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Saturday, December 30, 2006


No that's not a piggy impression!

As mentioned yesterday, from Sis In Law and Mr Bleach I received one of my favourite Christmas presents. It was totally unexpected, totally random, totally thought of by Sis In Law, but most importantly, totally me!!

Introducing to you........

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Whisky The Cowgirl blowing you a kiss...and of course it's a PINK HAT!!!!

Once we had left SIL's we went to Tesco on the way home. Throngs of people trying to grab last minute bargains, and there's me wandering round in a pink cowgirl hat :) When I told SIL this, she asked if I had had any "funny" looks. I said, no, people just smiled at me, she told me they WERE funny looks. I think the long hair confidence thing is really kicking in LOL.

Anyway, Little Miss Pink took the following picture. Remember I had been awake for less than twenty minutes, hair not brushed, sleep not yet removed from eyes, anyway, do I look like a zombie or quite cute, you decide?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Cheekbone definition or what?!

Holli, I got a PINK hat!!!, but it's not the same as the one you got from Kiki.....did you ask her if she is selling them yet? Hint Hint.

Anyway, as mentioned yesterday we went to SIL's birthday party, and yes, I wore my pink hat. When I went to my Mum and Dad's, yes I wore my Pink hat. It is on top of the coats at the bottom of the stairs, and as far as I am concerned, as I put my coat on, pick up my handbag, and put on my shoes.....before I leave the house, the hat will go on!

It looks especially good when I am wearing my pink dressing gown and matching slipper socks from Ma In Law.....I look soooo......PINK!!

Yes, I'm a purple freak, my car is purple, my bedroom is purple, and the majority of my tops are purple....but pink is slowly becoming the new purple. In fact from this day forward, let it be known that there is no longer pink and purple....just "piurple". Schluurple Piurple in fact.

SIL sent me numerous pictures, of course I will not show any of the girls. But one of them did remind me of the film "The Shining", just minus the axe. But I can't put the picture up because hubby is Blog shy :)

So tomorrow the girls descend on us for their first overnight stay :) We now have, in readiness, Nuttella, raspberry jam, a pink Nintendo, and hubby and I. I think that's all we need for a happy party. Fingers crossed all goes well.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Stay safe if you are using fireworks. Especially in the UK as we are due for some mega storms, and possible hurricanes!!

Should old acquaintance be forgot and never.............

Hugs, handshakes and new years kisses for all



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Friday, December 29, 2006

Spoilt Whisky, And My Man Has A Civil Partnership!!!

Well, it's five days since I've posted, and soooo much has happened. Up early on Christmas morning, having laid the table ready for dinner, and prepared all of the veggies ready for Mum and Dad coming for dinner. Had breakfast, and then hubby and I opened our presents from each other in the conservatory.

I gave hubby his presents first, knowing as always, that what I gave him was little but thoughtful. Sure enough in he walks with boxes and packages galore. Choccies, dvd's and cd's, even a Robbie Williams karaoke cd!! Pyjama's and clothes, the Nintendo Browser I so desperately wanted. It means I can (hopefully) go online on my Nintendo ds!. And, a new doorbell :)

With hubby being away so often, if I am in the conservatory I can't hear the doorbell, so I had mentioned we should get a portable one, that way if someone is at the door I know! It's a bit spooky though, it plays the tunes, but also has a blue eye shape on the front that flashes! It looks like Big Brother is watching me!

Hubby's Mum and Dad came round, a little later than planned, therefore meaning we were going to delay picking up my Mum and Dad. We swapped presents with them. They bought me the snuggliest dressing gown ever, with matching slipper socks....and it's pink!!

Hubby went off to get my parents, and soon the house was full of laughter, cooking, washing up, and celebration. The whole idea of us inviting Mum and Dad round, was so that Mum didn't have to cook.....but within minutes she was in the kitchen helping hubby do the dinner, and washing up!

The meal was lovely, we were all stuffed so we left the table and sat on the sofa talking. I relayed some of my Spanish from my new spanish dictionary from hubby. I played some music, then we finally had our Christmas pudding, sat on the sofa again to watch Dr who, and hubby promptly falls asleep and starts snoring!

We woke him up in time for Vicar of Dibley, he promptly asked what time was Dr Who on!! Typical after dinner snoozer bless him.

Hubby went up to bed, and Mum and Dad and I chatted for a while. We all went upstairs and slept like logs.

Morning, and yes, hubby had been snoring, apparently so had Dad, and so had Mum! Oh Joy! A quick breakfast and off to Sis In Law M's. The boys loved their presents, and Pirates of the Caribbean cannon balls were fired fiercely.

We headed off to Sis In Law and Mr Bleaches, but hubby decided we really should visit Sis In Law D as well. Popped in on the family full of illness and dropped off their presents. They gave us Little Miss Pink, and Little Miss Purple's presents, and we finally headed off to the house of fun :)

Greeted as always with open arms, snuggles and kisses. A gorgeous dinner, a few glasses of wine, presents opened. I am waiting (hint hint) for a picture of me wearing one of my favourite presents. As soon as I have it I will put it on the blog. It's special, it's me, it's something pink, unusual, and since Boxing day I have lived in it!

We popped next door the Sis In Law's neighbours to help her celebrate her birthday, but Little Miss Pink wasn't well at all. SIL, LMP and I went back to the house. Poorly one in bed, we sat munching, painting nails and chatting until the boys came home. Hubby tucked up on the sofa, snug as a bug in a rug, everyone in bed, and the next thing I knew it was late morning and I was awoken to the sound of "wakey wakey" from Little Miss Pink. I automatically rub my eyes on waking, the next thing I knew, LMP had dashed into her bedroom and gave me cherished Pink Teddy as she thought I was crying!!

Milky coffee, a cigarette and some toast later, SIL caught me out yet again. We went home me convinced that hubby had had turkey and stuffing sandwiches for breakfast, and was a budding artist!!

The 28th, and I was planning a lie in, but the Avon delivery arrived at 9am. Hubby was at my Mum and Dad's fitting their Polycool, I went round, delivered Mum's Avon, and we went to Morrisons and Tesco. Got home, had a lovely bath and off to Sis In Law's to celebrate her birthday!!

It was a lovely night. Most of her neighbours are so nice! Especially J who intrigued hubby and I with her stories of travelling the world as an air hostess. Little Miss Purple made a mad dash for her pj's and toothbrush thinking she was coming home with us.......no, that's this weekend.

Home, dressing gown on, hubby to bed, and me watching Dracula, on my own in the dark.

Hubby was under strict instructions to wake me at a certain time, but he left me two hours longer in bed!

Yesterday I heard the news that my man, John Barrowman, had joined his partner in a civil ceremony. Yes I was disappointed. But, I wish them every happiness.

Congratulations to......Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting John Barrowman and

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Scott Gill on their marriage.

But........Whisky can still dream ;)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.

Hugs galore


P.S Whisky finally managed to work the spell check woooohoooo!!!

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

I'm Dreaming Of A Pink Christmas

Holli's most recent post just about sums up exactly how Christmas should be. It should be all about the giving and not the receiving. SHaring, not being selfish. Thinking about others first, not yourself. Well said Holli, now all we need over here is a Target store!! We have the Starbuck's.....so we're getting there ;)

I had the funniest conversations with my Mum yesterday. Both her and Dad, and hubby and I have ordered a product. It's called Polycool. Basically, if you have a polyprop roof in your extensions/conservatory, (the sort of roog made of clear grooved plastic rather than glass) you can insert this into the grooves. It reflects the heat of the sun away from the roof in the summer, therefore keeping cooler. And in the winter it reflects the heat from within the room back into the room, therefore keeping it warmer.

Anyway, hubby was fitting our yesterday....he's just finished it today. I rang my Mum for another reason, and was telling her "how hubby had a long yellow thing, how he lubricated the hole first, punched a hole in the end, inserted the yellow pole in the hole, which could be a bit of a tight fit, then how he pulled it back out again quite easily". My Mum was in fits of laughter at the other end of the phone, and she knew what I was talking about. She said I should have chosen my words a bit more carefully! She also told me that if hubby was a) having to use lubricant, b) having to punch a hole in the end and c) it was yellow, he needed to get himself to the doctors quickly!

My Mum has such a dirty mind Tutt Tutt. But then again so do I. There we were laughing away, and all the time hubby is looking at me from outside wondering what I'm laughing at. He then picked up his tin of lubricant and waved it at me grinning. He had guessed! What a laugh!

