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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cha Cha Cha Changes....

As I mentioned before, my days at work have been swapped this week due to training, and extra cover needed for that. Maybe it was an omen. Maybe I was meant to be in work on Monday?

I arrived early, as always, and was setting up my desk, turning pc on etc. A member of our team arrives for work, is called straight in to see Boss S, and only comes back to clear out her desk, collect her belongings, and leave without saying goodbye. It was confirmed by supervisor S, that she had left. It's strange, but none of us were shocked. Things have happened in the past, which I knew little about, but brought forward the idea in my mind, that she wouldn't stay for long.

K on the sales desk immediately said "and then there were three". Another chapter closed, one person down. Maybe for the better, maybe for the worst. We won't know for definate for a while, but I know what my feelings are.

So, training and meetings commenced, and J and I did our best during what turned out to be a very busy morning. Everytime I went to input an order the phone rang, everytime I tried to resolve a query from a previous phone call it rang again. Just when I thought I had caught up, another query reared it's head. But, I loved it.

J and I get along well, he helps me a lot, and I do my best to help him where I can. Strange how my first instincts about him were completely wrong, and for once I had worked up the courage to talk to someone about how things were. I had never done that before, ever. I did it, we were both thinking the wrong thing, and we started again. I'm glad we did. He is an excellent work colleague. He works hard, but at the same time puts people at their ease, and makes them laugh. If ever you read this J, I'm sory for my initial response to you, and I hope you have forgiven me. Im so glad I was wrong!

A brief lunch break, where I rang my Mum to tell her what had happened. Back in, and into training. Yet another person who thought I was new to the company! But, I developed my knowledge further, and got full marks on the questionnaire at the end. WTG Whisky!

Back to work for half an hour and then home.

Milky coffee, and a phone call from hubby. I told him details of the day, and as always put my foot in it. I told him how I missed him. How my first half an hour at work is always spent feeling low, as I know I won't see him for days. I then tried to make it sound right. I dont want him to feel guilty for working away. I just wanted him to know I miss him when he isn't here.

Phone down, and I got cosy for some good tv programmes, Prison Break being one of them. It amazes me how many twists and turns there are in that programme. I no longer just sit and drool over the lead man Wentworth Miller, but sit and try and work out how they will get out of their current situation. And my guesses are normally wrong!

Up to bed at 1am, alarm clock set for eleven thirty. I hit snooze once, then turned the alarm off. Big mistake. Yet another long sleep, too long, most of the day gone. Another 15 hours gone in dreamland.

It's really the only downside of my disease right now. I feel well, so far I am coping well at work with the hours, and the gradual increase. When I am home I am doing more, washing and tidying up. Which previously I couldn't manage even before I returned to work.

My mind is yet again trying to tell me I am 100 per cent. My body holds up during the day. Letting me work, run around the office, tootle around at home, do my avon. But then, if I let it, it will shut down for fifteen or sixteen hours at a time. Is it healing itself even further? Is it recouperating from what I am putting it through,is it telling me I need to do less? Or is it just shouting at me to remind me I never will be one hundred percent.

Maybe I should listen to my body, or my mind more. Right now I'm confused. It's letting me do what I want to do with no "messages". Then just when I think everything is fine, it makes me sleep for fifteen hours.....and still feel as if I could sleep more?

Darned Crohn's. I would say I won't let it defeat me......but I have to. I have to meet it half way. Do what I can, and let my body recover itself in it's own way. If that means sleeping in, to hell with it. At least it means that I can function (hopefully) for the rest of the week. Especially with a big weekend coming up.

A test drive in a car, a birthday, a dinner with my parents on Sunday. Hopefully and ice skating session, with me hopefully not falling over. I need to conquer my fear of landing on my butt guys!

So. It's all change at work. A new member will be brought into the fold. No doubt that Boss S, and SUpervisor S will choose someone who fits in. Someone who works hard, but at the same time can laugh with us, and make us laugh. Fingers crossed.

For now,

Hugs and love



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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday To An Extra Special Someone!

Firstly I have to admit to something. I'm never sure if it's the 24th, 25th, or 26th. Somehow over the years my calendars and diary's date's have been transposed. So, if it's early, it's ok, if it's late, I'm really really sorry, and if it's on the right date.....that's brilliant!

It's ten years since I met her, but it doesn't seem that long yet at the same time seems longer if that makes sense. When I first started my old job she was the lady who took me under her wing, showed me round, encouraged me when I felt defeated. Most importantly, she took the time to get to know me. She understook my concerns about my illness, looked after me, told me when she thought I was overdoing things, and helped to pick up the pieces when I would not be defeated.

Took time out of her busy life to visit me in the hospital and at home, encouraged me to learn new things to help me pass the never ending time. Sent me flowers on my return home. She was there for me, and I hope she agree's that I am there for her.

Clever Crafting Friend..............Happy Birthday!!!!!

May you have the happiest of days, and please.....let me know when I can pop round, as I have something for you!

As you may have guessed, hubby's return yesterday was a little unexpected. He was, for him, extremely early. He was fine after his 6.30am start and then a two hour drive home. Until he sat down. Then he was exhausted. I had a quick bath, and he tucked himself up in bed for a well deserved sleep.

Once he was awake, we had a lovely chinese take away, watched some tv. Then we had a phonecall. As I was watching NCIS, and it seemed quite good, I reached over for the phone and passed it to hubby to answer. It was Mr Bleach. I was half listening to the conversation, half watching the tv. Hubby fibbed to Mr Bleach that I was in bed, exhausted after my busy day at work yesterday......so I had to be quiet.

I reached out for the remote control to turn the tv down, and hubby immediately said "oh I'll just turn the tv down". He really was keeping up the game that I was in bed, until the phone was passed over to Sis In Law. He made an unbelievable comment, one which was true (too much information!), and I immediately had to start stifling my laughter. He admitted I was there, and not in bed, and that was it......I was in hysterics.

My normal laugh is, ermmm loud and witchlike. My hysterical laugh is a combination of withchlike extremely loud laughter, snorts, gasps, screams, more snorts, and the occasional "I can't breathe". I normally run this cycle three times, well poor Sis In Law's ear drums might have been near to bursting point. The tears streaming down my face, I was gone!

Eventually I regained my composure, and spoke to her. Mr Bleach really disappointed that I didn't want to speak to him, I've upset another member of their family now! SIL seemed a little subdued, maybe she is now rethinking our joint holiday. Wondering what might happen if I laugh like that in public. Knowing her she will smother me with a towel or a beach ball to shut me up. The walk away pretending I'm not with her! Oh it will be fun!!!

Hubby went up to bed, and I decided to have a glass of wine, my first since late December! and watch a pre recorded show. I finally went up to bed, nicely tired at 1am.

4am, next door were banging around the house, up the stairs, down the stairs as loud as their feet would stomp. I got up, stomped down our stairs to let them know they had woke me up, sat and had a cold drink and went back to bed about 4.30am.

9am and their children are running riot, they are screaming at each other, and then a huge lorry arrives to make a delivery to them. I gave up and got up. See when hubby is away and our bedroom is a snore free zone, I don't hear the neighbours. Maybe I need to make hubby sleep in the little room at the weekends. He would, and has, slept through anything.

I cannot wait until our new bedroom is decorated. Bliss. A newly decorated room, fitted furniture, and a whole room away from next door. In other words, permanent peace and quiet. That will mean when hubby snores I have the choice of another double bed away from them, rather than a single bed right next to the adjoining wall.

Their extension is still in the making, and it's only been six months! I'm really (not) looking forward to the summer, when I want to sit in the sun in my shorts and bikini top, and he is out their making cement, and bricklaying. It's bad enough having to light incense sticks in your own garden to cover up the smell of next door's doggy doo, without having a "watcher" as well.

I've decided, if the smell is bad this year I will say something, or...call the council. I've read of a woman who was fined for exactly the same thing. If you have dog you don't walk, you shoudl regularly scoop the poop, not leave it their for months on end.

