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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spot The Difference!!

As you know I regularly have hunks which I adore. I did my top ten men, which included, Wentworth Miller, Robbie Williams, Dominic Purcell, Tom Cruise, Dermot O Leary, hubby, and oh.....hubby.

Recently added was John Barrowman, a total dish. But.....I've just discovered Ugly Betty on Channel 4. I was hooked on Celebrity Big Brother, and the first to episodes were shown in between the two Friday evening programmes, as a consequence, I used this hour to wash up, get changed, do my hair etc etc, and never really took much notice of the programme. This Friday however I did.

The lead man in the show is simply.......adorable! Tight suits, beatifully colored shirts with matching tie's and hankies in pockets. The way he stands with his hands on his hips, hmmmm. Chiselled jaw line, amazingly blue eyes, lovely thick messed up hair, oh and did I mention his muscles?

Anyway, I instantly fell for this man, but......he reminded me of someone else. So much so that I thought one of our English actors was playing the lead, and not an american man. Instant Google, and I found this. The lead man in Ugly Betty is Eric Mabius. Same age as me. The english actor I was thinking of is Lloyd Owen, quite a few years older. He was in Monarch of the Glenn, and is now in The Innocence project on BBC1. He too is a hunk, the same blue eyes, chiselled jawline, thick hair and did I mentione muscles?

Anyway..apart from Lloyd's scar on his chin, I think these two could be twins, dopplegangers, brothers? I'll let you see for yourselves.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Lloyd Owen, the one on the right obviously! In a lovely suit and tie.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Eric Mabius, in a lovely suit and tie.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Note the blue eyes, the cheeky grin, the chiselled jaw line......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Oh......did I mention the muscles!!!

What do you think? Do they look alike, are they both extremely dishy, cute, adorable? I only wish I'd watched Ugly Betty from the beginning! I have found, however, that on NTL I can review and record it, and see the next episode tonight before it is aired on channel four on Friday....methinks both dvd recorders might be in action to catch the rest of the season! Then, play, pause, play, pause etc etc etc. Come back hubbyyyyyyyyy!

Yesterday at work I had some wonderful news. At first I was scared whitless being called into an office by Boss S. But, to cut a long story short, instead of filling in weekly time sheets, they are putting me in a contract for the hours I currently work, they will issue me a new contract each time I increase my hours. Boss S announced that she, and the company are perfectly happy for my final, permanent contract to be three working days!!!!!!

No more worrying about whether there will be a position for me with just the hours my body can manage! No more worrying that eventually I might have to tell them my body will not let me work full time! No more worrying!!!

Boss S came back to me and said that the lady in HR is fine with this, as long as I am fine. In other words, they are looking after me so well it is unbelievable! I was over the moon. I texted everyone I could think of with the news, and I got some wonderful texts back. I have such a support network around me of friends, family and work colleagues and bosses that it is unbelievable. Now is the time I find out who my friends are, and how much people think of me.......and that means so much to me.

Gone are the days of worrying if someone is watching me through the letterbox, calling themselves a friend. Welcome to the days when I have people I know I can turn to, people I can talk to, people I can text at any moment and get support and care.

It makes me so proud! It makes me so happy :)

Of course when I spoke to hubby he analysed it financially....but all is well in Whisky land.

So, have you decided yet....do they look alike?

Maybe you need to look some more (wink wink).

Hugs galore



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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Quicky

Just a quick post to enable me to get the SPC right. I have to have a post in front of it to enable me to post the link correctly. In other words, I can't work out how to do it any other way!!! D'oooohhh.

Work today, up early, blogged and SPC'd, now I need to go have a bath and get dressed. Tonight I will become the Avon lady and deliver orders galore.

Until tomorrow.





SPC B&W - Round Like A Circle In A Spiral

The challenge this week at Self Portrait Challenge is to express yourself in black and white. I thought about it all of last night, and only came up with one idea.

My life seems to follow a never ending circle. Healthy and happy, seriously ill or recuperating, and then back to healthy and happy. I have so many photographs of me looking skeletal, pale, horrible, but finally, I have some pictures of me looking reasonably well.

A lot of people have said to me lately that I look the best I ever have......if only they knew.

When I was seventeen, just engaged to hubby, I had the opportunity to "make it" as a singer. An agent had heard a demo tape my parents paid for me to have done in a recording studio, it was being copied in a sound studio, he heard it, and signed me immediately. He told me I could be the next Patsy Cline, he offered me talent shows, entering the Eurovision song contest, and a job singing on a cruise ship. He wanted me to sign on the dotted line there and then. My parents said it could be "my" chance, even soon to be hubby wanted me to go, even though it would have meant being away from everyone for months on end.

The only thing missing from my portfolio were pictures. So, my parents, yet again, out of the goodness of their own heart, paid for me to go to a studio and have some portraits done. I only have one of the originals left, and it happens to be black and white.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This picture represents me with a future, with health, with happiness and the thought of marrying the man I loved. I never took the chance to go on that cruise ship. The gulf war started, and the thought of being in the ocean scared the heck out of me. If I had gone, my disease would have taken a hold of me whilst I was on that ship, away from my family, friends and soon to be husband. Yes, maybe I did loose the only chance I had to make singing my career. But I gave it up for the people I love, and because of my illness.

At 32 hubby made my dream a reality. To visit my family in Australia. To spend some valued time with my Aunt and her husband, the cousins who were born when I was last there, or been born since, and my dear dear Pop. My disease was in full swing, but for that time I was in remission. I had three cherished weeks with my family in Australia, and they are memories I will never forget.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting But even in this picture, you can see the shape of my face, gaunt, tired, my hair, cropped because I couldn't look after it at the length it was while I was ill. A precious photograph of me in a motel in Australia, dampened by my illness. (and also my attempt to turn it into black and white!).

Now, three years on, after eight operations, weeks in and out of hospital, two years and more off work, I look a little more like the old me. The hair is long and full, the smile is back, my face is fuller, and I have the cheeky glint in my eyes again.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (Black and white version)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting (colour version).

I have come round in a complete circle. Like a spiral I keep fighting my way back up to the surface, up to the top. I will try my hardest to stay at the top.

Hugs galore




Monday, January 29, 2007

Shine, For Someone Special

The weekend was lovely, hubby home, shopping done, lots of snuggling, talking and I love you's.

This week he's "conveniently" (as long as all goes to plan), back on Thursday evening. As soon as he told me I realised he is coming home to see how I cope with my full day at work. Bless him for checking up on me :)

Lots of text messages were sent to someone who doesn't normally smoke, yet was texting me to ask me to save them an orange cigarette as they were puffing on a hookah pipe! Tutt Tutt.

Also a special Happy Belated Birthday to A, Sammy the dog's dad, for Sunday. I did send a text wishing him happy birthday but got no reply :( I wanted to ring and play the magical birthday cake to him! Boooohooo.

On Thursday evening there was a special preview of a bands new single. A band I used to like before they broke up, and who have now reformed. I recorded it.

For some reason last night I kept playing it over and over and over. The lyrics were trying to tell me something, but I didn't know what. Then I realised, they weren't for me. They were for someone who needs these words much more than I do.