We did notice last night how well it reflects the light back into the room from the one light fitting we have in there. But today, now it's finished, because it's such a grim grey day outside the roo looks quite dark.

Hopefully tonight we will feel the benefit of the heat, and in the summer we will be cooler :)

As it was the final of "Strictly come dancing" last night I dared hubby to ring Sis In Law, knowing that she would refuse to answer the phone and that Mr Bleach would have to answer it. They had a bit of a chat, and hubby told me that SIL would call back after it had finished.

Sure enough the phone rang. What I didn't realise was, that hubby and Mr Bleach had plotted together. They had told SIL that it was her Mum in Germany that had called. So, she was all set to ring her Mum at what would have been 11.15pm over there, and probably wake her up in the process. Luckily SIL realised that Mr Bleach was speaking English, which her Mum may not have understood, and checked the answer machine as it had recorded the start of the conversation. Thankfully she rang us and not her Mum. I've promised to call her on Christmas day, I won't disclose why.....but it might be a helpful phone call ;)

So here I am, excited about tomorrow being Christmas Day. Excited that my parents will be here for dinner, and staying the night. Knowing that we will have fun, and of course stand up and solute the Queen during her speech (not!).

So today, it will be peeling sprouts, preparing cauliflower cheese, carrots, parsnips, potatoes, swede etc. That reminds me I must defrost the prawns too!!

For the first time in many years I have wrapped most of the Christmas presents. Of course the girls presents have to be pink. So I thought I'd share.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Pink and Purple presents for Mum and Dad.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting close up of one pf the presents.

And finally a girl has to have pink and purple shoe's.........

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and here, they are on a Christmas card from Navie Wifey :)

I'm not singling out any Christmas cards here deliberately, as they have all been gorgeous. It's just that this fitted in with the pink theme for today :)

Sorry if the pictures aren't very clear, like I said, it's a bit of a dark and grim day today :(

As always I will leave a mince pie and a drink out for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer on the fireplace tonight.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy and Prosperous 2007.

Lots of Christmas love and hugs


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Two More Sleeps 'Til Christmas

Only two more sleeps to go until Christmas Day!

I went to see Clever Crafting Friend (CCF) and her new kitched floor is gorgeous! The whole kitchen looks fresh and bright, and that's before the new wall tiles are on! It was, as always, lovely to catch up....we talked about everything, caught up on old work, and told about new work. I had a lovely milky coffee, and a home made mince pie (which I forgot to say was scrummy!). It even turns out that Mrs W that I met on Sunday, CCF knows her! What a small world :)

Anyway, off into the fog to leave CCF and R to get ready for their works Christmas party, and home. It was a bit of a dodgy drive....of course I took the long route past my Mum and Dad's, which just happens to be near a lake! Fog galore. Home, sat and had a ciggy with hubby, and off I went upstairs wrapping presents.

I have to say at this point, that the most awkward present to wrap out of them all was for Sis In Law. But, it's what she wanted, so I made it look as good as possible :)

I've only got hubby's to wrap now....I'll wait until he either pops out today, or goes to bed tonight to do them.

Someone must have told Santa that I've been a good girl this year, as the pile of present under the tree is huuuuge! and no, hubby's aren't there yet ;)

So here I am, listening to John Barrowman on CD......gorgeous voice! Gorgeous man. I spoke to one of my customers last week, and he was from Cardiff, where Torchwood and Dr Who are filmed. He told me he quite often see's them filming from where he works. I asked him to give John a kiss from me if he saw him, he instantly said no, but that he would shake his hand for me :) I HAVE to get to Cardiff to see the pantomime he is in. I HAVE to stand at the stage door to meet him, I HAVE to have my picture taken with him, an autograph, and maybe a peck on the cheek. Then if it's an overnight stay I will visit each and every memorable feature in Cardiff that is featured in Torchwood, and have my picture taken there. Especially on the "Invisible transportation paving slab, that is one of the entrance's to The Hub, right by the water tower in Cardiff. ANyone guessed I'm a huuuge fan yet.

And.......I heard this week, they have signed Torchwood up for a second series wooooohoooooo!!!!!! Captain Jack Harkness Rocks! Of course I will watch, and record Christmas day's Dr Who as I have a feeling he will be in that, as well as a couple of the other episodes of Dr Who...Ooooooooooooh brainwave!! They are recording the new series of Torchwood in the spring! Maybe Whisky could take a trip and watch some of the recording.....maybe even be an extra in the background pinching Captain Jacks Bum....ahem! Getting carried away here.

Even though he is gay, he did admit on The Johnathon Ross show that he finds women sexy......well, one look at me could change that idea LOL.

Anyway enough rambling from me. I'm more excited about Torchwood than Christmas now!! Typical nutty Whisky.

Jingle Bells Jingle Bells and all that



Last night I wrapped just about every present we had in the house.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Foggy Days And Holidays!

Firstly I have to thank hubby for todays title! There I was staring into space looking for a title and he comes up with one straight away!!

As you may have guessed from both yesterdays post, and totdays title, it's still really really foggy here. I mean when you are driving, you have to have your lights on, that reflects against the fog and you can't see much ahead. Very scary. It's also what they call freezing fog. Which means, you guessed it, it's freezing cold!

All over the weather they keep mentioning that this fog is supposed to linger until Boxing day. We've already had it for three days, and it does bring you down. Everything is grey and white. The birds in the garden are hardly out and about. My favourite black bird (Spot, due to his two white spots) is in hiding in the pyracantha bush right at the side of the conservatory. Up until a week ago it was still laden with berries for him to eat, and Mum and I took it in turns to pull a sprig of berries off and put them on the floor for him, as he was having trouble perching, or jumping up to get them. Now, with no berries left, I've "HIDDEN" a food supply in the bush for him. That way, he will have plenty of food for the winter, hopefully without the other birds finding it. He's also very good at protecting his own territory, so he will ensure that it's safe.

We think that Spot is the blackbird that fledged in our garden about three years ago. He pottered around under the bush before he could fly.....and I used to go out and shoo away the cat that visits. Maybe he feels safe their. I mean he has a dozy woman who handpicks poisonous berries to feed him, and talks to him whenever he is around. I'm still certain it was him who made a flying visit, literally, into our conservatory, and left hubby a few "presents" before he flew out again.

Maybe he just wanted to say hello, and thankyou for looking after him :)

Anyway.....the work lunch yesterday was huuuge, but gorgeous. We all sat together laughing and joking, and I finally worked up the confidence to ask a certain person if I had offended them. The reply was, that they thought they had offended me! So, the slate was wiped clean and we have started anew. Two years ago I would never have dreamed of asking anyone a question like that. On Saturday at the works party, my old team leader, who knew me really well, said that with long hair I have more confidence....maybe she is right.

Anyway, back to the office, and it's all change. I now have my very own desk, with drawers and everything!! I'm back with "the team" and for the last hour of work, it felt good :) I now know that on my return in the New Year I will at last be "WITHIN SALE" rather than on the periphery. Yayyyyyy!

With Boss S's Christmas present to hubby and I tucked under my arm I left work and headed out to do a bit of last minute present shopping for hubby. It's really difficult. I haven't got much money due to being on benefit's etc, plus he's a man, who are renownedly difficult to buy for. Plus, I've already supposedly bought him one of his Lacoste shirts from Cala D'or. Anyway....at least he has a few presents to open on Monday!

Home, and hubby was back! Arrrgh there's me carrying his surprise presents....I dashed upstairs and stashed them away quickly, came downstairs and gave him the biggest hug :)

We had a bit of a chat, then I went upstairs to wrap some more presents. I managed to do more than I thought, and even, after a short break, went back up to do some more. My back soon was screaming it didn't want to continue, so back downstairs, a small snack, and snuggled on the sof until hubby went to bed.

I caught the tail end of a film starring Emma Thompson. I did set it to record and went up to bed once, but I really wanted to watch the ending, so back downstairs and blubbed for the rest of the film.

Bed at 2am! the latest for me in weeks, and awoken by hubby after a lie in.

I have to sign off now, as I'm going to visit Clever Crafting Friend this afternoon. At last I can visit her! It's normally the other way round :)

So......I hope Santa's helpers are busy wrapping presents to put in his sleigh on Sunday evening :)

We can all sit warm and cosy by our fires with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie and listen for the sound of distant jingling of bells as a sign he is on his way :)

Jingle bells everyone.