Oh my.......this started out as such a nice post. I'm sorry CCF, but knowing you, you will see the funny side of things :) At least I hope you will.

Anyone got any spare incense!!!

CCF, once again, Happy Birthday, and that's from me and Bborriss. He is still eternally grateful for the handmade cover you made for him. In fact I think you are the only person outside of my family who knows who Bborriss is!!!

Lots of love and extra special Birthday hugs for you.



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Friday, February 23, 2007

Pffffffffffft! To HTML!!!!

I have just spent three hours trying to encode my links sections to roll up or drop down. Basically shorten the list on my sidebar. Can I do it......nup! So....if any sympathetic reader feel like e mailing me a code I can enter into my template to do this for my Blog links and archives, feel free. Whisky is now seeing double and seing "_"" in triple. yuck!

Yesterday work was hard. We were three team players down, leaving Boss S, obviously having to do things Boss S does, which none of us can help with, which is completely understandable :). J in another section helping us. But bless him, he has his own department to run. I did my best inputting orders, taking calls, doing the EDI's which normally consume one person all day. We did it, we survived, got all the orders on, all the phone calls and quieries answered, and hopefully all of the EDI's went out without fault. What a day!

But....while we were working so hard, also formed a bond. We pulled together, helped each other out, asked each other for help and got it, and vica versa. It was hard work, but it was fun! We even had the customers laughing along with us :)

There was one person who called late on to ask if I had passed a message on to the one person in technical, I hadn't had chance, the person who answered the call, who had just that minute stepped out of training. Politely but firmly told him that I had been on sales all day on my own, I had done all I could, the fact that I hadn't passed his message on, but had managed to get 600 orders out of the door on my own soon brought him back to reality, and he passed on his sincerest apologies. I should coco! I know my new nickname at work is "Wonderwoman" But obviously my gold lasoo wasn't working as well as it should have been.

I had planned a really long post.......but, hubby has just walked through the door!!!!!!!

Oh, SIL, Thursday's are your day off, Firday's are mine LOL. How many phonecalls?!

I'll ring you later Love youuuuuuuu!!!!




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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pasta, Spinach and Pancakes

Yesterday at work I had my monthly review with Boss S. It, as always, went well. SHe seems really pleased with my progress, and my determination to gradually increase my hours. As from next week I will be doing two full days, and one half day. Then it's only one more step to my full working dream of three full days :)

Next week I have agreed to work Monday all day instead of Tuesday to help them out. There is loads of training going on, and it will leave them really stuck on the sales desk, so of course I obliged. They have been so good to me, I am willing to repay it with compromise :)

It started off slow, then geared up a bit. It seemed to be dragging then before I knew it, it was time to leave. I headed for my journey to French Friends house, confident of the way as hubby had talked me through the directions.

But......this is me, the woman who can't get from A to B unless she has had a test run. So, onto the never ending ring road, missed the turn off I needed, but didn't realise until three junctions later! Found an island, turned round, and was straight to her house :)

It was good to see her, and of course doggy Sammy :) She cooked me a gorgeous dinner of walnut and gorganzola pasta parcels with spinach in greek yoghurt and pesto. Followed of course by pancakes!!! Scrummy and and I was completely stuffed.

We sat and chatted about work and things, and then we did some readings with my Tarot cards. I don't follow strict diagrams for laying them out in pattersn etc. I shuffle them seven times myself, pass them to whoever wants the reading, ask them to shuffle themn then split them into three piles for past present and future. They seemed to be quite accurate! I don't embellish the cards or their meanings, I simply find the card in my book and read out the meaning stated there. That way I'm not making things up, I'm being completely honest to the cards and the vibes they are getting from the other person.

We also did some question readings. Think of a question and pick on card, and the same but split the pack into three again. We both did it, and the readings, I think, were spot on! But.....the cards did tell us when it was time to stop. They always do that. They can tell when they are being overused, or being used for too accurate an answer.

I have been bidding and watching on e bay for sooooo long for some Angel cards. I recieved some the other week, but they weren't what I wanted. I found the ones I wanted and got outbid every time! Until yesterday. A last minute bid, paid straight away, and they arived this morning! They are exactly what I was drawn too, and perfect! I can't wait to read them for myself this evening after I have dlivered my Avon.

Life is so busy for me now. Compared to twelve months ago, I am a completely different person, and in a good way. I have some strength and energy, but a vitality for life I had lost somewhere in amongst my hospital stays.

Hubby came home for one night last night. He looked exhausted, he has so many long drives this week bless him. He'll be back on Friday, and I will snuggle him, and rub his brow to help him sleep. I'll miss him until then.

Just a short post today.

My SPC didn't seem to go down too well yesterday? Someone even left a comment inferring I was breaking the rules by writing like a penguin. Surely all ideas thrown into the mix are interesting, even if they are a little profound! Ok, so I didn't take a picture of myself, I can't always do that with hubby not here, it would end up being the same picture over and over. But, yes I will try harder for whatever the next challenge is. Photography isn't my strong point, but my imagination is. SO if I use my imagination around a picture it's just my way of being involved.

I'll keep trying, I'll keep thinking.

For now

Love and hugs



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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SPC Black & White 4 - Penguin

I can live on the land, I procreate on land, lay my eggs on land, and raise my hatchlings on land. Yet, I am most at ease in the water.

On land I stumble around, my feet seem to get in my way, sometimes I lose my balance and then I end up in a heap on the floor.

From inside my enclosure I see the look of delight on the watchers faces. Adults holding children up high to catch a glimpse of me. Or children bending down low, their faces pressed to the glass leaving vapour trails from their breathing apparatus. For some strange reason they don't have flippers like me. They have these rounded things on the end of their legs. They all seem to have different colour rounded things. Some of them even totter around in a worst state than me on spiky multicolour rounded things. How strange?

They don't have wings like me? They have long protuberances with ten tiny things on the end of each one? They seem to feed themselves with these, fluff their fur, wipe their faces, scratch themselves like the monkey's, and the grossest thing ever.....the little humans even stick their protuberances up their breathing apparatus, come out with something and leave it on the glass! Now how disgusting is that? Don't these creatures have any manners?

I know my parent humans have manners. They come into our territory twice a day with a bright orange container full of.....Oh dear, I seem to be drooling at the thought of it! Full of fish. My friends, family and I go simply silly with glee. We waddle as fast as our flippers will allow, we band around our parent humans and call for food. Some of us that are able to even jump elegantly into the water and catch the fish they throw.

My favourite habit is to look as if I am going to catch it, miss it by a nanosecond, watch the fish fall to the bottom of our territorial water and gracefully glide down and pick it up. That way to me the fish seem alive as they should be.

Whenever I do this the humans, both adult and children alike seem to act like seals and bang their protuberances together to make the most awful racket! They show their teeth, at least thats what I think they are. They don't have beaks like us.

I've often wondered how these humans procreate. After all, it must be one big egg they lay to get those terrors they call Children. Speaking of which, my little ones are calling. They aren't yet black and white like me, with sleek feather which are waterproof. They are still grey and white, with fluffy feathers to keep them warm. I must save them a fish. Well I say save. I have to eat it of course and then regurgitate it to feed them with.

I wonder if that's what those mini humans do when they wipe their protuberances on the glass after sticking them up their breathing apparatus? Maybe it's excess food they don't require?

Well I for one don't fancy eating it.

I'd much rather be a penguin, so much more elegant.

I'd like to thank Aunty Whisky for translating for me. She says I may be featured on some web site called
Self Portrait Challenge? Oh I could be famous, I could be recognised around the world! Oh my flippers are itching at the thought of it, notice the extra wiggle in my rear as I walk away?

I'll hand back over to her now, as she tells me I have limited time to tell you things. Bye for now, and please don't leave behind your excess food......it's really annoying!

No I haven't flipped, I just wanted to do something completely different for this weeks SPC.

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Love and hugs

Whisky and Pippa the Penguin



Monday, February 19, 2007

Countdown To 36 Pannniiiiiccccc!