You’re such a big star to me,
You’re everything I want to be,
But you’re stuck in a hole,
And I want you to get out,

I don’t know what there is to see,
But I know it’s time for you to lead,
We’re all just pushing along,
Trying to figure it out, out, out
Oh your anticipation pulls you down,
When you can have it all,
You can have it all, all , all

So come on, so come on, get it on,
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
You’re time is coming don’t be late, hey hey
So come on, see the light on your face
Let it shine, just let it shine, let it shine,

Being so hard on yourself,
It’s not good for your health,
I know that you can change,
So clear your head and come round,
You only have to open your eyes,
You might just get a big surprise,
And it may feel good,

And you might want to smile, smile, smile,
Don’t you let your demons pull you down,
‘Cos you can have it all,
You can have it all, all all,

So come on, so come on, get it on,
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
You’re time is coming don’t be late, hey hey
So come on, see the light on your face
Let it shine, just let it shine, let it shine,

Hey, let me know ya,
You’re all that matters to me,
Hey, let me show ya,
You’re all that matters to me

So come on, so come on, get it on,
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
You’re time is coming don’t be late, hey hey
So come on, see the light on your face
Let it shine, just let it shine, let it shine,

People will presume it's for hubby, but it's not. This person will hopefully read the blog, and they will know that most of the words, I stress not ALL of them, are for them. I've always known I have connections with certain people, and intuition sometimes. I know now, that deep down I knew this person was troubled, but I didn't know why. Maybe me recording the video was me picking up on something, maybe it's just coincidence. Maybe me playing it over and over until I knew the words off by heart was someone calling out to me. ut at the time I didn't know who, why or where.

Now I do. I don't think it's coincidence. I think it's fate. I think it's my link to people's feelings and emotions without even knowing it. Someone maybe thousands of miles away, but I can still sense when they are in need of a virtual hug. Or, some song lyrics that might mean something to them without seeming patronising.

I have a very strong link with another friend. I know that when I see the sun rays through the clouds we are thinking of each other. We can think exactly the same thing at the same time, I think that right now that she might need me as well......but is hesitant for some reason. Maybe it's pride, maybe it's a worry that I may repeat things to other people, which she should know by now I won't. Or maybe it's a fear that I will judge or take sides. I can promise you now that will NOT happen. The two people I am mentioning here mean as much to me as my family does. We may be hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other, but I still feel your pain and your confusion and worry.

If you need to lean on me I am here.

Maybe the lyrics will mean different things to different people, maybe everyone that reads this might take a chance, and learn to shine. I am not, and will not ever try to force my opinions on anyone. I only offer words of hope. Written by someone, put to music and transformed into a song.

I often listen to songs and can relate to them. Anastacia - left outside alone, Kelly Clarkson - Because of You, etc etc etc, but from my point of view. This one however was meant for someone else, and I don't think that has happened to me before.

I only hope these words are taken in the right way. Not as an instruction, a patronisation, or a judgement. Just to let someone know I am thinking of them, and I care.

For now, I'll leave you to ponder.

And Sis In Law, yes I was up at 12.35. I was up at 9am waiting for my Avon delivery. I was out ding dong Avon calling at my Mum's when you rang :)

Stay strong, be true to yourself, put yourself and those closest to you first and you can do no wrong.

Love and hugs across the miles



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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Holli!!!!!

Fancy only mentioning it the day before!! You thought you could get away without a blog from moi!

Here goes.........

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To my dearest blog friend Holli.

Only a year since we met
Miles and miles over the internet
Next blog, next blog, then this pink one was found
Pictures and words so much joy did abound.
I soon said hello, filled with fear and with dread,
Never done it before so gently did I tread,
A hello back and it filled me with joy
Now to find out if Nate Nate is a boy?

Baby Faith, Nathan too now Tom joins the crew,
E mails pass one by one, between me, between you,
Holli my Friend. Oh Holli my dear,
Can you believe it's been only a year,
Now I hear it's your Birthday, and only by chance
Once I knew I stood up, did a furious dance,
For no chance was given for me to prepare
An appropriate poem, one thats good, filled with flair,

So this one I write, it's from me, sent to you
I know it's not much, but I hope it will do.
And as a finale guess what, bet you never will
We've more things in common than pink, for my heart you do fill
With hope, and with FAITH, and with love it is true......
And guess what....have a guess...

we're both five foot two!!!!!!!

So sorry if it's not brilliant, but I didn't have the normal opportunity to sit and write, and re write. This was just what came into my head :)

What I'm trying to say is, (without seeming like a stalker), I admire you, your courage, your outlook on life. Once again, thankyou for sharing your's Faith's Nate Nate's and Tom's life with us. Along with Sto Sto, Nana, Poppy, ALi Ali and everyone else. Sometimes I can have the saddest of days, I click on one button.....read your blog, and know that there is someone out there who cares about the world and the people in it.

Many Happy Returns Holli. I hope you have a wonderful perfect "cupcake" Birthday.

All my love, and tonnes of hugs on this your special day.



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Friday, January 26, 2007

I Managed It.........Just

Wednesday afternoon at work was the usual, still one person down, but nice and busy. The time flew by and it was soon 4.30pm and time for me to go home. Milky coffee, talked to hubby :) and I made myself have an early night in preparation for my full day of work on Thursday.

I must have slept straight through, which I was relieved about, as I had slept poorly at the beginning of the week, as the next thing I knew it was 6.30 and time to get up.

Breakfast, bath, dress, I looked out of the living room window and panicked! I knew that the main road I use to go to work was closed for road works, so I would therefore have to take an alternative and longer route. What I hadn't planned for was that my poor ickle purple car would be covered in thick lumpy frost! You know the kind that is half frost and half frozen snow. The kind that is physically impossible to remove from windows unless you have the muscles of Hulk Hogan!

That was my car.

I quickly made up my flask of milky coffee, donned my coat, hat and gloves, double checked the contents of my handbag. House keys, pen, energy drink x 2, can of coke, flask of milky coffee, and other essential items, and out I went.

Imagine. A 5ft 2" 9 stone weakling scraping superglued frost from her car.

I tried the sideways scrape. Excellent for removing the delicate frost. But useless for the lumpy frost.

The up and down ways scrape. Ok, until you get stuck in a lump and then the shock reverberates up your arm and into your shoulder.

The random pick a spot and scrape it scrape. Again ok until you get to the lumps.

In the end I went for the random whack it scrape. Pick a loose bit and scrape at the rate of roughly 1000 scrapes a minute until you can no longer breath, rest start again.

I ended up, with frost/snow in my shoes, all over my trousers and the arms of my coat, in my hair.....and gawd knows how but up my nose as well!

I got into my car, just about to remove gloves and fasten seat belt. Guess what I had forgot?

The bloomin windscreen!

So....at this point, already feeling as if I have done a full days work, I opted for the cannned de icer, (Sorry to the ozone layer here). I picked up one can.....could I get the lid off it? Could I nuts! Second and larger can lid already off, and away I went.

I sprayed for england, each and every centimetre of the windscreen had a good splattering. Windscreen wipers on........jammed. I lifted them to release them and got a face full of slush mixed with de icer. Sprayed again, and again and again and soon the windscreen was clear! Wooohoooooo!.

Into the car, wet cold gloves removed, rear window nicely defrosted due to the heated window. cigarette out, lighter in hand. Hmmmmmm, is de icer flammable. Is there enough remaining on my finely plucked eyebrows to enable me to burst into flames in my car.....well at least if that happens it will be thoroughly defrosted.

To hell with it. I tentatively lit my lighter, brought it closer to my cigarette, all safe and off I set on my journey.

Sorry if this is a long post, it's about to get longer.

I've always been told by both my Dad and hubby, in icy weather, when the roads are slippy. Play it safe. Drive slowly, and with the car in a higher gear than it needs to be. So......5 miles an hour in 3rd gear worked well until some moron decided to pull out on me. I avoided the natural instinct to slam my foot on the brake, and slightly tapped the brake with my delicate size 6 shoe. Luckily the moron and his car had already passed me as my tail end swerved from side to side down the remainder of the road!

