh! don't tell her!

Of course we watched the X Factor, hubby went to bed and I watched Afterlife. It was the last one of the series.......and to me extremely sad that the (don't read any further if you have recorded it and not watched it yet!!) lead character died.

Maybe it's the end of the programme! Or maybe it's just the beginning of what could be a very, very clever twist.

For now I'll leave you to enjoy your Sunday. I need to go feed Philomena!

Hugs galore




Saturday, November 11, 2006

Awake the Fae (copyrighted) has Awoken My Faith!

I was overwhelmed again today. Having had two days away from the pc, my first point of call of course was to check up on all of the blogs I read. When I got to Awake The Fae - Aly's site I nearly blubbed. I sent her a poem I had recently written, specifically for the Fae site. Never expecting it to be good enough to be featured. But there is my name amongst the list of participants. Click on my name and it will take you to my poem, and the most beautiful description of me and my blog! Along with an amazing song that "is me" all over.

Thank you Aly! There could be more to come.

As I mentioned I have been a busy bee the last two days. Let's start with Wednesday. The appointment with my gastro Dr L went well. He was literally gobsmacked at my improvement, and that was before checking my wounds and scars. I think anyone who saw me six months ago, and see's me now....will see a huge difference, and it's not only the hair braiding! He checked the wounds and scars and almost jumped up and down with glee bless him. He did say that he thought that this was going to go on for years.....my reply was it's already been two and a half years!!! He admitted he didn't think I was going to be an easy case to treat. Thanks for making me feel better about myself! Not.

Anyway, Mum and I were glad to leave at least one Dr happy for once and headed into town. The agreement was that Sis In Law (SIL) was going to be in town, and we would ring or text her to meet up for lunch. We headed into the new Primark, got up to the third floor, and there she was!! She instantly told us about one brilliant bargain, and we parted ways expecting still to text to meet up. Wherever we went we saw her! By the socks, by the clothes.....everywhere. Eventually, after Mum and I having decided on our purchases we headed off to Mcdonalds with SIL close behind.

We had decided not to buy our things until just before we got on the bus, to save dragging everything around town with us. Clever idea! Macdonalds was had, along with a good chat with SIL. My Mum thinks the world of her, but shhhhhh, she doesn't know it! She admires her sense of humour, and her honesty. We ate, and swapped various stories, and headed off towards the market. I picked up my 40 free photo's, and we popped into a brilliant bargain shop. SIL was engrossed so Mum and I headed off to the market. We said we would meet her there. We hunted round and eventually found the stall we were looking for. The hair stall that sold hugely sized bulldog clips for hair. SIL had given me one, so I needed to replace that for her, and get myself another one as well. We instructed the lady on the stall that if (Insert certain description and accent and name here) came along, she wasn't to sell her bulldog clips as we had already got them!

We wandered back through town, and decided to go for a drink before our mass purchase in Primark. We popped to the pub and had a soft drink and used their facilities. Whilst I was "using" the said facilities SIL rang on my mobile. I called to my Mum in a panicked voice and slid my phone (the pink one) under the door and asked her to answer it! It was SIL and we had a laugh that she had called at such an inconvenient time! LOL. P.s. Makes mental note she did exactly the same thing last night!!!

ANyway, we declined her very kind offer of a walk home, as we really wanted to have a more thorough mooch around the shop, and ensure we couldn't find the slipper socks that Sis In Law M had on the other night.

I bought loads, and Mum just a couple of things, we headed home on the bus, had a coffee with Dad, and I drove home.

I expected to be exhausted after nearly four hours in town, but I had a quick cold drink and headed straight out to collect my Avon books. There is another lady on "my patch", somehow we have crossed over, so I wanted to get my books in before she "borrowed" them. When I got to her house I did leave a very apologetic note, saying I didn't know anyone was covering the road, which I didn't, and giving my number in case she wanted any help with anything. I didn't mention that she had collected in three of my books! But I didn't mind as I got two rather large orders to add to the previous one on that road anyway. Nuh nuh ne nuh nuh. She should have written more than just her name on her forms. Customers need a phone number and address, firstly to contact you, and probably more importantly, to know you are trustworthy and actually live nearby!