In a little under two weeks I will be another year older. Scary. I still feel as if I am 17, although I don't have the energy I did then. My face still looks reasonably young, thankfully. Whenever I ask someone how old they think I am, they always say late twenty's maybe 30 at the most :) That makes me love them. I've only got four years and two weeks until I am the big 40! Now THAT is scary.

For the last three months I have been explaining to people, in front of hubby, and even to hubby, how precious our time together is at the weekend. So, what does he do this weekend? Spend all of it on his laptop working! And he wonders why I was in and out of the room shutting doors louder than usual, sighing heavily and staring at him? Hello? A little attention wouldn't go a miss. I think we had a conversation on Friday evening about my shopping trip with Sis In Law, then we had another one last night before we went to bed. Nothing like spending quality time together!

If I had known just how engrossed he was going to be in his work on Sunday I would have gone over to Sis In Laws for dinner on my own, he could have cooked his own chicken (literally), and I would have had someone to talk to! MEN.

He's away tonight, back tomorrow, but I have already made plans and am out for dinner with a friend, then he is away til Friday. Let's see how next weekend goes. Maybe a nice romantic walk, a trip to a garden centre, at least a conversation maybe? Or probably another weekend of him working. Ggggrrrr!

My Avon has arrived so I have tonnes of sorting to do :) I'll sort Mum's and her neighbours first, collect my prescription from the doctors, collect the stuff from the pharmacy, then pop to Mum and Dad's drop off Avon, take Mum shopping, and I think I might go to the local B&Q to look at wallpaper. I need to get an idea of what I want in the new bedroom. I can get some samples and stick them on the walls. Maybe this will give hubby the hint that it needs finishing? After all, I wrote on the wall in pencil just before we went to Australia, and that was three years ago!!!

Ohhhhh. Whiny Whisky today. Hopefully I will have my happy head on tomorrow. FIngers crossed.





Sunday, February 18, 2007

Silly Slipper Sunday 2

Yes I remembered. It was late last night when I suddenly jumped off the sofa and grabbed the camera, but I remembered. I was going to "choose" a pair of slippers carefully, maybe with a matching pair of pj's, but as I had left it so late I just decided to take a picture of my slipper socks that I was wearing.

Here we have......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Ten little piggies all cosy and warm in their own piggiefied slipper socks.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I managed to peel them off my feet just long enough to take a picture to show you the underside, with the magical "sticky bits" that stop you from slipping and sliding on wooden and tiled floors!

So there we have it, Silly Slipper Sunday 2. I promise I will be more organised next weekend!

Friday, and I had to be up at 7am to take my car in for service. My poor ickle purple car was leaving me, and I wasn't sure for how long. We got to the garage, and I immediately jumped out of my car and got to Mechanic C before hubby did. For at least two years now I have been begging for new wheel trims on my car. The front drivers wheel trim looked gross! Rusted and dirty. So....I asked Mechanic C if he would pop me some wheel trims on to make my ickle car look perfect again. He said he would, and I was over the moon.

Hubby dropped me home, and I then started to get nervous. Would my eleven year old car pass it's mot. Would it need endless work to keep it running. I bought my car second hand from my Dad. When they bought it they chose the number plate as it was my house number, so now it is mine, it is MY house number :) Even though my car is eleven years old it still only has 39,000 miles on the clock. Not bad going hey!

My College Buddy came, and we spent ages talking. Me about my "whatever" audition. And her about her trip to another country to see Take That. Yes she goes everywhere, she is a married woman, but she still follows them round the country, and gets to talk to them and have her picture taken with them. This time they were even in a hotel room slap bang opposite Mark OWen, and therefore had full view of his bedroom antics all night! Tutt tutt.

Sis In Law called, College Buddy left, and Sis In Law and I headed into town. It was fun! We hit a couple of shops before our main aim.....Primark. This has to be the best shop in my town. Bargains galore, and trendy ones too. As soon as we walked in the door we spotted short sleeved tee shirts for £1.50 in a variety of colours. Of course I got one in pink and one in purple. SIL I believe got an orange one. We wandered round, SIL better at hunting through rails than me. She ended up with loads of lovely stuff. We both bought the same coat too. A lovely parka style coat, with fur trimmed hood, inner pull string, zip and buttons, and lovely deep pockets for my Avon stuff. I chose black, and I think SIL went for beige, guess how much? £5.00!!!!

We payed up, and walked out of the store grinning. We both agreed there is no better buzz than getting bargains!

We sat and had a cigarette under cover, and I realised we were right by the famous statue that Holli has previously mentioned. I immediately gave SIL my handbag and trotted off with my mobile phone to take come pictures.

One thing I havent mentioned is that at work on Tuesday I had an accident. I was trying to get some sellotape of a holder without the cutting blade in. I pulled down on the sellotape and promptly broke my nail. Not in the usual straight across fashion, but right down the middle of the nail, and across, way deeper than it should be. There was no way I could remove the piece of nail as it would be extremely painful, and bleed! So, my thumb is covered in two plasters. One over the nail, and one around it to keep the plaster on.

The reason for mentioning this, is that when it came to pressing the relevant buttons on my phone to get to the camera I couldn't do it! I kept trying with my index finger, missing the button, going into text messages, alarm clock, everything but the darned camera! Eventually looking as if I needed some sort of tablet I crossed my hands over each other and managed to take a couple of pictures. It wasn't until we had got back to the house that SIL mentioned how stuupid I looked in the town centre trying to operate my mobile phone.

We headed back to the car, got a pack of soft drinks, got to the car and started drinking as we were both really thirsty. There then ensued a burping contest all the way back to my house. How ladylike are we!!

SIL left, and I lay down on the sofa and was awoken by hubby ringing to say he was on his way home. Chinese for tea, tv on, I snuggled up and fell asleep on him. He was under strict instructions to wake me at a certain time. No more 16 hour sleep ins for me! So Saturday morning the phone rings, I pull the duvet over my head and ignore t. It rings again, I jump out of bed panicking, knowing that it must be serious for someone to ring me again. I answer the phone no one there. Phone down and it rings again. It's hubby telling me it's time to get up.....I tell him straight away I am awake and need the toilet....NOW.

Downstairs preparing my breakfast, phone rings again GGGggggggrrrrrrr! It's my Mum making sure I hadn't gone back to bed! Sit on the sofa and just finish my breakfast, and the phone rings again. Thankfully I didn't swear down the phone as it was Mr Bleach, SIL's Hubby.

We were invited to dinner on Sunday, I said I would check with hubby and ring them back later. All I will say is, we had to say no due to the fact hubby had already bought dinner and we had no room in the freezer. Two little princesses were reduced to tears by the fact that their mother was telling them that their Aunty and Uncle didn't want to see them! Cruel SIL!!!!

So here I am......Sunday afternoon. Hubby hasn't yet stopped working on his lap top.....Yaaaaawn. There's me telling everyone weekends are precious, time together etc etc. So much for that!

Avon tomorrow, tonnes to deliver so I may not post until Tuesday.

For now,

Love and hugs



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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Coincidences In A Small World

The last two days have been filled with little "coincidences" that sometimes have freaked me a little to say the least.

Remember, There is only Boss S, and supervisor S that I know from before I went off work ill. So, I'm on a learning curve getting to know the "new" people I am working with. Yesterday I asked someone for some help with the research for my book. This person was there originally, but at the company Murder Mystery Night she mentioned she was studying certain things that interested me, and would be helpful for my research. She automatically said I could pick her brains any time. So.....she came into the office and I asked for her help on stalking. I instantly felt as if I had put my foot as far into my mouth as it would go. I didn't realise that along with studying behavioural psychology she had in fact been stalked herself! I was so shocked and immediately apologised. She was fine with it, she can now look back on the experience and laugh about it, even though she was scared witless at the time. She said she would help me still. But that coincidence really freaked me out!

K in the office overheard this, and said he too was tring to write a book! Another coincidence. Two in one day in fact.