Main roads, ice free, alternative route, and I still got to work with fifteen minutes to spare!

I had been told the day before by my supervisor that if it was icy in the car park I was to ring up to the office and someone would come and get me from my car to the door in safety. the last thing I need is to land on my butt!

I took a risk. Walked along the pebbled gaps in the car park and made it in one piece.

Into work, slaving away until the morning meeting. Always a team meeting on a Thursday morning. it felt good to be there for it :)

At about eleven am I started to fade, and fast. My brain, eyes and fingers were no longer connected. I reached into my bag, pulle out my flask, and took five to drink my milky but strong coffee. I was back on top form and raring to go.

Lunch, in the car chains smoking as they have closed the smoke room, and there is no way I am standing in a bike shed to smoke!

Back into work and it was soon 5 oclock and time to go. Boss S had checked on em all day that I was ok, and I was.

Home, milky coffee, feet up, bath, yes another one! Mum rang to say she had been worried about me all day. I rang Sis In Law and we had a scream!

Tammy had found my blog via the Be Connected website, and also takes part in the Self Portrait Challenge. She had left me a lovely comment, that Sis In Law had read, and clocked on the link to her website. She was reading things out to me from Tammy's website that had us both in stitches. I'm sure Tammy knows that this in in no way ridiculing her site. She just has the most fantastic sense of humour that is down both mine and Sis In Law's street. Now every time I think of Tammy, I think of a woman in a velcro suit!

I've a feeling my garden of friends is soon to have another seed planted :)

On that note, with laughter in the air, I ate my dinner, and headed up to bed. On my way into the bedroom I caught site of myself in the mirror. I looked terrible. I knew I felt tired, but I didn't realised I looked as bad as I did!! Grey completely pale skin, eyes sunken with dark circles underneath them. Scary! That effect after just one full day at work. How the hell did I used to manage five full days. What has happened to my strength! Did Mr R the surgeon remove that when he removed my wounds? I'll have to ask him when I see him in a fortnight.

Yet again, I forgot, not only do I have the Crohn's I also have two other conditions that sap strength from my body. I will fight them and try to gradually build up my energy. Hopefully I will win when I get to three full days. If I don't I will admit defeat, and hope that work will stick by me.

What a day.......what a blog.

Today, after a lovely lie in with no alarm clock I am refreshed and awake. Waiting for hubby's return.To see his smile, to smell his aftershave, hear his voice and most of all, to be wrapped in his arms and hear him tell me he loves me.

I'll blog soon......don't be too scared. LOL.

If you have battle with the lumpy frost.........I hope you win like I did :)

Hugs galore



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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We Have Snow!

It only started at midnight last night, but it looked thick and heavy, light floaty flakes that covered the ground within seconds. When I got up this morning, there was still the odd scattering around, but it looks like the the roads are frozen over.....black ice, I hope not!

Thanks to Avon no longer accepting cheqies via the post office, I have to make yet another visit to make a payment. I have to get a prescription from the pharmacy, and all of this with some of the roads closed on my way to work!

Today is my Daddy's Birthday!!!!! I know he doesn't read the blog.....but him and Mum mean the world to me. They have done so much for me and hubby throughout my illness. They let me stay with them after a particularly long hospital stay. They ran my bath for me every morning, brought me breakfast in bed, let the nurses in who were doing my dressings, helped me downstairs and settled me on the sofa. Cared for me whilst I was in pain, and embarrassed.

So......today is my Dad's day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!

Work yesterday, again one person down was busy. But it was fun. The people that are there are fun, caring, and hard working. It makes for a pleasant few hours at work. The majority of the customers are fun too. They understand me when I incorrectly enter a code for a stock check and tell them my brain isn't connected to my fingers, or even try and enter the stock check on my calculator!! Dippy Whisky.

Home last night, milky coffee, washing, out to collect the lady's Avon money and give her her cheque back, collect some more books. I had a quick bath to warm me up as it was freezing! Hubby rang and we had a lovely chat.....I miss him more this week, but that's due to the "monthly's".

A late dinner and watched tv. I was just heading upstairs when I heard the tapping on the roof. Turned on the outside light, and there were the snowflakes drifting down to the ground.

A beautiful way to end a day.

I must fly.

Hugs to all



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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wicked Weekend!

My visit to see Clever Crafting Friend was wonderful. We caught up on so much, and it is always lovely to see her, although I am a little worried that she is over doing things. But. I know that she has this in hand, and will look after herself :)

I got home to find hubby had just got back. The tell tale sign being a hot cup of coffee next to him, and him opening his weeks mail. It was so good to see him. We talked about our week, the things that you leave out on the mobile phone as they would just cost too much on the phone bill!

He had fish and chips, and I had a lovely chinese, we snuggled together, and I went to bed happy he was home.

Saturday morning I was awoken by a phone call, thankfully hubby was home from shopping so he answered it. I was under strict instructions to call Sis In Law as soon as I was up. The plan was we were going to hit the shops with the girls to get Little Miss Purple her Nintendogs game. Did any of the three shops we went to have it, did they nuts! We were even told it was being fased out for a rather rubbish version of the game.

Poor Little Miss Purple was distraught, so I told her she could borrow my game until she found one of her own. Home, hubby cooked a lovely steak dinner, and we chilled and snuggled and watched the tv.

Sunday, as arranged by phone calls on Saturday we met up with Chinese friend and her hubby, Sam the dog and V and A his owners. It was a really really nice day. We walked around a local park and talked, and talked and talked. We headed for a village pub, found ourselves a seat in the corner and talked some more. I mentioned I was interested in going to see a spiritualist or a medium again, and mentioned that on my previous reading I had been told I had powers I needed to develope. The next thing I know we are talking about dreams. Chinese friend started to talk about her recurring dream and I stopped her dead in her tracks and said "Royalty". My heart was pounding and my chest felt funny, but I saw her with either a tiara or a crown on her head. She was then as nervous as me, as her dream was her in a what seemed to be a large mansion type house, overlooking the sea. Maybe coincidence.

She carried on talking, and I said "birds". She then freaked out a little, as did V, part of her dream invoved the birds perched on the cliff face, and a painting of a bird in the house. I told her it felt as if she was once a princess who was being forced to marry someone she either didn't know, or didn't like.

We all sat there with goose pimples on our skin!! We then swapped ghost stories, and said we really must have a night together to see if I really do have any powers at all. I'll get the tarot cards out and we can have the chocolate fountain as well :)

I have asked her to send me a picture of something close to her, that I haven't seen yet to try and get a reading from that (hint hint). She hasn't sent it yet!

She also gave me some gorgeous presents. She really spols me! Sweets, a lovely chinese fish ornament, two little handmade rabbits, and some orange mentol cigarettes which are wonderful! Thankfully hubby doesnt like them, but my Mum does!!!

It was such a lovely day, catching up with four wonderful friends. We really need to do it more often, although with hubby being away most week nights, our weekends are precious. But, we can't stay locked up with each other every weekend!!

Back home, with some team work, hubby and I made a lovely stew. He ate, as usual, two platefulls, and then promptly snuggled on me and started snoring through my programmes! I sent him up to bed with lots of love and I'll miss you's, knowing I wont see him again until Friday :(

We spoke last night......I miss him, but I focus on work, and Friday and his return :)

Work this afternoon, then tomorrow afternoon, and then all day on Thursday Aaaaargh! What have I let myself in for!