Hugs galore



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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Phone Calls, Visits, and AA!!

Just after I had posted yesterday about the amazing lady (Mrs W) I had met on Sunday, she rang me :) She thanked me for getting her the numbers for her, and asked me to ring and make the appointment. We had a lovely chat, and are both of the same mind when it comes to marriage. It was good to hear her voice, to know she was ok, and to hear her happy.

Off to work, and it was really busy. Mind you, I like it like that, the busier the better. I remembered to leave at my allocated time this week, got home, and was bombarded with phone calls from the dreaded AA (Annoying Avon) lady. Even though I had paid in 90% of my money. I was told in her schooteacherish voice, that my account was on hold. I explained to her that the money I hadn't paid in was for items not received but invoiced for, or received and badly damaged. She, in no uncertain terms, told me I HAD to pay it in by ten o clock this morning or I wouldn't receive my order. I said that would be physically impossible, and she gave me a huge lecture. I managed to butt in, change the subject and ask her if there was any news on my soon to be allocated territory. She stuttered that the big area manger (her boss) was on holiday now until after Christmas. In other words she had forgotten. I told her I would e mail her a list of the houses I deliver to and put the phone down.

The phone rang straight away and it was Avon head office, politely explaining that my account was on hold due to a small amount of arrears, I explained to the lady that it was for items not received or damaged, and she said "No problem Mrs Whisky (insert name here) I'll release it this minute for you, and may I apologise for our error in not sending items, and for items being delivered". Now why can't my Avon area manager be like that! Ggggggrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, I drafted an e mail to her........nearly hit send, but changed it to hubby's e mail address instead, asking him to read over it, as I thought it might be a bit harsh. I don't want her to sue me for defamation of character now do I.

Off I went to see Navie Wifey and was greeted at the door by Miss Crystal her daughter.
As always it was good to see her, we caught up on everything, and had a lovely dinner. In between she explained how she had painted the lovely pictures on her living room walls, and I immediately thought....."I have to do that for our bedroom!!" I really need to pin hubby down to a colour scheme. I have so many bits and bobs for that room, so far undecorated for over three years! I just want it done. I want to sleep in a quiet room. I want it to be shades of brown and cream, or luscious purple's and mauve's. But until I know which color he agree's on I can't do much more. Men!!

Oooooh Navie Wifey, can I ask, if you bought the heart piccies off the net can you send me the link?

We sat together, and I was in awe of Miss Crystal's crystal collection. Such intricate pieces, so well made, so delicate, so pretty! I'm very, very, very tempted....but I think hubby might throw a wobbly if I suddenly swap from pigs to crystal! We haven't the room for all of my pigs as it is LOL.

I had a lovely evening, I just hope they enjoyed my company as much as I did theirs. I left them in the warm, and tottered out into the fog. Scared that at any moment pirates would come and get me, a big lighthouse would appear, strange music would appear, and jamie lee curtis would tell me to run for my life. (The film the fog scares me whitless).

But no, safely home, I texted hubby....as I now have a small amount of credit on my phone! I should really have made headway in going to bed. But no, I started wrapping Christmas presents, got annoyed getting paper cuts, so I headed downstairs with a pile of labels and a rolls of cotton string.

Don't you just hate the labels where you have to pop out a hole of paper from them and then insert the string so you can fix it to the presents. I sat and did half a pack of 80 last night......and I don't think I've done anywhere near enough yet! Each one is like threading a needle!

I always say to hubby every year to get pre stringed ones......does he remember, does he nuts!

Oh joy so much to do so little time. Last day at work today, I say work, but we are having our team Christmas lunch from 12 till 2. Then I only work til 4.30. I did offer to work extra to make up my time, it seems unfair that everyone else is doing nearly a full day, and I will only be working for 2 and a half hours! But Boss S told me a firm no.

So, prawn cocktail, turkey dinner, and xmas pudding await me at twelve. I'll no doubt roll back into work and fall asleep as I'm putting the orders on.

Can you believe it, this is my sixth week back at work.....and I've been taken out three times already! Now that's what I call a good company to work for :)Hopefully hubby will be home at roughly the same time as me.....yay! Biggggg hugsssss.

I need to go get ready for work :)

Hugs for all, and I hope your run up to Christmas goes smoothly :)



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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An Unexpected Meeting

As previously mentioned on Sunday I met an amazing woman. I had had her Avon order for a few weeks, but every time I tried to deliver it, there was no answer. I recalled from when I had taken the order, that she was an elderly lady, as her son had handed me the book to save her from bending. I just kept trying on every round to see if she answered. So on Sunday with five orders to deliver off I went.

I rang the bell, and as always gave plenty of time for her to get to the door. Sure enough she appeared. Bless her she was using a walking frame. The type with the basket on the front to hold important things. It took me a while to advise her of why I was there, she struggled to open the front porch door and invited me in.

I could see how fragile she was, and she told me she would sit on the stairs to pay me, then I could go, then she would make her way back to the living room. No way was I going to let this lady struggle back to her chair on her own. If I had left then I would have bee forever worried that she may have fallen. She had already told me that her unsteadiness on her feet was due to a fall.

Now, I didn't want her to worry that I was going to mug her or anything, I just politely offered to see her back to her chair so I knew she was safe, I told her that I would only worry if I left her where she was.

Obviously used to being independant she moved me into the living room, minus my shoes, and told me sit and wait for her on the sofa. She managed to sit herself down, and I could see that just the stress of walking to the door and back had taken it's toll. She told me she had lost her 21 year old grandson, had a fall, and was now petrified to walk in case she fell again. I did my best to assure her that soon she would regain her confidence.

She took her avon item and was really pleased with it, paid for it.....and then we sat and talked.

I offered to make her a drink, but she said if anyone was going to make one it was her!

She told me she was Italian, she had met and fallen in love with an english royal air force man at the age of 16, that her father had forbidden her from seing him until she was 18. The man returned for her on her 18th birthday, married her and brought her to england. Three months later she was pregnant and desperately teaching herself english by reading romance novels. Her husband wouldn't let her work. She explained that she had the looks of a film star at that age, and her husband was worried she may get snatched away by a more handsome man. Right up until he died six years ago she never managed to convince him that she could love no other man but him.

SHe told me how she made her own clothes, curtains, towels and tea towels to make neds meet. How she did Avon for twelve years, telling her husband she was only doing the road she lived on so her didn't stop her from doing it, when in fact she was covering the whole of our area! How she met so many people, and was ripped off by someone who ordered a lot of things worth a lot of money in those days. She went back a week later to collect the money and they had moved to another country!

She told me how her husband had died, then told me how her grandson had died at the age of 21.....I cried with her as she told me her memories.

I told her where I lived, and we swapped the names of neighbours we both knew. She said I looked familiar and asked if I used to have short hair. It turns out she had seen me no end of times in the Doctors surgery!

As I left, I told her to keep my number, if there was anything, absolutely anything I could do for her, she was just to pick up the phone. Whether it be that she needed a prescription collecting, some shopping, or just someone to have a talk to, she was to ring me.

She suddenly started to cry again. I sat back down and asked her what was wrong. SHe told me she was lonely, her son only visited her once a week. Although he rang every morning and every night, all she had were carers that came out to her twice a day. Supposedly for half an hour, they would not talk to her, and leave after fifteen minutes.

Then she told me she was desperate for a chiropodist to come and cut her toe nails as her feet hurt so much. I said I would source some numbers for her and call her back.

Yesterday, before I went to work I got the numbers of two chiropodists, state reigstered who did home visits. I called her and left a message with their numbers.

The lady that I met purely by chance is truly amazing. I only hope that when I next go to visit her I can brighten her day a little bit more than I did last time.

I guess the moral of this story is, if you have any elderly neighbours, spare them a thought, spare them a minute of your precious time. It might just make them feel a little bit more loved. A minute to us in our hectic lifestyles might be precious. But a minute to someone who is alone virtually all day, can seem like a weeks worth of visits.

Take time to think about it, that's all I ask.

Hugs for all, especially my Avon lady from Sunday.



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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mobile Phones and Work Party's!

What a hectic and tiring few days.