Anyway, a full day today, and one of the conversations I had led to me saying I had studied for three years at drama college, and then sung in a band. J in the office then said he had also acted, and sung in a band! Wooooooohhhh Spooky! We both have a wicked sense of humour, and sometimes can tell what the other is thinking, it's so funny. Yesterday I literally reduced myself to tears laughing at something we were saying. My thoughts carried on, and I began with a little chuckle, before long the whole office was either wondering where the witchlike laughter was coming from, or looking at me rather strangely. Needless to say it involved chocolate and cream!

I like the atmosphere we have there now. It's slightly different to before, but Boss S has chosen the people who work there now, and she has a real knack for choosing people that will fit together, not just in a working relationship, but in a good atmospheric way as well.

I was slightly upset last night. Hubby rang me to wish me a happy valentines day, he thanked me for his presents and I thanked him for mine. He then said "You didn't get the flowers I sent did you?" I replied "No, what flowers, what do you mean?"

He then reeled off a story of how both him and his colleague had ordered bouquets to be sent to their valentine through the same website. His colleague later asked if he had received his e mail confirmation. Hubby hadn't. He hadn't confirmed the order!!!

Does this remind you of the SIM CARD SAGA?! It does me.

He even said he had e mailed Boss S to let her know then realised she was on holiday. That was why he told me that he had sent me flowers, but he hadn't. I did ask him why he had even told me. He replied that he was worried Boss S would ask what my flowers were like, then I would say "what flowers". I told him he should have just sent her another e mail explaining his mistake, covering his tracks, and then I would have known nothing of the non existent flowers!

In our 19 years together, nearly 15 years of marriage he has not once sent me flowers. The one time he tries to he gets it wrong bless him. I told him to send them me another time, you never know, miracles can happen!!

I spoke to my Chinese Friend last night. SHe was concerned about some of the stuff on the blog. It's so hard to know what to write on here. Originally when I started it, there was no one that read it that knew hubby, and hubby wouldn't read it, he "doesn't do" reading. But now, through his work, both Chinese Friend, and French Friend, are just what their names indicate. Friends. But they both either work with hubby, or have worked with hubby. We all know each others husbands, we go out together in either a four or a six.

I don't want people to think wrong of hubby. I don't want to influence anyone's opinions of him. But I do tend to write about my grudges and annoyances. Like my Avon manager, or the neighbours, with no fear of repercussion. So......I've stepped over the boundary, shared stuff about hubby, that if he ever finds out I have written on here, or talked about with others will really, really, really annoy him. I know I can trust people.

But maybe the reason I did it was brought to life last night. Chinese buddy talked to me, and listened to what I had to say. What she didn't realise was, that by the end of the conversation I was yet again in tears. It breaks my heart to think of hubby in such a bad way. I love him to pieces. He has literally kept me alive over the last few years, and I mean that honestly. So to criticize him in such a way is really really hard to do, but it has had such an impact on me I needed to let things out.

She summed it up last night by saying that girls CAN talk without fear of repercussions. Women open up more to each other than men do. Women are more emotional, therefore they can understand other women's feelings in a way men can't.

I know I always say this, my friends mean the world to me. Up until about three years ago, I thought I only had one or two real friends. Now I know different. They say in times of trouble, difficulty, or need you find out who your real friends are. I truly have. Bouquets of flowers on my return home from hospital, phone calls, visits, text messages, little presents that mean the world to me, cards, etc etc. People who are willing to take the time to visit me, both at home or at the hospital because they knew I couldn't get out of the house. Who are now willing to let me visit them.

People who I can talk to about things, and find they feel the same way. About perfectionism in DIYing...shopping on a Saturday in Tesco..literally anything from A through to Z. Yes hubby and my parents and Sis In Law and her family have pulled me through the tough times. But my friends have done just as much, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

I want us to grow old together. To swap crocheting tips holding a crochet hook in one hand and a walking stick in the other. To talk about our love of pigs and cows, crystals and pink things as we help each other into our stanner stair lifts. To still be training Nintendogs as we use our motorised wheelchairs. To walk dogs in France, or visit China when we are one hundred and two. To watch sunrays together as we pop our dentures into a pot, (no offence Sunray Child). To learn together and be friends forever.

College buddy is coming to see me tomorrow. We've known each other for 18 years. Grown apart, then reclaimed our friendship and our memories. She honored me by letting me do a reading in the church when she got married. Like me she adores Robbie Williams, and she (luckily) has met every member of Take That. Tomorrow we will talk as if it was the first day we met. We will hug as if we haven't seen each other for years even though it has only been weeks.

Look......I'm getting really mushy here. I just want my friends to know I care, I think of them daily. All of them, each one an individual, but each one a friend.

Please, today, or tomorrow, or next week, even next month, let your friends know you care. I have today, as I have in the past, and will in the future.

Be proud to have friends, and be proud to BE a friend.

Take care.

Love and Hugs, and thankyou to "My Friends" and yes I'm afraid that does include you SIL!!!




Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'll Wear My Badge With Pride

Work went well, we had a laugh about Valentine's day, and managed to catch up on all of the quotes that had come in in leaps and bounds. One of the girls (who started there while I was off ill) mentioned that I fitted into the team perfectly! Ahem, not being funny here, but please remember I have been part of the team for four years now, not two honey. Gggrrrrrrrrrr. Ok so two years were spent lying on my sofa in agony, but my spirit was at work! Meeeeeeeeeeeow! Can you tell that really got my goat! Tssskkkk.

Home, milky coffee, and off I popped to collect the last of my Avon books. When I got home my area manager had text me to ask if I was placing an order. They promised me they would change my area manager!!! Have they? No! I felt like replying with "Why do you constantly feel the need to question my ability, why do you always ask me stupid questions, why do you constantly babysit me like a three year old?". But I didn't. I just sent a one word answer. YES!!!

I entered my orders online, and yet again I am over the £200. Not bad considering I only really have between 10 and 15 regular customers. Although, my hairdresser friend visits an elderly peoples home on a Thursday to do all of the ladies hair. Their Avon rep has stopped doing it, so, she has kindly taken my books in, and brought me a tonne of orders!!! Bless her. She said I was the only person she trusted to be reliable. So, I now have some more regular customers, who apparently can place orders for £100 a time between them. WTG Whisky!

The order is due on Monday, and I will have so much fun opening the boxes and sorting the stuff. It's like Christmas every month for me. I know none of it is mine, but it feels as if it is. I check it for damage, colour or shade etc, tick it on the customer order form and then on the invoice. I bag it up, put in the invoice and the new book with a new order form. It's fun! I love doing things that need organisation!

Oh, and my new territory has finally been given to me. Yes it is within walking distance. But I think giving me 80 odd houses was more to see if I really could do it, rather than give me some territory. Ok, so I only managed 40 houses this time, and got some orders too, but that was because there was only a week to do it in. This time I will be organised and hit the remaining 40 in two shots. I'll use the last campaign rather than the most recent, that way if I "lose" any books it won't matter so much. Some people tend to just leave them in their recycling bin. They cost 39 pence each you know!!!

Anyway, I got up this morning and found a text on my phone. A poem from hubby. Not extremely romantic, but telling me where I could find my valentines card. I opened the drawer and there was a huuuuuge Valentines bag filled with goodies. Robbie Williams pencil set is going straight into work! Some waffle style bathroom stuff, make up bag, slippers, headwrap, and bath pillow, that totally match my summer waffle dressing gown. And......ermmmmm some other stuff that is a bit......you know.

Oh, and the card.....beautiful. It has a lovely red heart badge on it that says "I'm loved to bits!" and I will proudly wear it at work today :)

Speaking of work again, something spooky happened yesterday. I printed off a quotation, went to the printer to collect it, and found some stuff on apartments in Cala D'or Mallorca. Which, is where hubby and I went on our secret holiday in September. Anyway, M from the technical department came and claimed it and told me he was looking for apartments for this years holiday. I told him which apartments we stayed in, thankfully the same ones we stayed in three years ago, were brilliant and I would highly recommend them.

