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Thursday, March 30, 2006

BST Stinks!!

Hubby and I have decided, for now, that the change over to BST (British Summer Time) stinks. We have both suffered with tiredness due to the loss of a whole hour, and our body clocks can't catch up! Rant Over.

Yesterday evening by the time hubby got home I felt a little better, just drained really. Baked beans can really take it out of a girl LOL. We had a lovely dinner and a bit of a chat. I say bit, cos not long after we had finished eating he was straight on his laptop. I can remember saying to CCF not too long ago that he had been really good lately and not used it during the week......hmmm! regret saying that now.

Mum came and did the Thursday usual, I wasn't up to much today, so I only managed the dusting and coffee making. I was so tempted to ask them to take me to the dog centre, but they have their routine of shopping after visiting me...and it's not their fault I let them down yesterday. I'll just have to get hubby to take me at the weekend....hint hint.

I have managed to catch up on pre recorded shows. Due to the internet meet on Monday night I had recorded three programmes, including Prison Break, Tuesday I recorded two.....so this afternoon I watched the rest of what I hadn't watched if that makes any sense.

I went up to bed and had a read of my book, then dozed for an hour. I had to get up though....if I sleep in the afternoons now I feel really awful when I wake up....like a fog. Maybe I need more chocolate ;) Talking of which I've had my first easter egg!! Thank you NN. :)

Anyway I'm off to raid the kitchen cupboards.

Love and hugs



Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not More Football!!!

I was very thoughtful yesterday, (Monday). I did my own dressings again, and prepared dinner, so that hubby culd just chill out when he got home from a long hard days work. He even got home early! But I'm not silly.......the attraction wasn't me no! It was the bloomin football again. His early finishes always seem to coincide with two teams of eleven men chasing a ball around a patch of grass. But at least it meant I got a head rest, his shoulder was just at the right height for my head LOL. And it meant he had a restful evening which I think he appreciated :)

Thankfully last night was a reasonably quiet one, I heard the odd bang at about ten thirty, I even popped upstairs to check it wasn't hubby trying to get my attention, but no it was one of them doing something or other.

I was up bright and early as I was due to go out with Mum and Dad. But I felt rotten! Normally when we have bangers mash and beans for tea, I just have a teaspoon of beans......this morning I remembered why! I overdid it and paid the consequences. I felt sick, went a lovely shade of grey, and had terrible terrible wind. I called Mum to cancel our trip, and pulled the duvet over me. I slept for about an hour and woke up wind free......you could have got me down off the ceiling with a pin!

I've had a lovely letter from the DSS today, saying my benefits have increased.........soon I won't need it anymore, soon I hopefully will be back at work wreaking havoc, and probably getting the sack as soon as I set foot in the place LOL.

Bebo is going well......lots of people are joining, and it's fun!! I love visiting people's sites and drawing my special pictures for them Hehehehehe! Don't forget to visit me at
www.whisky-minx.bebo.com and join in the party!

Sis In Law is home!! I received a phone call on Monday night to say they had packed up and left the temporary holiday home, and had moved back in to their own house. The floor will have to be replaced around them, but that way she gets to keep an eye on the builders bums!! I got you sussed Sis.

So, once more we can commence on the mad evening phone calls :)

Anyway, I'm off to releive myself of more wind!

Love n hugs



Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oh What A Night!!

Last night was fun, (well most of it). It was just like old times, the gang all together, and we had a blast! I was on fine form with my cutting comments (evil grin), and someone well and truly had me in fits of laughter relating to a "hot pm". All in all.............we must do it more often!!

Yet again yesterday I managed to do my dressings myself, knowing hubby wouldn't be back until late after his night out. But at least it meant I could have my bath when I was ready :)

He got home about eleven. We sat and had a bit of a chat and then he went to bed. He looked exausted, but I knew he would fall asleep straight away and sleep through everything.

It's a good job, as round about two thirty am all hell broke loose next door! My heart was in my mouth hammering ten to the dozen! All of a sudden the woman next door was running down stairs screaming! I immediately thought the worst, the baby! But no.....it turned out they had picked this time to have one almighty blazing row! Unsettled I went downstairs for a ciggy, and waited for the usual door slam to indicate one of them was driving off in the car. No.....he was screaming at her telling her to go otherwise he would call the police! It was scary.

I crept back up to bed and lay in the darkness, then one of them came into the little girls room which is directly behind the room I am in. I could hear clothes being taken out of the wardrobe, drawers banging. Then the next thing I know the eldest daughter is woken up, and she starts screaming as whoever it is carries them downstairs....then heavy footsteps back upstairs and the ransacking continued. I looked at the clock and it was nearly four am! I must have dropped off at some point, and the next thing I remember was hearing hubby creep out to go to work.

I haven't heard anything from them so far today.....and it makes me wonder how people can live like that. I know it's hard having children, and it puts stresses and strains on even the best of relationships, but surely to put the children through it as well is a bit much! I just hope all is well.

So yes I got up late today, and it's raining so I can't get the washing out! But hey ho, there are worse things that could happen.......

I'll love you and leave you for now.



Second Attempt....methinks Blog is having a bad day!

I have already posted today, but it didn't work! Maybe I was too honest and therefore Blog didn't accept it. So I'll try again.

Sunday was lovely. We went and saw my Mum and Dad, and Mum loved her mothers day pressy. She has knitted a lovely pink cardigan for the little girl next door, so if anyone wants a hand knitted item for their child place your order now!

We then went on to Ma and Dad In Laws. I had my first cuddle with my new nephew....boy does he look like his Dad! Got home, and I decided to pop on the internet for a little while. Two hours later and I had created a Bebo account! It's wicked! Thank you Bride and Groom to be and Pingu for letting me into the secret :) you can find me at www.whisky-minx.bebo.com

Anyway, in between hubby being on his lap top (yawn) we had dinner, and I watched Planet Earth, Broken Arrow and Ginger Snaps. Hubby skulked off to bed, and knowing he is out again tomorrow night I was a little sad. He seems to have more nights out now than he ever did! :(

Maybe he has "another woman"......maybe it's about time I had some company during the day and nights when I am on my own. I can feel a visit to the doggy home coming on.

It was good to catch up with the Pink Panty Gang, and we have another session booked for Monday night. The gang is Bride to be, Pingu and me.....normally on MSN or Pal Talk, putting the world to rights, and normally reading each others minds!

Anyway......lets see if this blog works......love n hugs to everyone.



Saturday, March 25, 2006

Minxy Redecorates

AS you may have noticed, we have had a bit of an overhaul! I was playing, adding links and stuff and decided to brighten the place up a bit. So kick off your shoes, grab a beanbag and I'll be round shortly with the coffee and the cakes.

Sorry for missing a couple of days, but I thought I'd leave you in suspenders for a while ;)

Clever Crafting Friend came on Wendnesday, armed with a citrus muffin (which was gorgeous!). So we had a drink and a chat and munched our way through the tasty treat. It was fune! My crocheting got ten out of ten so I was really pleased!.

Holli has asked for pictures of my squares...so here's a resurrected picture.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I am a little further advanced now (wink wink), and as soon as we have the batteries recharged for the camera I will take some piccies of my blankie (basically a square that goes on and on and on, and my "new" squares which are 3 different patterns to be sewn together to make a big blanket). I hope that makes the mud a little clearer :)

This week what with PMT (Gggggrrr) I haven't been feeling motivated really. Until Thursday that is. Before my Mum came for her weekly visit, I had done the ironing, stripped the bed and washed the bedding and hung it on the line, and she was really chuffed. Then after a coffee and a catch up on the gossip, I dusted al through the house, vacuumed the conservatory and even visted Tesco with them! Mum said she knew it was Spring, was that why I had a spring in my step?! Maybe I'm over the worst of it and am on the way out of the tunnel so to speak. Fingers crossed it's not just another "pop my head over the top and then roll back down" job.