I got home, hubby got home, we had dinner and snuggled on the sofa. A lovely end to a lovely day. Oh, I did show him my purchases, all loads of them! and I want this in writing that he actually said "you didn't spend a lot"!!!

Thursday, up again at 7am, bath, breakfast and off to Mum and Dad's for hospital appointment two with surgeon Mr R.

Amazing how the day before, in the same clinic, they had my current notes. Thursday, they had volume two and not volume three!! d'oh. It's a good job Mr R knows me better than any of the others :)

His first comment was "Thanks for the postcard, thanks for rubbing it in". He was just jealous that I was abroad and he wasn't. He checked the wounds, and said everything looked brilliant. Mum asked him why he was wearing his white coat, as he doesn't normally wear one. He said it was because he wanted to play Dr's and Nurses, but none of the nurses would play with him! He makes me laugh.

I told him I was going back to work next week, he took off his glasses and asked if that was wise. Paniccccc! He then looked at me then my Mum, and said that at my age I shouldnt have to think about working.....couldn't I send my Mum instead!! The three of us were in fits of laughter.

Although the gastro Dr L wants to see me in six months, Mr R will see me in three. He always keeps a better eye on me as he knows my recent history. He also reiterated if I need him in the meantime just to call his secretary and he will see me. After all I'm his nightmare patient ;)

We left him laughing and headed back to Mum and Dad's. Picked up my car, and had a nightmare journey home. What would normally take five minutes took twenty. We tried three ways of getting to my street, all of which were blocked off due to re tarmacking (sp). Finally on the fourth attempt we got there. It's a good job I know my way round my area!

Mum ironed, while I dusted, vacuumed (with the dying vacuum cleaner) and cleaned bathrooms. We had a coffee and a chat, and then finished off the floors and the upstairs. Dad came to collect Mum, and we had pre warned him of which route to take. I went for my flu jab, and headed home. Normally after two early starts and two hectic days I would have crawled into bed, or onto the sofa for a well deserved rest. But no, I was bored. So I wrote out some more forms and headed off delivering more Avon books. I tried two roads, both of which already had a rep, so I collected those books back in. Tried another road, and was adivsed by a lovely woman that no one had covered this road yet, she thought. So off I went from door to door getting as many brochures out as possible.Yes it may seem tedious, but I really enjoy it!

Got home and dutifully peeled the potatoes for dinner, sat and listened to some music and waited for hubby to come home. We had dinner, SIL rang, again whilst I was in the ladies room, hubby talked to her then passed the phone over. I nealry feel for another of her jokes.....that a certain brother in law had decided he had jumped over a certain fence!

As always we had a laugh, then hubby and I decided to watch a new tv show, both of us promptly dozed off on the sofa. He went up to bed, me, having gained my second wind stayed up til one am! I slept like a baby, and yes I got up late today.

I have to be up early tomorrow, a certain niece is having her ears pierced. Then we are out for dinner with Chinese buddy and her hubby. Then I have two more lie ins, and days to myself before I start work!

What a long post today......well there was two days to catch up on LOL

I'll love you and leave you. Have a good weekend all :)

Hugs a plenty.




Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Three Q's Three A's But More Needed!

Thankyou to those of you who have so far sent in your questions. I have created a word doc, and as soon as I have enough Q's (questions) to create a blog I will post them here. If you don't want to leave your Q via the comments section, feel free to e mail me, if you have my address, if you don't ask and I will send it as long as I feel you are trustworthy.

Life is passing me by so quickly these days. I think it's because I know that this time next week, I will be on my way home from having worked for the first time in two years and three months! It's almost like leaving college and starting your first ever job!

I have endless lists of things I want to do before next week. Will they all get done? I doubt it. So far the ear piercing has been delayed until Saturday, so today, did I do my ironing? No I overslept!!!!

Last night I was in a thoughtful mood. So I wrote a poem for Aly's Awake the Fae site. It's a contribution site for poetry. Mainly aimed at people who have just graduated. But she has allowed me to contribute...even though I'm well past graduation age! I only sent her the poem just now, so it may take a couple of days to appear, if it passes the Aly test :) Feel free to pop along and have a peep at the site. Som of the music is wonderful, and she also has the most gorgeous tee shirt and apparel shop all designed by her.

Tonight I will probably sit and ponder on the things I didn't do today, that I should have done. As always I will have the good intention of going to bed early, and probably won't.