Hubby returned home on Thursday night with a new toy. He had been given a new works mobile phone. A jazzy little black number that takes pictures, video's has a built in radio, plays mp3's, has a built in voice recorder, and polyphonic ring tones. I was quite mesmerized by it. Easy to use, and has all of the features built in, like the mp3 and voice recorder, that I have recently purchased and had so much darned trouble with.

Anyway, I of course had to give hubby a lesson on how to use it. He doesn't bother with reading the instruction book....just give me anything electrical and I can work it within five minutes. Nothing more was said about the phone. We had dinner, and went to bed.

Friday and he is "supposed to be working from home". I caught him looking at various things on the internet, mainly last minute Christmas presents which I will let him off for. I automatically asked him to have a look and see how much his mobile phone would cost if he had bought it. Five minutes later he has his coat on, and says that he will go to Toys R Us to look for a certain niece's xmas pressy from her mum and dad to save me facing the dreaded Dalek's.

About two hours later he comes back, my college buddy was just leaving. We had had a brilliant catch up, Take That visits, exam passes wooohoooooo! and a general chin wag. Off she tootled in her car, and in walks hubby with a variety of bags.

No xmas pressy for nieces, but something for me. He had only gone and got me a phone exactly the same as his!!! Of course it's not a Christmas present, I am paying him back for it, but it was a bargain.

So, phone charged, and realised I needed a cable to connect it to the pc to upload pictures and video's from the phone. I had everything crossed that this wasn't going to be such a disaster as the dreaded pink mobile phone.

Off I went to Tesco, picked up what I was advised to get by the shop assistant. A doody looking thing called a bluetooth dongle. All for £6.49.....soooooo expensive compared to the four lots of cable and software I had purchased for the previous phone. Got home, added the software from the disk, turned the phone onto bluetooth........held my breath, and there I was. CONNECTED!!!!!.

So, any pictures or video's taken can be uploaded to the pc Yayyyyyyy!. AND, my ringtone is now none other than Robbie Williams. It works both ways of course, I can upload any music from my pc to my phone!!!! Excuse the french, but it's effing brilliant. I'm in mobile phone heaven! The only down side is that it's black, not pink or purple, of course I have put my phone danglies on.....which helps hubby and I tell who's is who's phone d'oh.

Saturday, didn't do much in the morning, but started getting ready for the works party at about 3.30. I decided, without a thought, to take out my braids. There was nothing I could do with my hair to make it look "pretty|" for the party. So bath, an hours session blow drying my hair, another hour straightening it (I have a lot of hair), downstairs to put on full make up. When I say full, I normally go out without any make up. Sometimes I'll put on a tiny bit of eye liner, a touch of mascara and lipstick and that's it. I went for the works. Foundation, full eyeshadow, blusher lippy, mascara, and I thought I looked darned good!

Dress, tights and shoes on, and I asked hubby how I looked. "Fine" he says. Nothing like boosting a womans confidence.

Got to the party and caught up with more of the people I hadn't seen during the last two and a half years. I'm not one to brag, (just to rub it in that hubby doesn't pay me compliments) but everyone said how gorgeous I looked :) I even "pulled" yet again, with hubby stood right next to me!

Some man (I now know who he is) asked me for a cigarette, put his hand in a rather "dodgy" place as he wandered off and said thankyou. Don't get me wrong it wasn't an intimate place. Hubby knew exactly where he had put his hand and looked a little concerned. Not at the fact that I had pulled......just that the guy ha placed his hand on my tummy, exactly where my bag was!!! Obviously he didn't notice anything, but I was a little shocked.

All through the night the guy followed me outside for a cigarette.....eventually I got fed up with attention, and as we came back into the room I made a bee line for hubby, wrapped myself around him and gave him a huge kiss. Then the penny dropped for the guy, although why it hadn't in the first place I don't know!

My old team leader M was there, and nutty as usual, it was really good to see her, and as she left she picked me up in a bear hug. My feet a foot off the floor, and bounced me up and down for about two minutes...no exageration. Hubby and Boss S stood going paler and paler, all boss S could say was "Oh my god she has to come back to work on Tuesday!". It was fine, but my back did kill for about an hour afterwards.

Back to the room, settled into bed, by now it's about 1.30am. Next door come back to their room and have a blazing balzing full volume row. This continues until round about 5am.....hubby tried to wake me at 9.45, I politely told him what had happened in the early hours, and asked him to leave for another hour.

Once up, we had breakfast and headed home, with two bottles of red wine and four boxes of chocolates that hubby had collected from the tables the night before.

He promptly went to bed for a sleep! I went out to do some Avon deliveries. I only got to one house......and I'll tell you all about the lovely lady I met on my next blog.

Love and hugs for all



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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wierd Tag As Tagged By Sandra

I was tagged by Sandra at Just A Countrygirl and "According to the rules... Each player of this game starts with the "6 Weird Things about You". People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you are tagged' in their comments and tell them to read your blog!" Not sure if I will tag six people, as most of the bloggers I know have already completed, or are due to complete, the task.


1. I'm paranoid! I always worry I have upset/offended people. I always think I have done something wrong, no matter whether it's online, at work, or at home. I don't know when I developed this trait....but it's lingering for a long time.

2. I have to have even numbers. When I stir my milky coffee it has to be exactly 100 stirs?! If I get biscuits, cream crackers or chocolates out of a container I have to have 2,4,6,8 depending how I feel. There's more....I could have mild OCD.

3. If I eat sweets, such as skittles, smarties, fruit gums, basically any coloured sweets, I empty out the bag, sort them into colours and eat them in a particular order. Green first, then yellow, then orange, then white if there are any, then red, then black/purple. To me coloured sweets taste better this way. The green, yellow, and orange are ok sweets, but the white, red, black and purple are always yummy!

4. I normally eat my dinner in order too! Now this is getting wierd. If I have a roast dinner, I will eat mainly my vegetables to get them out of the way (unless it's cauliflower cheese which I love), then I will eat the meat and potatoes together, including stuffing if relevant....then I will always eat my yorkshire pudding, and if there is any, mix it with my califlower cheese. So many times hubby has tried to nick my yorkshire from my plate and I have to tell him I am saving it for last as it's my favourite!

5.I can "roll" my eyeballs. I've never seen myself do it, obviously, but I can spin my eyes around in circles together. Apparently it looks really wierd! I must get hubby to film me doing it so I can see what it looks like.

6. I do a mean tortoise impression!!! I used to, and still sometimes do, wear polo neck tops. I pull my head down into the top, stretch out my jaw sideways, straining the tendons out in my neck, slowly lift my head up out of the polo neck, and there you have a tortoise! Cool hey.

There. That's my tag complete. And yes, I am wierd.

Last night was ok. I got home from work and decided to ring Curry's customer service regarding the credit yet to be received for my faulty MP3 player. I was basically told to go away. So.....after losing my temper, not over the phone, I wrote an e mail, and sent it to the Daily Mail. There is a lady who specialises in resolving issues like these. Boy will she get a shock when she reads my rambling e mail about the situation. Yes I did rub it in to Curry's by copying them in on the e mail, it's a requisite of sending the e mail to the Daily Mail that you do this, so it gives the lady permission to contact them to try and help you. Lord help her if she does attempt this. I doubt she will get any further than I did, which was basically "wait for an e mail response to your e mail response" or the wonderful alternative of "the store is dealing with it, but we can't tell you when it will be done, no action has been taken as yet, it is only three weeks since you first went into the store" or even "the situation as far as we are concerned is resolved...the store are dealing with it". Hmmmm my idea of the situation being resolved is to have the money credited back to my account for a faulty item.

Anyone got any other ideas for people for me to contact to get a reimbursement? All ideas welcome. Other than traveling back to the Eurotunnel shop, as I would have to pay for another crossing to France!!!

The barbershop night was cool. Mum and I sat on the front row, and the songs were beautiful. We of course bought raffle tickets, and jammy deevil Mum won two prizes! I won one so I was quite chuffed. My Mum's colleague from the charity shop makes jewellery....Mum had mentioned this, but I wasn't sure what sort of things she made. She had a stall at the meeting......boy was that stuff gorgeous! It was all sorts of stones from Amethyst, heamatite, quartz, rose quartz, jade, tigers eye etc etc. I bought a beautiful necklace adorned with a purple amethyst heart....and Mum bought me the dangly earrings to match! Perfect.

The musical director made me promise to go on the 3rd January and join! I did record some of the songs using my MP3 player that works! and will have a practise so I know some of the songs when I go. Quite a few of them are from musicals so I was well chuffed.