Hubby has been his usual self, earlier home, and teasing me like rotten. Then last night, Friday, we were having our Chinese and dvd night, and he tells me has another night out. Hhhmmm, getting to be a regular occurance, we'll have to wait and see.

Anyway, half way through Kill Bill and my bag of prawn crackers the phone rang. It was Sis In Law asking if she could pop round for a late tea. I said we had eaten and said it was no problem for her to come round, she knows the door is always open..... but then she went really quickly! I felt really guilty, it wasn't a romantic dvd night! we don't mind interruptions.......so next time no arguements, you're here for coffee. See I can be foreceful when I want to be.

Saturday morning, and hubby got back with the shopping, we were due to go out to get out Mothers day presents, and I thought maybe we could drive a little further and visit the other dog rescue centre we never got to last year. But no, he was tired so we came back for him to have a sleep. Maybe next weekend.

I was just on my way into the bedroom last night and the phone rang. Cue panic, heartbeat going ten to the dozen thinking the worst, and a little voice says "hello it's me". I was like ermmmmm I know the voice, "is it Colin". "Who'se Colin?" he replied. Then it sank in. It was The Groom To Be!! "Hang on a minute while I climb down the stairs and make my way back into the kitchen in complete darkenss". Why I couldn't turn a light on I'll never know. I tried to go in the conservatory but I couldn't hear a thing for the rain, so I stood in the kitchen talking to him. My feet were frozen, so I went and put my slippers on, then talked to the Bride To Be as well. It was good to catch up on stuff........and Monday is a date. I'll be there on Pal Talk. 6 on the dot, headset ready. I might even crack open a bottle of wine and get sozzled like old times!!! :)))) Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Anyway, I hope you like the new wallpaper, and I hope I didn't make the coffee too strong! 've finally flipped!!!!

Have a good weekend y'all

Hugs n stuff



Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Engage Brain Before Opening Mouth!

Doh! I made the mistake of reading hubby yesterday's writings. Now all he keeps saying is I should write to the News Of The World or the Sunday Sport!! Eeewwwww Grosss. It was only for a bit of a laugh but it looks like my new name is Oxo!

It was another weird day yesterday, I didn't want to watch a movie, I didn't want to crochet, I didn't want to listen to music. I decided it's PMT. Hubby agreed as I had a face like thunder when he got home.....but I was soon smiling again.

Dinner according to hubby was "not bad" which went down well after I had lovingly prepared it. But he has always been one for keeping his feelings hidden. So far the only day he told me I looked beautiful was the day we got married. I guess I'll have to put my wedding dress back on LOL.

I had an anonymous comment from the noise blog. I think I know who it was from. I'm thinking if we move it will have to be nearer to one of my Sis In Laws. That way I can babysit, cook stew and draw to my heart content. If we moved opposite the green like them......then can I have a doggy??

Tonight I'm going to borrow hubbys work mobile, mine's down to single figures, and I'll get murdered if I use the landline, you know what the S's are like for penny watching.

The repeat of Prison Break was much the same as the one the night before.....nail biting at the end and I can't wait for next weeks episode.

Clever Crafting Friend is coming to see me tomorrow..so I'm off to try and finish one of my squares so I have more to show her. I hope she likes them!

Love and hugs



Written By Me, Inspired By Stephaine

His hands caressed me, his fingers gently running themselves across my dress.

He held me tight, so tight I felt he may crush me.

The love in his eyes shone out, so much so that it reflected in my dress. The dress I wore so tight.

Slowly he undressed me, piece by piece, his eyes taking in the sight of my brown skin, he licked his lips and I knew he wanted me.

The heat was intense, we felt so close as his fingers pressed harder into me, almost as one.

Then, it happened, I lost control, I could feel myself breaking under his loving grip.

Oh the pleasure, Oh the pain.

He looked at me one last time, my soul slowly slipping from his grasp.

In his eyes I caught my reflection, then he turned and looked at the dress he had so fervently ripped from my skin.

"Darnit" He said angrily. "I thought it was a chicken Oxo!".

Love n hugs


Monday, March 20, 2006

This Noise Is Driving Me Insane!

At night time we have the child who rattles the stairgate on her bedroom door, rocks her headboard to bang on the wall, screams and screams until her parents come in and not so nicely tell her to shut up, and all of this at three and four am?!

In daylight we have a very well placed loose floorboard next door, which balances over a water pipe. Every step on it vibrates, clangs and rattles into our house. But......the two year old likes the noise of it, so she jumps on it, she dances on it, she bounces on it for fifteen minutes at a time!. The two front doors they have can never be closed quietly, no, they are slammed two at a time. So much so that the mirror in our hall vibrates, the ornaments jump to attention on the book case, and our poor pet bird nearly falls off his perch.

Their dog, sometimes quiet, sometimes pulling and tugging at the stairgate at the bottom of the stairs, sometimes barking at cars parking on drives, all of this for ten or fifteen minutes at a time.

Their arguements, foul language, voices raised, back and forth, back and forth, until it ends with one of them slamming both front doors, slamming the car doors and driving off into the distance. Ten minutes later they return, if it's her it takes her fifteen minutes of over revving the engine to get the car on the drive, car door slams, front door times two slams, heavy footedness up the stairs and the arguements start all over again. In front of the two young Children I might add.

At the rear we have a reasonably new neighbour who for some strange reason has a digger. I don't mean a small one, I mean a full sized mean looking thing that churns out smoke. He drives it every now and again, just up and down the garden once or twice.To one side of him there is a garage that houses the next up and coming rock band. The drummer is good, well he would be if he was playing alone. The guitarists only seem to know one song at the moment, and as you've guessed paractise makes perfect. Occasionally they will hit the same tempo as the drummer, and then it sounds really good! The singer, must be all of ten. The workings of a microphone obviously haven't been comprehended yet. If it wasn't plugged in they would still be heard over a ten mile radius. Wired up it's like having a rock concert in your back garden. But they don't sing.....no, that would be too easy, let's just shout obscenities instead?! After all we haven't got a contract yet.

Then, to the other side of digger man, we have the house with sixteen dogs. Well I think it's only two, but they sure bark as if there's more of them. Ten minutes of yapping and scrapping and the man of the house comes out and screams at them to shut up, they carry on, ten more minutes of it and the woman comes out....then all hell braks loose. The dogs fight each other, and she screams for help to separate them.........Oh Joy!

Yesterday, for the first time in about a week I decided to listen to some music. Within fifteen minutes of Robbie serenading me I had bangs on the wall, and voices telling me to shut up! Now I wouldn't mind if it was loud, my stereo was on number two, and considering it goes up to number sixteen I think it was set quite low. I ignored the voices, I carried on, sitting crocheting, listening quietly to Robbie croon. I thought about it....it can't be loud, it doesn't even drown out the noise of them arguing next door?! Maybe he wasn't shouting at me? Maybe he was shouting at her. Oh the joys of living next door to a happily married couple.

Hubby came home, we had dinner and watched the football, quietly. He went up to bed quietly, and I stayed up to watch Supernatural. I crept up to bed. Quitely. Finally peace and quiet, oh the silence, oh the noislesness. I drifted off to dreamland. Sure enough, three am, and let the headboard banging commence. Should I go downstairs and put Robbie on on number fifteen?!

No, I'll stay quiet........like I always do.