BUT I must!! I have two hospital appointments this week. Tomorrow is with my gastroenterologist Dr L. I really need to talk to him about my referral to a Professor in Birmingham, who has since disappeared. I was then sent a letter by a Dr I didn't know and who I have never met, asking me to come in on a certain date for an exploratory operation. Who in their right mind would agree to that!!! I gave the letter to Mr R, and he was going to deal with it. I have a feeling that Dr L and Mr R don't get on!

After the hossy visit tomorrow Mom and I are going into town. I need to collect some photo's, and there is a new Primark in town that we want to mooch round. I have to visit the market to get something for Sis In Law, and hopefully we are meeting her for lunch :)

Thursday I have an appointment to see Mr R. Hopefully he will update me on the Birmingham Dr fiasco, and also say he received my postcard, and yet again tell me how well I look, and how well the wounds are healing :) I'll also tell him I'm going back to work next week, and he will most likely question me to make sure it's only part time.

SO...early start tomorrow, up at at least 7am, then hossy, town and collect Avon books. Thursday, again up at about 7am, hossy appointment, flu jab, then home, and recover from the last two days early starts!!

Hubby is trying to organise another trip to France/Belgium to stock up on goodies before Christmas. He asked if I wanted to go, and I replied that seeing as I would be back at work, it would be too long a day for me to travel by car, ferry journey, walk around two big stores, ferry journey, travel by car and eventually get home. He then said that we could stay overnight. Wooohooooo! A romantic night in Paris? Naaaah a roadside hotel in Calais! But at least it breaks the journey up for me, and it might give me a chance to see all of the shopping centre instead of just the alcohol section!!!!!

Another of the bands broke in my hair braiding last night......can anyone come to the rescue!!??!! It's fading fast (like my tan) and I don't want it to....I love it!!

Oh, and can someone please make a national announcement that Bonfire night is now over. Therefore there is no need to let fireworks off during the day, or indeed at midnight! Especially not the sort that interfere with our aerial reception, and make me jump two feet off the sofa!!

For now.....adios.

Please add your questions either in the comments box or by e mail as previously mentioned.

Hugs a plenty




Monday, November 06, 2006

Ask Me A Question, Any Question! G-Rated Only

I've been asking myself quite a few questions lately, so I decided to do an open question forum for any readers out there. No matter how obscure, or how silly they may seem, as long as they are G-rated (as in child friendly) I will answer them honestly. So it's over to you. What's the betting I get no questions at all!!!

Yesterday was a strange day. One minute bright sunshine and wonderfully warm, the next dark and f f freezing! I had a lovely soak in the bath listening to Robbie Williams of course. (Makes mental note to remember to do something with this cd), and then came downstairs in winter pj's and slipper socks. I wandered into the living room, set down the portable tape,cd,radio thingy, and decided to listen to some of my old tapes.

I found one where I won 75 pounds on a radio station, and numerous "demo" tapes from when I was younger. It really made me think that if only I had guaranteed health, I could be singing with a band two or three nights a week, and loving every minute of it like I used to when I was 20 years old. There was one tape I couldn't find anywhere though. Why is it whenever you look for one specific thing you find everything but! It's a treasured tape I made whilst at college. There was a young girl on the music course there, and we had hooked up together due to our love of musicals. We had wortten our own musical. Presented the script to the director of the college and he had given us the go ahead to put it on at the college using all of their facilities including the college students and the stage area!

We were soooo pleased. Then we got back to college on Monday, ready to ask certian people to play certain parts.....and the theatre had been burnt down!!

Anyway....during our writing process we had been to a friends recording studio and "layed down" (musical speak for recording), three of the songs from the musical. I so wanted to listen to this last night. I was even going to try and find a way to get it onto cd, and therefore get it onto the pc and maybe the blog for people to listen to. Could I find it......could I butter.

I'll have to ask Mum and Dad, as I'm sure they have a copy, along with a copy of the second set of the band performing that I don't have. Maybe I can reduce you to a blubbering wreck with my singing talents yet!!!

Anyone here local to me have a band, or a recording studio, where i can join in, or even record some stuff?

I might even audition for next years X factor!!! Wooohooo.....not even through the first audition, that would be me LOL.