Got home, gave hubby my own personal analysis of the serial killer in Ipswich, we had a bit of a chat and he went up to bed. I was not long following and was soon sleeping.

Up early again today for another afternoon of work. I got told off yesterday! I fogto that on Wednesdays I'm supposedto finish at four not four thirty. This is so I don't go over my allowance of hours with the disability payments. So, today Boss S is going to throw me out at four o clock. Guess what guys.....that means you might get another post! Oh joy I hear you cry (not).

No, I really must deliver some more of my Avon tonight.

College buddy is coming to see me tomorrow which will be fun :), I'm going to ensure that the next time she is due to meet up with a certain boy band she takes me and SIL with her! Hubby is working from home, so I guess once CB is gone, I will busy myself by wrapping some of the Christmas presents.

Not long to go til Santa comes!

Hugs for all.


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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Panic Stations!

I was up nice and early this morning as it is my first week doing three afternoons at work. Had breakfast, prepared milky coffee and logged on to the pc. Read my e mails....well only the "home" ones, read everyones blogs but couldn't leave comments? Tried to access MSN Hotmail, no go, tried to access google mail, no go, tried to read my comments on my own blog, and log into to do a post, no go!

Instant panic and e mail session thinking I have been hacked! Before I went up for my bath I thought I'd reboot the pc, leave it to warm up while I was in the bath and try again. D'ohhhh.....it's fine! It must have just been a dodgy boot of the pc in the first place.

There was me thinking someone had hacked into all of my accounts including e bay and Avon as I couldn't get into anything. Typical Whisky, first sign of trouble and paniccccc. So Holli, and Chelle, don't worry, it was just Whisky on a mad coffee induced ramble regarding the hacking. The rest of the e mails are of course relevant.

Hubby came home last night :), and it was sit down to dinner and get ready for John Barrowman on the tv, finger paused over the record button, hit record, served up dinner and started to eat. Phone rings, it's my Mum telling me her colleague from work who is in the Barbershop choir was asking when I was going back. Apparently the musical director (the lady who auditioned me) and everyone else has been asking for me to come back as they want my voice! Phone down, then Mum rang again just to confirm it was ok for us to go the friends and family night at Barbershop tonight....I'll make my excuses as for not going back due to starting work again, and mention I will come back......at some point.

Phone down, phone rings again, SIL checking I was ok, and for some reason referring to wet patches when JB appeared on the screen LOL. Phone down, hubby's mobile rings, it's Chinese Buddy giving him some inside info, phone down all the while we are about to eat or eating. Hubby's mobile rings again, the guy he is supposed to meet today will be late as he has had a slight bump in his car....phone down, landline rings again....Hot line or what!

It was my old Security buddy from a job a long time ago. The one who always used to save my parking space as I was rubbish at parking :) He asked how I was and we talked for a while, I had a quick word with his partner, then she announces they are getting married! Woooohoooooooo.....so date for August pencilled onto next years calendar. I'm so leased for him, it's about time he found happiness :)

Finally that was it for the phone calls and we settled down to watch the rest of the show. JB was on for a bit at the end....but not enough for my liking. A voice like his deserves more than one and a half songs in front of the Queen :)

So here I am, relieved that I haven't been hacked, just blogging really as my writing neurons are firing on all cylinders for some reason. Once Christmas is over the book will be started. I have so many people that can help with some of the more complex research. So prepare for my book being in a store near you in about 18 months ;) Even if I fly over to the states and plant one in each bookstore nearest to my blogging friends and make sure it is pointed out to them as they walk in :)

Hubby is home every night now this week, I still say it's to keep an eye on me as I am increasing my hours. He's in, I'm out! Blimey....busy bee me.

Anyway, just chance for a final spruce up before I leave for work.

No sign yet of a comment from my secret reader ;) Maybe if I got down on bended knee (creak creak).

I'll love you and leave you.

Hugs a plenty



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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Methinks I have Either A Stalker Or A Secret Admirer?!

OK for months now I have been asking the ROD reader to disclose his or her identity......my Site Meter stats tell me who visits, how they found my website, where they are, what internet providor they are using, and disconcertingly how long they view the site for each time the visit.

Firstly....people I know, it doesn't bother me how long you peruse the site for. For example I can be reading a blog, think of something, open up another window, and sit hovvering on someone's blog for ages. Holli, I'm sure you will agree with me on that. I'm normally searching for something or other, checking out ebay, or reading/commenting on someone elses blog without realising I have had the other window open for hours! So, I know it's easily done to just leave a web page open.

Secondly, I know I can re visit someone's site a number of times a day. The first thing I do when I log on, is check my e mails, then read my regular blogs, visit bebo or myspace, then go back to read a blog again because I forgot to comment, or wanted to re read something. I used to be online for 8 hours at a time....but now my health has improved I do other things as well.

So.....here's some information relating to my stalker/admirer. I have removed all other information as I don't think it's relelvant that you see who else visits the blog and where they are from....Site meter even tells me what town, and how many miles away they are from me.

United Kingdom 18* (me)
United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 13.34
United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 3.48
United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 0
United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 0



United Kingdom 18* (me)
United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 0
United Kingdom 18* (me)



United Kingdom R On D 19* Minutes viewed 2.07




That top 20 is today and yesterday starting at 11.34pm UK time.

So. Seing as I'm now a Super SLeuth? Firstly I ruled out myself as it is the same internet ptovidor that I use. Secondly I checked it wasn't SIL, not the same providor, CCF again not the same providor, and Navie Wifey same providor.....but not her!

So.....who does that leave? No one that I know.

I'm probably over reacting by posting this, and I'll probably rethink it and delete it.....but it's really starting to bug me.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To get a pictorial view.....the green in the above is from this visitor. And the thing that set me off was one of the links they clicked on today.....suddenly interested in ostomy supplies?

I guess what I'm trying to say is.....I know more than you think I do, I know people have found me by searching for Nanny McPhee, and How much Whisky to put in your coke.

So, your help needed, anyone got any ideas who this might be? Or, can the actual person just please, please, please leave one comment so I know you're not an actual stalker, or even a letterbox stalker aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!

Speaking of screaming, I forgot to mention. Hubby and I did our Christmas shoppin on Saturday, 2nd stop of the day was Toys R Us for certain nephews and nieces. Walked into the store and one of my worst nightmares hit me right in the face. There on the wall was an 8foot high picture of the current Dr Who shining a blue beam at you, and that was just a head and shoulder shot! Next to him, larger than life was a Cyber Man and a Dalek.....now looking at a Dalek is bad enough for me.....clinging onto hubby's jacket we wandered towards the display, (Istill say he did this on purpose to see if my fears were real). Anyway.......all of a sudden, full volume, loud and clear "EXTERMINTATE EXTERMINATE". That was it, I was off like a shot, round the corner cuddling a giant teddy bear! Hubby was in fits of laughter, and I did get a few strange looks.......I know, a 35 year old woman sh** scared of Dalek's......at least it wasn't the child catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....I'd have legged it out of the shop and 3 miles down the road if it was him.

Wuss or what!

Work today went ok. It was busy, on the phones, and I helped out in customer service a little bit again. But there was a bad vibe coming from one person. I even sat at one point and reanalysed Thursdays night out, trying to recall our conversations, which were limited, to see if I could remember saying the wrong thing...but no. I was sober....the person concerned was slightly tipsy.

The person concerned walked past me at least five or six times without acknowledgement. Boss S mentioned that everyone was going out for lunch next Thursday would I like to come. I automaticall offered to man the phones while everyone else went out, but she told me firmly I was going. The person concerned is organising this......so I guess it's up to said person whether my name gets put on the list. They did start to mention it to me.....and I heard my name mentioned a few times by them.....but nothing said to my face.

Mind you, this is the same person that during my first week had a bit of a dig. I was warned by the occupational health Dr that some people may hold a grudge. There was a conversation going on regarding people claiming benefits and being on the "dole". I was busy putting orders on so I took no notice....until the last comment that came at the end of the conversation after a slight delay, pointed in my direction. "That is if people want to work".

I've only mentioned it to hubby.....and his opinion was the same as mine. This person didn't know me before I went off sick. They didn't know, like everyone else did, that I practically worked in agony for a few weeks before admitting defeat and being taken into hospital. They didn't see me in "work mode" before I was poorly, and they certainly haven't seen, as yet, my full contribution to work and just how dedicated I can be. Maybe their opinion will change, maybe it won't. They're just lucky that they are healthy.