He then told me he had been to Cala D'or last year, in September!!!!! OMG, it was the one of the same weeks hubby and I were there. WHat if he had seen me? SH** we could have been on the same beach, in the same bar or restaurant! I know I've been over all of this with the Disability Rights Commission and my surgeon. I know I was ok to go away. I know I wasn't breaking any rules, and I was enabling my recuperation......but that was close!!!

Avon complete, I sat and watched tv whilst I ate my dinner, then moved into the living room to watch a film. The Excorcism of Emily Rose. In a house on my own. In the dark. A true story. Bad idea. Thankfully I didn't have nightmares!!!

So here I am, blogging before I go to work. Whatever I wear, I will wear my Valentine badge with pride. :)

May I take this chance to wish you all A Happy Valentines Day. I hope cupid makes it a happy one for you!

Hugs and love



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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine My Valentine, Oh Where For Art Though Valentine?

This year will be the first year in 20 odd years that hubby and I haven't been together for Valentines Day :( Normally we see each other after work, and last year he postponed Valentines until I was out of the hospital. This year, he will be away.

I packed him off on Sunday evening with a carrier bag full of goodies, I deliberately stapled it together so he couldn't peek. It's hard to think that he will open that bag, and his card a hundred or so miles away.

It's been three months so far since he has been away during the week, it's not been too bad, apart from the occasional glitch. But then I think, there are four or five months to go of this, and it hurts. I miss him when he is away. Yes I enjoy having the house to myself, and the tv. But I miss his companionship, his smile, his hugs, his voice next to me rather than on the phone. I know he's happier, but it still makes me sad sometimes.

The only good thing is that I am back at work. I hate to think how I would have reacted had I still been on the sick. Alone in the house all day every day, no contact with the outside world. My cherished friends of course would still be rallying round and visiting me. But, I'm glad to be in the office atmosphere. Answering phones, making customers laugh, using my brain, making myself tired for a reason rather than just because of my health.

I know that there will be thousand of women in the world without their valentine's tomorrow, and there reasons and heartache will be much stronger than mine. No I don't want pity, but if anyone wants to send me a secret valentine......feel free!

I know that the weekend will soon be here, in fact it's not the weekend this week. He will be home on Thursday!!! And then no doubt I will be tutting at him for making too much noise, or eating too loudly. But I do that all the time!

So......I won't get a hug from my hubby on Valentine's day. I won't see his face apart from the photographs I say goodnight to every night at the side of the bed.

I'll miss him. I love him. Even with the recent problems I have had, which he seems completely oblivious to because I am to worried to talk about it, I still love him. Yes I keep mentioning going it alone, having no security if I wanted to do that. Yes I begrudge the fact that he see's his money as his own and isn't willing to share. Yes he buys me things. But.....is it my fault I'm not on an equivalent salary to him and never will be? For one I'm a women, and women are renowned to be paid less than men. For two I have no aspirations to become a manager or MD, I am happy in my little Sales Co Ordinators role. And for three, and most importantly, is it my fault that for the last two and a half years I have only been paid sick pay or disability allowance. If I could control my disease and therefore my income I would. Yes, it's made me who I am, a strong person on the outside. But maybe if he took the time to see the "inner me", recognised the sad eyes, he might realise how I feel sometimes. Worthless.

Please, if you know us personally, don't mention this. Hubby doesn't read this blog, he doesn't read anything much other than the financial times!

This is My space. My personal rantings and ravings that I am willing to share here with people who are willing, and interested enough to read. It's my choice to talk about my sleep patterns, building snowmen, and the one chink in my marriage that I hope doesn't become a crack or a break.

If it wasn't for my health maybe I would have savings of my own. I would be more confident. I wouldn't have to rely on him for everything. I would know who my car is insured with, and which energy supplier we use because i could control my own finances. The fact is I would HAVE my own finances.

But on the reverse, my health has brought us closer together, it's proved to me how much he loves me. I used to believe that money wasn't important. But when you don't even have the money in your purse to buy yourself a loaf of bread....that's a whole different story.

Tomorrow is another day. Valentine's day. Maybe I will have a completely different outlook, maybe I won't. All I know is, I will be alone.

Hugs for all



Monday, February 12, 2007

SPC Week 2 - Black & White

For once I am prepared, organised. Thanks to the 4 inches of snow we had last week I have a multitude of ideas for this weeks Self Portrait Challenge, theme being Black and White. Last weeks post provoked quite a few comments, and made a few people think about an animals/dogs point of view.

This week, apart from anything else, I had soooo much fun preparing for and taking these pictures. It made me relive my youth, and for that I am grateful.

The day began with me driving to my parents house doing no more than 10 miles an hour, I don't understand some of the nutters that risk theirs, and other peoples lives by driving any faster than that in the blizzard conditions we had. I took my hubby's advice, drove slowly and in a higher gear than required, and used the gears to bring me to a stop, rather than risking a tail spin in my little car.

Mum and Dad had so much fresh untouched snow, that I just barged outside and decided to make a snowman for the three year old girl who lives next door to them. I did get some funny looks from them as I rolled it down my parents drive and into their back garden, but when I looked later it had been lovingly decorated :)

More of that later, let's get the SPC photo's on first!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I finally realised that the snow in my back garden could be used as a tool, and not just something that looked nice. So.....using a garden candle I wrote this as one of my attempts.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Again I wrote the words "Black and White" in the snow.....using it as a canvas to express the idea.

Then I realised that none of my posts are complete without a .....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Snowy Hug!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Footprints in the snow followed by.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Handprints in the snow, or are they angel wings?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Just to prove how much snow fell.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The daffodils were confused?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting and so was my garden mole!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting My lovingly made snowman, now lovingly dressed :)

Only to find a few doors down.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A friend of his had joined in the fun!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Even snowmen can be 2 faced!!!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting or just have one face viewed at a time......

But what's this I see?! Uh Oh, looks like someone has been playing like the birds and the bee's

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Where there was one, now there are two....nothing like a snowman cuddle :)

So, not only is snow a valued event of nature, it can entertain yet at the same time be dangerous, be fun, yet at the same time say something, and be cold but be made to be a warm hug.

I hope you liked the "Snow Show".





Saturday, February 10, 2007

Silly Slipper Sunday

Holli gave me the inspiration for this idea. A while back she showed some pictures of her adorable bunny slippers, and I left a comment saying I would show her my whacky slippers and nightwear. I finally got round to taking some pictures, and have decided to, for a few weeks, have a Silly Slipper Sunday section.

If anyone wants to join in, feel free....just drop me a comment with a link to your blog/post, and I will post them on here. It could be fun!!

Some of you may know I am a pink and purple fan, so much so I have a purple car, hopefully soon to be a new pink car!

But.....not everyone on here knows I am a secret pigaholic! I have pigs absolutely everywhere! Living room, dining room, conservatory, bedrooms, and bathroom. I often get piggy birthday cards, and I keep every single one of them. Navie Wifey....I have your complete set, including the wonderful piggy bags she has given me :)

I love it that when people think of me, they have the choice of pink, purple and piggy. This Christmas was the BEST ever. Two of my closest friends both took the time to choose things that were both pink and piggified and I adore them for it. I've only just realised that they both bought me things from the same shop!!!

Clever Crafting Friend bought me the most adorable tax disc holder for my car, that is a pig, his trotters even have sparkly gems on them. I have explained to her, that this will not be setting foot (literally) in my car until after my MOT. Yes, the guy who looks after my car at the garage is trustworthy, we have used him for 20 years. BUT I don't know the man who is doing my MOT. All things of importance to me will be removed from my car, or not put in my car until it is back safely in my possession. This includes the kit that Navie Wifey bought me for Christmas. (I have to mention here, that there is no specific reason for the order of listing, each mean as much to me as the other). She bought me, from the same shop as CCF, a car kist, yes a piggy car kit! A hand warmer with a pig on it, a scraper that is pink and fluffy, in a lovely piggy bag! That will not be used until the MOT is done. I'm not risking losing two treasured gifts!