Love and hugs



Sunday, March 19, 2006

Big Hats, Little Hats

While I was reading the papers on Sunday, hubby was sat lap topping. I presumed he was working, but no, he was looking at houses. There are quite a few for sale round here, and next door, although recently sold, is now back up for sale. He does this every six months or so, looks at houses and thinks of moving, and I always say the same. I like my little house, and I DON'T want to move! Anyway, I cleverly changed the subject to little four legged friends, but he didn't get the hint for that either :(

So, I got dressed and off we went to the hospital to visit Dad In Law. He has had a knee op on both knee's. He is one brave man, not knowing until he came round that he is allergic to morphine he's plodded on with hardly any pain relief, and seems to be doing really well. We had a good chat, and the hospital looked immaculate! Totally different to the one I go to. So Dad In Law, keep fighting and keep smiling.

On our way home, after a close call with a pheasant, we called in to the supermarket for tomorrow's dinner. Now remember the last time I was in here was probably two months ago, so off I went looking at the clothes. Nothing on the sales rail that took my fancy that I didn't already have...........then hubby spotted a hat. It was black, big floppy and of course I had to try it on. It aged me by about thirty years and we had a laugh. Then I spotted a furry russian style hat. Put it on, found the matching scarf, and looked as if I had stuffed my head up a rabbits bottom! We laughed some more. Then I found a plain purple crochet tea cosy style hat. Well, I looked like a condom head, and we were in fits of laughter. I never realised food shopping could be so much fun!

I found a couple of cardigan thingies that looked like some sort of straight jacket, I put it on, there was yards of material at the front, and none at the back........weird fashions nowadays.

Eventually we got our ingredients for Monday's tea plus some custard. Faggot and pea batches with custard! I don't think so!

Once we were home, hubby cooked a lovely roast dinner and we both ate until we were stuffed. He sorted the phones out, so now we have the old phones upstairs and the new ones down stairs, for some reason at nine o clock at night he was looking for his drill, I never did find out why :)

He went to bed early, and I settled down to watch the film on channel four The Hole. It was good, but not really scary.

I need to do a shout out to the Bride and Groom to be! Long time no chat......miss u.......love youuuuuuuuu!!

See you tomorrow.




Saturday, March 18, 2006

No More Flat Batteries!

Yayyyyyyy.........at last we have a phone system that doesn't revolve around flat batteries or hard to press buttons to answer the darned thing!. Basically I have a new toy.

So, they are charged, answer machine message done, phone book entries programmed in, and hubby has been shown how to use it. The phone!

I think it was a sweetener for the six hours of rugger I was going to have to endure.....but I got loads of crocheting done, changed the bed, did some washing, had a bath and did my own dressings and washed and blow dried my hair. I still look like Jennifer Anniston on speed, but hey ho!

Eventually the "decent" tv started, Casualty, CSI New York, Law and Order, hubby snuck off to bed as he doesn't like the American shows (even though I caught him watching CSI the other week), and I was left to work out who did it and why.

All in all it was a good day, at least we were sat together, even if we were on different planets.

Thank goodness the Six Nations is over.........roll on the start of the World Cup. Groaaan!

Love n hugs



Friday, March 17, 2006

The Falling Man

On Thusrday night I recorded a programme on Chanel 4 called The Falling Man. I got up late on Friday, had breakfast, and lay on the sofa to watch it.I was moved, I was intrigued, my spirits were shattered and then uplifted.....so many emotions from one programme. I felt angry for the family who the man wasn't related to, and releif for the family he was. To me that picture from September 11th 2000 represents all victims. Their final moments, and hopefully the peace that they found thereafter.

On a lighter note, hubby came home reasonably early with more goodies from the supermarket! Sweet and sour chicken with rice for my tea, and......one lovely black skirt (needs to be changed for a size smaller though) a beautiful jacket, sheer, short sleeved, and hand sewed with sequins, and to top it all off...........another new handbag! This one is black fake sheepskin and sooooo smart. I now have 2 new handbags, so I need to go to 2 places and use one new one each time!

This is the man that two or three years ago would have told me off for buying a new handbag. "Don't you have enough already, not another one, when will you use that one?" But even he can't resist a bargain :)

There was nothing scheduled on the tv for Friday night, so we decided to plug in the play station in the conservatory, eat our dinner and watch one of the many dvd's we have yet to see. We agreed on The Bourne Supremacy, and it was brilliant. I have even named the third film Re:Bourne, and it should include him finding out he has a child! We have planned next friday as well. Chinese takeaway including prawn crackers for me, and Kill Bill. Yes I know the film is ancient, but hubby rarely sits to watch films. So, hubby, me, food, Uma Thurman and more food, what more could we ask for.

I even managed to sneakily do the washing up after hubby had slinked off to bed. It wasn't fair for him to think he had to do it on Saturday, after all he'll be too busy watching the seven hours of rugger!

Have a good weekend!

Love and Hugs



P.s. I've just found my time options again! So at least I can post in "real" time now instead of a day late.

Homecooked Food Is The Best!

Wow, seven thirty am and I was up eating breakfast and reading the papers. I have to say my heart goes out to the six men involved in the drugs trial. The more I read about it the more scary it becomes.

Mum arrived, and she was really impressed with my progress on the crochet front. We worked together on the house.....this week I managed to dust all through, upstairs and downstairs. The old Whisky is nearly back! We talked about everything from friends, to puppies, and we had a laugh when she found a stray pea on the floor, obviously from my missing my mouth the night before. Then we rolled around in fits of laughter when she found on of hubby's "nuts" from the night before. He knew he had dropped a salted peanut but couldn't find it anywhere, trust my Mum to find it and proclaim she had "found on of her Son In Law's Nuts!!".

So, as soon as Mum and Dad had gone I tackled dinner. I peeled potatoes and chopped them. Scraped carrots and chopped them, then re chopped them. Chopped onions, fried them, fried mince, added some mysterious ingredients. (Fruity brown sauce, and worcestershire sauce) to the mix, cooked peas and carrots and threw them in to, boiled and mashed potatoes, and made a nice looking cottage pie. I know cottage pie isn't supposed to have the veggies in, that's shepherds pie, but I aim to please hubby.

So dinner was, cottage pie รก la Whisky and broccoli..........and it was scrummy! You just can't beat home cooked food.

I did slink off for a sleep after making up the dinner in the afternoon. I was cold and tired and went and wrapped myself up in the duvet thinking it would only be for half an hour. Three hours later I wandered downstairs half asleep :) But I think I needed it, all that dusting and cooking, and washing up had pooped me out LOL.

Hubby rang me from work to say he was just leaving, and NN and L were still there! Blimey, not only does he work long hours, but now he's chaining his staff to their seats and cracking the whip to make them stay! (joke). I know he appreciates their help in times of difficulty. Oh, and L, thankyou for the heads up on the beef and horse radish sauce sandwich! I've had a craving for about three months for one. But you can keep the egg and crab eeeeewwwww!!

I have to say he was in a really mischevious mood the minute he walked in the door! This week he has made me laugh so much, and it's made me realise it's one of the things I love about him the most. Even in the face of adversity we have a laugh together.

Talking about laughing.....I have to share this with you. It was in the daily paper this week, I read it and was in fits of giggles. Please excuse me for swearing though!

Spotted on a fire notice at the Vossestolen Hotell, Oppheim, Norway:
"In case of fire: report at once to the staff or use the nearest fire alarm,
and try if pissable to put out the fire".

Sooooooo funny!

Anyway, enough for today.

I'll love you and leave you for now.

Hugs n stuff



Thursday, March 16, 2006

Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow

On my way to Mum and Dad's there were police everywhere! In a mile and a halfs journey we saw four police cars, and two vans full of officers and the police helicopter was hovering not far away. I haven't seen anything on the news yet as to what had happened though.

My hair cut went well.....I was spoiled, normally I just get a wet cut and dry it myself, but today I was trimmed, razorred, blown dry and straightened! I could have done without the wax though....ewwww greasy.