Ggggggrrrrr got my moaning head on tonight.

Oh, SIL I was watching a re run of Torchwood last night when you rang, I had the volume on the tv up that high in the living room that I didn't hear the phone or the answer machine....I was too busy drooling over........

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
John Barrowman in a tight white tee shirt. Sorry.

Speaking of JB, if you can, watch the Royal Variety Performance tonight, as he is opening and closing the show. Singing of course, and with a voice like his, a body like his, and eyes looking straight at me (Of course) through the tv screen, I shall just melt into the sofa sat next to hubby! He knows he's my "hunk of the month" as he puts it. But he also knows that I won't "buy a beefburger while I have steak at home".

So Please mr or mrs R on D person.......say hello.....even if it's just a little tiny ickle one. Just to set my paranoid freaked out brain at rest.

Hugs to all.



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Super Sleuth Whisky Rocks!

As previously mentioned on Thursday I went out with work to the Sales Conference dinner, I'd heard that the Team Building excersizes might be darts, pool and connect four, so I put my own darts in my handbag.

Got there via the taxi provided, was given a drink and promptly the drama began. In walks a very rotund, loud voiced, and anti women man. He was carrying a box containing the ashes of the founder of The Tigers Club. Oh joy of joys' it was a murder mystery evening.......I knew there and then I would love it, and be determined to win.

I was quickly introduced to our team leader for the evening, a new salesman I hadn't met....who happens to be the image of Danny De Vito.....I was sat next to a few people that I knew, eating our meal as the drama unfolded. Myself and "danny" the salesman were determined to work out who had, and still was comitting the murders. We made a good team considering we had only just met. We both took notes whilst eating our dinner....and I was the one running around the room asking all of the "actors" questions relating to different things, and scanning the boards where notices were placed for information.

I relayed what I had learnt to "danny", and he in return told me what he had found out. At one point I even followed three of the actors out of the room to see where they went, abandoning my dessert in the process. Sure enough one of them wandered back down the corridoor covered in blood with a knife protruding from his chest! He told me not to say anything, and I quietly wandered back into the main hall to wait for his body to be discovered.

I was told on numerous occasions by one fo the actors that if there was a prize for determination and perseverance I should get it. I was NOT going to be beaten.

The detective asked for our written conclusions, and one of the members on our team told us who he thought it was. "Danny" and I were determined it wasn't them, and I laid out our reasons for who we suspected. The detective read through each characters name....and I was really disappointed when he said our suspects name and just moved on. Then he went to who he thought was the main suspect and it all came clear. The person he suspected held all the clues...and happened to be sat on our table, and then he called out the name of the murderer and arrested her. It was our suspect! We had won!!!

Our winning team got a certificate, and a gold bullet shaped Super SLeuth keyring each, and we were all really pleased.

Even our Managing Director said I should be re employed as the company private detective!

I also "pulled". The one night I go out without hubby, and someone chats me up! Typical. I played along, shaking his hand and telling him my name. Politely declined his offer of a nightcap in his room and pointed out the logo on his sweatshirt. I told him the name of the company he worked for (not ours), who they had been taken over by, and who they had yet again been taken over by. I asked his if he had been trained on a particular internal computer system that he would use in his job, and he said not yet and told me which branch he worked at. I then told him not to worry as my hubby would be with him in a few weeks to train him. The colour drained from his face and he meekly wandered off!

A couple of the men from the office had been keeping an eye on me, and were just about to come to my rescue, but they soon realised that although I am little I don't like being chatted up! and that I could defend myself. :)

So here I am, worn out after an emotional weekend. Christmas shopping on Saturday, then the bad news on SUnday, and Avon sorting (tonnes and tonnes of it) yesterday.

Hubby thankfully isn't away too much this week. He was away last night, but I entertained myself by watching recorded episodes of Torchwood, and listening to the lead man himself John Barrowman singing. I have downloaded some of his musical songs and copied them onto cd. Boy does he have a gorgeous singing voice as well as a scrummy physique!

So, hubby is home tonight....not sure about wednesday and thursday...but he's working from home on Friday! Yayyyyyy!!!

I really must go and have a bath and get ready for work....I'm just not sure if I should take in my Super SLeuth certificate? I'm working three afternoons from now on. Just to build up gradually and see how I get on. Apparently I am a godsend as Team Leader S is on holiday this week. Boss S is over the moon that I will be in so much. Gawd knows why?

Anyway at least I am appreciated.....unlike in the old days at my previous job. Wink Wink. Thankfully this company know a good thing when they see it.

Ok, I'm off to try and get my big fat head through the door!

Hugs galore.



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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two Friends Over The Rainbow

Two very sad posts in one day. Words can't tell you how I feel today....I'm just thankful that P and C were there to answer the phone.....and that hubby is here to hold me.

Today I heard that we have also lost Pickle. On many an occasion he has brought light into my life....pictures and stories of him, humorous and funny and truly heartfelt. I was so proud to be admitted into his extended family along with Moggie. I was even prouder the day I received in the post an original picture from Pickle's owners, a picture of Moggie Pickle and Whisky together looking out accross the big wide world. I will treasure it forever, and now it means so much more.....it means I may have touched his life as much as he touched mine.

Sunday will go down as one of the saddest days. I've tried everything to take my mind off things.....music, writing, and sleeping. But no, Whisky is still here crying.

Please join me in wishing both Archie and Pickle a safe journey over the rainbow.

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A Friend Lost But Never To Be Forgotten

The catch up posts are irrelevant for now. They can come later.

This morning I got up late, as I was pouring my juice I realised I had a text message on my phone. Read it, and was instantly sent into shock, and disbelief.

A man I met onece upon a time in a Pal Talk chatroom, a man who along with others, took me under his wing, taught me how to win in the music quizzes, gave me the confidence to host a quiz myself. A man who I would chat to for hours on end on MSN. A selfless man, who although he himself suffered from a disease, always put me in the foreground. He asked me every detail of my illness and said how brave I was. When he eventually opened up and told me about his struggles.....I too told him he was brave. Braver than I ever knew.

His illness, rarer than mine....and much more severe, he fought bravely. He knew he was ill, but he never let it get him down. He always made me smil, made me laugh, and made me love him as a very very dear friend.

I know that everyone who knew him loved him. He had the special way about him, that very few people have, of making you the important one in a conversation.

Once, he hadn't seen me online for a while, knew I had been in the hospital, and rang me out of the blue to check I was ok. I regret now that I never asked him for his phone number. He mentioned that he too had been in the hospital, but as always he was "fine", just worried about me. Like I said, selfless.

Then we found a "new toy" on the internet. Skype, where you can call people, and use your headset and microphone to talk to each other as if you were phoning them. Whenever I logged on my phone would ring and it would be him.....we talked for hours.

If he caught me on MSN he would always politely ask if I could spare the time to talk to hom on Skype......I always had the time.....for him, like all of my friends, I have the time. I'm just thankful now that that time to me was important.

Over the last few months we've drifted apart. The group of us that used to live on Pal Talk have all gone our separate ways. A lot of us are still on touch via MSN, or phone calls, I still wish I had his number. I would have called him.

Whenever he saw me appear on MSN, if he was there, he would message me and say hello....always more recently, short conversations.....each of us checking we were ok. He would talk about his family, his wife, his children and how he adored his dog. Then as quickly as he came on, he would have to go. Brief.....but heartfelt.

He mentioned to me once that he always read my blog to see how I was getting on. He was in my garden of friends as simply "A". Even in a post from a few days ago, regarding the little rhyme I wrote.

Just a little note to say,
That I miss you more each day,
And when it comes that Saturday
I'll hold you in my arms and say......

Our friendship grows stronger every day.

Mushy Whisky or what!!

But that poem isn't just for C. It's for ALL of my friends. CCF, Navie Wifey, College Buddy, V, Chinese Buddy, and I know she'll hate this, but SIL to me you are a friend not just a relative (sticks tongue out). And of course my online friends. Holli, Aly, Moggie, Pickle, Ladyhawk, Divemuster, J in Scotland, Madwag, Sandra, and Tanya...P and C, Pingu, and A......and anyone I may have omitted, not on purpose.

Here's another poem written in 2005.