Anyway, back to the slippers. I have a multitude of nightwear. 15 years ago I had hardly any. I had to borrow nightshirts from my Mum for staying in the hospital. Now I have at least 20 pairs of pyjama's or nightshirts. Some of which I will be detailing in later weeks as they are matching sets with either slippers or socks.

I might even extend it to include slipper socks as some of those are wonderful too!

Anyway, for the first week I wanted it to be piggified.

I present to you, slipper pair No 1.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Two twin piggy's that fit perfectly on my dainty size 6 feet.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting A closer shot, showing the detail. Yes they have four trotters cuddling my feet, and blue eyes too.

Luckily they don't snort, and they don't mind the smell of my feet!

I think I'll call them Pinky and Perky, or Lefty and Righty!

So, please please please pretty please with piggies on top, join in, share, have fun, enjoy!!!!

Next week I will show a different pair of slippers, or a matching set of pj's and sippers or a pair of slipper socks. Oh the joy.......slippers, piggies, nightwear, pink and purple all rolled into one!

Yayyyyyy for Slipper Sunday!!

Lots of love hugs and oinks!!



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Friday Is Pamper Day!

Thursday I awoke to see snow, snow and more snow.....it fell all day and was wonderful! I managed to make it to Mum and Dad's in the car. We made a snowman for the little girl next door, rolled it round to her garden and her mum and dad wondered what we were doing and thought I was a little crazy :) But.....she loved it!

Mum and I caught the bus to the hospital to see Mr R. I did have to put my foot down with a firm hand when his registrar walked in. They should know by now I ONLY see Mr R himself. In he walked, happy as ever. Checked my wounds, told me off for being at work, and said for me to bugg** off for another six months! I haven't been on six monthly check ups for four years, so for me, and my disease, this is a BIG breakthrough!

Back to Mum's off out in the car, shopping, paying papers, getting petrol, collecting prescriptions, lunch, housework and ironing, dropped mum off home, and back I came to relax on the sofa.

Hubby eventually rang, let's just say his phonecalls this week have either interupted my dinner, or been at 10.30pm not amused!

Up at 6am, at work for 08.45 regardless of the snow and ice.....the UK still had four inches! Work was good. A full enjoyable day, until....the snow pulled down our phone lines, which meant we were all sent home 15 minutes early.

Home, hubby back, a quick coffee and over to Sis In Laws for our girly pamper evening.

I was the first person to put my name down for an Angel Card reading, then an eyebrow pluck, and then a neck head and shoulder massage using aromatherapy oils. I tried to help a little with the "work". Setting up glasses and bowls of crisps, and helping with the raffle, but I think I was more of a hinderance than a help.

My Angel Card reading was extremely accurate. In fact spot on. I won't go into detail here, but needless to say she mentioned my current "problems" with a certain person. The advice was for me to resolve them once and for all, to make my own decisions and not rely on other people's advice. Spooky!

Eyebrows plucked, I had my aromatherapy massage. Considering I was in a room full with approx 30 people, it was that good I forgot where I was!

SIL took me back to hers, and left to pick up her neighbour. I was falling asleep on the sofa!. I then fell asleep in the car on the way home, up to bed........I had asked hubby not to wake me. Worst mistake ever after a busy week, two extremely early starts, and an aromatherapy masage. Let's just say I slept for 16 hours solid. Yes you read that right.....16 hours!

So, I haven't seen much of today. I had my breakfast when I should have been eating my dinner, and I forgot to get my Avon books in. Ooops!

Holli, my e mail is back up now.....please drop me a line as I'm worried about you now!

Typical. NTL swap over to Virgin media, and my e mail does a bunk. Thank goodness it's back today, as some of you may have guessed as I've bombarded you with e mails ;)

I'm all prepared for this week's SPC for once! But.......I have had another idea. Once I've posted this, it will be above this post.

My "problem" still isn't resolved, I doubt it ever will be. Some people are just born the way they are and there's no changing them. I did talk about it with my Mum, she was extremely surpised that this was happening, and told me in no uncertain terms she wouldn't stand for it. I have some thinking to do. I have some talking to do, but it needs to be at the right time. I need control of the things I don't have control of. I need something to re assure me that if I need to "go it alone" there is something for me to fall back on. I need material security, and right now I have none. Let's just say "pocket money". I'm 35 not 14. Married, not single, partly own a house, but am treated like a lodger.

I've said too much already, but you guys know this is playing on my mind big time.

Hugs for now



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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Every Person Has A Hidden Side

I realised last night, that even the people closest to you have hidden sides, secret agenda's, things they have inherited. There is only one person who knows about this, and they will know when they read this. A conversation was had, mainly in jest. But, when I came off the phone it got me thinking. It also got me upset and very angry. Not by what was said, but what had been said by the person we were talking about.

Nearly 10 years ago I had this same dilemma going through my mind. But the difference then was that I was working full time, I was in remission. Somehow, I talked myself out of it. What, or where would I be if I hadn't done that. If I had done what I wanted to do and broke free.

Maybe it's time to talk it through, but that would only end in silence for a few weeks, and I hate that. When it comes to this subject there's no "give" from the other side.

After lying in bed last night and thinking about this until 2am, I now have a contingency plan. Something that may well be noticed in the short term, but I can make up excuses to cover my tracks, but in the long term it will give me a little glimpse of the freedom I need, want, and deserve. Yes, it will probably take me years and years to get anywhere near what I want. But at least it will be in my mind that I am doing it, that I am taking control, taking the lead.

So, the cutbacks begin, every loose copper in my purse will be stashed, every penny given to me will be noted, every penny I spend will be noted. I will bust a gut on my Avon, and I now have even more of a reason for it. I will write my book, and I will keep trying, and trying and trying until it is published, until I have the contract in my hand, and the cheque in MY bank. I will have the freedom and security I so want, and deserve.

Yet again, because I have a disease I am literally crippled. This "thing" that hangs over me doesn't just affect my health, it affects a certain persons view of me. And as always it's something that is completely beyond my control, something that isn't my fault, something that for once I will admit, if I could change it I would.....and I have never ever said that about my disease before.

With all my wordly goods I honour you?


What's mine is MINE, and you have to fight for what is your own.

I have a new mind set, I have a new view, no more rose coloured glasses. Just pure brilliant clarity.

I have been given the kick up the ass I needed, yes it hurt, at the time I was laughing, but later I cried. But that kick has given me the internal desire to move forward, and move forward I will, with strength, and with dignity.

I may not post tomorrow, as I am at the hospital and having a much needed haircut (if I can afford it!). If I have time I will.

Friday I will be at work all day, and then at Sis In Law's and Mr Bleach's house. For a night away from the reminders of my inadequacies.

The weekend......who knows. If I blog I blog, if I don't I'll be back sometime.





In A Blink - Getting To Know You For Create A Connection

Yup, I know the pictures in the wrong place.....d'ohhh.

Ok, for the Create A Connection I have to answer these questions straight away, if it takes me longer than 2 seconds to think of my answer I have to leave it blank......here goes.

1. You run into a friend who has just chopped off all her long hair (or suddenly has an Afro). What do you say?

Wow! What made you choose that style, did you keep the hair they cut off? I still have my ponytail from x years ago!

2. You walk by a well dressed man with manicured hands who smells like a gin martini. He asks you for money. What do you do?

Tell him sorry, I don't have any money.....I don't get pocket money. :(

3. Your brother or sister or best friend falls madly in love with someone you think is a jerk. What do you do?

Tell them politely of my opinion, and reiterate it is only MY opinion.

4. You get a terrible present from your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend. Do you let it show?

Probably yes, I can't lie very well.

5. Who's your favorite Beatle?

Dung Beetle's are really cool!

6. You walk by a disheveled man wearing soiled & tattered clothes. He politely asks you for money. What do you do?

If I have any spare change, give it to him, and point him in the direction of the nearest charity shop, wishing him well as he goes.