Dinner was quick and easy, dressings went well and hubby came home reasonably early. He had his irritated head on though and kept telling me off :( He was snuggly before he went to bed though, and he does make me laugh when he's trying to be angry :)

I sat and worked on my crochet blankie as I was forced to watch football, then the apprentice and then the armstrongs.......not my choice of tv, but at least Killer Instinct and House are on tomorrow and the remote control will be firmly in my possession.

I meant to have an early night but ended up watching Peter and Jordan's farce of a programme while munching on toast and marmalade. By the way, I rechecked my weight at Mum and Dad's and I am nearly nine stone!!!! aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgh. Hehehehehehe time I had some meat on my bones :)

I crawled into my bed, set my alarm clock for Thursday's early start, and dreamt of a lie in on Friday.

Sweet dreams



Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sympathy and Curiosity................

I have been left 2 comments! One of Sis In Law in disguise as another sis in law....but I got you sussed, yes we really must "do" lunch/dinner, but don't forget the rugby is on on Saturday (groan).

The other was from a reader who I have not met before. Firstly, "shakes hand" pleased to meet you, and thankyou for joining me on my travels through blogland. Secondly, the comment made me think. Curiosity I can understand, if you haven't read my blog from the beginning then I'm sure I come accross as a strange and mystifying person. Or maybe just slightly nutty! Without running over old ground too much I have Crohn's disease, a permanent Ileostomy, and am currently suffering with Pioderma Gangrenosa. But.......and it's a big BUT, I don't do sympathy. It makes me feel sad, it makes me cry, it makes me feel different, and no matter what problems I come accross in my life, they are sent to me for a reason, and there is always someone somewhere suffering more than me. So please, change the sympathy to laughter at my insane rantings :) Finally may I say that the poetry and pictures on your blog are incredible. I will look in more detail. Most importantly........thank you for reading!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I was up early again and went straight into action. Sorting and washing clothes, washing up, preparing dinner, crocheting, trying new crochet squares, and watching Prison Break via the record button. I feel positive, I feel refreshed, all in all I'm feeling a little better :)

Hubby was incredibly late tutt tutt! But once he showed me his puppy dog eyes he was forgiven, I know I'm much too soft. We ate, we talked and we laughed. A normal night in the Whisky household.

Tomorrow I am due to have a haircut and I was trying to show hubby what I wuld look like with a fringe......I ended up looking like Cousin It so I gave up. I think I'll go for the Jennifer Anniston having an electric shock treatment look instead ;)

Anyway, I bid you goodbye for now. I can feel a repeat of Prison Break coming on!




Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Witches, Monks, Cuddles and Kisses

I got up with three hours to spare, had breakfast, read the paper, had a bath and did my dressings (whish is just about feasible on my own considering I can't see a darned thing) washed my hair and tied it back, and sat and waited for Mum and Dad to come to take me to the hospital.

Yes, the dreaded receptionist was on duty, but on checking in we don't think we were recognised.

Anyway, me and Mum were sat chatting and the next person was called into the examination room via the loud speaker. The room filled with fog, the lights dimmed, creepy music began to play........no seriously. This figure stood up in a black cloak. The cloak had a hood, and the hood went to a point. Underneath the hood he wore a bright red robe. I must have gone as white as a sheet because Mum looked at me and said "it's ok he's a monk". Phew! For a minute I thought I was either dreaming, had been transported into a horror movie, or was about to have s pell cast on me by a witch! (In no way do I mean any offence to this Monk, it just took me by surprise, I'm sure he is a very nice monk who irons his peak to a point every morning).

So after my shock had worn off, and at least fifteen people who arrived after me were called into various rooms, I was summonsed. Dr I was his usual thorough but slow speaking self, and asked how I had been coping since my surgery. I did mention the dreaded biopsy, how much pain it had caused and how the stitches had pulled over within two days, and he was very apologetic.

He pulled up my biopsy results on the computer, and mumbled something about them being inconclusive, and the easy option, which was exactly what Mr R had said in the hospital. He even went so far as to say he didn't think it was HS either! He looked at the histology report, and agreed it is the PG...at last a sensible diagnosis.

He examined my wounds, and was really, really really please with how things are healing. He said all the edges of the wounds look clear, and there is no sign at this stage of anything coming back. I did tell him that hubby was doing my dressings, and he grinned and told me he deserved a gold star!

So once I was redressed, with the help of a nurse opening the dressings for me, he told me that at this point there is no need for them to interfere with tablets, my body is working really well to keep things at bay. He did say there is always a chance of things coming back, but the fact that I am being monitored every month by a different consultant means that they can keep a close eye on me.

He said he would see me in June, as I had told him I was seing Mr R in April and Dr L in May. On our way out the receptionis, whilst making my appointment recognised us. We saw the wave of "oh ooooops" go accross her face. All went well though, and we got an appointment for exaactly three months later, even after much whining from her that getting apointments was difficult. SHe even did a victory dance on her chair when she saw the date.....maybe she was nervous of the evil eye I was giving her!

I got home, chilled out and listened to some music before hubby got home. Guess what?! Yes, he has another night away coming up :( I can feel an either or coming on.

We had dinner, and I weighed myself, it looks as if I've put nearly a stone on.....but I'll recheck that at a later date. He was in his mischevious, tormenting, tickling frame of mind again and he has made a comparison between my crocheting and something on my person......but I won't go into that!

He finally left me in peace (in a nice way) and I watched Prison Break.....I'll have to watch it again as my mind was miles away.

Supernatural was good as was Dark Angel, and once more I clambered up the wooden hill, full from my food, and full of love.

Hugs all round



Monday, March 13, 2006

Who Are You?

The last few days I've noticed that within a few minutes of me posting, my counter goes up by three or four. I'm curious, please leave me a comment and let me know who my phantom readers are :)

Happy reading.



24 Hours To Go!

It's Sunday, and there's only 24 hours to go. Firstly I see the dermatologist tomorrow for the first time since in the hospital. I'm hoping he will say everything looks good, and that the HS and PG are still in remission. Secondly, guess what? Yup, Prison Break is on Channel Five at 10pm ;) I can have my weekly drool, and if it's really good I can watch the repeat on Tuesday.

No, seriously, I'm looking forward to the trip to the dermatologist. I don't think I mentioned it on previous blogs, but my Mum had a run in with the receptionist of that department while I was in the hospital. Mum came straight back up to me on the ward and by the time she had told me and Dad what had happened, the ward clerk came racing to us and said that the receptionist had rung to apologise! So today, if she's on duty, and if she so much as looks at us in the wrong way I'll chop her down to size! I might even put a brown envelope in my handbag and make reference to the fact that we were just going to drop our complaint letter off to the director of the hospital mwaaaahaaaaa! Knowing my luck she'll be as nice as pie.

I'm the sort of person who makes my mind up instantly, and it's more than female intuition. As soon as I meet someone I know if I like them or not. My parents even used to introduce me to any new members of staff at the pub to see what I thought. Mind you even if I said I didn't like/trust them they sometimes still employed them, and most of the time I was right.

If I meet you, and I like you, then just let anyone cross you, and I'm there. Like a little terrier I'll nip at their ankles verbally until they retreat, and I always, ALWAYS have the last word.

At one of the pubs we were in we had an issue with a fellow publican. He did some things directed at my family that I didn't forgive. I met him a few weeks later at a darts match, and I took him somewhere to have a private word. Remember this guy was over six foot, twice my age (at the time) and had people doing his dirty work for him. I never laid a finger on him, but we didn't have one single problem after our conversation. And I swear, I didn't have my darts in my hand at the time!

I may be little at 5ft2" but that's one thing my sister and I have in common, fear no one!

Methinks I've digressed?!