True Friends

True friends are hard to come by
Some come, some soon go
But the ones that remain here
They are true, and you know
If ever you need them
They'll be at your side
In a "chat" way to hold you
To comfort, to guide

Like Flower Girl, Dr Pepper and little Pingu
They are my friends, my comfort
The ones who will willingly do
anything to cheer me, to bring me a smile
and how do I know this?
Cos they've been there for a while

Like Adam and ArchieAll are honest and kind
But deep down inside me
I know I'll get by
Cos my friends mean the world to me
You guys know it's true
I would be nothing
without my friends.....YOU!!

It's hard to realise that he was in my thoughts maybe when he needed his friends the most. My one regret.......I never got his phone number.

His illness defeated him. I don't know any details. But I do know he lived not far from me.....and if I can, if it's not too late, I will try to be there when he is sent away with prayers.

I'll leave you with a picture of a friend I'll always love.
He's now with the angels being comforted up above.
Next time you look into the sky...look for a cloud and see,
It may be him, his face his smile my dearest friend Archie.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Need Lisa's Help!!!

LIsa, Lisa, Font of all Torchwood knowledge, I saw your comment, you have laid my demons to rest about how Captain Jack cannot die....now can you help me with another dilemma?

The most previous episode "They Keep Killing Suzie". The Music at the end....If I could stay in your arms forever...etc..etc do you know who it's by, what it's called, anything so I can download that song its gorgeus!!!

Just a brief post for now, as hubby is due back any minute, hopefully.

But.....guilt, oh guilt is in my mind. With the busy goings on this week, I have betrayed a very dear friend. I know, I only realised last night...at midnight that it was her birthday. Not Pingu.........but, I'm too guilty to say who, she will know. Please forgive me.....I'll be round soon to try and make up for it.....I'm so so so so sorry :(

For now, Super Sleuth Whisky....crowned last night at my works evening out is signing off. I'll explain more in my next post.

Birthday girl, please forgive my forgetfullness.

Guilty hugs



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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Birthday Girls and Torchwood

Yesterday I did all of my remaining chores. I went to the post office like a good little Avon rep and sent off my returns parcel and paid monies received to clear my account. Popped to Tesco for bread and milk, got a paper for me to read today (Thursday) and headed off to Sis In Laws to see the Birthday Girl.

We went to pick her up from school, and was promptly called inside to see her sparkle book. It's like a diary that she writes of her day to day happenings. I turned to her birthday, and read it.....lovely...then I noticed the entry for Monday. She had written about her dance show and that Nan and ME! had been to see her. How proud I felt seeing my name in her book, knowing that she thinks of me, and that I am actually featuring in her growing up!

Back to her house and she opened some more presents. She was a little surprised that the present from hubby and I, once opened, had another present inside. Clever Whisky. Lots of cuddles, and dancing, and catching of a funny sucker ball later, and I left knowing that SIL had to get the two girls and Nan ready to go swimming ;)

I drove home contented. Yes I went over the speed limit again in my ickl purple car....but when the lorries get in the way a girl has to do what a girl has to do.

Home......and lonely, I decided to watch two of my prerecorded shows while I did my own french manicure. The one I had done in France had lasted for nearly three weeks, but it was that well done,and the nail polish was that hard that it had shattered! My nails looked like badly chipped stained glass windows....and were way to long for computer use at work!

So....chopped, filed, removed old nail polish, base coat, painted on the white free style without using the half moons provided. (The lady who did my manicure did this, and I was amazed and thought it would be really difficult). It was easier than I thought....top pink coat, and top shiny coat....all done, and looking very good even if I do say so myself!

I mentioned it to hubby the other week, but as I have been feeling better I have been taking more care of myself. Who needs to shave their legs, pluck their eyebrows and do their nails when they hardly leave the house for two years! So now....hair braiding, epilation of legs, and nails done fortnightly.....I care about my self again :)

Anyway.....I recorded, as I watched, Torchwood this week. It saves me going into the living room to watch it on the NTL box on on demand. I have to admit it is a fantastci show. Yes it's a spin off from Dr Who, and yes I missed the episodes of Dr Who that Captain Jack Harkness appeared in. But....now he has his own "spin off show" which is Torchwood....I'm in heaven.

It's just as good as the new Dr Who...but sexier. As in more than just the odd peck on the cheek. I mean.....alien S**!! Eeewwww. But the characters are extremely clever...and very intelligent. There is "the minion", as in the man who chauffers them around sometimes, cleans up, and looks after the hub of Torchwood. The man who used to be a Doctor in a hospital, who of course advises on medical things and cause of death. The extremely intelligent computer whizz, who has an unrelinquished crush on the doctor guy, and new recruit Gwen, who is an ex policewoman and sort of thrown in at the deepend as she had never come accross aliens before.....Like we all have!

Anyway...the "boss" of Torchwood is Captain Jack Harkness. The man who for some reason, not yet revealed (unless it was in Dr Who) cannot die. He is american, has wit, intelligence, a lovely quirky sense of humour, and dashing good looks. Always dressed in Black trousers, white tighty tee shirt, blue/green shirt, braces, and a lovely old fashioned army style long black coat.

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That character is played by John Barrowman. The man who was in strictly on ice, and on the panel of judges for How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria. He has also played the lead roles in well over 30 musicals. He can dance and sing.....and Oh boy can he act. He has also recently been on numerous quiz shows and chat shows. He was recently on the Johnathon Ross show, and I laughed so hard I cried!!!

He was born in england but brough up in America so has an adorable accent. I have to admit, he also has a body and face to drool over endlessly. So much so, that if I see him on a quiz or talk show....I record it! I missed recording Johnathon Ross though....nit wit!

But have you guys twigged yet? Something that I didn't realise, but hubby told me. Let's see if you can get it. Dr Who is the original programme......Torchwood is the spin off programme. And no, it's not the fact that Torchwood is mentioned endlessly in Dr Who....there is another astonishing link?

I'll let you know tomorrow. But I'm sure if there are any other Dr Who or Torchwood viewers reading this then they will get it.

So.....my new crush, and going into my top ten men is John Barrowman. Yes he is gay and has had a partner for 16 years.....but I can still look! I'm a healthy (nearly) red blooded female. Yes I'm happily married....but every girl needs some eye candy. Whether it's Robbie Williams, Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson or John Barrowman. But you all know that hubby is number one!

Whew...what a ramble today. Anyone guessed I've just drank my milky coffee!

So....today, Work in a couple of hours, then home, then quickly bath, change, make up and hair, and I'm off out to the works Sales Conference meal. Apparently there will be some team building excersises as well. Non of which I have been advised are phsysical or strenuous. Does that mean I will have to use my brain then.....that's me in last place!

Tomorrow, it's going to be a good long lie in.....and then hubby will be home! Wooohoooooooo! One of the hugest ever cuddles coming up.

So. With Torchwood in your minds (I've hipnotised you all doooh doo doo dooh) I will love you and leave you. If you feel like watching it its on BBC3 on Sunday evenings 10pm, and BBC2 Wednesday evenings at 9pm.

Hugs galore....but none of the alien kind



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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Self Portrait Challenge Or Not? An One Mushy Whisky

Holli introduced me to a wonderful site.Self Portrait Challenge It is basically what it is called. Each month they have a different subject, and people submit pictures, on their blogs, as part of the challenge. Holli has submitted some amazing pictures, my favourites being for the "glam" month, for which she submitted some of her beautiful wedding pictures....one of which made me cry!

I'd love to submit, and even had an really old photograph that would apply to the "red" theme. My dilemma? Should I join and submit, or will Holli think I am copying her everymove. After all, not long after her mouse escapade, I now have one of my own. After her review at the dreaded IT2M I was a dumb ass and sent mine in for review too. Or is it just that friends are opening my eyes to new things on the web?

I'll have to have a think about this one.

The last few days have, yet again, been completely manic. Hubby and I said our goodnights, I love you's, I will miss you's and goodbyes on Sunday. He rings me every night, but it's not the same as having him sat here on the sofa next to me, available for a snuggle at any given point. But....and it's a joyous but, he is so much happier in this job, so much more "himself". His previous work meant that he was leaving the house at six thirty am, and returning exhausted at between 8 and 9 pm. He would then eat dinner, and go on his lap top as he had "some more work to do". Weekends were spent exhausted and doing yet more work. I did even wonder at one point if there was "someone else". But I soon realised that he was too darned busy for me, never mind another woman!