Anyway, I'll love you and leave you.

Chinese friend, don't forget to send me that picture!!

Love and hugs



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Self Portrait Challenge Week 4

Here goes for my second attempt, and hopefully this time, as I am doing a post straight after this one, I will get the link right!!

As I previously mentioned, one of my new years resolutions, was my daily skin care routine. Which I have been sticking to rigorously. Using my exfoiliating wipes on my face, neck and decollatage, and then using Nivea Creme as a moisturisor. So far I think the effects have been wonderful.

Week one of new skin regime.......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Week two of new skin regime.......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Week three of new skin regime.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

As you can see with pictures one and two, it took me some time to get rid of the pink stains on my hair, but by week three I am seeing a smoother skin, and less facial hair.

I have to add that although this is for the Self Portrait Challenge website, being shy, I wanted to add in a touch of my sense of humour.

I no I stand no chance of being one of the "pick of the weeks". But this is me trying to learn to be adventurous and artistic with the camera.




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Friday, January 19, 2007

Whisky In A Pickle

Yes, I'm in a pickle, and possible in trouble, and was up until a few moments ago in floods of tears.

Yesterday work was extremely extremely busy. Two people down on sales, two people left, me being only there for half a day, and a very kind person from another department helping us. There were orders like I have never seen before. It's as if the customers know when we are short staffed and save up their orders for then.

Amongst this I was called up to a meeting room to see Boss S. Without going into too much detail, even though I have only been back at work for approx two months, they have awarded me a pay rise.

I was gobsmacked. We, as a team, finally managed to get all of the orders on and I made my way home. No I didn't do the weekly shop as mentioned yesterday, I was too exhausted.

I spoke to Mum and mentioned about the pay rise, and then it clicked. I could be in deep deep trouble.

The letter was dated 8th January, I was given it on the 18th January, and the pay increase would be effective from the 1st January. This would mean, that for the last three weeks I have been, without knowing it, over my allowance to be entitled to my disability payments!!!! Panicccccccccccccccccc.

Hubby rang, I discussed it with him, we worked out my new hourly rate, and I worked out how much per week I was earning over my allowance, all of £2.53. But it was still fraud!

This morning I rang the relevant department and spoke to a lovely chap. I explained I had previously filled in a form declaring my earnings, that I was due to ring him this week anyway to advise that as from next week I would be over that, and need to be disqualified from benefit payment. Then I turned into jelly, burst into tears and told him I could be in trouble. I explained the situation and he immediately told me not to worry. Yes I was over the allowance, did I know I was up until yesterday, NO! He told me it was totally out of my hands and I had done nothing wrong. This months payment may well be recalled as it has already been payed out......but he thought that could be unlikely as I am only over my weekly allowance by pence.

I have to write a letter to them explaining the situation and wait for it to be reviewed.

There's me, worried the police will come knocking on my door over an overpayment of £2.53, when there are other people out there who get thousands of pounds from disability payments and are found to be not ill at all. They are watched by people with video camera's. Claiming they have an injured back, carrying boxes, wheeling wheelbarrows, on holiday water ski ing and still claiming their payments. They are the people that are de frauding the system.......me, I just got caught out unawares. But I still got upset. That's how genuine a person I am. How honest I am, hoe worried about getting into trouble I am.

If every person was like me, the government would have lot more money to put into things like hospitals and schools. But not everyone is as genuine as I am.

So, I'm quickly blogging before I go to see Clever Crafting Friend. Hopefully my eyes won't be puffy by then!

Then I will get home, and hubby will either be on his way, or already there. Wooohoooooo!

I love Fridays! A whole weekend of hubby, snuggles, cuddles, tickles, talking, laughter and most importantly, love.

I've gone from upset Whisky to mushy Whisky :) all in one blog.

This is one of the reasons I adore blogging. It's an outlet for my panics, for my thoughts, for my dreams and aspirations. It keeps me in touch with my friends, whether near to me, or thousands of miles away. I can be the "real" me on here.

Anyway......have a brilliant weekend guys and gals.

Lots of love and Whisky hugs for all



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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Appraisal Praise

Yesterday at work I had my appraisal. I raised a few points regarding my return to work, but none were too negative, in fact only one was.....I want my cordless headset back!!!!! Trying to stretch my cord over to the fax trays is ridiculous, and I nearly end up hanging myself in the process.

Anyway, Boss S had made a few point about me. My professionalism, my positive attitude, my bubbliness and sense of humour, my willingness to work, my hardworkingness (if that's a word). How it is a pleasure to have me back etc etc etc. Remember I don't do praise!!! I sat there squirming in my chair. Ok ok enough of the wonder woman stuff, it's what I'm paid to do LOL.

I was supposed to finish at four, but there were just so many orders I jung on to help them enter them. Then I got the orders whipped off me by the team leader, and told to go home!

Home, milky coffee, watched Paul O Grady, and tidied up before Mum comes round today. I changed the bed and did some washing, then settled down to watch Celebrity Big Brother, then a progamme about a shooting at a school in America which I found highly disturbing. Up to bed, then I decided at 1am to do a shopping list so I can do the weekly shop tonight on my way home to give hubby some more time for himself at the weekend. I'm not 100% sure this will happen yet, it depends how I feel when I get out of work.....but at least I thought about it!

Sis In Law rang to catch up on things and invited me out to a girl night. Reflexology, Angel card readings, Indian Head Massage, crystal therapy....and you can buy things there as well......Whisky's idea of heaven!! Just a shame there isn't a spiritualist medium there as well so I could get a reading.

The last one I had was pretty accurate, but that was about 16 years ago. If anyone is willing to come with me to one in my home town, let me know as I would love to go again, and know where there is one!

This morning, tired, reading blogs, and the post drops through the door. Now....not only do I have my new sim with 300 free texts and uk minutes on it.....but I have a new cover for my phone! And guess what...........it's purple!!!! De nuuuuuuhhhhh!

That's another job for hubby at the weekend LOL, along with changing the lightbulb in the hall lamp.

So, here I am, another working week nearly over, and a whole new one set to begin. Next Thursday I will work my first full day in 2 years and six months! I bet at the end of that day I will be a comlete jelly ball of exhaustion.

Tomorrow I visit CCF and hubby will be home. Then a blissful weekend of cuddles and snuggles and someone to tickle my feet at night LOL.

I'll love you and leave you. SIL do you have a copy of High School Musical? The double 2 box set? If you do please may I borrow it for a while? If not.....I might be stumped LOL

Hugs and snuggles for all



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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thumbs Down For Tesco Mobile!!!

After getting one of the guys at work to take the back off my phone, which I couldn't manage to do, I finally put in my new sim card only to find my phone was blocked! I had already phoned o2 to get the authorisation code to keep my old number and was ready to go apart from this.

I rang Tesco mobile and was told that to unlock my phone I had to top up with £30 first!!! I told him politely it was a comlete rip off as I would then have £30 pounds of credit to use plus 300 free texts and minutes. Bye bye Tesco.

So, this morning I did a simple google, unlock tesco phone. Paid £2.99 via Pay Pal, received a code for my phone, entered it, replaced the sim and voila!!! It worked. Wooooohooooooo! I'm up and running. I have just rung Virgin and given them the pac code, and should be transferred back to my old number within a week Yesssss. Normality will resume.

Firstly I text hubby on my new temporary number to let him know it was all sorted, then I text C to tell her to expect a phone call. In fact I have loads of minutes to spare so watch out for your phone ringing if you are in the uk!!