Anyway, yesterday was spent watching rugger (groan), crocheting :) and eating. I had breakfast, for lunch I had a "wedge", a bread sandwich nearly the size of my head, for dinner I had stew and dumplings, and went back for seconds, and my late night snack was a bowl of cornflakes. I even asked hubby if he thought I had worms? If I put too much weight on, I'll say that hubby was force feeding me.........honest guv!

Hubby retired to bed, after tormenting me and giving me the giggles.....but I won't go into details. He's had his mischevious head on all weekend bless him. I sat and watched the second half of the top 100 actors. I was pleased to see Brad Pitt way down at 30, and Anthony Hopkins, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino etc in the top ten. I much prefer acting skills to looks, although you wouldn't guess that from my posts.

So really summing up on today, it's been full of food, bobbles, and odd shaped balls (I mean the rugger!). hehehehehehehehe!

Wish me luck for tomorrow, both in the opinion of the dermatologist, and the war of the words with the evil, flame haired receptionist. (Not that I need it for the second).

Oh, and if you need my services just call mee on 0800 WHISKY (joke).

Love and hugs.......I'm a big softy really.



Sunday, March 12, 2006

5am and The Birds Are Singing

Bah Humbug, who said birdsong was lovely! At five am, I was awake, and I mean wide awake. The choice on the tv included news, kids shows, more news, more kids shows.

I think it must have been the cheese, ham, coleslaw and mayonnaise sandwich I had before bed? I did mention eating us out of house and home didn't I. My appetite is back with avengeance. I clear every plate, I enjoy every mouthful, then I leave it three hours and go back for more. My belly is rock solid, and turning more and more into a pot shape. (pot belly pig springs to mind).

I explained myself to hubby after dinner of, steak, jacket potatoes (mashed with cheese and onion) onion rings, garlic mushrooms and tonnes of garlic dip, that it was because my body is feeling better. I'm not permanently in pain, or permanently worried about stuff, so I'm making up for lost time. I ate half a bag of Revels on Friday night, and the other half tonight. On Sunday we are having stew so I may take on the appearance of a dumpling Aaaaaargh!

Anyway, hubby was forgiven for the brief phone call, (for now), I nearly finished my bobble square, and am looking forward to starting the next one.

I mentioned to hubby abut my top ten men on the blog, and asked him where he thought he had come in at. He said number two after Tom Cruise as he has more money! Pah.....money counts for nothing!

I recorded Crufts (sad aren't I) and we watched Casualty which was mega gory, and CSI New York. Then I retired gracefully to bed. Maybe soon I'll have to ask hubby to roll me up the stairs!

Happy munching



Crufts, Squares and Eating Us Out Of House and Home

No that doesn't mean I've resorted to eating my crochet squares!

Friday seemed to drag.....I flitted between the tv, pre recorded shows, the stereo, my crocheting, and staring into space. Night time came, hubby rang, and the phone call lasted all of three and a half minutes!! Ggggrrrrrr, the pub and a rugby match were calling. Mum rang to check I was ok, I had my dinner, a chicken and mushroom slice (yummy) and stared at the tv all night.

The only thing that I was remotely interested in was Crufts. I love looking at the dogs, and have now decided that my choice of puppies will be, Jack russel, Yorkshire terrier, or a Dachsund. But Westies, and Australian Terriers, poodles and chihauha's are still cute!

I waited to see if hubby would call me back, gave up waiting, and went to bed. I was melancholy I didn't even do a house check. A good nights sleep and all will be wel :)




Friday, March 10, 2006

One For The Girlies - My Top Ten Men

Wow! Two posts in one day, I just had a thought, Let's have a girly day and I'll post my top ten droolable men...........so here goes.

Oh and if you disagree let me know and I'll try and post your favourites!

In at number one, it had to be, yes it is, my one and only Hubby

Image hosting by Photobucket

The runner up at number two is the star of Prison Break currently showing on Monday nights on channel Five - Wentworth Miller......and he's my age!

Image hosting by Photobucket

In at number three, also from Prison Break - Dominic Purcell, hunky, full of muscle, and devlishly handsome.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Number four has to be Tom Cruise, yes I know Scientology, and faked relationships aside, he is cute.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Am I setting a trend here? All dark haired and blue eyed? Remind you of anyone?

Number five - Tom Welling, star of Smallvile and the new version of the film The Fog, another hunk.

Image hosting by Photobucket (sorry your pic is so small Tom)

Number six to me a new kid on the block. Jensen Ackles, star of ITV's Supernatural on Tuesday nights. He can excorsize my ghost anytime!

Image hosting by Photobucket

In at seven, with a long standing drool factor - George Eades of Channel Fives CSI.

Image hosting by Photobucket

A UK man in at eight - Mr Dermot O'Leary of Big Brother fame. Intelligent and good looking, what more could a girl ask for.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Closely followed at number nine by another English man. Star of Spooks (although he may not be in the next series due to injuries incurred in the last episode) Rupery Penry Jones.

Image hosting by Photobucket

And finally at number ten...........why have hamburger when you have steak at home?

Image hosting by Photobucket Hubby.

I hope you enjoyed it. Maybe soon I'll do top ten songs, or top ten films?

For now........sleeep well




"drumroll" Return Of The Bobble

Yessssssss I did it!!

I was up early and ready for Mum when she arrived. I'm still jealous of her knitting, especially now I've seen the colours she has chosen. Pink and you've guessed it, purple :) It looks as if she may have a ball left over, and she knows where to find a good home for it.

She looked through my new crochet book, and chose an afghan she liked, and approved of the one I am attempting too. We had a good chat, and then I managed to dust downstairs (feeling better every day). I was worn out though so I picked up my needle and wool, and began my task.

twenty eight stitches, down to twenty seven, check and double check, first two rows, done, make bobbles. I didn't even count them as I went along, I just got to the end of the row and prayed. Sure enough, there it was.....my ninth bobble had come home :)

Releived at that, I carried on did three more rows as per the instructions and began my bobble row again. and it stayed there!! Woooohooooo.

Mum was impressed, Dad was really chuffed and me, well I was on cloud nine! So CCF, hopefully I will have one square completed soon. The rugger is on this weekend, so I will fall back to my blankie. It's only because I know the pattern with my eyes closed and it means I can sneek a peek at the men in tight shorts LOL.

I had lunch after Mum and Dad had gone, a toasted ham sandwich, then I had another because it was so nice. I watched pre recorded Medium and CSI, turned the stereo on, turned it off, and dozed for a while.

Hubby came home, and dressings done we chilled out and ate dinner. I cleared my plate while watching Crufts, then spent half an hour whining I had eaten too much.

It was a nice night, we started chatting while Murder Investigation was on, and continued all the way through House! This is me? The woman who tells hubby to be quiet when House is on? Nah I was enjoying our chat too much :) House will be repeated, mine and hubby's time together is precious, you can't pause and repeat a conversation can you?

He went up to bed, and knowing that I won't see him until Saturday morning made feel a little low. I flipped through the chanels until midnight and went up to bed.

Tomorrow is another day, and soon it will be Saturday and I can cuddle him some more.

Love and hugs for all



Thursday, March 09, 2006

Farscape The Ending

As promised I got up early yesterday, and believe it or not, Ma In Law was on time! I enjoyed the trip over to Sis In Laws, apart from the speed bumps taken at 30mph. My Poor wounds :o

Sis In Laws holiday home is biiiiig! It's a shame it's only temporary as she did say the house would suit them having so much space. I even bagsied one cubby corner under the stairs for me, perfect. Acouple of bean bags, a net over the round window, a blankie......whisky heaven.

I did have one slight technical hitch. I had forgotten my sacred bandage, which enables me to "powder my nose". But we worked round it.