Even my parents commented that they didn'y come round at the weekends because hubby didn't seem pleased to see them, they felt as if they were intruding.

The change when he started his new job was almost immediate. Yes there were the first few days of apprehension, was it the right thing to do, could he cope with the transission, was he good enough for the job. The answer to all of those was yes.

He now laughs again, he talks again, he relaxes in the evenings and at weekends. Our holiday in Mallorca was amazing. He was able to totally forget about work, which he had never done before, and completely immerse himself in "being on holiday". To see him wandering down the beach without a care in the world to go for a swim warmed my heart.

Now at the weekends, he gardens, does some DIY, tidies his things around the house, visits family and friends, and sits and reads his financial pages. Once more he is himself......so, if he is away every weeknight now until June or July I don't mind. He is happy and that's whats important.

I digress.....so he left on Monday morning. I got up, walked Sammy, of course read up on e mails and blogs online. I even worked out how to work the On Demand function on the NTL tv to watch past episodes of Torchwood as I adore it. Especially John Barrowman the lead man who plays Captain Jack Harkness.....but that's another story.

After taking Sam for his late night walk I went up to bed, said I love you to the pictures of hubby on my bedside table and slept until the alarm clock went off.

Up early as Sis In Law and Little Miss Pink were coming to collect something from my Mum. Off to my Mum's, back to mine, coffee, off to work. I had my meeting to review my hours, and yes, I am increasing them after only one month!! I'm now going to be working Tuesday 12.30-4.30 Wednesday 12.30-4.00 and Thursday 12.30-4.30. This is the maximum I can work and still claim my disability benefits. But....the next step will be to ditch the benefits and maybe increase one day at a time to be a full one :)

Work, especially Boss S,(Who i really must think of a nickname for) have ben absolutely brilliant.They are adamant that I don'y overdo things....and watch over me like hawks to ensure this. But it's nice to know I am looked after at work.

I got home from work, gave Sammy his last walk with me, and waited for his Mommy and Daddy (V and A) to arrive to collect him. He went loopy bless him, he was sooo excited to see them. They gave me two lovely gifts from Thailand...which they know they don't have to do! Off they went and I was alone again.

I decided that rather that sit on the sofa just watching tv I would do a few "jobs".

So I wrapped Little Miss Purple's birthday gift. Tallied up my Avon payments to go to the post office today along with my returns parcel. Cleaned out Snoopy the birds cage, put on some more washing, washed up, had dinner, and then vacuumed the whole of the downstairs. I love Sam to bits....but I kept getting doggy fur stuck to my slipper socks!

Finally exhausted I sat down. One quick check online for the Avon money and a poem suddenly came into my head.

Just a little note to say,
That I miss you more each day,
And when it comes at last Friday
I'll hold you in my arms and say......

I love you more and more each day.


I sent this via e mail to hubby, but no reply as yet LOL.

I also sent it to C....as she and her partner P are due to come see us soon. Then I woke up this morning and it hadn't sent it.....so C, this version is for you.

Just a little note to say,
That I miss you more each day,
And when it comes that Saturday
I'll hold you in my arms and say......

Our friendship grows stronger every day.

Mushy Whisky or what!!

But that poem isn't just for C. It's for ALL of my friends. CCF, Navie Wifey, College Buddy, V, Chinese Buddy, and I know she'll hate this, but SIL to me you are a friend not just a relative (sticks tongue out). And of course my online friends. Holli, Aly, Moggie, Pickle, Ladyhawk, Divemuster, J in Scotland, Madwag, Sandra, and Tanya...P and C, Pingu, and A......and anyone I may have omitted, not on purpose.

It's Wednesday......but most importantly it's someone's Birthday today!!!!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Little Miss Purple........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Lots of love and Hugs



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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dance Shows, Mobile Phones and Take That

What a busy three days. Friday I got up, excited that hubby was going to ring to say he was on his way home. I sat there patiently after walking Sammy, and realised I was getting myself worked up about him coming home. The more I just sat there waiting for the phone to ring, the more I missed him. So I set off in my car to exchange my duff MP3 player for one that worked.

What a rigmarole that was....it amazes me that stores make you wait as long as possible to transfer money back to your credit card just because they need "to enter a number on their system". I even ranted on to the store manager that they obviously hand't been trained in customer satisfaction. Was it my fault that they didn't have the item I wanted to return on their system? No, was it coincidence that in the half an hour I had been stood there that seven customers had returned items..I think not. I will never purchase from this particular chain of stores again!

I got a new MP3 with voice recorder, 2gig not 1gig like the previous one, at exactly the same price as the one that didn't work. I took it home, had a lovely doggy greeting from Sammy, and tested it out. It works like a dream...and the voice recorder is much more powerful than on the other one. Perfect for the interviews I will do for my research for the book :) One finally happy bunny.

There I was replying to an e mail from Aly and in walks hubby, no phone call, no warning, just keys in the door and there he was. I hate to admit it, but I was that surprised I promptly threw may arms around his neck and blubbed. He asked why I was crying and I admitted it was because I was pleased to see him. Bless him I think I hugged him so much it hurt!

Hubby home and feeling really rough with his cold, I made him a lemsip and sent up to try out the new mattress (on his own!) to get some rest as he looked awful. Two phonecalls from work and about two hours later he came back down. He hadn't slept, but he did feel rested :)

Saturday, up early and off to Sis In Law's to see Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple in their Christmas Dance Show. Lovely salmon sandwiches prepared exactly to my liking (and that's difficult to do with salmon SIL so thankyou).....costumes on, hair done, makeup on and pictures taked for hubby to see.....in between various interruptions! and off we went to see the show.

It was Puss In Boots and was wonderful. To see my two little nieces on the stage dancing their socks off was heart warming. It brought back so many memories.....and made me think of other relatives who have done exactly the same thing, and I haven't yet seen their talents. Ma In Law left part way through the shows as she had a tight schedule to keep to, and me and Little Miss Purple watched the rest of the show. Our instructions were to ring Sis In Law using my mobile as soon as the show had finished. Out into the cold, cigarette lit, phone ....ermmmmm phone.......erm one dead phone!

Here I was, responsible for a (nearly) seven year old, in the freezing cold, with a (pink) mobile phone that's battery was dead! Pannnniiiiicccc!!

We quickly went inside and asked one man if we could use his phone as we were stranded. He said he didn't have one. I was just looking for someone to ask if there was a phone we could use in the building and he tapped me on the shoulder and told me he had found a phone I could use bless him. I quickly rang SIL using a lovely woman's phone, and off we went to the car park to wait for our lift home.

Little Miss Purple didn't believe that I had been to dance school and that I could tap dance, so there I was, a 35 years old woman, stood with an enthralled seven year old, tap dancing in the car park. No wonder people looked at me strangely. But LMP did agree that I COULD tap dance :)

I told her over and over how guilty I felt about the phone....but bless her heart she told me not to worry, it wasn't my fault that my phone was "poorly".

Back in the warmth of the house I had a lovely milky coffee, and we swapped tales of our favourite parts of the show. LMP asked me where the ogre was now. I of course told her that he was in the tummy of Puss In Boots as he had transofrmed himself into a mouse which she had eaten. "No" dhe replied" Where is the ogre NOW". Again I rubbed my tummy and said he was in the Cat's tummy. SIL looked at me, rolled her eyes, and I twigged. LMP meant was he having his dinner as well ready for that nights performance! Well I believed he was in the cat's tummy.......why wouldnt a seven year old! Blimey I still believe in Father Christmas!!

Off down the motorway Kelly Clarkson full volume, home, three rings to SIL and Mr Bleach to tell them I was home. Then I told hubby every single detail about the afternoon. Bless him, I think he's going to get talked to death every weekend!

We sat and watched An Audience with Take That Live....volume as high as possible on the tv, and loved every minute of it! I have to get the new album as the songs sound wicked!

Up to bed, together for the second night on our new mattress. I mistakenly told hubby to roll over as he was snoring expecting him to roll away, nooooo he rolled over towards me forcing me out of the bed and into the spare room :( So, I finally got to try out the other new mattress :) Slept like a baby.

Sunday, and off to Mum and Dad's to collect Avon brochures. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Home, dinner is cooking, just had a lovely chat to SIL and I'm off to feed my face then walk Sammy in the cold :)

I hope everyone had a good weekend.....see you soon!!

Hugs galore



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