I sat and read some of the Robbie book that college buddy has lent me, and then decided at eleven pm that I wanted to go to bed. Yes, eleven pm. Not two am, or three am. But eleven PM!! Unusual for me.

SIL, Mum says yes to meeting at McDonalds as long as the times correspond!

I got up this morning, ate my toast and read the paper, hubby then showed me a new offer from NTL which means I could get a new phone. It does video, pictures, 300 free minutes, and 300 free texts, it also has a memory card which means I should be able to get the pictures and the video onto the pc. Wooohoooo!!!

Not only that, but guess what.......it's PINK!!!!

But hubby has to analyse this before we get the go ahead. We may be chaging from NTL to Tiscali, or Orange, or some other telephone providor, As NTL are putting up their price per minute cists dramatically. Strange how new customers get free weekend calls, but people who have been with them for nearly thirteen years don't!!

As we walked into the kitchen hubby noticed that one of my hair bands had broken! Panicccccc. My braid hairstyle was at risk of being ruined!!! Panicccccc. He put my finger on which one it was, I frantically rummaged through one of my pink purses, found 2 new bands that the lady had given me, and replaced them pretty darned quickly. Hairdo rescued thank goodness.......for now!

I'm still waiting to hear back from my hairdresser as to whether she can do braiding, or if someone she knows can, and how much it might cost. I know that over here a full head braid can cost up to ninety pounds. I only had a half braid in SPain,and it only cost me eleven pounds...so I'm looking for somewhere near that figure. It's neat and tidy, easy to wash, and it keeps my hair off my face....and it's different. If I go to the local shops, or even while I'm doing my Avon I get a second glance from people and then a smile. Not a sarcastic or Oh my goodness smile, but a, that looks nice smile :)

ANyway I'm rambling again. I think pre work noerves are kicking in!

I'll leave you ine peace.

Remember to send me those questions in the comments section......please!!!

Love and hugs




I Think I Made A Boo Boo!!

Yesterday, as soon as I had finished blogging, I had my lavendar bath, smothered myself in sugar and walnut moisturiser (sp), squirted on some Angel perfume, lapped on some makeup, everything being Avon of course apart from the perfume, and off we went to Ma In Laws for the bonfire night celebrations.

The village in which they live was due to have a bonfire and firework display, as well as selling hotdogs and food items. The plan was that all of us were going. But it dodn't work out that way :)

Hubby had a particularly warm welcome at the noor. Nephew T came a running to the door, and was shouting "It's (insert name here) hubby, It's hubby!" which I thought was really sweet :)

So, in the house at that point there was Nephew T, Nephew M, Ma In Law, Dad In Law, hubby and I. We chatted, and checked out the extension, in the dark I might add! Bit it is coming along really well. I was outside participating in my nicotine addiction, and along comes Sis In Law (SIL). I stayed outside, in my sleevless top! and wasn't even cold. We went back inside and I said hello to Little Miss Purple and Little Miss Pink.

Soon, Mr Bleach arrived, as well as Sis In Law M and Bro In Law S. Nealry a full family compliment.

Dinner was served, and what a spread! Jacket potatoes galore, sausages and hotdogs, onions, bread rolls, Lasagne and ravioli! Of course I had half a hot dog in a roll, ravioli, and Ma In Law's famous lasagne! Scrummy.

Mass exodus began. Wellingtons were put on tiny feet, jackets were zipped, hats and gloves placed on tiny heads and hands, and they were off. I don't quite know how it happened, but everyone left except for Ma In Law, Sis In Law and me. We decide to sit in the warmth of the living room, and watch the fireworks from the window. Good idea!

We chatted and oohed and aahed at the prettily lit sky, and soon enough we hears voices and the patter of tiney feet as the first fearfull children, both big and small returned.

Coats, hats, gloves and wellies off......and hubby decides to do his own display. So Coats, hats, gloves and wellies back on and out into the front garden. Sparklers lit, and hubby showing off with his mini firework display. Little Miss Purple soon worked up the confidence to hold a sparkler, and watch the fireworks with no tears. Big fireworks sure can hurt little ears!