We were introduced to Percy the pigeon, and had numerous "listens" from little miss cuddles as it perched and tuwitt tuwooed on the roof. Also we visited "the monsoon house". I was shocked. I now completely understand why they couldn't stay there for three weeks while it dried out. The positive side is that the girls are changing bedrooms, and are having them redecorated too. Princess Purple's room is of course lilac :) and little miss cuddles room is going to be bubble gum pink..........any room for a little one?

So, after leaving them waving us off, Ma In Law Schumakker took the speed bubmps to task once more, and we travelled home.

As soon as I arrived my Mum rang :) to arrange tomorrows weekly visit and clean. She is knitting a jumper, I'm soooo jealous, and decide not to tackle my bobbles until tomorrow when she is there to put me right if I continue to lose it, my bobble that is.

The afternoon was spent listening to music and daydreaming. Hubby came home and tackled my dressings, and we had a lovely dinner. I went upstairs for a lie down having eaten too much, and then came back down and flicked throught the tv channels as he was lap topping.

I found the film of Farscape! I used to watch the tv show, and was annoyed when it was stopped, but more annoyed at the ending to the show. The fact that I only used to watch it to drool over the lean man is neither here nor there ;) The film however, all three hours of it, was wicked! it even had a happy ending yayyyyyyyyy!

After that, my bed was calling as I knew I had to be up early on Thursday morning, I had my nightly tipple, (a drop of whisky), said goodnight to my angel who sits at the side of my bed, put my head on the pillow and dreamt of aliens, bobbles, chocolate cake and wormholes. Nice!

Sweet dreams until tomorrow.



Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Battle Of The Bobble.........

Tutt tutt! I got up late. I had breakfast, read the paper, and sat and thought, today is going to be a crocheting day.

So....my blankie grew, and grew, but all the while the crochet book that CCF had brought me for my birthday was calling to me. In the end I succumbed. I put down my never ending blankie, picked a colour from my wool bag, and chose a square to tackle. There is the most gorgeous afgan blanket made in squares in the book, pink and purple (very me) and that is the one I chose to do.

I was soooo chuffed with myself that I could work in rows rather than in rounds, foundation row, done, row one done, now for the bobbles. I read the instructions, then read the instructions for the stitch to do, then re read them both picked up my hook and.................

I did it!!! My bobble stood proud, if you'll excuse the saying ;) I carried on, working each stitch as it said in the book and finished my row of proud pink bobbles. One problem, on the picture there were nine, I only had eight. I carried on and did row three, four and five and the edges curled :( so I undid it and started again, sure I had made a mistake at the very beginning. I got to my bobbles again, this time when hubby was home, and still there were only eight?

He helped me count the stitches in the instructions, and sure enough it should be 27. I undid it again, and re started, re counted and double checked, triple checked, did my bobbles and still only eight. Where was my missing bobble?

I sat and looked at the book, my eyes were tired, my head spinning so I rested for ten minutes and watched the tv. All the while my mind was whirring trying to work out what I'd done wrong or WHO had stolen my missing bobble.

Then it clicked, durrrrrrrr (major lightbulb moment). I had been doing my treble stitches wrong and going into the stitch before wrapping my wool round! What a wally.

By now it was nearly ten pm so I decided to leave it until the next day. Satisified I knew where I had gone wrong, what I could do to put it right, and most importantly where my missing bobble had got to!

So, once I've done my square, complete with bobbles, guess what....yes I willo take a piccy and post it on here just to prove I can do it.

I did point out to hubby that it was a level 2 square and me only being a beginner had learnt new stitches, and to work in rows instead of rounds. He just looked at me, looked at my unravelled wool and grinned. I can do it and I WILL do it. (sticks tongue out and sings nur nur ne nur nur).

So CCF, the challenge is on :) and I'll show you my work proudly as I go on.

I was going to retire reasonably early, but seing as Prison Break was being repeated I decided that men in tight white tee shirts (again) was worth staying up an extra hour for. I'm going to have to google Wentworth Miller, the man who has the lead role as his blue eyes are to drool for.

Yet again I will be left on my lonesome on Friday evening, hubby has a date with a load of men in tight tee shirts and shorts and an odd shaped ball. I mean a rugby match! in the executive suite no less, dinner and an overnight stay. I will have to be content with a chicken and mushroom slice, a glass of wine and Tom Cruise on dvd. Hmmmmm. Maybe I should watch Mission Impossible for the fifth time and do my house search while the music on is on.

I have a date tomorrow with Ma In Law to go and see Sis In Law's holiday home. I'm looking forward to mooching round her big posh temporary home :) so I'll have to be up early.

Anyway, I'm off to find my missing bobble. If anyone see's it there is a reward.

Love and hugs with bobbles on top!



Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Handbags At Dawn!

Yesterday was another of those, "I don't know what to do" days. The fact that I have so many things I can do just seems to slip my mind. I have at least ten dvd's I could watch, at least eight books to read, a lap top to google on.....and I still flit between, yes you've guessed it, Robbie, Kelly and James Blunt on the stereo, pre recorded shows, and crocheting. I enjoy my crocheting though......my blankie is now big enough to cover my legs and up to my waist, each circuit takes longer to complete, but I find once I'm on one colour I can't wait to get onto the next!

So.....I'm all up to date on the pre recorded stuff, apart from what I recorded last night. Today I might even crack open a Tom Cruise dvd. I just can't decide?

Anyway, back to yesterday. I did some more washing, and due to the rain, one of our radiators is now chockablock with varying shades of black socks grrrrrrr! CCF came round and brought me a lovely birthday pressy. Two lovely balls of purple wool for my blankie :) and a wicked book. It has two hundred patterns in for squares for crochet blankets. I've already decided which one I'm doing, and the colours! Thankyou CCF, another friend who has got me sussed!

Hubby rang to say he was on his way home, and I asked for one thing from the supermarket. THinking this would only be a five minute delay, I got in the bath, and then lay on the bed and waited......and waited.......and waited......we really need to synchronise our watches. You see once I'm there I'm stuck. I can't get up as I daredn't risk moving around without my wounds covered. So....cue the phone to ring. In the end I gave up and watched Emmerdale upstairs.

Hubby came home, did my dressings, I dashed (well hobbled) downstairs to listen to the answer machine message, but hubby had other plans. He had had another bargain session at Tesco! So now I am the proud owner of three more long sleeve tee shirts :) and the most gorgeous pink metallic handbag and matching purse. He didn't think I would like it......but I ripped it out of the carrier bag, threw the packing around the kitchen and threw it straight over my shoulder. And guess what???

It is a perfect match to my phone..you know the pink one I keep whittering on about.

So the next half an hour was spent with me mentioning new outfits I had that I could wear wen I am better, that would match my hand bag. Women!

I listenend to the message once I had calmed down, and I have been invited for coffee at Sis In Laws "holiday home". Yayyyyyy finally we can catch up!

We had dinner, hubby got out his laptop (kinky) and I settled down to some more crocheting before Rebus started. Usually it's a good murder mystery, I turned over half way through, rubbish! Prison Break was good. All those men in tight white tee shirts, then I looked in the kitchen and saw hubby and thought....not a patch on him :) 19 years and I still fancy him like mad, is that normal?

Anyway, gorgeous hubby went to bed, and left me watching Supernatural. Another good show as long as you aren't scared easily. Oh yeah, and the two main men are kinda cute.

Midnight, and I crawled up to bed, sure i was going to dream about men in tight white tee shirts carrying metallic pink handbags chasing phantom men with hooks for a hand, while Tom Cruise sits in the corner crocheting a blanket, of course the theme music would be Robbie, or Kelly or James Blunt............

Sweet Dreams



Monday, March 06, 2006

Nasal Hair.....To Be or Not To Be?

Sis In Law mentioned I should do a post on Nasal Hair, so here goes.

As men reach a certain age, the hair from their heads can sometimes miraculously transform itself and re appear in different places. Mainly in the nasal area, but also growing from the ears.