6. Skinny Elvis or Fat Elvis?

Skinny elvis preferably....those hips just wobbled too much otherwise!

Next, go find an outrageous picture of your Elvis on the net and post it at the bottom of your answers. Be sure to give credit to the photographer. No photographer but the cartoonist is amazing!!

And yes I did mean what I said about the Beatles.....am I old enought to remember them? no, do I want to pick a favourite and offend any of the other beatles, no.





Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Be Prepared!

That is going to have to be my motto for next weeks SPC. I need to think of something, and get hubby to help me set it up and take the picture. After all, I can only take so many pictures of myself in the hall mirror.

I know what I want to create, I know how I want it to look, I know what I want to do! I just need him here to help me.

So......next week I WILL be prepared!





SPC Weeks Black & White

I have racked my brains all week for this. And I just couldn't come up with anything. The camera we have is cr** at night shots. I tried all sorts to take some pictures of some amazing shadows being thrown into our conservatory by the moonlight, but they just didn't work.

Firstly, I hope that V and A don't mind me using Sammy the dog as this weeks focus. It's one of the few pictures I took of him during his last stay with us. Here's the reasoning for using his picture.

I don't think anyone knows for sure, but it is said that dogs only see in black and white. They use their other senses like smell and sound more than their eyes I guess, or the power of their eyesight doesn't require them to visualize in color.

So....imagine life from a dogs point of view. Firstly you could be at absolutely any height, from a yorkshire terrier to a great dane. Secondly you can smell another dog, or food from miles away, thirdly, noises can upset you or excite you depending on what they are. The sound of food rattling in your bowl can make you instantly drool, the sound of fireworks can scare the bejesus out of you.

But your view. You see familiar surroundings, the sofa, your food bowls, all in different shades of grey and black and white? Friendly faces, just features outlined. No blue eyes, or red hair. You recognise people mainly by scent.

The outside world, to us a lovely lush green field, brightly colored flowers, blossom on the tree's, white clouds against a brilliant blue sky. To you, is it all one color? can you define a tulip from a rose? A tree in autumn full of reds and golden oranges, do you see that as just grey leaves?

Maybe colors aren't important. Maybe you can tell what we are thinking by the expression on our faces, the tone of our voices?

We know that some animals see in colour, otherwise why would beautiful butterflies be able to camouflage themselves as leaves, or chameleons be able to disapear into their surroundings if they couldn't see in colour? Why would flowers be brightly colored if insects couldn't see the vivid reds and yellows.

Ohhhh. this post has left me totally confused, and probably has you as well. All I know is, that dogs are man's best friend, and maybe we should take a tip from them. Rely more on facial expressions than any other thing?





Monday, February 05, 2007

Gettin' Bloggy With It!

Yes, it's still me, still ickle old Whisky. I just wanted to play.

I came accross Caz's template completely by accident.....but fell immediately, totally and utterly in love with it. I wanted it! It had to be mine!. Did it work with Beta Blogger. No. But I wouldn't be beaten. I googled, and blog searched until I found out how to convert it. Fingers crossed my blog wouldn't completely disappear, and hit Save Template. It worked!!! I lost my links, but it worked.

So, if I have forgotten any of my fellow bloggers I apologise, just drop me a comment and I will add you back on :)

Monday morning, well afternoon I awoke. I had to have a lie in today, it will be my one and only this week. Work tomorrow and Wednesday, hospital and haircut on Thursday, and a full day at work on Friday......all that means no sleeps for Whisky :(

I had a quick blog update check, my milky coffee gulped down, and off I went to pay in my Avon money, and go and see Mum and Dad. Mum and I went to Morrison's, and the three of us had a good old chat. In fact I talked that much that I apologised for bending their ears on my way out ;)

I received a lovely phone call last night. Instead of calling her C, I am now going to rename her "Sunray Child". Ok, ok, so her age indicates she isn't a child....but, she has a childlike heart and soul, and that fills me with love for her. The Sunray part comes from the fact that everytime I see the sunrays through the clouds I think of her.

Anyway, Sunray and I were on the phone for aaaages. We caught up on things like me being back at work, and we laughed, and laughed. I just love phonecalls like that. I can honestly say that with all of my friends we have the ability to make each other laugh. I can tell if someone is not quite themselves....yes we talk about the serious stuff, but I know when to throw in a joke, or a memory that will bring them a smile, and they can do exactly the same for me :)

Poor hubby was waiting to go to bed sat at the side of me....but he was smiling and grinning like a cheshire cat at our conversations. Off the phone, a snuggle, with lots of Love you's and will miss you's thrown in, and he went off to bed. Yet again, another week of long distance phonecalls, empty rooms, and empty beds, but knowing that he is so much happier makes me happier, and makes the loneliness easier to bear.

He will be home on Friday, the night I am at a Pamper Party with Sis In Law. All being well he will drive over to her house, spend the night drinking with his brother, and be there when I get back. However, he has said, if he feels too tired he will see me on Saturday Morning. Sis In Law? Did I mention/ask if it was ok for me to stay over? I think I may have forgotten that one small issue! (panic!!).

I'm so looking forward to a head massage, and an Angel card reading, you wouldn't believe how excited I am. So much so, that I got out my Tarot cards and my book last night and did some practise readings for myself. Some people say it's not right to do your own readings, some people say it is a good way to learn the meanings of the cards. I agree with the latter.

Every time I shuffle the cards seven times, I did a seven card reading by splitting the cards seven times, and I did three three card readings by splitting them three times. Every single time it gave me the same message. The past has been riddled with trouble and turmoil, the present ground is even with some stumbles along the way, and the future is to be guided by myself. Hmmmmm......I think I had better start guiding!

So, tonight, I thought I would just "pop online" for a few minutes. Mainly to have a look at a certain car manufacturers website to see if they do a pink version that isn't a convertible! But I got totally distracted by this new template.

It's so me.....childlike, wanting so much to tell people things. Whether it be on the telephone or on the blog, via text messages or e mail, I want to share my life with everyone. ALthough, one thing I have vowed not to do is give anyone from work the link to my "private life".

I hope the new template meets with your liking. Please let me know if there are any font reading problems and I will try, and I mean try to address them.

Let me know if in error I have missed anyones links off. Please forgive me if I have.

Most of all..........I Have So Much To Tell You!!!! & I hope you will pop by again.

Lots of love and hugs.......and Please get better soon CCF, you are in my thoughts, and if I wasn't working on Friday I would pop in to see you. Huggs especially for you.



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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Peaceful Sunday........Not!

Saturday was filled with lie ins, dozes, eating, and yet more dozes. I gave myself my B12 injection about two weeks ago. I have to have injections as the vitamin B12 is absorbed my your lower intestine, or Ileum. This is the part of me that was removed when I had my bag fitted, hence it being called and Ileostomy. Anyway, ever since then, for 13 years now, every three months I have to have a B12 injection.

I used to have to go over to the doctors and book in, wait for my appointment and then the nurse would do my injection. About three years ago, the nurse told me I was more than capable of doing the injections myself, to save time, and enable me to do the injections when I needed it, rather than wait another week for her to do it.

I know when I need the injection, firstly I get tired easily, secondly I don't sleep as well. I give myself the injection, which is fun in itself!, and then for the first two or three nights I sleep like a baby, then for about a week to a fortnight I hardly sleep at all at night, but doze throughout the day. Strange.

The B12 is injected into a muscle, normally my right thigh as I am left handed, it is then send through the blood cells in your muscle into your liver where it is stored and dispersed as your body needs it. It's great fun doing the injection. I get to snap the top off my own vial of bright pink liquid, I get to open a sterile needle, draw the fluid into the syringe via the needle, and that's when the fun begins.

Of course you have to "flick" the needle to disperse any air in the syringe to the top. Then you have to gently push the plunger until the air is forced out, and the liquid begins to appear. Easier said than done. I flick ferociously, I don't want even the slightest air bubble, then I try and gently push the plunger. With air in there there is some "stiffness" at first. Trying to push gently when you are meeting with resistance isn't easy! Of course, the air shoots out, the plunger shoots up, and the bright pink liquid squirts everywhere. I've tried angling it down the overflow. But this doesn't provide the right angle for the air to come out. So.....it has to be done completely upright.