I'm due to see Clever Crafting Friend on Friday and I can't wait. It was only the week before Christmas that we saw each other last, and yes I did notice that she stirred my milky coffee at least a hundred times (wink wink, and thankyou). I'm sure she has plenty to tell me, but after yesterday I have plenty to tell her as well! But no CCF it's not to do with "whatever".

Work yesterday was mental, somethings went on that I can't discuss here, it started strange, and ended even stranger. The atmosphere was terrible. Not with all of us, but just......well just.

I have my appraisal today and I'm sure I will be told all I need to know. There was lots of whispering yesterday, and everytime I thought I could hear I started singing out loud. I don't do listening in on private conversations....it's just not me. At first I was worried that all of the goings on were linked to me, or the dreaded R word. Redundancies. But no, it was centred around someone else entirely.

Got home, had my milky coffee and filled in my Avon forms. Delivered books and orders, got home, oven on, and waited for hubby to ring. We had a long chat. After all I had lots to tell him. Poor chat, I bet he thinks I never stop talking!

I've had a good response to the Self Portrait Challenge, and I will try and put the "button" on the page as soon as I have a minute to spare. It seems the last two days have been spent sorting out sim cards, lost packages, and work.

Anyway.....I really must go, I'm ready to leave for work, but there's one e mail I must do before I go :)

Hugs galore

Boooooh to Tesco Mobile!!



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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge - First Attempt

I've finally worked up the courage to enter the Self Portrait Challenge challenge.

I believe the theme for this week is New Years Resolutions, or New Year New You.

Well, one of the things I am working up the courage to do, is be myself more, and share my heart...... as shown in the picture above.

I took loads of pictures on my camera phone last night, but none of the resolutions on the pictures were good enough, so I dug out hubby's camera.

So......here goes for SPC 1.





Well, Would You Adam And Eve It!!

Hubby ordered the sim card (finally) on Sunday, e mail confirmation received on Monday, sim card received today in the post!!! Already contacted 02 for my pac code to transfer my number over, and now I can't get the back of my phone off to replace the old sim card with the new one!!!! Tutt Tutt.

Bad nights sleep last night, just couldn't get comfrotable and feel safe for some reason?

Work today and I'm already exhausted!!!




Sunday, January 14, 2007

Nightmares, Dreamcatchers, and Sore Arm!

For the last two nights I have had the same dream. Normally in a nightmare I can "control it". I know when things are getting too scary, and wake myself up. I did this the night before last, as the dream was freaking me out a little. Last night, my subconscious curiosity must have got the better of me. I let the dream carry on.

It was almost like a mystery thriller, sort of like a horror movie where I needed to collect clues, and use my intuition along the way. It's still so vivid. Searching through knife drawers in a strange house as I knew there was a dangerous threat on it's way, only to find they had all been taken apart from one. The other person in the dream, female, who I have never met before, acting strangely. Leading me to places, different rooms, almost making me look for things. One of the biggest clues that she was a "baddy" was when I walked into a room to tell her something, and she was doing something? She told me she was putting clothes into a tumble dryer. I picked up an item yet to be put in, and found it completely dry?!

Doors opening and closing of their own accord, hearing sounds, her leading me into the kitchen to get a knife to protect ourselves only to find them all gone. But somehow, even though I didn't know the house, I knew they should have been there. Then it cut to outside, something coming, but I didn't know what. My heart was thumping, me stood with her behind me, me holding the only knife we had. I started to look over my shoulder.......then woke up.

Absolutely terrified I went downstairs, got myself some orange juice, and had a cigarette. A few minutes later hubby came downstairs, it was only 4.30am! I apologised for waking him, but he said he was already awake and needed the toilet. I felt safer with him next to me. Back upstairs to bed, and I slept like a baby.

Much use my dreamcatcher was! When my nieces stayed over on New Year eve, they saw it and asked me what it was. I told them it took away nightmares, and helped you remember good dreams. So much for that. It was as if it was making me dream the same dream, making me go further into the terror. So much for peace and tranquility.

Yesterday was fun. Of course I got up late, hubby had been shopping, and got even more Christmas presents for next year :) along with some lovely old fashioned tree decorations, and some more fancy gift tags. This year my presents for others should look wonderful, and the way we are going they will all be wrapped and tagged in July!

We made our dinner of stew together, hubby peeling, me chopping, and it was scrummy! Dumplings galore, and then a lovely chocolate dessert whilst watching Kylie on the tv. I flicked over after hubby had gone to bed and caught most of a film with Bruce Willis in it called Mercury Rising......a brilliant film, and the ending......perfect.

All day yesterday my right arm was achey. As if I had slept funny on it. Today....it hurts even more. It's ok when my arm is below shoulder level, but once I try and lift it up, OUCH! I really don't know how I'm going to wash and dry and straighten my hair later?!

Oh yes, my much awaited SIM card, that I have been telling everyone I will get soon, and moaning it hadn't arrived. I asked hubby to chase it up this morning. Guess what.......he hadn't even ordered it. I immediately panicked, sure that the offer had ended on December 31st, but thankfully they have extended it to March 31st. I saw him order it, I have the order number written down. SO......soon I WILL have my new sim card, I will be able to transfer it to my usual number instead of using a "temporary number", and I will have 300 free texts and minutes a month, that can be carried over if not used. Men!!!

I also heard some sad news today, Lady Hawk has shared with us the bad news that Moggie has passed away. A treasured feline friend, along with his owner who I was, and still am proud to know. His resting place looks beautiful, peacful, serene, just as it should be. Moggie, my thoughts are with you.

For now,

Love and hugs



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Friday, January 12, 2007

Windmills Of My Mind

Everyone has a little windmill in their mind. It's the windmill that keeps their thoughts ticking over. Their "inner voice". I've decided that it's the wind going in your ears and nose that keeps the windmill turning.

After all, there are now windfarms to provide electricity, maybe it's not the heart pumping blood to the brain that helps us think, but the windmill turning.

Sometimes our windmills turn slowly, like when we are mentally and physically exhausted, sometimes they whizz round, a million revolutions a minute. That's when our minds go into overdrive and help us through a hectic thought process.

I'll admit, in the past my windmill has become a little rusty. It squeaked as it turned, and most of the time the thoughts it produced were silly. But now my brain is being used fairly regularly at work, sort of the equivalent of using WD40 on a squeaky hinge, my windmill has it's own gears, and can go from turning slowly to full speed ahead within seconds.

Yesterday I walked into work, one person down due to holidays, and was told that the faxes had been literally streaming of the machines all morning, therefore hundreds of orders. To some this would be their idea of hell, to me, heaven. Our structure for orders at work, is regular orders or "routes" sent on our own transport, and "overnights" sent on carriers for delivery next day. Up until about 2.00pm routes take priority, then the overnights have to be frantically keyed before 4.15pm.

I asked my team leader which she wanted me to key, and it was routes. I didn't pick out the orders I wanted to do and therefore leave some in the tray, no, I grabbed them all.

My windmill cranked up, my brain was in full gear, and I was in full swing. I even spotted silly mistakes by customers on orders. i.e. a code pulls up a description on our system, and the customers, mostly, provide us with the code, along with their description. One code on one order didn't match the description. I could have just entered the code and left it at that, but no, I rang them to check. Sure enough the code was wrong, therefore the order would have been delivered incorrectly, and it would have been my fault. Windmill working well.