It doesn't take on the form of head hair, no, it becomes thicker, darker and curlier so it can draw as much as attention to itself as possible.

Eyebrows also change. From growing to only two or three centimetres, it gains strength from the transmigration of the head to nasal/ear hair, and grows sometimes to well over an inch in length.

I have to remind hubby every now and again that he needs a trim. Usually that night he will shower, clip his nails. (I know he is doing this as I can hear them pinging off the bathroom tiles from downstairs). And then comes out the cigar length, black, sleek nasal/ear hair strimmer oopps sorry I mean trimmer. Left nostril, right nostril, left ear, right ear, unclog sink and all done!

He waltzses downstairs in his dressing gown, smelling scrummy and looking lovely. I grab the kitchen shears, I mean scissors and trim his eyebrows.......and there we have it my own personal Tom Cruise, minus the extra growth.

I do find it strange however that it always coincides with a full moon. (joke)

So Sis In Law I hope that cheered your day a little?

Yesterday was a lazy day. I couldn't settle. One minute I was on the sofa, hubby's laptop whirring in my ear, the next I was in the living room, flipping between Robbie, Kelly Clarkson (birthday pressy from Saturday), and James Blunt on the stereo. Then back into the other room to see if hubby had finished his work yet? No....but he managed to squeeze in a lunch break! TV on, nothing of interest so off again, dozed for ten minutes, back into the living room for music, back to hubby's side. I was like this until about five o clock, when I gave up and went in the bath. Hubby did my dressings, but as they are healing quite well, they are at the tickly stage. Let me explain.

I have three wounds. One, let's just say "at the front" about an inch in diameter, (circular). Another on my left leg, I'm not sure of the size as it's just out of view, but I'd say about an inch and a half, and another on my right leg. Now this one is the big one. Approx five inches in length, and three inches wide right at the top of my inner thigh. The process is, bath, towel dry avoiding wounds, and lie on bed. Hubby, dons his sterile gloves. Parrafin gauze is then placed on all wounds, then non adhesive gauze to prevent the wounds from sticking to the dressing pads, and then ten by twenty centimetre dressing pads. Then we have the trend setting "net knickers". They are used in hospitals during operations, and are like 30 denier tights made into mini cycling shorts. Getting these on is a feat in itself!

Anyway yesterday, hubby put the gauze on.....and I burst out into fits of laughter, the wounds although sore are also at that healing tickling itching stage. So then hubby had a battle to get all of the dressings on, keep them in place while helping me pull up my netties while I'm in fits of laughter. I have to say the worst part of all of this, is the fact that for me it's like doing 20 sit ups in one go......my tummy hurts!! I'm sure I'm gonna have a sixteen pack at the end of all of this!

But it's working! the wounds are all healing well, and are reasonably pain free. I do forget sometimes, like last night, I sorted the washing into lights, darks, and in betweens, came down stairs and was really sore for about an hour because I had been bending too much. But hey ho! I'm getting there.

Blimey is that the time!! Heheheheheheh!

I'd better go annoy someone else. Stephaine and Holli thankyou for the comments......it makes my day :)

CCF....I told you I would be more dilligent (big word alert).

Navie Wifey I still haven't eaten it (sticks tongue out).

NN, I hope Hubby had some lunch, and please don't stare at his nose or ears next time he is talking to you!

Sis In Law, if you need anything I'm here with chocolate birthday cake.

Hugs all round



Sunday, March 05, 2006

Two Birthday Cakes and Loads Of Pressies Later

I forgot to mention, that on Friday evening before I went upstairs I had left myself a note, it read, "happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Whisky, happy birthday to me". It must have been female intuition, as when I got up on the morning of my birthday I was all alone! Ok, Ok you can put the hankies away now.

I was just drinking my OJ, (I had no breakfast as hubby hadn't come home with it yet), and I got a lovely text message from Navie Wifey, wishing me a happy birthday and saying she was coming round later :) that was me cheered up.

Hubby got home, I had something to eat, and then Mum and Dad came round. I was thoroughly spoilt, three gorgeous presents, one in gold with my initials on it! After they had gone, hubby disappeared upstairs to wrap my pressies (last minute as usual), while I waited patiently NOT.

Again I was spoilt, dvd's clothes, underwear, choccies, nail stuff, and...................the Kelly CLarkson cd I have wanted forever!! That went straight on the cd player as loud as possible.

I got my dressings ready, so that I was organised and ready to go to Ma In Laws for dinner after Navie Wifey had been. It was due to be at Sis In Laws, but they have had a major flood. I won't go into detail.....but Sis In Law I hope it's all going well for you :(

I did turn the volume down on the stereo for when Navie Wifey arrived. Yet again I was spoilt rotten. She always takes the time to find things special to me :) Piggies and purple was the theme, and no I refuse to eat the chocolate with Piglet on!!! I still have the jelly pig you bought me the other year so there (sticks out tongue in childish fashion). But the 1st thing hubby did after you had gone was attach thr non chocolate piglet to said pink phone!! :)

Again, another true friend. NW has even caught onto hubby's bargain hunting techniques at Tesco, and gave him a few tips on freezing items bought for super low prices. Hey, maybe we should set up a business?? NW even noticed that Robbie's voice had raised a few octaves when James BLunt came on LOL.

So after a bath, a hair wash and dry, and an attack of the frizz bombs. I tied my hair back and we were off to Ma In Laws for dinner. My two favourite girls were there, and we had fun. Eating dinner, watching Cinderella, plaiting hair, eating not one by two birthday cakes! (Ma In Law had made me one and hubby had treated me to a Thornton's cake), singing happy birthday, blowing out candle's three times, getting beaten at snakes and ladders and pairs, goodbye cuddles and kisses........I was worn out! My first trip out since my hossy stay......but I loved it!

We got home just in time for the celebritiy singing competition Just The Two Of Us, and my main man Mark went through to the final woooooooooohoooooooooo! I have to admit, I think I have put back on the three kilo's I had lost in one night! But it was one hell of a birthday.

I just wish that Sis In Law and Mr Bleach hadn't had their problems. They say everything happens for a reason? but two inches of water?? maybe the spiders wanted a swim?

I was going to go to bed early but I ended up watching Alien Nation on channel five. I wished I hadn't, but there you go. In 1988 they weren't all that adventurous with Aliens I guess.

Anyway......another day, and another year older. I'm all of 35 now.

Thank you to everyone who took part in my Birthday, and no animals were harmed in the making of this blog.

Love and stuff



Friday And Robbie Is Getting Louder

Yes it was another early start. I was expecting my college friend in the morning, so I got up nice and early. Mum and Dad drobbed in my delivery for Clever Crafting Friend, and I opened my post. By now it's almost eleven, when college buddy is due. Strange, she's posted my birthday card? better check my e mails that I didn't look at yesterday. Sure enough there is an e mail from her t say she has the bad cold that is going around and won't be able to come. :( I was looking forward to catching up, but I agree with her, I didn't want another cold on top of the one I am recovering from. I did kick myself (gently) if I'd have checked my e mails yesterday I could have had a lie in.....what can I do now?

I know................let's lie on the sofa and listen to some music! I'm sure my neighbours must think I've flipped. Alternating between Darius (ashamed to admit it but yes he is a good singer), Robbie (who so completely rocks) and James Blunt, on the stereo, each cd getting louder until the last notes of Robbie reverberate the windows. I think it's the fact that in the hossy there was noise, but it was just....well noise, no music. That's my excuse anyway ;)

I was naughty and didn't have lunch. I just had my mind on my big mac I was going to order when hubby rang LOL.

I knew CLever Crafting Friend (CCF) was due, so music off, countdown on, and pretend I'm intelligent. I know it didn't fool her. (Big grin).