Needless to say, every time I do my B12 injection I end up redecorating the bathroom. Sink, tiles, windowsill, window, and last time even the ceiling!! Lovely.

Then, gently insert, pull back the plunger slightly to ensure you aren't in a blood vessel and away we go. When the nurses do it I end up with a sore leg and a lovely bruise. When I do it all I get is a small pin prick on the skin. Cool.

Anyway....I'm in post B12 mode. Not sleeping well at night, but dozing throughout the day. I went upstairs for a sleep yesterday afternoon, but due to the neighbours still working, yes still working, on their extension, I couldn't doze off.

Back downstairs, and learnt some of my Spanish from my free cd with The Sun newspaper. I listen to it, write down the phrases in a way I can read, and say correctly, along with the meaning, and away I go.

I even rang Sis In Law last night, trying to be really clever and speaking to her in Spanish.......she didn't even know who it was!! We've decided when we go on holiday together this year, all six of us, that me and her can speak in Spanish and the boys won't understand! Wicked.

Up this morning, and Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest isn't it? Well not here. We have next door doing their renovations along with continuous shouting at each other, and somewhere over the way we have a budding band. The drummer plays at his highest level, on and on, and on, and on, the guitarist seems to do his own thing. I can make out things like Nirvana, but most of the time it's just lets see who can play the loudest! Aaaaaaaargh. A few minutes ago next doors dog was in competition with the drummer.......and losing.

Oh the fun of living in a nice quiet area!!!

Tonight Supernatural with the lovely Jensen Ackles is on ITV2.....I can't wait to see the new series!, and on Wednesday my new man, Eric Mabius is on Film Four in Resident Evil. I have to admit I've seen that film three or four times and always wondered who he was, he is cute in it.....but now I know, and I will watch it again, and again, and again......and record it for posterity.!!!

This week I have a funny week. Monday, day off. Tuesday work in the afternoon. Wednesday work in the afternoon. Thursday day off (when I normally would be working)....but, I have an appointment with my surgeon in the morning, and a hair cut in the afternoon.

Friday, working all day, then straight over to Sis In Laws for a pamper evening. Scrummy! Head massage, and an Angel card reading methinks. I might even treat myself to a set of Angel cards :)

So.....the weekend will come all to quick. I'll be staying over at Sis In Laws, so no doubt Little Miss Pink or Little Miss Purple will wake me, probably by bringing in the Nintendogs at 8am! Aaaaaaargh!.

Enough for today. I'll leave you in peace, whilst I sit hear listening to the sound of trowel on cement, on brick.

Hugs galore



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Friday, February 02, 2007

UK Alert!!!

If you live in the UK I have a SERIOUS alert for you.

Tonight on channel 4 at 9pm Ugly Betty is on, including the gorgeous Eric Mabius. Not only that.....but at some point next week, (Time to be confirmed as soon as I have a copy of next weeks tv guide). Resident Evil is on on Film 4, of course starring Eric Mabius. He is the hunky policeman who ends up in the sleeveless white tight tee shirt.

Ok alert over.

Wednesday night, I had a play, with my hair. I washed it, and instead of blow drying it with my new fandangled hairdryer that straightens as it drys, and then straightening it again as I have soooo much hair. I decided to go for the curly look. One of the perks of doing Avon is that you can buy the odd thing at a cut down price. I bought two sets of six bendy curlers. Sort of like bright pink liquorice sticks that you bend in your hair. I sectioned my hair into twelve, twisted it round into ringlets, and wrapped it around a curler. I blasted my hair for ten minutes each side with the hair dryer. Was it dry? Naaah. So. I sat in these curlers all night. Eleven pm, was it dry? Naaaah. Sooo much hair I tell you. So. Me being me, and knowing if I took the curlers out now my hair would just be frizzy for work on Thursday. I slept in these liquorice shaped curlers. They were actually unbelievably comfortable!

Up at 6am on Thursday, breakfast and juice, bath, dress, get everything ready for a day at work. Flask of milky coffee, energy drinks, coke, pen, etc etc etc. Last minute before I left I took out the curlers and combed my hair.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Not afraid to show my awful side, this is how I looked last Thursday after my 1st full day at work. Exhausted!! and, flat straightened hair clinging to my head.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting From the front.....curls galore! I did manage to tame it down just a little as I thought it was slightly toooo big LOL..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting My best side! :)

I've only just noticed that one side of my hair is blonder than the other!! I must have sat in the sun more on one side on holiday in September, but it just goes to show how much the sunlight can lighten my hair!

Shheeeeesh! I look like one of Charlie's Angels from the 80's!!! Is 80's style hair back in? Please say yes!

Anyway, in the car on the way to work I actually had two men giving me a wink! And when I got out of my car and walked across the car park my hair bounced! I could feel the curls moving :). N from HR was walking in behind me, I turned to hold the door for her, and she saw my face. She told me she was just about to stop me from going in as she didn't know who it was. She then said she didn't realise I had so much hair!!

Quite a few people failed to recognise me as they walked behind me in the office, turning to look at me as they got past then smiling and saying hello. I felt like a new woman!!!

Yet again, I remind you what my ex team leader M said to me at the Christmas works part. Your long hair seems to give you more confidence. I so agree. I feel me again. Like when Delilah cut off so and so's hair. I have my strenght back :)

Work was fine. Team meeting in the morning, training until lunch. I mean 4 hours of training on a range of our products. That's 12 hours training this week! And yes, I have reaped the benefits. I was complimented in the first two training sessions, each with a different trainer. They stumbled whilst looking for a particular product or saying something about a machine, so I passed the product over and explained what they were trying to say. They were amazed that I remembered so much. And to be honest so was I. I had forgotten how much product knowledge I have, and need to do my job properly. I may have mentioned before it's order input, telephone queries, filing and quotations. But when you are talking to a customer, and advising them on what pipe to use at -40 degrees when they are running 98 per cent sodium hypo chloride through their system, you need to know what you are talking about. This after all is life and death in the pipe world!

After a cigarette infused lunch break in my car, and ringing mum to let her know I would be popping in on my way home to show her my hair I resumed work. Or tried to!

They had decided to replace my computer with a new one while I was at lunch. My lunch ended at 2pm. At 3pm my computer was up and running! Filing, getting orders off the fax machines, and standing and waiting isn't much fun when all you want to do is work!

Finally up and running and guess what. The keyboard had no legs, leant backwards, was black, and therefore reflected the light back into my eyes. IT man back upstairs to swap over to my old keyboard.

Guess what, word doesn't work, TPA (phone system on pc) doesn't work, dps (Internal order check system) doesn't work. Was it worth it?????

I finally left at 5pm feeling as if I had been no use whatsoever in regard to Sales, but knowing I had learnt a lot during my training. Oh yes.....On Wednesday one person had a bad cold. Now.....three people have a bad cold. In the training room yesterday I was surrounded by people who had a bad cold. I was sat in between them pushing my box of tissues taken with me especially for them in between the three of them. I just hope my immune system kicks in and kicks this cold out. I DON'T WANT A NOTHER COLD!!!.

Home, milky coffee and chilled out with some music. hubby rang to say he would be home at 9.30pm. Yayyyyy!

He came home, we ate together, late yes, but it was together. A quick snuggle before he went to bed exhausted and I slept like a baby. My head filled with curls, which Mum and hubby loved, my brain filled with, different typed of pipe, different temperature ranges, different chemical absorptions, different machine fusion types, different solvents, cements and cleaners, different valves, ball valves, actuated valves, strainers, valve check valves, pneumatic valves aaaarrrgggghhh! and did I dream about them?

No I dreamt about tonight with Ugly Betty being on tv.....Eric Mabius starring in that, and Resident Evil on Film four next week.

Did I mention the UK Alert????

Love and hugs