Talking of ears......hehehehehehe. Little Miss Purple's dream is to have her ears pierced. Mr Bleach and Sis In Law had insisted she needed to have accrued fifteen pounds before she could have it done. Thinking that at seven (nearly), and only having one pound a week in pocket money. Which I think is completely fair at that age! It would take her fifteen weeks to save enough to have them done, and may well have changed her mind by then. Clever People!

They were soon outwitted by clever Little Miss Purple (L M P)!. Unknown to them, she had stashed away, birthday money, and odd monies she had collected along the way. She turned up within a few days with fourteen pounds and four pence!

I was told this, and so was hubby. He quickly donated six pence, meaning she only needed ninety pence (I think) to make her total. L M P and I sat quietly in the kitchen, looking at the photgraphs of flowers, family and friends on my mobile phone. Did I mention it was pink? As we were moving through the pictures, I reached behind her and slipped into her hand a one pound coin, and whispered to her to not tell anyone! She asked how much money she now had, and I told her she had enough to have her ears pierced!

Mistake made, nephew M overheard! She swore him to secrecy. Her stern face and voice instructing him he mustn't tell anyone!

Fifteen minutes later, hubby, SIL and I are outside chatting and smoking, and Nephew M's little head pops out of the door and announces that L M P has enough to have her ears pierced. Sis In Law looked from hubby to me, and saw the look of guilt on my face! I think I made a Boo Boo.

I was instantly told that my punishment would be, to go with them on Tuesday after school to have her ears pierced. Ooooops!

Bro In Law S, Sis In Law M, Nephew M and Nephew T soon left, and L M P and I sat on the sofa discussing the ins and outs of having ears pierced. I explained they would draw a dot on her ears, numb them, and then use a gun to fire the earring into her ears. Of course her first question was will it hurt!

I asked if she had ever been stung by a wasp? No. I asked if she had ever had a splinter, she didn't know. I asked if she had ever caught herself on a thorn from a bush or rose? She wasn't sure. How to explain the pain to a seven year old.

Ok, I said seriously. It will hurt. It will sting at first, and then it will be like having a big headache in your ears. I reminded her of a recent visit when I read her a bed time story and she had a headache. She remembered and didn't seem too concerned.

I reminded her it would hurt. It will be painfull. It will be like having a BIG headache in your ears for hours! Maybe you won't sleep that night!

She didn't seem fazed.

I told her she had to turn her earrings ever morning and evernight and showed her how to do it. Then I was given a piece of paper, and asked to draw ears, and guns, and explain how it was done, and what she had to do.

This was passed to SIS In Law......who gave me a dissaproving look, kisss and hugs all round except SIL, and they left.

Then I sign on this morning to find a comment from her on the last post. At least she is still talking to me!!!!!

Hubby and I got home, after I embarassingly stalled his car on his parents drive! and we watched the X factor which I had recorded, I predidcted who should go....and I was right!!!

Hubby went to bed, I watched Afterlife, again prerecorded......sat watching tv and thinking, and of course mouse watching.

I actually caught one in the act. I decided to check and see if some of the poison had been eaten, crept towards the dining room, turned on the light, and there was a mouse poised to eat. He scuttled off, and believe me, he wasn't a small innocent looking thing either. I'm almost certain he looked at me and tutted before he scarpered!

Now I know where they are residing, and where they are popping their furry heads out of and into as their home. We will defeat them! My home will not be invaded by something I don't want there!!!

Next week is my last week at home before I start work again part time.

So far my diary goes like this.

Monday, collect and redistribute Avon books. Must do some ironing and washing as well.
Tuesday, witness an ear piercing! Plus more washing and ironing.
Wednesday, hospital appointment with the gatroenterologist, and then a trip into town with Mum, possible meeting up with Sis In Law at Mcdonalds :)
Thursday, another hospital appointment with Mr R :) and the dreade flu jab at 1.35
Friday....Possibly collect Avon books as order needs to be in soon after.

In amongst that I have to clear out my wardrobes, sorting clothes for the charity shop. The same with drawers, and wardrobes in two bedrooms!

Alphabetise cd's and dvd's. Make a copy of a certain DVD for Navie Wifey :)

Whew....so much to do, so little time. I've gone from not being able to move from bed or sofa without being in pain, to racing round like a blue bummed fly!!!

Oh well.......a womans work is never done!

Posts are getting longer and longer ;)

Love and hugs for all