I surprised her (I think) with her belated birthday card and delivery, and we had a good chat. It's so good to hear all about where I used to work, and how things have changed. It's also good to see that CCF looks less stressed and tired each time I see her :) The time flies, and I really enjoy her visits. It's nice to have friends who can take your minds off things, yet still understand what you are going through. If it wasn't for CCF and Mum my blanket would not have been started, and my crocheting makes the rugger and footy more bearable!

So yes, next weekend, my needle will be worked hard as hubby watches about four matches of rugger, but my blankie will be gorgeous!

CCF left with her flowers, and I had just settled on the sofa when hubby rang to say he was about an hour away. A whole hour to wait for my big mac Nooooooo!

I busied myself, getting dressings ready, running my bath, I got the timing right (or so I thought) got in the bath, dried off, and lay on the bed to wait for doctor hubby to return and do my dressings. Half an hour and a Question of sport later, and yay!! he's home.

Dressing done, big mac wolfed down, tv watched, snuggles and kisses and a reminder to hubby to get me a birthday card for tomorrow, off to bed knowing that tomorrow I'll be a year older, my head hit the pillow, and off to the land of nod.

One more post to go to catch up, I promised CCF I would try and post daily, so I'm trying to stick to it.....that means folks you have three entries to read....yay!!

Love and hugs



All Is Clean In Love and War

Wow, early rises are still on my agenda, and I'm coping really well. I got up at eight am, had breakfast and had just finished when Mum arrived for the weekly house blitz. I enjoy Thursday's. We have a chin wag while Mum does the ironing, then I make a coffee and we catch up some more.....normally I would then dust and clean the upstairs bathroom....but less than a week out of the hossy I skipped it this week. Mum very kindly walked over to the doctors for me to collect my prescription and drop in my "release" note from the hospital, me and Dad had a chin wag too, then I was left to my own devices.

I had a plan. As hubby was away for the evening, I was going to chill out on the sofa, watching pre recorded shows from my hospital stay, eat, doze, eat some more, probably do 30 house checks, including wardrobes and cubby holes to check for burglars, and then have a fitful nights sleep.

It went something like this. Lunch while watching pre recorded shows, hmmmm I feel a siesta coming on....phone rings :) It's Sis In Law checking on the menu for Saturday. After a brief chat I decide, no, I don't want a snooze and put some music on the stereo quite loudly.

After ab0ut an hour, two playings of Robbie Williams and one of James Blunt later, I change sofa's move to the conservatory, and think...hmmmm a doze right now would be cool. Snuggle down......phone rings. It's Ma In Law seing if she can come visit on Friday. I politely let her know I already have two vistors coming and she settles for seing me on Saturday at Sis In Law's. Head back down, blanket just over the nose and phone rings again. Hubby, telling me that Lord Charles Brockett is alive and kicking and sat on the table next to him at his works day out. Hmmm! We had a really good chat, and it made me realise I missed him :( then I got my butt into action.....dinner, bath, did my own dressings (a feat in itself) and settled down for the soaps.

Cue the phone. My Sis called me, and I felt really bad as I didn't recognise her voice! She had me sussed though bless her. We caught up on the new pub they are in, how the kids are doing, and that her hubby iss hoping to start his scuba diving again.

So, by now it's crunch time! THE tv shows of the night are about to start. Do I unplug the phone? Naaah! I settle down, hot lemonade and a a splash of whisky to my right. Remote control to my left and revel in my tv shows. Murder Instinct was good, and I didn't guess who it was or how they did it. House, as always, was brilliant, I even thought Jesse SPencer looked rather attractive whilst having his face sucked by the female Doctor.

TV off, and house check. Living room, behind curtains and sofa light off, door closed. Dining room, behind sofa and curtains and under table, all clear lights off close door. Kitchen ok, understairs cubby hole.....open door slowly...........all clear. Coat closet, open door quickly, arm in to check no one is in amongst the coats...all clear!! That's the downstairs all burglar free. Leave on hall light to let burglars know female alone in house, and check the upstairs.

Bathroom, no one in the bath (darn it I was hoping to find Tom Cruise), boiler cupboard, open door slowly and move towels just to double check. All CLear.

Spare room one, divan bed so no one culd have crawled underneath, but I check anyway, lights off door closed all clear. Spare room two. Still in decoration mode, so check all pieces of furniture, some of which are in the middle of the room leaving myself vlnerable to attack from any side. All clear, lights off and door closed in record time. Are you singing the theme tune to mission impossible yet??

Main bedroom. Open door, lights on. Creep around bed to check no one on other side, clear, open hubby's wardrobe to check none of the shirts have arms in, clear, open my wardrobe, ooopppps avalanche!! push items back in, clear. Pullback duvet, get into bed. Dammitt!! now I need the toilet. Do I use the upstairs one, risk hearing a noise down stairs and have to check all over again, or do I just go downstairs and start all over again anyway.? Upstairs is closer, and if I hear a noise I can put it down to the bird moving in his cage. Cool.

Back to bed, covered in duvet, do SAS style rollover to catch anyone at side of bed unawares, clear!! Lights off and wait in anticipation for four hours for sleep to come. Naaah. Lights off and the next thing I remember was my alarm clock going off. Geez I'm glad hubby doesn't stay away too often!

Love and healing hugs



Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Nice Stories For A Change

I thought today I could tell of some of the nicer things that happened while I was in the hossy, and contrary to popular belief they aren't all that few and far between.

The first group of us, that I can remember in the ward, were really nice. There was a young girl who also had Crohn's, but as everyones symptoms her different I felt sorry for her. She had had endless operations to resect her bowel and had infected arthritis. One of her legs was fused straight, but like me she always had a laugh and a joke. Unfortunatel when I was let out on weekend release, When I returned she had been transferred to another ward :(

As my tale told yesterday, not all people were nice, but Carole was lovely. She was a happy person, and at one point even got my drinks and tucked me into bed bless her. It was good to see her go home healthy and happy :)

She was replaced by a lovely lady who had had chemotherapy and a major op for cancer. As soon as tv hogger, toe changing channel creature left, I transferred to the bed by the tv so I could be incharge, and therefore this lady got full view of my antics of trying to get in and out of bed. She said it was really funny, watching me stick one leg out of bed, feel for the floor with my toes, stick my bum in the air and push myself up with my arms. Believe me it's hard work getting out of bed when you can't use your behind!!! Especially when the bed is four inches to high!!

We had some really nice chats, and she encouraged me with my crocheting. She was moved to a side room though, we did cross paths again once she was moved back into the ward but in a different room. Hubby found he was visiting me, then visiting her on the way out :) She did come and sit with me a few times, and again I was relieved to see her go home. She was one brave lady and I hope she stays healthy.

I won't go into too much detail, but the lady that then moved in opposite me, I'll call her Miss B, had Parkinsons, and dementia. She was the most lovely lady, so sweet, but boy did she have her favourite nurses! If one of the auxilliary's came near her and asked her to have a drink for them, she would screw her face up and say No thank you quite sternly. Two minutes later the two student nurses would come in and ask the same, she would smile wink, and say yes please!

She used to have the odd coughing fit, sometimes she would let out a small woosh! afterwards. But one time me and hubby were sat there talking, she let out an almighty cough, and then in the sweetest poshest most high pitched voice, she said Oh bugger me! We did smile.

I said goodbye to her as I left, and she gave me the biggest smile and winked at me. Another brave lady.

Here are some photo's of the lovely flowers I was sent by NN and R, I hope they brighten your day as much as they did mine.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Anyway enough for today....I don't want to bore you with my tales LOL.

I had the strangest thing happen last night when I was in the bath. I kept hearing voices!!!! Must be something to do with Sis In Law phoning and speaking to hubby ;)

Looking forward to Saturday.........nearly 40!

Hugs and kisses