All routes keyed, onto overnights. Again, I just grabbed them all. Occasionally I would walk to the fax machines, sort out the orders, and just add them to my pile. By 4.30pm all were done. What a team me and my windmill are. What a team we are in the office. How I love work!!!

When I got home, my windmill was still running on fast. I made myself sit on the sofa, the desire to go upstairs and empty my wardrobe and sort my clothes had to be stopped! It would have resulted in overburn. My windmill would have been damaged, and so would my strength, and possibly my health.

Milky coffee stirred a hundred times, tv on, feet up, and soon I was relaxed, and my windmill had slowed right down to the same speed as my heartbeat.

Of course, our windmills, like our stomachs and bodies need fuel. Mine last night was pancakes! Someone at work, actually it might have been me! had mentioned it was pancake day soon. That was it, I knew I had all of the ingredients in, so pancakes for tea it was.

Upstairs to get changed and use the facilities, and I could hear next door reprimanding their 3 year old in a not very nice way. I could hear her telling her father that she loved him, he reprimanded her all the more. She was begging for Noddy, which I presume is a cuddly toy, and he was effing and blinding and telling her no. I heard her say he was hurting her, I stood there and cried. I've decided, the next time I hear any of this outside the house, like the last time on their drive, I will say something. If it happens again I will report them. I cannot stand the thought of small children being scarred mentally because their parents cannot reprimand them in a civilised way.

Anyway, hubby rang, we chatted and chatted, and both looked forward to him coming home today.

Back downstairs, comfy on the settee, I watched Celebrity Big Brother, which due to it's mind numbing stupidness, brought my windmill to a complete standstill. Then I watched Criminal minds, and my windmill showed signs of interest by cranking up a notch and helping me work out who the criminal was!

Exhausted, me and my windmill went to bed.

So......if you think your thoughts are random, if you think your mind is in overdrive, think of your windmill. Take a deep but slow breath, take a minute or to to calm down and let your windmill rest. Serenity will be yours, and your windmills.

Stupidly enough, today I didn't know what to write, I looked out into my back garden, saw my mini silver windmill in the border, and that was it. It all clicked into place. Maybe the windmill of my mind, had connected with the windmill in my garden.

Happy Friday to all. Look after your windmills!

Hugs a plenty



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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I had to make some, I've already told hubby one of them, but now I've decided on a couple more. Firstly, I am going to ensure I stay in more regular contact with my friends. By ringing at least one friend a week. I spoke to Navie Wifey on Sunday, but I'm not sure that counted as it was me asking for a favour. My friends have rallied round so much for me over the last few years. Maybe I've been too wrapped up in my little cocoon of not working, and at times being scared to answer the phone or the door, let alone leave the house. So, now that I'm more like my old self I'm determined to make more of an effort.

Another of my resolutions is to trust more. For as long as I can remember I have had a fear, that as my body isn't what it should be, as in scars everywhere, and additions to my body (ileostomy bag) that aren't the "norm" that a certain someone may need to find solace with a normal person. I've sat for hours on end thinking about it. Each time someone from works name was mentioned that was it. It's her! I used to think. Occasionally I would mention it, but it just induced anger. At my works Christmas party, we were outside having a cigarette, now remember that hubby never, ever, ever compliments me on how I look. That night at least ten people came up to me and told me I looked gorgeous, and don't forget the over amorous man who wanted a cigarette and "brushed past" me in an embarrassing way.

Anyway, there we were, snuggled together to keep out the cold, and I finally worked up the courage to ask him. I've asked the question before in a round about way, P & C will remember the spin the bottle game at their house, I asked him then, his answers were brilliant, but he was very very drunk.

Basically I now feel safer, that although my body is scarred, and has additions that could get in the way......hubby loves me. He loves the me inside as well as the me outside. His answer that night reassured me, and gave me confidence. I now feel more confident, I hate to say this, but I even feel slightly attractive. Not right now sat in my dressing gown and slipper socks, hair unbrushed etc etc. But when we go out, and I wear a dress, a little make up, and a little perfume. I feel......kinda good :)

So, in the theme of feeling kinda good I've decided to keep up a reasonable facial routine. I love Liz Earle products. Completely natural, made from plants and herbs, and the Cleanse and Polish is truly, truly amazing. But.....now I'm only working part time, it's a little out of my reach financially. So, on my way home from work last night I popped into Tesco. I looked at the expensive products, ans thought I would pooh pooh them and give Tesco own products a go. I bought their exfoliating cleansing wipes (buy one get one free), and a jar of Nivea creme.

An hour before bed last night, I used the wipes, and darned good they are too, my skin felt lovely and clean, and nice and soft. I slapped on some Nivea, plenty, to let it soak in for an hour, and by the time I had gone to bed it had all soaked in! My skin must be undernourished!

This morning, my skin is still lovely and soft and feels fresh. The next thing I need to tackle is my teeth! But that will take some confidence, maybe hypnotism, or even winning the lottery and going under and anaesthetic to get it all done in one go!

If hubby ever reads this, which I doubt he will, I apologise for doubting you. It must be hard for a healthy person to understand how it feels to have scars on your tummy, and (excuse me here) bum cheeks, and....ermmmm other bits and bobs. As well as my bag permanently stuck to me. It's hard sometimes to feel your body is attractive under those circumstances. It's hard knowing at times that things aren't feasible no matter how much you want them. But I think I've finally come to terms with the fact that he doesn't want to look elsewhere. He loves me, he is mine and I am his. He takes me as I am.........and for that I love him all the more.

Blimey....heavy blog or what.

Work today, then a relaxing day tomorrow, and hubby will be home!!! Yayyyyyy.

So, tonight, exfoliate, slap on the Nivea and I'll take the option to "call a friend".

Hugs and love for all



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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Unknown Title LOL

I couldn't think what to call today's post, so it's Unknown.

Yesterday at work, yet again, the Q (quiet) word had obviously been mentioned. With me only working afternoons (at the moment) I am covering the lunch period, and boy were the phones busy! I had a training session in the afternoon, on how to be safe in the warehouse, and I even got to sit in, and move the forks back to safe position on a diesel forklift truck!!

After that I had my review with Boss S, and the next increase of hours has been agreed. Soon, I will be working two afternoons, and one full day. Thursday was the best option for this, as it means I have a four day weekend to recover! Eventually I will work full days on Tuesdays too, and my main aim is to see if my body can cope with three full days! Boss S seemed fine with this as an ultimate outcome. But, this time, if I don't think I can cope I will back off. Things are going to well healthwise at the moment for me to be silly, think I can do things that I can't, and knock myself right back to the beginning.

I'm not wonder woman, I will never be 100 percent, and I have finally admitted this to myself. What I have is a lifetime disease, but I will do whatever I can to lead a normal a life as possible. I love work......I look forward to going in, seing the people, talking to the customers on the phone, entering orders, doing quotes, filing. That just goes to show that when you are in the "right" job it can be fun. No offence to anyone from V here. But thinking back, I don't know why I didn't just tell them to stick their job where the sun didn't shine.

These last two and a half years have proved to me that my health and happiness is much much more important than earning a wage. I value my family and friends more than money. I value being able to sit, walk, lie in a bubble bath and work, more than risking my health by over stressing myself. For once I have found a manager who appreciates that, and looks out for me at work like my Mum does.

Ooooooh! I've just thought, not long to Valentine's day! I must ask Holli where she got her pink heart from, if it was Target I may be able to order online and get it here in time for hubby :)

Yes, he's a man.......but he has a soft side too awwwwww bless.

As always we spoke on the phone last night.He'd had a bad day as only one ip address was available where he is training, that mean that him and his colleague had to tke it in turns to work on the internet, and catch up on e mails. Bless hime, he has a job to do.....using the internet training facility, and they can't even get that sorted for them! He asked for a new ip address before Christmas and it's still not done. Mind you, we ordered my new sim card before Christmas and that still hasn't come yet either!!! Ggggrrrrrrr.

So, another afternoon of work ahead, another night of washing, tidying up, eating and resting ready for Mum coming round tomorrow, and me going to work. Then before I know it, it will be Friday.

I have lots to do on Friday....including going to the post office to send a certain person a special gift in America ;)

And then hubby will be home!!!

I love him, I mis him when he is away, I adore talking to him on the phone every night.....but most of all I love giving him a great big hug as soon as he gets home. The first thing he says........."I missed you"...........my baby!

Blimey.....mushy Whisky or what!

Anyway, time for this little Whisky to go get ready for work. And if anyone says the "Q" word today......good on them, it keeps me busy, and it keeps the profits rolling in!!

Love and hugs to all



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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Whatever it is I've done it.
Whatever it is I gave it my all.
Whatever it is I think went well.
Whatever it is gave me the chance to show my sense of humour.

Whatever it is, due to signing a confidentiality agreement, will have to remain "whatever".

It began with a train ride, searching, lunching and shopping. The outfit was changed right at the last minute, a dress found by my Mum after I fell in love with a pair of shoes. Was it an omen that they were both "my color"? Was it an omen that the dress fitted me perfectly? Was it an omen that the shoes, even though they were a size four, and I am a size 6 fit me perfectly? Was it an omen that whilst in the cafe having a strong cappucino that hubby and my song was played on the radio? Was it an omen that in the newspaper my Mum read while I was getting changed mentioned "WHATEVER" in my horoscope, and so did the paper I bought on my way home?

So many what if's, and omens? Could it be........

All I can say really is that it was a fun day. We laughed, we walked, we talked, we shopped, we ate.......and my Mum, as always, was my rock when I was trembling like a leaf.

For now "whatever" cannot be revealed. After the end of January maybe it can. By then I will know. But......by then it may be a whole new, bigger and better whatever.

Home, settled in my warm pink fluffy dressing gown, darkness outside, no hubby and the doorbell rings. I peeped round the kitchen door, saw it was the figure of a man, and stood there until he had gone. I dashed into the living room to see if I could see who it was, and which way they had gone. No. I WILL NOT open the door to any unplanned visitors after dark while hubby is away. So, if you know me, if you want to pop round, either text me, ring me, or shout through the door who you are. I'm not letting anyone other than my friends and family see me in my dressing gown!!!

Hubby rang and we talked about our day. Sis In Law rang, and I had to call her back as I was just preparing my tea. We chatted and laughed as always :) I went up to bed with my shot of whisky and my purple teddy, snuggled down and that was it until the alarm clock woke me. I must have been exhausted!

Morning, and yesterday is a pleasant memory, one that will be always in the back of my mind until.........February I guess.

Work today, then home, eat, and sleep some more.

This little Whisky is in a land all of her own.

Love and hugs



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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another Sleepless Night In Whiskyland

I went to see Mum at the shop, and no luck in finding an outfit for Monday. There was a lovely red dress that I tried on, but I couldn't breathe in it!. Not only have I jumped up to a size 14 in trousers and skirts, but also now in tops as well!. When I'm healthy the first place I put weight back on is on my bust. Then it spreads evenly out everywhere else. Now I think I'm at the stage where "everywhere else" is full up, so more is going on the boobies! Yikes.

Anyway, I went to all of the little shops near Mum works, I picked up a couple of new tops for work, and got Faith's birthday present!! Now I just have to post it :)
I gave Mum a lift home, and her, Dad and I sat and chatted. They helped me narrow down my choices from Monday from two to one. They agreed with me!

Back home.....and there was hubby's car! Yayyyyyyyyy!

Big hugs, and chats all round, we had kentucky fried chicken for tea whilst listening to a tape that Dad had of me when I sang with the band. I only have one tape, and it's one of our very first gigs, and only the first set. This tape is one when we had been together for about a year, and it has all three sets on it!!! I'd even forgotten some of the songs we used to do. But it did remind me just how good my voice used to be.

We watched some tv together, I went off into the living room to watch yet more Torchwood, then started to get tummy ache :(

Hubby went up to bed, I went up to bed, and it was only eleven thirty. Three am I was awake, dreaming non stop and still with tummy ache I came and sat downstairs for a while. Back to bed, and slept through til 8.30am. Even hubby wasn't awake! I had breakfast, and asked hubby to drop me into town.

So, in town for 9.15, and home for 10.15 with a definite outfit for Monday, and a possibility if hubby doesn't like the first one.

Here I am, worn out already and it's only 11.15am! So, I think a much needed sleep is in order, then I can spend the afternoon filling our forms, and printing photographs to take with me on Monday.......and doing whatever else needs doing ;)

I need to pluck my eyebrows, epilate my legs after an exfoliating session in the bath. Then I can try my outfits on for hubby and he can choose which one looks best, hopefully.

I think I might do a practise make up session as well just in case. I don't want to overdo the make up, but there needs to be some as it will be being........ermmmmm shhhhh can't say.

Oh yes, and the choice has now gone back up to three, as hubby has added another suggestion into the mix. Oh poop. Oh nuts, Aaaaaaaaaaargh. No wonder I didn't sleep. Too much going on in my head, and too much chicken skin and sweetcorn in my tummy!

I'll love you and leave you, I'm just going to get some inspiration (drool over) from John Barrowman on You Tube :)

Hugs and love


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Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Waiting For A Service......

Well, the boiler is ;)......and hubby will be home later yayyyyyy!!

Yesterday at work, someone once again said the "Q" word......and orders galore. 7 page orders, 8 page orders, 9 page orders etc etc, and yes I got to ring the bell yet again, right as our Sales Director walked into the office. Me blushing, he grabbed me, said well done and hugged me. It's only an order! The point of ringing the bell is to let everyone in the office know that you have keyed an order worth over £10,000. Let me just explain here that the average price of our items is about £17.00. Therefore, that's a lot of keying! Imagine 20 items with 9 digit codes on each page, times that by ten......lots of entering :) But, you know what? I love it. I really thought I would struggle keying numerically. After spending the last two years on my laptop using numberical keys above the letters, to have a number pad at the side of your keypad is bliss!

The phones were busy too.....and one customer in particular kept ringing me every five minutes.....it was fun :)

So, goodbye's said, and Boss S forgot to wish me luck :( I tootled off home. The house was lovely and clean as my Mum had been round, I settled down to a milky coffee, and practised ermmmmm let's just, for now, say practisd two. I have a choice of two SIL, but I still don't know what to wear!!

I'm off to see Mum at the shop as soon as the boiler man has gone, and if there is nothing suitable there, I will go all along the shops until I find hopefully, the right outfit. Mum has poo poo'd the hat. Saying it might give the wrong impression :( I'll take it though, as my good luck charm from you and the girls :)

I have numerous forms to fill in, along with a confidentiality clause! Oh my, what am I letting myself in for.

I'm determined not to tell more until after the event, I've done things like this before, told everyone about it, and then all fell through, so I don't want to jinx things. So, all will be revealed on Monday. I know nothing will come of it, I know I'm not good enough, I know it's just something I need to try. If I think negative, and it's a positive outcome then I won't be disappointed.

Let's just say here and now, please can anyone who reads this have their fingers crossed for me at 2.00pm UK time on Monday. Please!

I'm hoping that hubby won't be home when I get back from seing Mum. Then I can have a lovely hot bubble bath, and greet him smelling of ermmmm blackberries!

I was going to post two video's to ask you guys a favour, but it won't let me Grrrrrr. So, if anyone has a video phone, and they would like to see my two "options" for Monday, let me know. Navie Wifey?

Oh, Navey Wifey..........I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new "do". It suits you sooooooo much. Cute and chic, sophisticated. Just like you :) I really must have a go at doing one of your French Manicures, do you think pink or purple would look right? Maybe a deep purple at the ends would stand out better!

I'm buzzing......and it's not due to the milky coffee. Hubby has so many decisions to help me with over the weekend. So many forms to help me fill in. He even has to take a photograph of me and print it out on his new printer :) Ooohhhhhhh exciting!

I must go, the boiler man will be here any minute. Then it's off to the shops to loo for the special outfit. Anyone got a purple or pink leather trouser suit?! Tight trousers? Oh........I really don't know what to do!!

Bye for now.




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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Busy Busy Bee!

Work yesterday started slowly, someone said the "Q" word (quiet) and the faxes starting coming in in droves. The phones were busy too, but now that I am well and truly settled in my own little space it's fine. I feel "at home" again, and I still can't believe how nice everyone is. We have a laugh and joke at relevant moments, but then if there's more work we get back down to it. I even had a new photograph taken for the company website. The last one was about three years old, me with red short hair, and looking pretty skinny. This one, totally unprepared for at least shows off my chubby cheeks and long hair, although it was tied up :)

Home, and I had a mad tidy round. I have to do it, I know Mum comes round on Thursday's to do my housework and ironing, but it's just me, I have to as much as I can before she gets here.

After washing up, washing clothes, sorting clothes, and tidying up, I went off to barbershop. That should give you a clue that the telephone call isn't to do with that. I was only going to stay for an hour or so, but I enjoyed it so I stayed until 10pm. I just about know four of their songs now......and it was only really my first singing session with them!

Home, had some dinner, hubby rang......he hadn't finished work until 9pm! Ggggrrrrrr. I told him off, but he then explained it was so he could leave earlier on Friday to get home to see me! Mushy bless him. I really think he misses me while he is away.

I settled down on the sofa, and watched my second version of pre recorded Torchwood. I recorded it on the dvd in the living room on Sunday, and in the conservatory last night. I can watch little bits over and over and over. The acting is amazing! Plus I get to drool over John Barrowman time and time again.

I finally went up to bed after midnight, my head hit the pillow and the next thing I know the alarm clock is going off.

Sis In Law.....the pink cowboy hat is already in the outfit! In fact, so far, it's the ONLY thing in the outfit! I received the confirmation letter relating to the phone call today, and it says I can't wear black!!! Panic. I was going to go for the all in black with the pink cowboy hat look. So hubby is on the case, I'm on the case, and hopefully Sis In Law is on the case too. Maybe if I wear my pink dressing gown, matching slipper socks and cowboy hat? No bad idea. In other words.........help!!!!

I even have to take photographic identification with me on the day. As if I'm going to put someone else through that!! Ok, so now I've made myself extremely nervous.

I told Boss S about it yesterday as well. Just in case. Not that things will go well. But, you never know.

So, work today, then home, and I think I will just get in, have a milky coffee, have a bath, have dinner and watch Torchwood over and over and over. Then sleep. Oh yes, and fill in my forms relating to the phone call. Lots of forms. Lots of declarations.

I managed to get a text message through to my blog friend Aly yesterday. I got a reply and was overjoyed! I didn't get the two replies that Holli sent me. I really need my new sim card!

I need to think pink. I need to talk to my "worry angel". THINK PINK, THINK PINK.

Now I'm rambling....and my hands are shaking! Oh shucks, what have I let myself in for.

I'll love you and leave you.

Hugs from me



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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Little Angels On New Years Eve

Way back in November I agreed to having my two little nieces stay with us on New Years Eve. Ever since then I was nervous and excited. The last time anyone stayed with me that was a child was my nephew and niece. They are now 22 and 19 respectively. That shows how long ago it was, they were 7 and 4 at the time. Snap!! The same ages as Little Miss Pink and Little Miss Purple.

Chocolate spread, raspberry jam, Marmite and jacket potatoes in stock, and in they came.

Sis In Law said her goodbyes and went off for some well deserved time alone. Then the fun began.

Sleeping arrangements were sorted. No one was willing to sleep in my "scary" bedroom. I collected masks when I was younger due to going to drama college. I have a beautiful set of masks on our bedroom all. Well I think they are beautiful. But the girls thought they were scary. So, that bedroom door had to be shut, and that was where hubby was to sleep.

It was decided that the three girlies (including me) would have a sleep over in our big spare bedroom. We have a single mattress and a double mattress on the floor. The girls decided this was their idea of heaven, and promptly agreed on who was sleeping on which side and with which teddy.

Back downstairs and we played and had fun. Drawing, singing, dancing, talking, nintendogs, played Frustration and Hungry Hippo's watched some tv. Had dinner, sang and danced some more. Then it was bedtime. Me me milk and cereal had we all trooped up to bed.

I left the girls to have a talk and settle themselves down, listening to the baby monitor and their conversations.

After three callings for me, hubby went upstairs, and finally managed to get them, and himself! to sleep.

Finally we welcomed in the new year, big hugs watching the fireworks, and decided this year was going to be a good year.

I went up to bed at 1.30. 3am Little Miss Pink had pains in her leg (cramp), and we were awake until 5am with me me milk and snuggles. Back in with her sister all was peaceful. 8.30am and everyone was up. Breakfast, singing, dancing, drawing, dressing up, more frustration game and hungry hippo's and nintendogs.

Sis In Law and Mr Bleach arrived and we had a lovely dinner which hubby had been preparing all morning bless him. They left for their journey home, and hubby and I slumped on the sofa. It wasn't long before he went upstairs for a rest and I set to work on the kitchen, in between watching The Wind In The Willows.

Hubby back up, and me watching the final two episodes of the current series of Torchwood. After the last episode I wandered back into hubby in tears. I won't give the plot away to anyone who has yet to see it.....but I thought Captain Jack was gone for good!!!!!!

Bed, and up early yesterday for work. It went well, fairly quiet, but now I'm sat with the rest of the team it was fun. Home, and I had a phone call.

I'll leave it at that for now. Just a phone call.

Hubby rang and we talked about the days happenings, him at work, me at work and at home. It was a music night for me, digging through old cd's and tapes, could it be anything to do with the phonecall?? I wonder.

I went up to bed at 11pm, back down at 1.30 and finally dozed off about 2am.

This morning has been spent catching up on other friends blogs, e mails and listening to more music for some reason. One particular song over and over, I wonder why?

SO here I am, adamant I will keep my secret. Sis In Law has been sworn to secrecy, as had my Mum and hubby. I don't want to jinx anything. 2007 could see me writing my book, or it could see me just working. Or.....

So with John Barrowman singing to me on the cd, and work ahead, I'd better go and get ready for work.

I may blog later, I may not blog until tomorrow. I have a lot of preparation to do.

SIL????? What the **** do I wear?

Hugs from me



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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Country Girl.....I'm Sorry It's Late

I'm so sorry this is late, but two little people were keeping me very occupied at the time! More on that later.....

My Dear Friend Countrygirl. May I wish you a belated

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Please forgive me for being late.

I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

Lots of birthday hugs for you my Texas friend!!




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